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Codex Entry:

System Alliance:

Ship-Based Armaments:


MAC(Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) Systems:

Heavy(H)-Type system: Fires solid tungsten-carbide round. Purpose built for utter destruction of enemy vessels. Design remains largely unchanged since the Human-Covenant War and The Heretic Wars.

Light(L)-Type: Fires a tungsten-magnesium round that shatters on impact. Designed for use against unshielded vessels, the round strips the vessel of external armor while keeping the majority of the super structure intact. First seen use in the middle years of the Heretic Wars.

Comparison Note: Against these new alien species, based on data collected from after action reports, there is a sizeable difference in designs between the two. UNSC systems are designed for power, to deliver a killing blow in one fell swoop. These alien systems are designed around the idea of sheer volume. It has been compared and to quote: "Our systems are basically a single shot .50 Caliber beast of weapon. While theirs is something more like a rapid fire SMG."

Archer Missile Pods: a design that has remained largely unchanged since the Human-Covenant War. With 30 Missiles stacked per pod, however the design itself has shrunken in scale while keeping its payload size. Possessing faster rocket boosters, when used, an effective amount can now be fired, even against anti-missile systems, by the very least a destroyer.

Note: Hard-Light systems have not yet been implemented into any UNSC weapons system. Please refer to codex entry on Forerunner databases for further information.

Defensive technologies:


Energy shields: Despite advances in reverse engineering Forerunner and Covenant technologies, only as of late has UNSC ships begun to possess the technology to apply shielding technology to the majority of its vessels. Until recent times only the largest of vessels could possess advanced shielding technologies. With the exception of destroyers and frigates, which are using small scale shielding on scale of Human-Covenant war era Covenant Corvettes, most are now using reverse engineered shielding technologies of Forerunners/Covenant Hybrids. Although they are a far cry from the strength of true Forerunner ship shielding technologies but are still a force to be reckoned with.

After Action amendment: With the encounter of the new races at Shanxi, shielding technologies are being revised. Prior they were designed to dissipate a massive amount of energy delivered in a single strike throughout its system. With this new species, a redesign is called for to stand against the rapid fire of these new weapons systems.



Capital Ships:

Hermes-Class Corvette

Approximately: 220 meters length, 90 meters height, 140 meters width


L-Type MAC system 1

Archer Missile Pod system 18

Defensive Systems:

.5 meters Titanium-A Armor plating

Enhanced reverse engineered Covenant Plasma shields

Note: These are the couriers of the UNSC Fleet. When VIPs or materials must be transported to any location in the shortest time possible, you call upon the corvettes. Retaining the record for any FTL jump via slipspace since before the Covenant war.

Rider-Class Light Frigate

– Measuring in approximately 490 meters in Length, and 156 meters in Width and 112 meters in Height.

Armament: One Heavy(H-Type) MAC gun.

40 Archer missile pods

40 50mm CIWS(Close-In Weapons System) for point-defense/AAA

Defense systems:

0.7-meter Titanium-A armor plating.

Retrofitted Covenant SDV-Heavy Corvette-class vessel shield systems.

Note: These are usually used in patrols or 'Wolf-pack Flotillas' of up to 8 Frigates. It is the Successor to the Charon-Class light frigate. It fulfills the purpose of troop support more so than its secondary purpose of fleet action. Primarily serving as scouts ships in lieu of Prowlers and planetside ground support action.

Montreal-Class Heavy Frigate:

Measuring in at approximately 495 meters in length, 160 meters in width with a height of 110 meters.

Armament: One H-Type MAC system

50 Archer Missile Pods

4 88mm Autocannons

40 50 CIWS AAA emplacements

Defense systems:

meters Titanium-A armor plating

Retrofitted Covenant SDV-Heavy Corvette-class vessel shield systems

Midway-Class Destroyer

Approximately 500 Meters in Length, 200 Meters in Width and 120 Meters in Height


2 H-Class MACs and 1 L-Type MACs(Light-Type)

50 Archers Missile pods

8 88mm Autocannons


Defense Rating:

Titanium-A Battle-Plate 2 Meters

Retrofitted Covenant SDV-Heavy Corvette-class vessel shield systems

Note: Used mainly as part of a larger escort, but can also serve as stand-alone vessels for peace-keeping operations.

Halcyon(Grade-II)-Class Cruiser

Approximately 1150 Meters and 1200 Meters in Length, 290 Meters to 360 Meters in Width and 300 Meters in Height between the Heavy Class and Light class cruisers.


Heavy cruiser: 2 H-Type MACs, no L-Type.

80 Archer Missile Pods

32 88 Autocannons

70 50MM CIWS emplacements

Light Cruiser: 1 H-Type, 2 L-Types.

80 Archer Missile Pods

16 88mm Autocannons

60 50mm CIWS emplacements

Supplementary Load-Out:

Infantry, Aircraft and Ground Assault Vehicles

Carrying capacity:

Maximum of 16 Longsword Fighters and Seraph Interceptors

Defense Systems:

Titanium A Battle Plate:

Light Cruiser: 3.5 meters

Heavy Cruiser: 6.5 meters

Reverse engineered hybrid Forerunner/Covenant Energy Shielding systems.

Note: These ships are the workhorse of the Systems Alliance Navy. Serving as the primary source of heavy firepower and armor, unless in the presence of a Vadrigo-Class Carriers.

Note: Replacing the ageing Marathon-Class cruisers, UNSC Admiralty took look back at all after-action reports, comparing the reports for all cruisers: including the refitted Halcyon-class cruisers that had been re-commissioned. From the reports, Halcyons, despite their under-rated weapons and fusion reactors, performed in combat, fared much better than their newer counter-parts with the exception of the Valiant-Class Super-Heavy Cruiser(Example: Preston Cole's Flagship: The Everest.) By comparison, Halcyons survived more engagements, whether retreat or victory, due to the design of the super-structure. Whereas the Marathons were crippled or destroyed outright under the same conditions. The decision was made to create the Grade-II series to serve as the newest generation of Cruisers for the UNSC Navy.

Note: The decision to create two different cruiser ratings was a matter of cost. Projections showed that in comparison, it would grant the UNSC a larger navy at a reduced cost per vessel. For every Heavy class Halcyon Grade-II, which was the original design, one and a half of a Light-Class Halcyon Grade-II could be made. Opposed to commissioning strictly Heavy Cruisers, reducing the fleet size or Light Cruisers which would reduce the firepower the UNSC could muster if need be.

Note: An upgraded design of the Halcyon-Class Cruisers, they have been redesigned to carry more firepower, new generation reactors and increased number of personal at the conclusion of the Heretic Civil Wars. Retains standard layout of original Halcyon-class cruisers in terms of honeycombed structures, and are the only class of ship to feature said designs. Frigate and destroyers seen as too small for such a structure and larger class ships unable to utilize such designs. Edit: This has changed with the creation of the new Infinity-Class dreadnoughts, which now also utilize the honey-combed superstructure in its design.

Vadrigos-Class Carriers –

Approximately 3250 Meters in Length, 500 Meters in Width and 500 Meters in Height.


1 H-Type MAC,

30 Archer Missile Pods,

20 105mm Autocannons

55mm CIWS Defense Grid Emplacements

Carrying Capacity: up to 300 GA-TL1 Longsword Fighters, Type-31 Exoatmospheric Multi-role Fighter/Seraph Interceptors, SA-B1 Claymore fighters, F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter/Broadswords fighter, YSS-1000/Sabres. (Not including ground-based air vehicles or dropships.)

Note: Despite its lack of Armament, the Vadrigos-Class Carriers do not get their striking power from their own weapons system but by the veritable Fighter Armada each carry within. Striking from a distance with its fighter-craft, carriers rely on their fighters to take out the enemy. They are also, with the exception to the Infinity-Class Dreadnoughts and –Redacted-.

Defense Rating:

10.5 Meters of Titanium A Battle-Plates

Reverse engineered hybrid Forerunner/Covenant Energy Shielding systems.

Note: Usually serving as command/flagship of any fleet. Primarily used for large-scale Naval engagements and Planetary Defense/Invasion. Vessel itself is not rated for atmosphere. Must remain space-borne.

Infinity-class Dreadnought

Approximately 7000 Meters in Length, 800 Meters in Width and Height.


H-Type MAC Systems: 3

L-Type MAC Systems: 2

105mm Point Defense Autocannons: 100

Archer Missile Pods 200:

55mm CIWS Defense Grid Emplacements additional: Missile CIWS grid.

Multiple Mark 2488 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon Emplacements.

Modified Charon-Class Light Frigates: 6

Defense Rating:

Titanium A Battle-Plates 15 Meters

Reverse engineered hybrid Forerunner/Covenant Energy Shielding systems.

Note: The Infinity-Class Dreadnought is the first Dreadnought in the History of the UNSC, dwarfing all other vessels in the UNSC and being matched only by a CAS-Class Assault Carrier and only dwarfed by the extremely rare CSO-Class Supercarrier (28+kilometers). Designed initially as Humanity's final stand and hope in the event of the Covenant reaching the Sol System and Earth. Should such an event have occurred, the first vessel, then named UNSC Infinity would have been Humanity's final bastion and tool of vengeance. With the end of the Human-Covenant War and The Heretic Wars, the Infinity-Class dreadnoughts are now representations of Humanity's greatest achievement and the Ultimate Weapon of War.

Note: **Classified** Eyes Only.

Currently the only vessel in service is the original ship named the UNSC Infinity, now renamed The Era of Retaliation

**Redacted**-Class Prowler



Defensive Systems:




**Redacted**-Class **Redacted**

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A/N: Comparisons below are from original author. Any suggested changes please let me know.

Comparison to Citadel Fleet – Systems Alliance Naval Capacity : 2000 Frigates, 2000 Destroyers, 1000 Cruisers, 50 Carriers and 1 Dreadnought in SA Specifications.

Citadel Council Naval Capacity : 6500 Frigates, 4000 Cruisers and 1000 Dreadnoughts in Council Specifications.

If the Systems Alliance ship numbers are converted into Council Ship Classifications their fleet is as follows. 4000 Frigates/Cruisers, 1000 Dreadnoughts, 50 Carriers and 1 Oversized Dreadnought.