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Why do I always get stuck with the boring jobs? Sighing briefly, I walk into the store bent on getting the festival decorations quickly, so I wouldn't spend too much time away from my studies. Red streamers, blue streamers, black streamers, purple streamers…. Where are the white streamers? That's so cruel! I have to go to the other store all the way across town!

Getting the rest of the things I paid for with my school credit, I went out in search for the white streamers. Walking on the bustling sidewalk, I put my headphones on to listen to some book called Fahrenheit 451 that schools have been teaching for centuries.

I blink suddenly as a mop of familiar white hair turns into an alley across the street. "Hey, Shiro!" I call out as I cross the street. My heart begins to race as three figures follow close behind him. Shit, I have to help him! What am I doing? I never do anything for others especially if it'll harm me in any way. I guess it's because he's the only person that will talk to me in public.

With my lungs feeling like they'll burst out any minute, I sprint as hard as I can into the alley. My eyes widen as Shiro becomes surrounded. In my mad dash, I grab the first thing in my bag which is the red and blue streamers. I chuck the streamers as hard as I can in the faces of the two behind Shiro as they turn towards me when my footsteps alerted them.

"Get away from him!" I yell as I pass the last one to get in front of Shiro's back. I feel my heart beat quicken as I face off with the red head. Wait, did the guy in front of Shiro defend off fireballs?!

I gasp slightly in terror as a mystical hand goes past me and bring the red head past me once again. I watch in shock as the teen is elbowed in the air. Holy shit, what did I get myself into? I crumble to the ground as Shiro is taken away with the mysterious man.

What do I do? "Damn. Who was that guy?!" The teen yells as he gets up from the ground very pissed off. I suck in a breath as he looks over at me with a glare. Fuck.

"Kuroh Yatogami, the "black dog". We've got trouble on our hands," the blond sighs as he looks in the direction of the escapees. "Oh well, I guess we'll have to go with plan B."

My eyes widen as the teen grabs my neck and presses it to the ground. "We could also interrogate him. He seems to know him," the red head suggests with a smirk on his lips.

Gripping his hand, I try hard to pry it off my bruising neck. I feel the world spin at the lack of air. Please, help me…..

"Hey, don't kill him Yata-chan!" The blonde guy chastises before the world went black.

I jolt up with a start as I gasp for air. I look around wildly as I take in the bar and the people in it. I panic upon seeing the restraints around my ankles and wrists, but stop as the people look at me. No, I have to stay calm if I want to get out alive.

"Oh? Our guest is finally awake? What a relief. I thought Yata-chan may have put you in shock or something," the blonde smiles warmly at me.

I look at him skeptically before replying, "Whatever, can you please let me go? I have homework to do and I need to buy some streamers for the festival. I'm kind of in a hurry." I hold my breath as the people around me looked at each other before laughing. Shit, they're going to kill me!

"You're thinking about homework when you're tied up and in front of Homura members? Are you a dumbass or something? Shut up and answer our questions," the one called Yata-chan growls as he smirks before punching me in the face making my chair topple over.

I look at him in a detached way before spitting out blood and replying, "How am I supposed to keep quiet and answer your questions?" I shift a little as the restraints dig into my skin as I'm squished into the floor.

"You fucking smartass-" Yata-chan begins as he stomps towards my fallen figure. The Homura group does nothing but watch as he kicks me repeatedly in the stomach and ribs. Son of a bitch!

I yelp slightly as he takes a hold of a good amount of my green locks making my deep purple eyes look into his golden ones. "Now, here's the first question. What is your name? That should be simple enough," Yata growls as his irritation becomes evident.

"I don't remember. I think you beat it out of me or something,"

I expect the kick to the face and the continuous beating following. I thank whatever god that's out there when the blonde steps in to stop the youngest member aside from the little girl.

"Hey, what did I say about not killing him? He's a student anyway. The government would be on our backs forever for killing a minor," the blonde empathizes as he tried to calm him. "Now, can you tell me about your friend, Izumi Daiki?"

They know my name? What the hell did I get beat up for then? I glare slightly as he shows me my PDA. They would be able to find everything about me if they have that, which they do. Shit. Okay, so this is the Homura group, one of the most powerful groups in the world. My brother has encountered them quite a few times as he is part of Specter 4.

Shit, they must know that too if they looked through everything. I wonder what Shiro did to piss these guys off. Anyway, I won't tell them anything. "You can go to hell," I growl as I close my eyes. I rather not see the attack.

That's why it was surprising to feel a blade slash my cheek, before cutting my restraints. I immediately press a button on my watch that sends a message for help to my brother and Specter 4. Please come in time. Yelping once again, I let Yata drag me up by my hair and throw me outside in an alley behind the shop.

I cry in agony as red surrounds me as Yata continuously punched me with his red energy surrounding him. So…. Much…. Force…. "Don't fuck with us!" he growls before winding up one last time to deliver the finishing blow.

I let a relieved tear out as Fushimi stopped the teen while my brother raced to my side. "Daiki, are you alright? It's okay, I'm here," Shinji mummers as he takes my shaking form. I smile up at him before hugging him tightly and letting the darkness consume me.

Waking up a second time but in a calmer way, I notice that I'm in a hospital bed with both of my brothers sleeping at both sides of me in chairs. I let tears and sobs wrack through my body as I thought about how lonely it would be if I had woken up with no one here. They awake almost immediately as they are prone to after my troublesome nights.

"Hey, it's okay Daiki. We'll always be here for you," Kohaku, the oldest brother and more cheerful of the three, pauses slightly before continuing hesitantly, "Can you tell us why the Homura group was after you? They got away just after you passed out. Who did this to you? Was it Yata, or maybe it was Kamamoto?"

Looking into his starlit midnight blue eyes, I could feel that he was really worried this time. Are these people that perilous? "They were after a classmate of mine for some reason. I followed after them to make sure he was okay, but by the time I got there he was making his escape with this other guy. I kind of was left there all by myself…" I trail off scrutinizing the moonlit room. Anything but their light, pale faces staring into my bruised soul.

"Why were they after your classmate?" Shinji asks glancing down and away from me, before looking into my eyes to make sure I don't lie. I couldn't lie to him even if I wanted.

"I don't know." My words trail off into a silence that we all didn't mind. "Will I be able to go to school tomorrow?"

"It still surprises me how quickly you heal. You don't even look half as bad as you did a couple hours ago. I'll make sure to wake you up in time for school. We sent over your decorations to the school, so you don't have to worry about that," Kohaku smiles his usual grin as he messes my hair up.

I look over to the door and smile at the guy that had just slid open the hospital door. "Daiki? Why are you in the hospital? Are you okay?"

My brother, Shinji, gets up startled. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead! Daiki, how does he know you?"

"Oh, I saved him a couple of days ago. I was in the city and I heard a gunshot so I went to check it out and I found him almost dead so I saved him. He's a real nice person," I offer as I look at my brother's outraged appearance. Why is he so mad? He did nothing wrong.

"He's in Homura! He's a part of the group that put you in this hospital bed, idiot!" Shinji hisses as he puts a hand on his sword. What? No, Shinji has to be mistaken. He's not that kind of person. Those guys were rough and gangly. No way would Totsuka be a part of that…..

"What? They hurt you? If they knew how nice you were, then I'm sure they wouldn't have hurt you. You have to understand that they didn't mean it. I mean, they are quite brash sometimes, but they're good people. I'm sure they had a cause to hurt you," the kind male mumbles for awhile nervously and desperately for my approval.

So the guys that beat the shit out of me were the ones that Totsuka were talking about when I first saved him. "I don't get how those guys are the people you described. How is Yata a sweet angle when he was the one that beat the shit out of me? Those guys were nothing but cruel to me…." I trail off thinking about how much it hurt and how much it scared me. "I-I didn't even know if I would m-make it out alive" I cried as the fear started to consume me again.

Stop it! I have to be stronger than this. I don't want to go back there. I don't want to be alone again. I can't become cold again. No, I won't be cold. I won't be trapped again.

"Daiki, stop crying. It's alright, we're here. We won't leave you again. We promise," Kohaku promises as he reaches for me. I flinch violently away from him, but try to calm. Totsuka can't see me like this.

"Hey, why don't I introduce you to them properly? I'll make them apologize to you. We can go tomorrow if you want. You did tell me that I could leave tonight. I could explain it to them," Totsuka suggests with a sweet smile that made some of my fears melt away like chocolate under the sun.

Before my brothers could protest, I spoke up with confidence, "No, let's go tonight. I want to see their faces when they see you and I did promise you that you could leave tonight." I have to stand up if I don't want to become cold again. I have to stop it.

"Then we're coming with you. What if they don't comply with Totsuka-san?" Shinji implies as he stands up with his hand on the hilt of his sword. Looking at everyone in the room, I nod once before getting up.

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