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I smile to myself as I snuggle more into Yata's midsection. The two of us lay on the couch with me on top of him and between his legs. I feel a little disappointed that he has his hands behind his head and not in my seaweed locks. He only does that when we're alone at night. We both ignore the many stares directed our way. I'm the best fan for him and he's the best blanket for me. It works so we don't give a crap about all the stares.

It's been three days since I quit school. Shinji wasn't too happy, but he understood after he found out how many days I had left. The number 36 is imprinted on my chest today. I've gone down eight days in only three. It looks like I only have about two weeks left. That's such a short time. Trembling a little, I wrap my arms around Yata a little tighter.

Yata and Kamamoto went to Ashinaka high school yesterday. I was really glad to hear that Yashiro got away safely. Apparently he has a tough ally on his side. I know Shiro could never do something like murder. He just can't. Everyone is waiting for a lead on his whereabouts right now. I hope so much they hear nothing.

"So what do you like to do in your spare time, Daiki?" Totsuka asks as he sits in the chair across from us. He crosses his legs and waits with a gentle smile.

"Hm… I liked to cook a lot. I…" Stopping, I couldn't recall what I did with my spare time. I didn't have much of it. I woke up, went to school, played basketball, went home, did homework and then went to bed. The only other thing I did was….

"Why did you have to be alive? You wasted so much of our money to find and fix you. You are good as dead to me, slave," he bitterly spits out as the black surrounds me for the millionth time.

"I played on the basketball team also," I smile at him trying to hide my hesitation. "So why did you join HOMURA, Totsuka?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Hmmm, I guess because Mikoto and everyone seemed like good guys. Mikoto is really cool," Totsuka admired with a small smile as he stared off into space.

"I've got to ask. Why are you so damn cold? You'd think healing would be warm and not this bitter cold," Yata asks as he shifts his hands into my hair. It's as if he knew this topic would be really bad for me.

I can't tell them. I need to forget it all. "I lived in Alaska for some time. I didn't have any heaters, so I was always cold. I lived there for nine years with a care taker. I guess the coldness has been engraved deep into my skin," I lie to them as I stuff my face into Yata's ribs. At least it's not a total lie.

They say nothing as the two of them exchange a look. "Hey, Daiki-chan. Why don't we go to the amusement park today? I heard that there is going to be a cooking contest today. There's even a basketball court there," Yata smiles as he twirls some of my hair.

"I'd love to beat your ass in a game of basketball," I smirk up at my crush with a twinkle in my eye. I really don't want these days to stop. I'm so happy.


"Ha, give up Yata! If you can't beat me after ten games, what makes you think you can beat me in the next game?" Laughing, I spin the basketball on my finger. I was the best at our school. There's no way he can beat me. I even have Kamamoto on my team while he has Kusanagi, Akagi and Kosuke. He has the three tallest and most athletic guys and they still can't beat me. Totsuka can surprisingly shoot very good three pointers.

Smiling at Anna, I pass the ball to her for fun. I laugh a little as she shoots an amazing basket from the free throw line. Yata couldn't even make it!

"It's okay Yata-chan. You still have your skate board," Kusanagi giggles as he ruffles his hair. Yata growls with steam coming out of his ears. He's so cute when he pouts with a blush!

"Hey, guys. I'm going to go change so I'm presentable for the cooking competition. See you guys there," I part with them with a small wave and smile.

Walking into the bathroom, I stop with my eyes wide open. I feel my heart violently jump out of my chest as the doors close behind me. "Long time no see, number 1007. I see you've taken a liking to HOMURA?" the dark voice echoed through my whole being. No, he can't be here.

"No…. No. I haven't broken my promise. I swear. I'm not taking HOMURA's side," I whisper as I back away from him. Gasping, I look back at the person that grabbed my wrists. The white hair glared in contrast with his black cloak. Shindoku….

"I heard you healed a dead member of theirs, while you refused to heal someone from our clan. If that's not taking a side then I don't know what is," Shindoku smirked as he whispered into my ear.

"I-I didn't know that he was a member of HOMURA. I swear. Please, just leave me alone. I can't deal with you guys anymore," I spoke with a trembling voice. I looked down at the tile floor with tears gushing out.

"We'll leave you alone once you leave HOMURA. If you don't after three days, we'll come again," threatened the dark haired dark eyed man. I flinched violently as he took out a gun. Thrashing, I couldn't get out of Shindoku's grip in time to dodge the small green light that pieced through my left thigh.

Crumbling to the ground, I couldn't help whimper as the darkness himself laughed as he walked past me and out the door with Shindoku following. I blink some tears easily as the bathroom turns into an alley way. I couldn't even process that little bit of information. I was still stuck in the terror of the situation.

They're all back and out to get me. Why do I have to have this power? Why can't I be a normal human being? Barely able to move, I crawl over to the wall and sit against it. My shaking right hand goes over the gushing wound with the light purple glow. Sighing, I watch as my life slowly ticks away as I heal the wound.

I cry silent pure tears of fear as I curl up in a tight ball. The coldness starts wrapping around my ankles and then into my skin. As its consuming me, I couldn't help but cry even more as it shook my core. Please, I need someone right now. I need someone to tell me I'm not alone. By now, I'm gasping in short breaths as the alley seemed to get darker.

"Daiki, are you over here?" a warm voice calls out as he approaches me. Looking up at Yata, I couldn't help the helpless look I gave him. He immediately dropped to his knees to take me in a warm embrace. "Shh, don't cry, Daiki. Don't worry, I'm right here for you," Yata whispered delicately in my ear.

I grab the back of his shirt tightly as I cling onto him for my dear life. I don't want to die. I still have a lot of things to do. I need to confess my feelings to Yata. Wait let's not be rash. I can do that in three days. Yes, these last days will be my last time to be happy, so I'll make the most of it!

"Sorry, I got lost going to the bathroom. I've got a problem with being alone, so I got scared. You're here so it's alright…. Can you walk me to the bathroom, Yata?" I ask with small smile. I cling onto his forearm as he stood up with me.

"Sure, Daiki-chan," Yata smiles as he pats my head. "What happened to your thigh? It's ripped… Is that blood? Daiki, what happened?" Yata immediately stares at me intensely looking through my eyes and into my heart.

"It was nothing. Like I said, I got scared. I tripped and caught it on something. I already healed it," I explain staring back into his eyes. I can't let him know that I'm lying.

"Alright, let's get you cleaned up," Yata sighs as he walks away from me. Following him, I couldn't shake the feeling that he was getting farther and farther from. Don't be ridiculous Daiki! I can reach out any time if I wanted to. He's right next to me.

I smile at Yata as I walked into the bathroom and he stayed outside. I quickly change into a red v-neck and black skinny jeans. My tattoo is hidden, but could very easily be shown. I don't mind since no one really knows what it means. Sighing, I put on long black and white stripped gloves to hide the scars all over my body.

I nod to Yata as I walk out and the two of us head to the cooking contest. Taking in the nice spring day, I couldn't help get pumped up for the contest. I'm going to win! I couldn't help grin like an idiot as the building came in view. I wave at Yata as I leave him to sign up. I smiled as he sat with the rest of the group at a booth. They seem so happy. I'm really going to miss hanging out with them.

I've only been here for three days yet, I can't bear to see them sad. This clan is so different from all the others. They all love each other and care for each other. They'll always be there for one another. They would cry for anyone that would die, like Totsuka. All the other clans are stiff and uncaring. I guess I have become attached to this clan. I'm glad I got this opportunity to be in the company of such amazing people.

Getting up on stage, I couldn't help thinking how I would have never done this if I hadn't met all these people. I can't believe how amazing these people are: the same people who beat me up. I freeze upon getting to my station. No, why is Takashita here? I thought they were going to leave me alone for three days.

"Good afternoon 1007. I don't mean to frighten you. I love cooking myself, so I entered while everyone else left. I couldn't let this opportunity pass by. Good luck," Takashita politely bows before washing his hands and putting an apron on.

I nod to him stiffly as I wash my own hands. Takashita isn't a bad person and I could see myself being friends with him if he wasn't one of them. I still don't get why he's with them. Smirking, I couldn't help, but take it as a challenge. I will win no matter what!

"Excuse me, the cooking contest will begin in a few moments. Contestants get ready and go to your stations. Also, there is a stage where anyone can go up and sing. At the end of the contest, we'll have the audience pick the best singer while the judges eat the contestant's food. Good luck to all and let's begin!"

I blink a few times as Izumo pushed Totsuka up to the stage. Totsuka can sing? Smiling to myself, I get the ingredients to make noodles out. There's no way that'll I use box noodles. This meal will be great!


I stand anxiously as the judges taste all the food in front of them. There were seven contestants in all. Come one, I have to win! I smile to myself as the audience goes wild when they were asked if Totsuka should win. Ah, Totsuka won! This just makes me want to win even more!

"Now it's time for the winner of the cooking contest! It was a close call, but it has been decide by a perfect score of 10. Izumi Daiki has blown away the judges by his simple, but very unique ramen! That taste was phenomenal and the fact that the noodles were homemade was surprising and delicious! Please accept this prize of a 93,410,000 yen (a million dollars in US) prize. Please use it well!"

I stared at him in shock as a huge check is carried out to me. There is no way I just won all that money! I could barely answer as I talked details with the owner of the restaurant. He gave me his card if I was ever interested with working as their chief. I paused to think what account I should transfer the money into. Wait, I can't put it into my family's account. I'll never see it again.

Waving over Izumo, I told the restaurant to put it on the HOMURA account. "Whoa Daiki, we can't take that kind of money. You should use it for yourself and your family. I don't think your brother would be happy with HOMURA taking the money. Wouldn't that be taking sides or whatever your brother was talking about?"

"No, please take it. If I give it to my parents, I'll never see it. My family is doing well without this money. Please take it as a payment for my stay and as my farewell. It can also pay for the damage that I caused at the bar. Please take it, I insist!" I bow as I avoided his overbearing stare. Please just take it. This is the only place I trust that the money will be used without blood.

"I guess if you insist," the blonde sighs as he takes out his cell phone. I walk away with a smile on my face. I sit with the group as Izumo talks over the details.

"Congrats Totsuka! Your singing was amazing! I had no idea," I praise as I scoot close to Yata. Ah, it's so nice to be so warm. I could feel my heart beat increase as I sat so close to my orange haired love. I'll make these last three days matter.

"Aw don't say that! Look at you, you amazing chief! Who knew you would have gotten that much money!" Totsuka laughs as he ruffles my hair. "What are you going to do with it, Daiki?"

"Oh, I gave it to HOMURA to use. I could never spend that much money in two weeks. I'd be a waste to give it to my parents since they have much more than that. That's pocket change to them," I dismissed the issue as I stole a piece of Yata's chocolate cake.

"Hey, that's mine you bastard!" Yata growls as he glares at me. I giggle as I noticed some chocolate at the corner of his mouth. Ah, I just want to lick it off so bad! Instead, I wipe it off with my thumb and lick the chocolate. "What-What the hell?"

"Mm, that tasted delicious! They have really good cake here! I'll get some to go!" Smiling at Yata's intense glare and blush, I walk off to get the waiter.


"Why does he act like that? Anyone who knew they were going to die would at least fight it. He accepts it so willingly. He doesn't even know if he'll die or not! It's so fucking depressing just looking at him!" Bandou expresses with an annoyed, but also sad face.

"He doesn't even tell us the truth about himself when he said he would tell us anything in payment for Yata's warmth," Chitose laughs at his last comment as Yata reacted with a huge blush.

"Shut up! I just pity him since he won't be here in two weeks. I can at least last that long. For now, we just have to make sure he has the best two weeks in his life!" Yata turns his head away as he bits his lip.

"Yeah, I guess he deserves a little happiness with that troublesome power. He'll only be here for a short bit, but he'll defiantly be happy in his last few days. Let's all promise we'll make him happy!" Izumo declares with a new sparkle in his eyes. I want him to be happy, even if I have to let him go to Yata. Please don't hurt him Yata.

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