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Chicobo's Day

***Chapter I- What I Hate the Most*************************************************************************************

Tomorrow, it's my most hated day in the year, along with the next one. Tomorrow I'm leaving Esthar to visit a poor country-town in the continent of Galbadia, just to see a small and foolish chicobo telling if there are going to be monsters around in this year or not; it is really foolish to ask that sort of stupidity, especially to a chicobo. Of course there are going to be monsters! There are always monsters, each year of this last millennium!

Anyways, I'm going to be taken by my father, Laguna Loire, Esthar's president. He always says that this event is a country friendship agreement and also a family tradition. But it's really uncomfortable; it's always snowing there and it's full of noise! And two things I really hate are snow and noise.

Now, in this very moment, I'm in Presidential Palace's living room, waiting for our 'guide', his bodyguard and the cameraman to arrive; they'll stay for the night before we leave tomorrow.

"Brother, are you still mad at us?" Ellone asked me with nice smile from the red couch in front of me. Of course I was still mad about going again to that freaky town, but I wasn't really mad at my sis, I would never be mad at her, she's the only person I can trust and that I'm sure I love; how to tell her?

"It's not that I'm mad at you, Sis… It's just that I hate going to that festival" I tried to explain with sincerity to her, but then again, there was Kiros in the other couch, ready to enter to OUR conversation.

"You shouldn't be saying that kind of things, Squall. There are a lot of cameras here that could be used against you, so try to be more respectful with the president's decisions." He scolded me… again and as always. I don't really care if I'm the president's son… I don't really care what others think of me!

I just ignored him. And following him, there was the speechless Ward and he did say some things too, but I wasn't paying any attention.

But after a couple of minutes with their speechless conversation, Laguna entered to the room, waving at us. "Hey everybody! Our guests are here, so let's welcome them!" he said with that cheerful energy of his.

Then he opened the doors, letting a young woman of my age enter to the room; she had long raven hair with brown tufts, brown caramel eyes, white skin dressed in a blue cardinal, a black tank top and shorts. Her name is Rinoa, she is the daughter of the galbadian military general and she's our guide and the figure of friendship between the countries every year.

Behind her, there was Irvine, Rinoa's bodyguard, a fool who can't stop thinking about women and guns; and Zell, the cameraman, a silly one who can't help asking ridiculous questions and talking about things nobody cares.

"Hi everyone!" Rinoa happily greeted us. My sister went directly to hug her and kiss her on the cheek; since they met, they have always been together in the trips, so someone can say they have become really good friends. Sis went towards the guys (something I really dislike, especially because of Irvine); Rinoa first said hello to Ward and Kiros, and then there she was, in front me.

"Hello there, how have you been, Squall?" she talked to me with an innocent smile, of course she was ignoring my serious look, as always. She may have changed a little bit, physically, in the last year (she looks more like a woman now), but she's still nothing but a little irritating girl.

"Hello, Rinoa" I answered before some people got me scolded if I didn't, but I still didn't make eye contact, I don't like seeing her right into the eyes. After that I was expecting her to leave me alone, but she stayed, that's when I thought she have might be waiting for me to answer the question. "I've been fine." I finally answered just for her to leave.

"Well that's good, I think we all have been fine lately" she responded less happy than before and so left to see my father. For a moment I thought that maybe meant I was supposed to ask her too, but didn't care.

My father and her exchanged some words and from the nothing he clapped very loudly while turning to us, "Well, everybody, let's go to have some dinner, don't you think?" Laguna announced and quickly left.

Nobody was surprised (or annoyed like myself); my father was always like this, so noisy and hyperactive.

So then we all went to the dining room, a giant place, enough space to have a vals in there. The food was already on the table, so everyone just sat down and started eating and talking about their trips, their colleges, works, etc… In other words: common things I really didn't care about.

"And Rinoa, how are the things going in Timber? I heard they were getting on some kind of agreement." Laguna asked to the raven-haired girl who was about to give a bite to a chicken leg.

She left the piece aside and answered, "Well, everything is going fine, but some of my people are suspecting that the agreement could be trap from President Deling and being honest, I'm doubting on his word too", she paused a little bit disturbed about the subject and proceed, "I can't believe that after the protest in Deling City's square, they would say yes to an agreement so easily… and I don't know what to think" she confessed with a worried look, "…and it's kind of complicated to be the general's daughter, involved in Galbadia's affairs, and to be one of the leaders of Timber's Independence Movement, taking care of the actions and all…" she continued after taking a deep breath, "Complicated, but looking good in some sort of way." She finally concluded, thanks goodness.

I was getting bored and mad at the same time. I didn't understand why, being so naïve and young, she would drown herself in a world like that, she should have left that stuff for those fools, called adults, to take care of those matters, and I didn't stay quite.

Before my father could answer her anything, I intervened first, "You shouldn't be getting involved in that stuff," I began, before I got scolded by Kiros I continued, "That kind of stuff shouldn't be managed by a girl like you or your friends," I was talking about those idiots called Watts and Zone, the other leaders who were close to our age; she opened her mouth to blurt something, but I still didn't let her, "Those businesses should be arranged by adults; those problems are very complicated affairs which could not possibly be managed with a poor protest in the square; of course it's a trap, anyone could clearly see it and if you think you-" before I could finish the sentence, Rinoa stood up, clearly mad at me; she was red all over her face and furiously glaring at me.

"I can't believe how easily you mock my friends and me!" she shouted, "You don't have any respect for what we do! All we are trying to do is to recover Timber's freedom! And I don't care if you think I'm too weak or young, but I'm going to give my all for those people, like or not, Squall! It's not up to your criteria how the world will act" the galbadian girl pushed away the chair away so she could make her way out of the room.

I didn't know what to think, all I could finally think was that maybe I was too hard on her. I knew she was an irritating girl, but well, what could I say…

After that, the dinner was quite; when we finished, I was scolded and punished by Kiros and Ward, my father did told me some things about how mean I treated Rinoa and even my sister told me I should go apologize to her and if Ellone would say so, maybe I did after all do something wrong.

I went to my room, laid on my bed, thinking, thinking of what I needed to do, but to be honest I was so tired of that day that I fell asleep.

But neither my tiredness let alone for so long, so I stood up, ready to go apologizing to Rinoa, but when I was opening my door, I saw my watch and it was 11 o'clock already. I thought she was already fallen sleep until I saw a petite figure at the bottom of the corridor.

There she was, sitting, looking through the window at the dark sky full of stars, embracing her legs to her chest. It was obvious she cried, her chocolate eyes were red from the fallen tears.

I approached to her in silence, but when I was about to touch the moon's light, she noticed me.

"Is it you, Squall?" the young woman asked in surprise; I didn't say anything, I just sat down in front her to confirm her.

"What are you doing here?" I asked first, before she could ask me any other thing. Rinoa just looked to the floor, "I was just staring at the stars, they really are comfortable." she shyly answered. Well, maybe she was right to be a little bit embarrassed about saying stars were comfortable, but at least I confirmed she was not that mad at me anymore.

But before I could apologize, she won the word at that moment, "So tell me Squall… what makes you feel comfortable?"

I think that was a fair question, but I didn't really know how to answer it, I never thought of that, most of the time I thought about what I hate, not what comforts me. I finally answered something I wasn't sure to tell her but I don't know what came into me, "A flower field" was my answer.

Rinoa looked puzzled at me, "A flower field?" she asked surprised by that answer. "Yes, a flower field; that's the place I used to play in with my sister" I explained, not sure why, Rinoa smirked at me, enjoying the explanation, "You were the one who asked!" I quickly complained to avoid the topic going any further.

"No, no, it's okay, I'm just surprised you did answer my question", she explained to me, worried I would walk away angry at her. "It's just that you usually answer me with a 'None of you business' lines, so I was kind of surprised, that's all" she awkwardly confessed and she was right, that would have been my normal response.

"Anyways, I wanted to apologize for what happened at dinner, I was… kind of hard on you" I finally spitted it up; I wasn't looking at her, like I mentioned before I didn't like eye contact, but I was too curious about her reaction, so I looked up.

Rinoa was smiling, smiling at me, and that was really… comfortable. "Thank you, Squall… I really appreciate that and I'm sorry for shouting at you" those were her words.

Then I felt defenseless, I was being too gentle to that irritating girl, so I tried to reverse a little bit things up.

I stood up; I was ready to leave, but before that, "Don't worry, but don't be so relieved around me, still, what I hate the most is people like you" I claimed, but even with that, Rinoa was still smiling, "Good night, Squall" she told me as if she didn't hear my words, stoop up and entered to her room, leaving me perplexed in the corridor.

I returned to my room, confused. I was sure I did say those words in her face, why was she smiling for?!

I didn't understand, but after some time, I finally got to sleep. Maybe I shouldn't have worried about that, after all, she was the irritating girl who comes every year and tomorrow will be the last day I'll see her; the next year I'll be 18 years old, free to take my own decisions, away from the Chicobo's Day.

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