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***Chapter V - Chicobo's Day: I Can Do Whatever I Want!*********************************************************************

The morning was cold, everything outside was peacefully covered in snow, the windows were iced too… the place was so calm… until 6 o'clock.


"Aarggh..." Squall rolled on his bed, not wanting to wake up, but also unaware of what happened the last days, just momentarily. "Aargh, I don't really want to wake up" he pleaded to himself but finally pressed the bottom, but shutting it off, turned on the radio.

"Good morning Winhill Town!" the radio's conductor saluted, "Hey, Biggs! What do you think about this weather? Isn't it cold out there?"

Those words made Squall jump from his bed, "This is not happening again!" he exclaimed and looked through the window, the street was even more full of snow last night because of the storm, now it was just a nice thin white cover all over the place.

But as soon as this chorus singed the cursed words, "It's Chicobo's Day!" …


Maybe the whole town had heard him.

...Some hours later in another day...


"Squall! Come out of your room and stop whining" Rinoa had knocked the door for hours, it was 6 p.m. and the young teen had stayed the whole day closed up in his room; he wouldn't come out, not even by promising they would take him back to Esthar, as he would always reply, shivering like, that it wasn't of any use, that there was a snowstorm outside; for them was an unbelievable fact that he was right. When Irvine and Zell went to check out if it was true, they were stunned he was right; nevertheless, Squall couldn't stay the whole day in there without eating something.

"Go away! This is none of your business!" the brunet yelled from the inside. This fired up Rinoa, "You open this door right NOW!" the petite woman yelled horrible enough to creep out all four men (Irvine, Zell, Laguna and even Squall).

Scared of opening the door, and even more scared of leaving it shut, Squall shyly opened it, not wanting anyone to see him like this. Still, he had to do something or the whole situation might drive him crazy. It had been, after all, 6 days after the first time the day repeated itself, making it his 8th day in Chicobo's Day.

Rinoa became awkward of her action after looking at Squall's face but then regained confidence, "Gosh Squall, you look pale; haven't you eaten something?" she gently asked as she examined his face with her refined hands to search for further symptoms, "Come on, let's get you something" so Rinoa then grabbed him by the hand and everyone left for the small Cafeteria, which was attended by Xu and the old woman; they served him a hot cream soup, a piece of bread and some potato salad, they said it would make him feel better (To Squall's opinion, it was the same thing everyone says when they offer you something, yet it was very tasty and helpful). "Now Squall, tell us what's wrong with you? Why didn't you assist to the festival?" the raven-haired questioned raising one eyebrow, accompanied by Zell who seemed to be imitating her.

"I've told you that this is none of your business" he replied as cold as ever; yep, he was recovering after all, Rinoa thought, "And anyways, it's not going to work, you all eventually will forget everything" the teen added before taking a spoon of soup.

"Son, we need to know if we want to help you, if you would le-" but the Esthar's President was interrupted when Kiros and Ward arrived.

"So, he has come out of his hole, hmm?" Kiros asked with no sympathy towards the young one, he was surely mad at him because he skipped the event, probably a disrespectful behavior from his point of view, but of course, it didn't matter anymore to Squall.

"Yes" Laguna nodded, avoiding eye contact with his good friend and assistant, but the dark-skinned one bended down to look him right into the eye, "Listen to me Laguna, you should have gone to your meeting with the mayor and Galbadia's President an hour ago, so as your friend, I am ask you to come with us right now; your son is alright already" he added as gave him a death glare he couldn't call friendly, but finally sighed, "Okay Kiros, you win, I'll leave" the president declared as he stood up, "You guys watch over him while I'm gone, okay there?" Laguna asked worrisome, yet forcing a small smile for them to reassure; everyone in the table nodded except for Squall, who was ignoring the whole thing since Kiros arrived, just eating soup.

"Don't worry, sir, we'll take good care of him" Irvine added, placing an arm on Squall's shoulders to shake him a little, which made the brunet drop his delicious hoot spoon of soup and fall into the bowl, eventually making him a little bit mad in silence, just giving him a silent death glare.

"Thanks guys!" Laguna grinned, "See ya later, Squall…" he added with a worrisome look at his only son, "You're going to be late, go already" the teenager replied with a calm expression which left his father calmer, he knew that deep inside of him, he wishes him to go the meeting without him worrying about his son; so Laguna grinned again and waved his hand as he left the inn with his friends, "Bye!".

As soon as he was gone, Squall had finished his meal and was willing to return to his room, but just when he stood up, he was dragged into his seat once again by two strong arms and smaller one; he looked at everyone, they seemed to have something in mind, something he may don't like.

"Look, Squall, we know you're hiding something from us" Rinoa started, "But you're going to tell us" Irvine followed, giving him a smile of evilness, "Or you'll face the consequences" Zell added with big playful grin on his face.

"Oh, God… I think I'll have no other option if I want to get rid of them, they'll probably leave me when I tell them, say I'm crazy, but who cares? They'll forget by morning" the brunet took a deep breath, "Okay, here it goes, but I've already warned you that you won't believe me, yet is the very truth".

"Just tell us already" Rinoa yearned as she shook him, "Well, I've been living the same day for the last week, when I go to my bed, fall sleep, I wake up here, in Winhill, once again in Chicobo's Day, in February 8th. Every day is February 8th since a week ago" he ended explaining and looked up to see their reactions.

Irvine and Zell where making an enormous effort to hold their laugh, meanwhile Rinoa glared at him in a concerned way, until they couldn't hold it anymore, the boys started laughing to the top their lungs and Rinoa started trying to knocked them off, "Hahahaha! Man, I didn't know you could deepen your thoughts that way about your life!" Irvine and Zell's laughter grew and grew inside Squall's head, so he then left the table. When he was about to climb the stairs, he was suddenly embraced by a warm presence, and he then glanced back only to watch a worried Rinoa.

"Please, forgive them, okay?" she pleaded, "I don't know what exactly is happening to you, but at least let us help, I don't think this Chicobo's Day -Everyday-thing is happening, but maybe we can find some help, right?".

"You think?" Squall replied, actually interested in the offer; one he would later regret.

...One Hour Later...

"Please, take a seat" Dr. Kadowaki offered to the very angry Squall, why in the world would he find help in a therapy?!

"No thanks" was his only answer.

"Please, I need you to relax and tell me what's on your mind", the teen finally accepted and laid on the large red couch.

"Okay, then let's get started" the doctress said as she checked her documents, "They told me you were saying that you were going through this day, every day, that you always wake up on the same date, is that right?" she asked to verify if the information was correct.

"Exactly, bu-" the brunet nodded, but was interrupted, "Wait just a second, let me just ask you some questions before your final opinion, okay?" Squall just silently nodded and crossed his arms as a sign of dissatisfaction.

"So, tell me Squall, when did this start to happen?" Kadowaki asked, "Well, I guess it's been a week or less" he replied, actually not exactly having the number on mind, each one of them was awful. "Okay… and how does that make you feel like?" she asked again.

"Mmm, lost?" Squall replied, not knowing whether to reply or stay silent, still "This won't work…" he thought to himself, "Hmm, lost, huh?" the older woman asked while writing everything down, "And what do you feel when you wake up and realize that you are living the same day after day?"

"Don't I feel the same? Isn't it the same question?" he thought before answering, "I… I feel mad about the situation".

"Hmm, mad…" she wrote down.

"And if I'm right, you didn't live all your life with you father and sister, do you remember your old life? How did it feel?" the doctor curiously asked as she replaced her glasses on her.

"My old life?" it had been a long time since he thought about it…

He was fourteen years old, he was training at Balamb Garden with Seifer Almasy and a girl named Quistis Trepe, when some garden faculty came and took him to the Headmaster's Office, where he was reunited with his sis Ellone and met for the first time his father, Laguna Loire.

At first, he was mad at him for dumping him in the Orphanage, even though he didn't know that Laguna was unaware of having a son, until he was reunited with Ellone. However, after getting to know him, he knew Laguna was kinda of dummy, unlike himself who was very self-controlled and closed, yet when getting to know him, he felt some kind of a warm feeling; being with Elle and him was kind of nice, but when he met his other obligations which were being Esthar's president, it really bothered him, so he preferred to stay closed at any cost, to avoid being harmed, avoiding that if he stayed to close to his father, he might feel sad when his gone, the only one who would be with him until the time comes for him to leave home, was Ellone. He also stayed isolated to avoid any gossips from the media which was always around the President. It made everything easier, easier to live life, only thinking about one-self to survive, avoiding meddling other people in his affairs and vice-versa, people wouldn't try to get close to him and he would also do the same thing, but everything changed when he met Rinoa, it annoyed him a lot to have someone around who doesn't understand that you don't want anyone around you, but something was out his place, he couldn't just reject her that easily, she would always come around…

Of course, he thought all this things and didn't tell a thing about it to the doctress, "It was fun, I actually liked to be in combat all the time, and training was great in Balamb Garden" Squall simply replied.

"Very well then…" she paused a bit to write everything correctly and then gave him a straight look, "Squall, I think this is pretty normal".

"Are you sure?" the brunet replied to confirm such theory, "Because for me, none of this is logical".

"Yes, you see.." the doctress looked down at her notes, "You miss a lot your old days in the Garden, so much, that the new routine in your life at your father's side became boring, so boring that this day, this festival , which your friends told me you hate, became to seem the same thing for you, you started to see every day the same and you just don't like the life you're in, you were so confused that you started panicking on this day, saying it was the same, but let me tell you it's not, it's real, and tomorrow I assure it'll be fine, you'll be in February 9th".

"Great, I knew this wouldn't work… but somehow I wish this was true, I would rather wish to had become crazy for couple of days than having a real time-collapse" He was about to fall for it, when he saw Seifer and Rinoa talking through the window, they were laughing, Seifer was talking to her meanwhile getting closer to her, she was blushing; unaware of his feelings, he got mad, very pissed off, and he couldn't stand it yet he didn't know why.

Dr. Kadowaki wasn't paying him attention, she was filling some documents and handed them to the young man, "What do you say if you come to see tomorrow morning before you leave, is that alright?" the woman then left the room to check who was still out there, she turned off the lights, thinking Squall would follow her outside to greet his comrades like that.

But Squall stayed looking at the couple who of course hadn't noticed him, he looked away and placed a hand on his left eye, pressing it a little, as if that would return him to his senses, "Of course this won't work, tomorrow I'll be trapped again on this stupid day" he angrily thought as he compressed the papers which were given by Dr. Kadowaki into a ball, then throw them away into trashcan and left the room.

. . . . .

When he left, Rinoa who was being now embraced by Seifer's arms, pushed against a wall and being kissed in the neck with such vigor by him, was in a an alley near the doctress' office. Seifer then caressed her back, pushed his chest against hers and started kissing her on her lips; but Rinoa wasn't feel right about this, as Seifer continued with closed eyes while kissing. Rinoa looked away, she had felt someone's presence, Squall was leaving the hospital with Zell and Irvine calling at him, asking him why he was suddenly so mad and offered him to come to the Pub with them, to which, surprisingly, he accepted and the other pair started celebrating, shouting to everyone how Squall Leonhart had accepted them to be with him in at the Pub; indeed, they had to celebrate it. But this made Rinoa feel the worst, she promised him to help through this day and she then leaves him with those two, while having a date with someone else.

So she then broke up the passionate kiss Seifer thought he was having, and pushed him a step away from her. "I can't do this" Rinoa told him while recovering some breath, "Why not?" the blond step forward once again, pressing her body against his, "I thought we were having a nice moment here?" and tried to regain that kiss, but Rinoa once again pushed his face back from hers, "Yes, but I.. promised a friend I would help him and I-" she tried to explain herself . She wasn't certainly sure whether she loved Seifer … or just maybe she loved certain other person. Still unsure, she was caught again in another kiss to which she immediately rejected by slapping him on the face, "I've TOLD YOU! I CANNOT!" she yelled; Seifer remained looking down at the floor, "Very well then, if you want it that way". Seifer walked away, but as soon as she looked away to make her way to the Pub, she was grabbed by the wrist, Seifer lifted her and carried her away while she started screaming.

"Put me down!" she yelled. The blond then covered her mouth with his hand, but ended up bitten by Rinoa's teeth, "Oww! Watch it there! You're coming with me, whether you like it or not!" he replied as he glared at Rinoa's horrified face.

...Meanwhile in Griever's Pub...

"Man, what a tough day, huh?" Zell asked who seemed already drunk, even though he had taken only a couple of beers; after all, he had no alcohol-resistance.

"Yeah, I agree with that" Irvine nodded, not drunk yet, but in a very relaxed mood, while he gave palm on Squall's back, "Hey, what's on your mind, crazy Squall?" he questioned as he grinned. But Squall, incredible or not, didn't mind for the first time what they thought about him or whether if he passed time with them or not. After being closed up for a long time, he really didn't mind it; he enjoyed his beer and think over and over about his life.

"I don't get it, why from all the possible days on my life, why it had to be here in Winhill, snowing, noisy everywhere I go and with that annoying girl above all!" the teen complained as he drink, "I don't understand women at all" the words escaped from his mind in a low voice as he sighed, but it quickly arrived to the sharp shooter's ears.

"Oh my God, so that's what this is all about, huh Squally? Haha!" Irvine couldn't believe himself what he just heard, "You know my only expertise is guns and women" he added as he drank the whole beer in one shot.

Squall had just stared with his drink some minutes ago, he was after all a slow drinker anyways, "No, that's not it… I just want to know what to do with my life".

And magically, as if the blond had read his mind, "Hey! Squall!" Zell called, already drown in drunkenness; both brunets glanced at him, both raising their eyebrows, "If I- hip cup!- were you and- hip!- and live the time-thingy- hip cup!- I would do whatever I want! Whatever it comes to my mind- hip!".

The taller one pointed with his right hand's index, holding his third beer, "Now that's brilliant! If I were that lucky I would never mind giving bad impressions, not caring of what girls might say if I do something wrong… Nope! No, sir! No rules or worries, haha!" he once again drank from his beer to calm himself down, "Of course that isn't my case" the bodyguard added.

Squall was just in shock, they had given him the key to his problems, "No rules… nor worries… not caring about what the others may think… I… I can do whatever I want… Not more pretending to what I wish!" he thought, but then realized he was free to talk out loud.

The brunet suddenly stood up, "That's right! I can do whatever I want!" Irvine taped him again on the shoulder, "Hey keep it quiet, no use of shouting at all".

"I don't care, they'll forget by tomorrow morning!" was his reply and left Irvine stunned to see him actually smiling about it. Meanwhile Squall took his jacket and left the pub into the cold winter.

Irvine quickly paid and took the drunken Zell in one arm, "Squall! Wait what are you doing?!" he yelled at the Leonhart who was still visible through the wind and snow which was blowing outside place, as the door was closing, the president's son just turned his head a bit, "I'll just go and kill somebody, haha!" he exclaimed with a wicked grin on his face. The door closed up.

Those words were hard to believe to the sharp shooter, "He has lost it" Zell commented even in his state, "I'd rather say we've created a monster" the bodyguard replied, still scared about that face, especially the big grin.

The only thing he could come up with was following him, so they left the place.

When they exited from the Griever's Pub, Irvine spotted the other brunet climbing on a blue Tempest, "What are you doing?" he asked in concern, still holding Zell.

"We're taking this babe and go to Seifer's place" Squall simply answered, actually proud of what he was saying and doing. "But why stealing a Tempest?!" the bodyguard exclaimed very confused; "How else will be able to carry around Zell?" the brunet asked as he grinned raising an eyebrow and glancing at both of them while turning on the car. Irvine looked at his drunk friend, sighed, placed him in the back, and got into the car.

"Besides I've always dreamed about driving a Tempest!" Squall smirked as he crazily left the place.

. . . . .

"What will you do to me?" the raven-haired guide demanded to the blond who had her tied on his bed, "Oh, you know exactly what I want from you" Seifer smirked and took off his long grey coat, wet from the snow, "I'm gonna take a shower, and as soon as I'm finished, we'll get started with my sweet romantic dream, got it?" and with those words, he left the room into his bathroom, not even caring to close up the door, wanting to check on Rinoa and also to let her know what she was going to face later.

"What am I supposed to do?! What will I do?! How do I get out of this mess, away from this psychopath?!" Rinoa started to panic while she shook herself, trying to get rid of the ropes which had her feet and arms tied up, how did she let this happen? Of course by lacking force, but she mentally asked herself, how did she get into this mess?

Well, it all started when, they were nicely talking about how long they hadn't seen each other and how they used to date when they were young. They were only 14 years old, but as the conversation progressed, Seifer pointed out something very clear, he said there wasn't any other woman more beautiful than her in his whole life, that he couldn't even imagine it happen and that she had been the love of his life; an awkward silence was produced between the blushing pair and he slowly started getting closer and closer until he reached her lips and she allowed him to kiss her. So that's how she was caught in the kiss, the rest is history already written.

"How I wish he was somehow here to rescue me…" Rinoa whispered as her tears started falling down her cheek when she realized she couldn't run away from this.

. . . . .

The gang of three drove through Winhill's small streets as fast as the brunet wished; that was fun, it felt like playing video game in real life he thought.

"How will you know if it's Seifer's? Or even if he would be there instead of the party?" Irvine yelled as the wind blew away his long light brown hair; "Dr. Kadowaki told me he was part of the patrol team thing and from what I've learned from my instructors, every one of them has a weird star with their name or family name on their door, whether it's wood or metal or whatever, who cares?! I'll know when I see it; and about being there or not, it's a possibility he could be dancing with her, still I can wait for him or go to the party, whatever… I'm willing to do it" Squall pronounced those last words with his usual serious façade. Irvine only thoughts about what he had said were "Who did she meant by 'with her', did he mean…?"

Not so much later, the brunets spotted a small house through the snow with a star on its door with engraved letters: 'Almasy'. "There is it!" Squall exclaimed and parked in a cool and fast way Irvine didn't imagine he could do just like that.

"Wait for me" the teen seriously ordered to both of them, even though if Zell was already fallen sleep after vomiting twice outside of the vehicle; meanwhile Squall took out his large weapon which he had been carrying ever since they left the inn.

"You are not seriously talking about killing a patrol guy, right? Or whoever he is?" Irvine worriedly asked, not sure of himself, whether if he was drunk or hallucinating things. Squall just smirked, "I've never been more serious in my life than being as free as I want!" he turned around and walked towards the blond's house, but then suddenly heard a scream. This shocked both of them; "That scream… it sounds like…" Irvine gasped.

"Heeellp!" Rinoa's plead could be heard; Irvine quickly climbed off the Tempest, but Squall was already entering the house, locking the door, not wanting to Irvine meddle in his 'fun'.

. . . . .

"Now Rin, come here…" the blond whispered as he made his way into the bed only wearing his boxer, removing the ropes which tied up the poor girl; he had already taken measures by locking every door and window in the room and taking her by both wrists with his bare hands and pushing both legs under his. "Let me go, please or I'll start screaming" Rinoa begged as she cried and at the same time threaten.

"I don't care if you scream, I know everybody here and everybody knows me" he said as he passed his fingers through her black and soft hair, managing her arm with his blocking it from struggling, "Besides, everyone is at the night party, meanwhile we have our lovely date, don't you think?" Seifer asked already starting to kiss her neck all over again.

"He… HELP ME!" she cried out loud with such a volume; to her bad luck, after her second attempt, Seifer started kissing her lips as he unbuttoned her blue cardinal, but after doing so, someone slammed the door with one single kick.

. . . . .

When Squall arrived to the Seifer's room, he found the blond on the Rinoa's petite body, forced to stay in the bed being ripped from her cardinal and some clothes, exposing some of her underwear.

"Sq.. Squall…" Rinoa called out, she was relieved her wish came true and finally smiled at the apparently emotionless brunet.

Seifer turned his head towards him, taking a breath before facing the intruder, "Squall? Squall Leonhart?" he asked, confused by his sudden appearance; as they haven't met in the whole day, and for the blond, it was the first time in almost four years. "It's been too long… But what the heck are you doing here? Don't you see I'm a little bit busy?!" Seifer exclaimed, actually ignoring Squall's gunblade and Rinoa's face, and determined to continue with the kissing.

But his moment was again interrupted as Squall started to laugh from a low volume to a higher one, Seifer stood up from the bed, sure that his prey wouldn't leave the room in circumstances like this, "What are you laughing about?" he asked, raising both eyebrows, like if he were to challenge him, this made Squall laugh even more; an almost naked guy had actually threaten him.

"Seifer, you are just the kind of animal I thought you were, haha…" , the brunet suddenly took composure once again, "That's why I hate you" he gave a death glare and then, without the blond expecting it, Squall pierced his gunblade into Seifer's body.

"Squall!" Rinoa cried in terror.

"You're crazy…" were the last blond's words and fell backwards at the end of the bed where Rinoa was still watching the whole terror movie, but the scene suddenly changed, when Squall started once again laughing like if he was a mad enjoying the moment.

"Hahaha! Did you see that, Rinoa?! I guess you never expected that?!" the brunet grinned as hard as he could; the girl now was terrified, she ended up with a crazier guy.

Out of the nothing, she suddenly felt a body fell on her almost naked one, "Now listen to me, by saving you doesn't mean there's anything between us; what I'm saying is that I only came because I really wanted to kill him, but…" Squall stick out his tongue and started slowly licking her neck, "I want something in exchange, you know…. Like right now, in this moment".

"Oh my God! I thought he was crazy about all that repeating-the-same-day-thing, but he is nuts!", meanwhile Squall passed from licking to kissing and forcing her to stay on the bed, she managed to take the lamp which was on the table next to the bed.

The brunet finally reached her face, but when he was about to kiss her on the lips, she hit him on the neck with lamp, making this one break into pieces.

The night was still cold, Squall's head had fallen on her chest, almost unconscious, "I guess you are no fun to me… still I kind of desire you and I don't know why" he said as he was getting sleepy, "By the way, you smell really nice… like roses" were his last words before falling sleep into the eternal night.

"Why are you like this? Who did this to you?" Rinoa asked, praying in her mind that he would be fine soon enough to recover his mind; police's sirens could be heard outside of the house.

"Please, be alright…" she prayed as she passed her fingers through his soft brown hair.

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