Tailor Made

This is my first fanfic ever! I decided to cut my teeth on the genre with a little fluff although I hope to graduate to something more angst-y in the future. I do not own nor financially benefit from Torchwood in any way, but I am very grateful for it existing.

Setting: The Hub, late in the evening.

Timing: Mid season 2, before Owen's "condition".

Context: In my version, Ianto and Tosh are close friends.

Pairings: Jack/Ianto, implied Tosh/Owen if you squint

Gwen and Tosh decided to have a girls' night out to relieve some tension after a long week of messy clean-ups and Owen being especially snarky. This always set Tosh a bit on edge and Gwen suggested that nothing smooths edges like throwing back a few pints. They were happily tipsy and getting ready to head to a midnight showing of a chick-flick they picked out when they decided to stop by the Hub. Tosh remembered she left her wrap in the board room earlier and could use it in the too-cold theatre. Gwen remembered she had some leftovers in the fridge that she preferred over the garbage they serve at the concession stand. They walked in through the rolling cog door leaning on each other a bit, arm in arm, and split up to their separate destinations in the Hub. Gwen saw a moving shadow in the the kitchenette area and figured Ianto was pulling a late night. She called over her shoulder about it to Tosh, remarking that they might be lucky enough to get two fabulous coffees to go. Tosh was already skipping up the stairs to the board room in her "night out" heels.

As Gwen entered the kitchen area she saw the nicely-suited back of a gentleman standing in front of the beloved shiny and complicated barista machine. She figured out the computer system and so many of the alien technology gadgets in Torchwood 3 but the secrets of that beauty were only truly known to Ianto Jones. She gave the pinstriped shoulder a quick tap as she whisked past on her way to the fridge, requesting "2 for the road please! One for me and one for my girl Tosh! You're here late aren't you? Work related or just keeping Jack company?" From behind Gwen her startled coworker only got out "Ugh..." before Gwen gave a happy squeel when she located her leftover pasta primavera and then started to launch into the story of how nice it was to be out with Tosh away from the office tonight. She rummaged intently through the drawer in search of a fork as she reported on how Tosh is quite the shark at billiards and got their drinks paid for by unsuspecting marks all night. Finally finding the fork among all the spoons she turned to lean on the counter and dig into her cold feast. Scooping the first bite into her mouth she almost choked on it as the suit she was talking to turned and was filled out, rather nicely, by NOT who she expected.

"Jack?!" Gwen sputtered and coughed. "Not sure if you want what I was able to get this blasted machine to spit out but you're welcome to drink in the view instead" he said with a wink and a coy smile. Jack leaned back on the counter opposite Gwen and gave a sweeping hand gesture at his uncharacteristic attire. The black suit with a slate-grey pinstripe, complete with matching vest underneath, was paired with blue shirt that matched his eyes. The shirt was not his usual utilitarian cotton, but rather looked finer and crisper. Over the shirt was a silk dark-grey shiny tie that perfectly matched the pinstripe in the suit. It fit in all the right places, accentuating his broad shoulders and chest and the cut of his pants tight against his hips and...his shoes even looked shined! But the suit wasn't the only difference, as Gwen took in the full view. Jack's usual perfectly-messy-yet-styled chestnut hair was actually looking like he ran a comb through it instead of just his fingers.

"So..." she started once she got over the initial shock "this is neeeew...", her Welsh accent and her curiosity drawing out the vowel. She couldn't quite find the words so used her wide eyes to do the questioning further. "Well a few decades of the same look I thought it was time for a change, and I happen to know a great tailor" Jack replied with a smirk while gingerly placing his cup of coffee-like substance on a silver platter with another cup. "Besides, my coat is, umm, otherwise occupied this evening". With a wag of his eyebrows he took off up the stairs toward his office with a more careful pace than usual, trying not to spill the coffee, leaving a confused Gwen and her knitted brow standing in the kitchen with her forgotten second bite of pasta still hovering on a fork in front of her face.