Tosh clapped her hands in response to Jack's cat-walk worthy strut across his office. She was very happy that she and Gwen found reason to stop back in the Hub or she would have missed this peek into Jack and Ianto's romantic life. "Oh Gwen!" Toshiko exclaimed as if just remembering her. "Oh we ran into each other down by the coffee machine. She should be arriving in" Jack accurately predicted, not taking his eyes off Ianto as he spoke. Gwen did show up at that exact moment "Tosh you won't believe, did you see...oh you did see...Oh hey Ianto! Oh! Oh my". Gwen Cooper suddenly found herself dumbstruck for the second time in a 5 minute timespan.

Gwen was still trying to take the situation all in when Toshiko noticed that Jack and Ianto had not broken very intense eye contact since Jack entered the room. Her giggling subsided and she suddenly felt terrible for having intruded on this intimate occasion for the two lovers. Jack probably doesn't mind the audience, but she knew that Ianto most likely would. But judging by the look she saw in Ianto's eyes at that moment, he was so taken with the view of Jack in that perfectly-fitted suit that he may or may not have even noticed she and Gwen were still there. Tosh moved to the the door, half-pushing Gwen along with her. Gwen did catch on and quickly bid the couple goodnight but couldn't help taking a moment to tease "and don't let him convince you of any other shenanigans Ianto!". Just as the door to the office was closing Jack let out a laugh and responded "Shows how much you know! It was his idea!"

Gwen and Toshiko exchanged funny looks as they scurried down the stairs and towards the cog door. Pausing before heading out Gwen asked Tosh "He was just kidding, right? About it being Ianto's idea? I mean, role-playing just screams of Jack." "I don't know Gwen, you know what they say! It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for! Take it from me. I'm one one of the quiet ones after all." Tosh smiled mischieveously. Gwen was learning all kinds of things about her coworkers tonight.

Back in the office, Jack and Ianto were finally alone. They both strode slowly towards one another in the center of the room, not meeting completely but circling and not being shy about taking in all angles of each other. Jack then closed some of the space between them, stopping so close to Ianto that they could feel the heat radiating between them. Jack had a look of fierce hunger mixed with bemusement. Ianto wore his perfected placid face but one raised brow and his heavy breaths gave away his desire in that moment. As cooly as he could muster, Ianto broke the silence "Well judging by what you brought up in those cups you don't know much about making coffee but you do know how to fill out a suit". Ianto reached up with his left hand and brushed the backs of his knuckles gently along the crisp collar of Jack's dress shirt and then slowly over the silk tie and the buttons of the waist coat. Jack's highly developed sense of smell detected that Ianto's personal scent and pheromones were already mixing into the weathered leather of the wrist strap Ianto now wore. He closed his eyes briefly. He could get drunk on that scent.

Jack suddenly noticed the one thing missing. Although he was loving the view of Ianto in his tight white t-shirt and the loose braces at his sides, Jack tore his eyes away to motion to his great coat hanging on the rack by the door of his office. Ianto followed his eyes and smiled warmly. Jack retrieved the coat and held it out for Ianto to slip into. Ianto did this for Jack daily, but now it took on a much more intimate feel. Jack took his time and slowly pulled the coat up over Ianto's frame. He then took a moment to smooth out the shoulders and ran his hands down the sleeves as he stood close enough behind the younger man that Ianto felt Jack's breath on his ear as he half-whispered "So how come you didn't put the coat on for Toshiko to see, give her the whole complete look?" Ianto turned, running his hands reverently down the lapels of the warm coat. He met Jack's gaze again and replied, lips just shy of brushing Jack's "because this moment was just for us".

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