In only what seemed to be a blink of an eye, he had done it. Cloud Strife had taken the first step toward infidelity…or was it that he had been walking the heretic path since he settled his sights on the man? He was beginning to lose track now when exactly this all started to manifest. For days he had been experiencing feelings which led to that very moment. His thoughts of the man impure, animalistic and vulgar, as he fantasized, longed and craved…

His response following the most intense, strenuous, mind blowing orgasm he had ever experienced was something he could have never foreseen. "…It…wasn't enough…That wasn't enough."

Sephiroth combed his hair to one side with fingers moist with sweat before looking up and wiping his mouth.

Oddly, Cloud wished that the General hadn't fixed himself up and instead left himself in that sloppy state. "Can we do that again…?" The blond asked quite desperately in a small raspy whisper.

The silver haired man merely laughed. It wasn't a chuckle of contempt or mockery, but one of mirth. "I like your enthusiasm. However….." The tall man stood up, soon towering over him, casting his large shadow under the moonlight. "I had something else in mind." He didn't wait for Cloud to get up and collect himself until he began to walk in the opposing direction, seemingly leaving the area.

Puzzled, Cloud pulled his pants and zipper up as he started making his way to where the man was taking them. Sure enough, Cloud was taken back into the new smelling elevator, then down to the ground level, and then into the awaiting limousine. The driver had the interior lights on and was scanning a newspaper when they scooted inside the back seats.

Sephiroth moved over to the window that separated them and the chauffer and whispered the driver something before settling himself in close proximity to the man he was escorting for the night.

"What did you have in mind? Where are we going?" Cloud inquired with unsuspecting anticipation.

The man took on that smug, proud expression and spoke words Cloud least expected. "At dinner you mentioned that you wanted to get Tifa a better wedding ring. Why don't we browse some stores? You don't have to buy anything right now. I thought we would just look."

Cloud was silent after the suggestion.

After the lapse of silence, Sephiroth concluded that he had made a bad choice in their next destination. "I'm sorry…was that impertinent of me?"

The other male had gone from joyously excited to thwarted and in a matter of seconds. Only Sephiroth was able to draw out such strong emotions in such a short amount of time. "What? After what we just did….?" Cloud could barely believe where the conversation had gone to and even while sweat and tears still clung to the insisting man's face.

"You're still going to marry her when you go back, right?" Sephiroth cut off his words.

Cloud reluctantly nodded his head, it felt like he was programmed to go on and proceed with the life he had already mapped out for himself. There always seemed to be no other alternative, no question about it. He had to wed Tifa. "Yeah…"

"Then I'll help you out."

No matter how normal Sephiroth pretended this all was—proposing to help a man he had just given head to shop for a wedding ring—Cloud couldn't look at the situation as anything less than disturbing. There were various reasons why his idea was inappropriate. Yet, when he lost himself in the man's confident gaze, those mesmerizing pools of green, he couldn't be dissuaded. "Ok…just looking is fine."


"…How about this one?" Sephiroth pointed a finely manicured finger at a shiny four karat diamond ring with a gold band.

Cloud sighed at the jewel wistfully. "That's really beautiful…." It wasn't exactly a piece that he could afford. That very fact pained him even though they were simply browsing. Little did Sephiroth know, he felt embarrassed to shop without any money to get what he really wanted.

"….but not as beautiful as this." The General keyed in on an even bigger stone than the last one.

"Yeah right… I'm not about to go broke trying to afford a little wedding trinket." His expression had grown cheerless and grave. Why had he even allowed the man to bring him out there? The situation was just awkward. They had been intimate not so long ago and were now on the hunt for the perfect wedding ring for Tifa, assuming she would marry him if he ever told her of his unfaithfulness. He couldn't understand Sephiroth's intentions, his twisted logic. Was the man trying to get him to be with him or tie the knot with a woman? Soon enough, that very man had pulled him out of his bewildering thoughts.

"Oh, but Tifa would love this one, Cloud..."

This ring was so beautifully crafted and elegant that he even had to crouch down and bring his wide blue eyes to the glass. Catching a glimpse of the extravagant crystal, he understood what the man was saying. "Wow…she would."

Without further ado, the General called the jewel broker over to make an inquiry. "Ma'am, may we please examine this ring up close?"

Obeying the celebrated General made the difference in a business's failure or success. That was how much the SOLDIER's influence meant. As expected, the broker had promptly bent down to carry the mounted ring out of its compartment. She placed it in front of the General and his partner's very eyes.

Cloud was against the idea, as he found it excessive for a visit where he didn't even intend to make a purchase. "Sephiroth, this is too much. I shouldn't even…" Then his gaze caught sight of the dazzling stone up close. "Oh, my god… It's….gorgeous…." He was in awe until he took notice of the little price tag that dangled from it. "Thank you." Cloud simply said to the broker before leaving the shop.

"Cloud?" The General called after him when it dawned on him what might have dampened the blond's spirits. The price attached to the lavish piece of jewelry confirmed his suspicions. It wasn't that the other wasn't willing to spend that kind of money on his fiancé. It was simply that he could not meet the expense of it. After realizing this, Sephiroth turned to the broker…


After a tad longer than it should have taken him, Sephiroth came out of the shop and found Cloud sitting on a bench outside with his arms folded, his blue eyes cast out to the distant scenery.

"Everything will be fine, in the end. I promise. There's no need to get upset so early in the game." The taller man then wrapped an arm around the other's shoulder and pressed his lips against his cheek.

"Don't do that." Advised the blond, flinching away from him grouchily. He put a bit of space between them.

Sephiroth spared him another kiss, but refused to remove his embrace. "Why? What's the problem?"

"The problem is….you taking me to go look at rings and then treating me like I'm your gay lover or something!" Cloud couldn't hold his tongue about the absurd situation anymore.

The General eased his arm from around his back and slouched in a way that seemed ill suited for a proud man such as him. "It seems that despite the fact that you plan to get married, even I can't control myself. But these feelings are very well returned, are they not?" His shoulders drooped pathetically as though the entire ordeal was indeed getting to him after all. However, unbeknownst to Cloud, he had a card up his sleeve that he knew ensured him victory no matter how defiant Cloud Strife played in all this. Sephiroth was assured in himself even as he played weak before the other male's very eyes… "The reality is that you'll be wed soon, but we long for each other regardless…"

"Yes, but….I have Tifa…"

Sephiroth sighed, playing the part quite well. "In the end, I just want you to be happy. If marrying her will make you happy, then I will have to deal with that. However, I do not think it would be fair of you to make such a bold move in your relationship as you are now. I know the military is really pushing marriage, but….I strongly believe that it would do more harm than good. You see…. It's because of those feelings you harbor deep inside."


"Yes…." Sephiroth grazed the area in front of the blond's pants with a gloved hand. "You do know what I'm talking about?"

There was no way he could deny what the other male meant. Within the last hour, he had been anticipating another round of fellatio preformed by Sephiroth. He'd been desperately longing for it. However, the feelings Sephiroth was talking about were those of lust, desire, and animalistic sexual emotions. He wasn't in love with him. Of course he could still marry Tifa as he was. For the most part, his loyalty, adoration and love were targeted toward her in that respect. He couldn't see himself spending the rest of his life with Sephiroth. The fact was that the General couldn't get him to leave his fiancé if it was just a sex thing. "Look, I'm not sure what you—"

"It would be unwise of you to wed her without exploring them….further." His words delayed, low and sensual, Sephiroth cradled the growing erection in his pants. It wasn't very hard to feel through Cloud's dress slacks. "You must get it out of your system…if you know what I mean." The man's touch grew firm and aggressive, though slow and careful.

The nervous blond squirmed around on the bench as he was caressed and squeezed. They had been on a similar bench when Sephiroth had relieved him earlier. "We're in public…."

The very ends of his lips lifted up into a sultry grin, "We were in public before…"

"Shit…." Cloud cursed at the realization. The only difference was that this setting wasn't on top of a building where no one could spot them, but in the middle of a strip mall. Anyone could see them, retail associates, bystanders walking to and from their cars, kids, and families. It wasn't the ideal environment.

Sephiroth knew how inopportune his timing was, but carried on regardless, just barely crossing that line. He wanted Cloud to cross it on his own, at his own time. "Quite frankly, I believe you would be doing an even greater disservice to her by not acting on your desires to the fullest. You would have to go your entire married life to Tifa while always wondering what it might have been like….what it might have felt like…what it looked like." He drew close to blond side burns and inhaled deeply. "…mm, what it tasted like."

That was all it took to sway the inexperienced, wildly curious blond. "Can we go to your place?"

Sephiroth only answered him with an affirming smile.


There had been a powerful, heated and sexually energized atmosphere surrounding the two men up until they made it to the top of the building the General resided, in which case this charged energy reached its peak. Even though both wanted too, neither of them decided to act on the intense desire so soon. Of course, Cloud was too nervous. As for Sephiroth, he took on the gradual, patient and calculative approach. The older man, having waited so long for this all to take place, wanted to thoroughly and candidly follow through with his plans. Ever patient, Sephiroth took slow, long strides from the elevator and into the blissfully empty hall. It was important for him to savor this moment, revel in the anticipation. Curious as to how Cloud was feeling about the situation, and also to confirm his continued interest, he turned to the young man with a subtle, acknowledging gaze. It was a look that held little intention, just one to confirm the reality that Cloud Strife was in fact behind him, walking close, following him with the same goal in mind. When the other darted a worried look his way, Sephiroth raised the ends of his lips. "No need to look so terrified. I'm sure you'll be just fine."

Cloud shook his head, his blue faltering eyes cast to the relatively new carpet lining the hall. "How can you say that? What about Tifa? What do I do when it's all said and done and I have to go back home to her? Don't you care about what happens to her, too, you who call her your friend? There are so….so many things running through my mind right now…. you have no idea… " A deeply angered frown clung to his features.

Sephiroth abruptly stopped. "I do. But it's up to you to decide whether you want to tell her or not."

"She's going to find out…!" It was already truth in his mind. No one just successfully hid homosexual affairs like this.

The General gave a very out of place laugh. "Look at us, bickering about this and it hasn't even taken place yet…."

They had reached the door at the very end of the hall, the most spacious extravagant condominium—the penthouse. Cloud sighed, clearly in a state of dread having made it all the way down the hall to the place where the cheating was to be done. "We've kissed….and other things…. I have already cheated on her…"

"Then it is most certainly too late to turn back, isn't it? Why not take the scenic route?"

"Because maybe Tifa would forgive those things, maybe even me putting off time with her to spend with you, but sleeping with you….that couldn't easily be forgiven, maybe never. If I do this, who knows how it will all turn out."

"It will turn out just fine."

"That's impossible! Are you insane?" To him, the man sounded like a broken record, repeating the same farfetched thing over and over like he had some kind of screw loose. What could such a normally sound, intellectual man be thinking?

"Do you love Tifa?"

"What?" Cloud raised his head to the peculiar, ill-timed question.

"Do you love her?"

"Yes..." He confessed in a less than convincing manner.

"Then fuck me so that you won't have to lie to her or yourself anymore..."

Somehow, even though he didn't quite understand them, Sephiroth's commands were absolute. Perhaps that was the reason why he was a General, because his voice and overall energy was so convincing and intimidating. Cloud couldn't disobey that voice….nor did he want to.

That's when every last bit of my frustrations, conflicting feelings, and stress manifested itself. When it had all come to a head, I took Sephiroth, a man a good size bigger than me in height, muscles and structural fat, and slammed his back against the wall with every last bit of my might. I didn't know what I was doing. Why I was so angry and excited at the same time. Nothing was making sense anymore. All I wanted to do was feel more of Sephiroth's warmth, more of that feeling I got a taste of before. I craved his whole body around me, his graceful, manly scent, and I even wanted to taste him. I found my body acting on its own, my fingers digging into the back of his head as I smashed our lips together, sucked on his tongue and drank back his saliva. There was something more appealing about dominating another man and going completely crazy with him. It was about appreciating his every need and desire even deeper than I ever could with a woman because his needs and desires mimicked very closely to mine. I knew what he was feeling biologically and I knew how to handle the equipment. And though I hate to admit it, I knew Sephiroth had made me so aroused that I could barely get a hold of this new drive inside of me. With every encounter I have with this man, I've been slowly losing sight of who I am…

In an erratic manner, they had made it inside to the master bedroom. Both became undressed in only a matter of seconds. The outfit of the General was complex but the man demonstrated expertise in getting out of the cumbersome garbs. Cloud had his hands full just stripping himself without ripping the material of his clothes out of impatience. He was just so profoundly and deliriously aroused…

Cloud was kneeling over Sephiroth naked and panting. Before things got too far along, he confessed. "I don't have any condoms on me."

Sephiroth laughed derisively, "I am not some woman who can be impregnated, Cloud." For the first time, he felt himself feeling annoyed at the other's pace. They were just so close…

Catching something and transferring it to his fiancé was Cloud's main anxiety. And although it was difficult to explain without coming across as insulting, Cloud hoped the mature, intellectual man would understand. He wasn't completely sure how Sephiroth's sex life was, but he was somewhat aware that homosexuals were more prone to contracting sexual infections and diseases. Even though he always used a condom with Tifa anyway, he still wanted to be protected.

On the other hand, giving her an infection also meant being found out and it meant the end of his long term relationship of four years with a woman who had been nothing but kind to him. All the promises, hopes, commitment, loyalty and love….it would all mean nothing. "Damn it…" Total catastrophe would strike if one thing went wrong, yet he knew he was running short on the energy to stress himself out over it. He worried about every little thing constantly and he was growing weary of it.

When Sephiroth noticed the distress lining his brow, he cradled his face with one hand. "You have nothing to fret about…"

He kept wondering what the man meant whenever he said things like that in their current situation, however he was finally starting to grasp it. That's right….with Sephiroth, there was nothing for him to be worried about. All his troubles were obsolete. Self doubt, money problems, depression, anxiety, and all of life's woes could all be erased and forgotten when that man's bedroom eyes were on him, letting him know that everything was going to be just fine, if only while he stayed by his side. When he found himself getting lost in that emerald gaze, he realized that he didn't have to worry about catching any adverse ailment… In their own little world of satisfaction, freedom and complete enjoyment, no diseases existed. "You're right."

Sephiroth buried both his hands in blond spikes and pressed their foreheads together lovingly. "Now get inside me already."

Those heated words alone were enough for Cloud to allow himself to act on his desires. Only, when he caught his lower half preparing to do the most obvious course of action, he paused. Driving into Sephiroth's entrance below wasn't what he had initially desired, but another location. That place, the area which he longed with such profound anticipation to probe with his inflamed organ, was his mouth. He kept his eyes on that destination, moving without thinking about what he was doing, without warning… "Sephiroth…" The name was a feverish, almost anxious cry from his lips. However much he wanted to fuck the man in the mouth, he did not ask, nor did he tell him of his want. Cloud merely acted, in hopes that it was permitted. Like most, he feared disappointment and rejection. It was too much to ask. Soon enough, he began to justify it to himself. It was alright to just barge his way in, because Sephiroth enjoyed oral more than him anyway. He had to convince himself of this first, of the uncertainty. If he didn't, he wouldn't have had the courage to push past those plump, well shaped lips and seep into the slippery warmth within with such seemingly self-assuredness. Then, apprehensive about the other's reaction, he looked down.

Cloud didn't catch it, but Sephiroth was smiling with his eyes.

The larger, more powerful man underneath him didn't react in any particular way; he just closed his eyes in compliance to the act.

An unsteady, trembling hand sunk into his silver tresses, caressing them in a soft embrace. "Sephiroth…" Cloud choked out while still feeling the numbing pleasure of being encased in the moist, heated cavity.

Sephiroth took his fingers in his own and lowered them down off his hair. He looked up at him silently before gradually starting to move his neck, stroking the hard length with his tongue.

"Mmn, God damn it….it feels so good." It was just as he remembered, not too long ago, if not sweeter.

While he worked his entire tongue over his twitching arousal, Sephiroth watched Cloud crane his neck back, relishing in the numbing, direct pleasure. Whenever he flicked against a certain spot on his sensitive nerve endings, it pulsed in his mouth and Cloud's hips jolted a little. Sephiroth couldn't help but feel a tinge of triumph as Tifa's careless words rung clear in his mind….: "Cloud may be afraid to do certain things with me in bed, but he does it anyway with hesitation. I guess he's afraid to see my reaction at first. It's kinda cute."

Like he had been told by her, there were positions, fetishes, and kinky ideas that he was too embarrassed to discuss with her that he wanted to try out in bed. Instead of asking her, he would just do it and gauge her reaction, ready to stop at any moment or accommodate her own desires. Tifa told Sephiroth that Cloud had never once made her unhappy in bed and that his hesitant little ways of initiating kinky sex was just adorable. Sephiroth had begun to fantasize what it might have been like to see Cloud and his ways first hand. To be in the position to be able to relate to one of her stories, the same stories he used as stimulating material to touch himself to was a fantasy come true. Over time, Tifa had come to trust him like a best friend, and inevitably, she told him everything about her sex life with Cloud. He looked forward to the moments in which he could listen to her stories and even more so to the time when he could finally witness the infamous blond himself do all those things she thoughtlessly told him about.

Coincidently, as he recalled Tifa's knack for running her mouth about her boyfriend, he felt Cloud do something else he knew he was capable of. Even so, it took him by great surprise.

"Whenever we have sex, he always starts out gentle and reserved, but after things have heated up, he can get pretty rough. I love it when he's like that. It's like he turns into someone else. His face gets all serious and he makes these really deep grunts. Honestly, it's probably what turns me on the most."

As he'd been foretold, Cloud's treatment had gotten all the more forceful as time went on. He hadn't started out fucking the General's mouth with such audacity however, he let him do all the work until he felt that it was okay to drive himself to the back of his throat and choke and impede his breathing. Every time the head of his penis blocked his throat, Sephiroth let out a controlled gag. Every time he gagged, Cloud let out one of those low, guttural noises his female lover loved to hear so much. Everything Sephiroth imagined was all happening, like a dream it was, one which had finally come to pass. When he opened his eyes, Cloud was making that serious face that he could only fathom in his head until then. A mind numbing shiver worked up and down his spine like waves of intense of pleasure. He was not being stimulated in any of his erogenous zones, but the culmination of everything happening as he had visualized for years was like a mental orgasm. Cloud was indeed stimulating his mind with all that he did and Sephiroth couldn't gobble up the fast moving arousal in his mouth fast enough. No matter how many times he gagged or hit his head against the back of the bed, he needed more of those reactions from Cloud, needed to see more, feel more, hear his voice, taste his scent. Everything that was happening was like one blow of pleasure after the next. It was pure bliss. Sephiroth couldn't even be sure that the other individual was having quite as much fun as he was anymore. He himself was having far too much of an overwhelmingly gratifying time. To perhaps make up for it, he used both of his hands to help Cloud toward orgasm. His left gently embraced his soft, yet tensing testes, while the other played with his entrance. When he inserted a finger, Cloud jerked unusually. To confirm his reaction, Sephiroth looked up.

The blond panted and perspired excessively. "…That's right, fuck me in ass." Cloud responded, peeking down at the other male behind half lidded eyes. His face had now taken on a dazed look that told Sephiroth that he was close to release.

Sephiroth could tell what this face meant even if Tifa hadn't disclosed all her dark secrets to him. The back of his head was flying into the headboard behind him as Cloud drove into him like a jackhammer. As it knocked against the wall obnoxiously, Sephiroth didn't feel the impact or pain, only pleasure. He only felt the vibrations shooting up and down the shaft in his mouth as he endured being fucked. He felt the insides of the other male's anus tighten up the longer he wriggled his fingers inside. It was a sensational experience due to the mere fact that he was feeding off of Cloud's every advance toward orgasm.

When it had ended, Sephiroth's hands fell to his sides, depleted of any further agility and the only thing he need do then was swallow. As he waited for Cloud to finish pumping out his seed, he felt the other rub his cheek tenderly, appreciatively…

"Sephiroth…" The blond breathed, delighting in the lasting feeling of his orgasm. It lasted so long that when he had pulled out, more cum spurted out onto Sephiroth's lips and chin. "Uh…I'm sorry! I didn't even tell you when I was cumming either…"

The contented General gulped down what was in his mouth and smiled, suddenly looking quite sensual. "You don't ever have to apologize for doing that, Cloud. You may do whatever you like to me." His face was red with tears running down his cheeks, saliva surrounding his lips where the remains of semen painted him.

It was perhaps the sexiest he had yet to see the all powerful General. He liked him in this seductive and submissive character. Those words and the hungry, willing look that man was sending him erected his once lost arousal and drove him to smash their lips together. Once they were in a lip embrace, their tongues beckoned, both men licking off the cocktail of sweat, saliva and semen that coated the area around Sephiroth's mouth. As they slopped on each other greedily, Cloud altered his position on top of Sephiroth ever so slightly and managed to plunge himself deep inside of him, stopping only until he was fully submerged. "Ahh—….It feels amazing…without a condom." His hips trembled, his body fighting the urge to start out with a quick pace.

Sephiroth held his quivering waistline, stroking down to massage his soft behind. "I told you it would. Please make sure you cum inside me, too…" Because he knew from a certain big mouth and equally big-breasted brunette of his habit of pulling out, and that there were times when Cloud even did it unconsciously.

"…Won't that be hard to clean out…and messy?" Though he was excited to hear he was allowed such a thing, he didn't want to put Sephiroth out of his way. No matter how generous or often he was generous, Cloud simply didn't get the picture.

"I would like to be messy if it's you."

So that was it… Cloud didn't have to use a condom. He didn't have to hold himself back or pull out when he was about to orgasm. It was permission for a man who once had all these restrictions on him to go completely wild and crazy. He knew that no matter what he did, Sephiroth would allow, accept and enjoy it. Freedom…it was just as that man had put it. He was free to do what he liked no matter what. Free to feel and express himself however he favored. No boundaries had been set and it felt overwhelmingly liberating. He wondered how he could go on living a life without that feeling. No, he didn't want to think about a life without it.


They had changed positions many times. It all began in a simple missionary pose. Then, their passion moved to the edge of the bed where Cloud pummeled the General while standing up. After that they tried doggy style. Next, it was sideways. Then, they tried one where Sephiroth's long legs were thrown over his shoulders. The blonde had been the one dominating the other, while Sephiroth simply allowed his body to bend and arch to his every will. During their nonstop string of sexual release and experimentation, Cloud obeyed the man's orders accordingly. He came deep inside of him when the feeling sprung forth and he did so without restraint, discretion or warning.

"Stop it….you're going to make me cum…too soon…!" Cloud whimpered as he endured the blissful sensations of a slick hole closing in around him tighter than he could bear.

This round, the tall man was on top pleasuring him with his well used, gaping hole from that angle. He felt as though he could manipulate the other's sensations much easier from his seat on high. "Stop…what?" Sephiroth asked, playing dumb, and yet knowing well what he was doing.

Cloud was unsuccessful in trying to retract his hips and withdraw himself from his entrance. There was a restricting vice grip on his member that threatened to either snap him in half or make him cum. It was painful and pleasurable both at once. "Stop squeezing me. Please…it's just….ugh!"

"Seems to me like you enjoy it." Somehow, he had wrested his dominance back from him, claiming it for himself. He made it known, who was in control as he rose up and down with Cloud's ready to burst phallus deep inside of him. His own excitement went ignored as he focused all of his attention on the other man.

Cloud bit his lip, as if trying to hold out as long as he possibly could as Sephiroth sped up his movements. When it almost became too much, he did something to put a stop to this seemingly one-sided struggle. Cloud sat up, throwing off his rhythm.

Uninformed of Cloud's plans, Sephiroth awaited for the moment which he could continue servicing him in that position, but it didn't happen. The older man was pushed on his back and pinned there by his shoulders to keep him down. Of course, he didn't mind being held down by Cloud…

"I'm not going to lose this battle tonight." His words carried over with a subtle hint of mirth, a competitive glint in his piercing blue eyes.

Sephiroth returned the look with a smirk of his own. "I'll lose to you any time."

That being said, Cloud enclosed both of his hands, one on top of the other, over the male's length, creating a nice tight tunnel to be at the mercy of. As quickly as his muscles allowed, he pumped him in his grasp and almost immediately after, began to rapidly thrust in and out of his willing hole. "How do you like the way that feels?" A heavy raspy tone clung to his voice, his rough movements constant and unrelenting.

"If you feel good, then I feel good." Sephiroth merely answered.

"Don't say stuff like that. Tell me how it fucking feels." As he pummeled the General fast and hard, sweat began to accumulate and eventually fell down his brow, sliding off his cheek and onto Sephiroth's face.

To have shared so many fluids with Cloud, even his sweat, was an honor. One could see just by judging the euphoric look in his light green eyes. "…It feels incredible."

"Where does it feel incredible? Don't be so god damn vague with me…."

There was no mistaking it. This new and unknown side of Cloud was arousing another side to himself as well, one very few had seen. "Deep… deep…! I can't describe it well but my insides feel like they're going to fall out and it feels so dirty and….amazing."

Cloud smiled, never once taking his hands off of the other's enflamed member, "What? Does that mean you feel like you're going to cum from your ass? That's so gross. What a filthy whore you are."

"Yes….I am a filthy whore. I want to orgasm with every touch….every moment your beautiful cock plunges back into my sloppy, slutty hole. That's how good you make me feel."


"I'm your whore, Cloud…" Those sultry, out of place words fell from his lips, leaving Cloud embarrassed and shocked. Even if Sephiroth was playing along, such a claim was unexpected, especially for a man of such high standing.

"Are you shocked by my words? Don't be…." A rough and calloused, yet gentle hand gracefully rose up to caress the damp face inches above. "I'm a slut. I'm yours to use. You can do so in any way that you please. You can keep fucking me all night, filling me up with your cum. You can hit me, tie me up, make me bleed and torture me. The choice is up to you. No matter what you want to do, I will accept it. I'm your obedient, dirty slut hole. I'm a toilet you can piss and smear your shit into."

The more that deep voice whispered into his ear with such schemes and temptations, the weaker Cloud became to them. "Damn….I'm going to cum soon. This is your fault…!" What was more of a shock than Sephiroth proposing such things, was the fact that he found them so appealing. Once again, he was reminded just how vast the amount of choices he had. Time and again, that feeling of unlimited freedom surfaced. He was getting sucked into it, sucked into this new refreshing feeling of overwhelming joy and liberation. He could do anything that he wanted.

Sephiroth laughed deviously, feeling the hot, thick length hardening all the more inside of him. "Can I tell you a secret?" He leaned in close so that his lips were touching Cloud's ear. "….You have the best dick…"

In that instant, Cloud had ejaculated for the fourth time that night.

I guess you could say that everyone has their own personality in the bed. In the public, I don't exactly stick out. I try to keep a low profile. I'm a little more soft spoken than the average man, given I have something to say at all, since I try to keep my words to a minimum. I never say much more than what is needed. No one would know that I have a side that is actually assertive and vulgar. Then there's Tifa. She's a nymphomaniac despite the fact that she's actually the most kind hearted and righteous person I know. And Sephiroth…he's actually this slobbering, greedy, obedient slut, when on the streets he's a commanding General, the most powerful man in SOLDIER who stands above all else. After our fourth round of sex, I couldn't help but wonder in my new found appreciation of that side to him. Underneath me, he's stripped of all his power and is at my complete mercy. I'm not sure how I will ever be able to get used to this feeling….makes me want to push him to see how far he'd go to please me. It's an empowering thought.

Following their climax, they both lie tangled in the sheets out of breath and utterly exhausted…or so it appeared, until Sephiroth settled a hand on Cloud's back and kissed his arm.

"Haven't had enough yet?" Questioned the blond, who was most unequivocally worn-out.

Sephiroth only smiled. It was one the other could not see. He positioned himself to sit up on his side, the blond remaining on his stomach, too tired to even look to see what the General was preparing to do next.

However, Cloud didn't have to move or open his eyes to find out what he had planned, it soon became apparent what was on his mind. "Wait….hold on a second!" He exclaimed when finally he felt his lower entrance being prodded and delicately rubbed with lube.

"Straight men are always ready to penetrate others, but are never willing to be penetrated themselves…." Sephiroth thought aloud contemptuously with a slight smirk.

"No, that's not it!" Cloud defended. There was an entirely different issue at hand. No, it was an urgent matter, an emergency that couldn't wait or be ignored, and the General aggravated it the more his finger stroked him, the deeper inside it went. "Just stop…this…this doesn't feel right….!"

That was when Sephiroth's finger touched on much more than what he bargained for. "Oh my, what's this?" To both toy with Cloud and satisfy his own curiosity, he poked at what was impeding the passage with his finger. When he pulled it out, there was something at the tip of it that held both a murky color and odor.

Once he was free to move, Cloud rolled over in a state of panic and instantly caught sight at what clung to the General's left finger. "This is so embarrassing….sorry."

Rather than being disgusted or annoyed, he was amused. "I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about, Cloud. This is natural."

"I'm glad you think so…" Cloud said with a wry expression, not at all convinced. If anything, Sephiroth was understanding, almost eerily so.

"The bathroom is right through that door. The toilet is the door after the sink." The male informed and before he could even get out the last sentence, Cloud was running naked in the direction he pointed to.

Sephiroth chuckled softly to himself with the lasting image of the other scurrying across the room in the nude. Only after he had let out a good amount of laughter, a notion arose from his thoughts. However nonsensical and absurd it seemed, he honestly was considering it… Sephiroth brought the finger he used to skewer Cloud in his most unclean area close to his face and was preparing to wipe it clean with his tongue. However, whether he would have done it or not, remained a mystery as his cell phone suddenly broke the silence in the air and threw off his concentration. Being on-call at all hours, he was to answer the phone no matter what, even if the caller had a blocked off number. No, especially if the number was blocked, unrecognizable and undisclosed. He quickly sprang to his feet, performed a quick hand wash in the powder room down the hall, and came back to his phone. Only, when he looked at the screen, he knew precisely who it was calling. Sephiroth let it ring until the end. He had his reasons for not picking up. Soon after, he received a beep notifying that he had a message in his voicemail box. Since Cloud was still in the bathroom, he used this as an opportunity to listen to it. The message was:

"It's Genesis. I'm on my way home… before you start celebrating, Lazard has another mission assigned for me tomorrow and who knows how long I will be away this time. Sephiroth, do you have any idea why all of the workload is being put off on me? Well, anyway, I will see you soon. Hope you didn't have too much fun without me. Tell the guys I said hello. I miss you…"

Sephiroth's reaction to the sound of Genesis's voice was hard to read as he simply rested his phone back in its convenient spot on his nightstand. If anything, he seemed disappointed, even irritated. He walked in the direction of the sound of water in the other room, that ambiguous and cold look fading the closer he got to Cloud.

Cloud was taking a shower. Since the toilet was enclosed in a tiny room to the side, the main bathroom refrained from carrying the unpleasant after smell of the dirty deed that took place beyond that door. The mirrors began to fog and it smelled only of lavender, roses and vanilla. It was body wash. Perhaps it wasn't the manliest of scents, but it was what Sephiroth fancied.

Cloud turned to the man as he entered the walk-in shower from behind him. "Sorry for helping myself to your shower. I felt….dirty."

The silver color in his locks grew dark as water soaked them through, weighing down his bangs so that strands hung in his attractive face. "Dirty…." Sephiroth said idly, pondering the meaning of such a callous word. "You know…I think it's sexy. It turns me on thinking about what you did in my bathroom."

"What?" He had no words. Cloud couldn't believe what he was hearing and he instantly speculated whether the better reaction was to be honored or repulsed. "You think it's sexy that I took a dump in your bathroom?"

Sephiroth nodded. "Yes. Some people say that it brings you good fortune when someone does it at your home. But if it's you I honestly think it's quite a turn on." He closed his arms around the blond from behind him and settled his lips close to his ear. "Tell me….have you ever gotten hard while doing it?"

"Huh…? Well…." Once again, the General's words where a surprise to his ears. And yet, he couldn't deny it. "Y-Yea, sometimes." He could tell Sephiroth was smiling without having to turn to take in his expression.

"Were you hard while you were going just now?" He wanted to know every last detail.

Cloud sighed in an attempt to stall. "Yea, I was…" Out of his peripheral vision, the General was vividly jerking himself off, likely entertaining the thought. His cheeks heated up at the sound of his breath growing heavy.

"Have you ever had an orgasm while it was coming out of you?" The next even bolder question was asked.

According to Cloud, the question hadn't been absurd or repulsive. The fact that his inquirer had the audacity to ask him such a thing was very funny. He began to laugh uncontrollably, so much to the point where he had to hold his stomach in order to get a hold of himself.

Sephiroth stopped masturbating at that point, wondering if it had been in good taste to inform Cloud of his thoughts. "You must think I'm pretty perverted and sick, don't you?"

Cloud turned around so that they were facing one another. "No… I think you're very honest. You know what you like and you're not afraid to voice it. I like how open you are. It lets me know that you're comfortable with me. It gives me the courage to be as open as possible with you, too. I like this side of you."

"Good…I'm glad."

"Sephiroth….the passage is clear now…" Cloud hooked his leg around the General's hip and jerked him closed. The earnest and sensual look gracing his winsome face told Sephiroth of his desires. Even Cloud couldn't believe what he was asking for. But something deep down inside of him called for it, craved it and he knew that he wouldn't have been completely satisfied if he didn't try it.

Without hesitation, Sephiroth took his already rock solid arousal in hand and aimed it where Cloud wanted it, connecting their bodies in an instant.

Cloud's back arched against the moist pebbled wall behind as he fearlessly tolerated the feeling of being penetrated fully by a man for the first time, the water helping the penetration along.

Sephiroth only wore a look of mild pleasure, but only he knew how truly exhilarating the opportunity was to take Cloud….

Fireworks were going off in his head and his heart was pounding in his ears, palms sweating from the excitement. He was doing what he once could only imagine. Captured within quivering folds, the man sunk even deeper into the slippery cavern that squeezed him all around. He would relish in the feeling a while longer. "Do you play with yourself here?"

"Y…Yes." Now that he thought about it, he'd started touching himself anally even before he starting jerking off. It was an odd little detail about his childhood. "For some reason…I always have."

Somehow, Sephiroth wasn't surprised at the answer, rather, he expected it. Even though it still hurt, Cloud had taken him in much easier than a virgin who had yet to experiment with themselves. Without so much as a pause, he began pounding into him. He was savoring the sensation, reveling in the vulgar wet sound the act was producing.

As the hard heat skewered him relentlessly, Cloud gnawed on the General's shoulder as a deep agonizing groan worked its way through his choked vocal chords.

His vocals haunted him every time Sephiroth plunged deep inside, filling the tight space. Like a female, he moaned and panted at the feel of penetration and he couldn't control it. Even his lower parts had been aroused once more and stiff enough to burst.

"No! That...guhh! Aah, mmm…..Se…phi….roth aahh! G…gah!" He couldn't believe the new mumblings that were coming out of his own mouth.

"Oh, I'm so glad you can feel it…." Sephiroth whispered in a velvety voice by his ear, further fueling his excitement.

Cloud couldn't hold back his pleasure, gauge it or control it. Everything he felt, he expressed, allowing the sensations to take over his body completely.

I felt like I opened a forbidden door that could never be closed again. I crossed a line, flicked a switch. I entered into something that was never supposed to be and now I know that I can never go back again. I knew this the moment the tears began. I started to cry as I lost myself to an unexpected orgasm and like a dam, burst both tears and semen. I never cried the same time I ejaculated…it was a bittersweet feeling. Like, I was frightened at how my body was changing and that I might not be able to go back to the way things were, but also not wanting that feeling to end. I'm so afraid…because it feels so good. I'm afraid of this new addicting feeling. I'm afraid of this intense pleasure that feels so good that it scares me to death.


Cloud treaded into his apartment with soft footsteps. After gently closing the door and flicking the lock, he peeled off the nicest shoes he had in his small collection and headed for the living room couch about a few feet ahead of him. Before he could make it, his knees locked up and he fell to them on the carpeted floor. His body hadn't been rendered immobile out of exhaustion, over taxation, or because he was sleep deprived. The legs that had carried him back to the place he called home didn't want to face reality any further. His legs had given out because he was weak. It was because of his own cowardice. "Shit!" He pounded at the solid floor and a dull thud sounded through the living room. Once again, those silent tears surfaced. Cloud couldn't bear to look at his face anytime soon.

Countless negative emotions were rising up about himself. The most prominent one was self hatred. After cheating with a man, he was coming home to a nice, honest woman who had always been loyal to him. Sephiroth was not only the other man but Tifa's very own best friend. It couldn't get much worse than that.

"Cloud, is that you?" She called out from their room all the way at the end of the hall, her voice low and drowsy.

He immediately wiped the tears away. "Yea, I just got in. I'll be there in a second." Cloud collected himself off of the floor and walked into the kitchen to wash his face off before heading into their room.

Tifa appeared asleep as he entered.

Cloud stripped off all of his clothes, even his boxers, and scooted into bed behind his fiancé.

She wasn't asleep after all. "I missed you, babe." Tifa reached behind and pulled Cloud's arm over her side so that he was embracing her.

He lowered his hand so that it was over her stomach instead of her breasts, but kept his arm around her nonetheless so not to arouse suspicion. For the first time in his relationship with her, he felt truly awkward and uncomfortable lying next to the beautiful woman.

"What's that smell?" She asked out of the blue.

His heart leapt to his throat in a panic. "…..What smell?"

She leaned in closer to get a better whiff of the scent she was picking up. "Something's different about your usual smell… I can't put my finger on it."

Cloud looked away, preparing to tell yet another lie. "Sephiroth and I were at the mall for a time. He insisted I try on a few new scents."

Tifa laughed then sighed sleepily. "Cloud, honey, just stick to the cologne you have. You're not like him. This fragrance is way too sweet."

He leaned over and kissed the top of her shoulder. "Goodnight, Tifa…" Cloud hadn't been able to sleep well the whole night.