Little BIG Planet 3

What next?

He stared out the window. The pod had not moved for almost 2 weeks now, as he didn't want to go anywhere. Sackboy knew that there were online levels to play, but he already visited them all. His create worlds were full, and every time he deleted one to try it again, he only ended up making it look even worse. The pod was blank now, the Sackgirl behind him redecorating it for what seemed like the 30th time this week. Sighing, he sat down. Nothing was fun anymore, nobody wanted to play. No new stuff. Seeing as Febuary was right around the corner, and everyone flitting about with love notes, noone cared about this place anymore. Both of them were bored beyond comparison, and so it stayed like that.

When he took out on his first adventure, he thought that there would never be a stop to the fun. But after completing the second mission, he remembered the first one. Slowly, pieces of them floated to mind. Eve's asylum, The gardens, Clive, Fredia, and many more things. Sackboy had over 100 stickers by now; and all of them were used at least once.

He drifted off to thought, and Sackgirl went to the controller. She slowly flicked through the menu. But then she took one look at community and yelped. New! 'LBP3' Created 1-27-13. By Media Molecule

"Hey! Take a look at this!" She called to him. He made his way to her. His jaw dropped, in a deadpan stare at the words in front of him. Excited, she hovered the cursor over the button that said Play Now! and hit X on the controller. It unzipped... and the pod was sucked in.

For the slightest moment, Sackboy saw the pod being shredded to dust... then he didn't even remember what a pod even was in the first place. Light then engulfed his vision, and he prepared for fun.

Shaking his head a little, he pushed up and looked around. There she was, already have gotten up and was almost gone. He wasn't ready to miss anything without her! Running fast, he caught up to her. Then, they froze. A picture was in front of them.

'This is a world, full of imagination and dreams. We have our hopes, our wishes. And they might come true. But there is a world out there, where all dreams pass by. You might have seen it before.' Sackboy felt a twinge of familiarity. He knew this voice had spoken to them before... But he couldn't remember when.'This... is Little Big Planet.' Then, the video was gone. They decided to race each other. Feet pounding the ground behind them, they were heroes! Sackgirl imagined people loving them, throwing flowers and pretty things. They jumped while they ran, occasionally shoving the leader of the race into the dust.

Then, the sky darkened as the sun set. Soon, they came to a was wrong. Very wrong. Where was the moon? Green and blue streaks shot across the hills. Fear flooded within her. This...had happened before...But, when? Evil laughter crashed through their ears like a storm in the sea, scary and frightening.

"Th-the Joker?" She asked Sackboy, but all he did was look stunned. Then, their opponent gave them a better look. Black and wispy, and tall. Almost like a person, except for the fact that he was made of smoke. Grey skin, red eyes, and white hair. All of this was disoriented, he looked at them as if he were a ghost, unfocused until they realized the threat. That's when something went wrong. That was never supposed to happen.

' Heroes get remembered , but legends never die.' -Sandlot, Babe Ruth

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