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Blond hair flew through the doorway. The sun was rising, and she couldn't wait any longer. Her older sister's message left nightmares in her mind, both of Sackboy and them, hurt. But now- the PSPs were in her care, right? They were still sleeping.

But they hadn't moved from their last locations from last night. And she knew both of them tossed in their dreams like ragdolls at sea. Slowly, she pried the first player one from her sister, not Tab. It was on! She looked. Her sister... was sleeping in-game? What? A line of words formed.

'Sis! It's happened!Get mom- don't tell her why- say we didn't wake up and you're scared. Go, GO!' Stashing the small console in her jacket, and the second one there too, she ran to their Mom's door. BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!

"MOOOOOOOM! The twins aren't awake! Mommy, I'm scared. Please come look!" The little girl pranced around, worried. Now she thanked God for the acting lessons her sister had given her. She pretended to be calm as the door to the bedroom opened. Her mother, still half-asleep, walked out. She grabbed both of their ears and pulled a little, enough to wake them up normally. But they just stayed limp.

She did a lot. But they didn't wake up. Then, the phone in her had 3 numbers pressed onto the screen. 3 that the mother wanted to never press. 911. 30 minutes later: a stretcher took both girls to the hospital, emergency room. The little girl was in tears as she sat next to them, the ambulance watching the words on the screen.

'Molly!Molly, where are they taking us? Molly? Molly!' Then, she turned it off, slapping the home-made case for it down. Leaning back, she sighed. Now she was bored. Looking out the window,she saw something.

A young couple, holding hands. The boy said somethig, and the girl blushed and kissed him, after smiling lazily. Too early for that-still, but never mind. Molly stayed still for the entire part after that, occasionally a tear falling to the ground.

llllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll



"Who are you?" The taller figure asked, terrified.

"Ta-a-Tab..." Then, she stood up, making her taller. The other then relaxed. "You-you're, Kelly, r-r-right? The one Sackboy was yelling for..."Tab looked at her.

"I- yeah, I think... but he's never called me Kelly before, or I don't remember it..." Then, she saw something. They were young. Really young, like 6 or 5. Before most memory...

llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll

"Kelly! Come in, your homework isn't done! Get your friend in here too, dinner's starting." The smaller version of her skipped in, dragging Sackboy mini along. Both sat down at the table, and both looked different. Sackboy was a little dirty, like he had rolled around in the dirt, while Kelly was perfectly clean, a little flower tucked on the front of her dress.

Sackboy examined a book, and Kelly started working on a piece of paper. Sackboy blabbed on to her, and occasionally she'd relent, and soon, she stopped talking, then writing. But then, she threw the pencil down.

"Done! I want some dinner, please." She sat next to Sackboy, as an older version of him trudged in the room. He held a briefcase, a laptop, and a phone. He put the briefcase down near a desk that was cluttered withpapers, envolopes, pens, and lastly- stacked with folders.

As he passed it, a whole stack of papers followed him and crashed onto the ground. He picked them up, pratically shoving throwing them all back into place. Then, he fell into an empty seat at the head of the table.

"Urggh, work was horrible, my clients keep telling me that lava is like firey water though it's not really red- oh hi, Kelly."Then, the rest was blanked.


So, she had always been Kelly? Strange...why had she forgotten? She remembered her other adventures. None of them had any memories of her parents. And her mom...she was ashamed. Her mother was the closest to her, who never forgot her. Every day after school, she'd blab to Sackboy, do homework, and talk to her mom... Sackboy didn't talk right back then, and she somehow understood exactly everything he said. She even learned how to talk back, and soon he began to understand what she meant when she spoke her big fancy words.

They had been playmates, but now- full out heroes, except she was at fear's doorstep. Her mother told them that Fear would change its form and find what scared you the most. It usually did. But when you had no fear, it killed you, in some unreconizable way.

Sackboy was afraid of deaths. Kelly...she almost had none. But blackness like this scared her. The dark of her room wasn't as bad, she could see in there. But if it was the closet, she was holding a light every time she went to the door. Too dark in there.

She kept thinking. Tab felt the walls. Then, light flooded the room. Wincing at the bright light, Tab placed more of the lights and it was soon very bright. A bedroom, meant for someone a little bigger, but the bed is low enough. It isn't Joker's- maybe just a captive room. But there had to be a way in, right? So there must be a way out!

Nodding to herself, Tab looked. A doorknob stopped at her forehead, at least it looked. Feeling small, her hands turned it. It opened. A scary place... Fear? Kelly was looking at it. It was dark. Shaking her head, she spoke.

" dark to you?" Tab shook her head, confused.

"It's... light. I'm not scared." Kelly then felt even more terrified. Not afraid?! No!

"Well...uhh..lead me through to an exit. All I see is black stuff, and it's scary."

"Ok..but if there's a thing of wasps out there, I am SO not going." Relieved, she told her the story. "So, Fear is a thing? And if there are wasps, they'll be fake. But I'm still gonna be scared, just to let you know." Taking Kelly's hand, she stepped into the abyss of black. Running at full speed, and she lit a torch, just for Kelly to hold, then continued. Soon, a doorway was shown. It opened. They went through... to what may be their certain deaths.


I let go of her, as she slept. I had hugged her- I felt so lonely, but it's comforting to know I have someone to talk to now. The moon even appeared as I was peering over her shoulder- a sign of luck. To me, at least. We'll have a whole week before Joker hunts for us- but she sounded determined a moment ago when she said we'd be the ones hunting him, not the other way around. I hug my knees, and roll from my back, then up, to my back...Bored, I remember the days of boredom in the pod. She, heh, once made the pod a dog, which got me a little spaz. But it died away fast, though.

I kept thinking. I remember when I went to Kelly's house, how I didn't talk like her. But I made my own little code, and soon that became our language until she taught me English. Of course, I learned other languages, too, but she knew Hungarian, and even a lot of Korean. I soon just kept to English- she did, too. Then, we went to play outside like we usually did. But then... I don't remember, and I have a feeling that I don't wanna know.

Slowly, I lay down on the jacket she gave me. She's got her blanket, so I roll the sleeves over my arms, wrap myself tightly in the rest of the jacket, pull the hood up, and shut my eyes. Maybe tommorow will be brighter...


I wake up early. The sun's just starting to send its streaks of gold and orange across the sky, like I'm used to waking up to. For a while, I watch it rise. Then, I think. Tab, she would have loved to see this sunrise-wait, TAB! The situation hits me like a hammer hits a nail. The thing I'm low on is weapons, and there won't always be power-ups laying around. I find a big, thick branch, and some stoneheads.

I sharpen them, but they'll work. My knife cuts the stave of the bow, and I took some twine from my bag. Good thing I had the sense to buy it, because now's when it's purpose is ready. I carve the grip, and take some tape. This I wrap around, and then I take the twine and measure out that. When I cut it, I've got a bow and arrows. Last thing is a quiver. My long and clean sock will do- and a bottle went inside, just for my sock's sake. I then use the other sock and make a strap. Painting it brown, it looks good, so I pratice with it.

I set up a range, then begin to take aim. My arrows are working- rough they look, smooth they feel. That wash in the small pond near our camp helped. Arrow after arrow digs into the target, mostly hitting the bull's eye. I do close range, and even better. I then do it with my eyes closed. Open?! Nope. None of them hit that time. Oh well, time to get back anyways. Ripping my arrows out, I count them. A good 24, almost 25, minus one arrow that just was too little. But I head back, thinking of what will happen next. These arrows are going to be useful. Sackboy's right beside me, awake.

"Where were you? And is that a bow?" I smile. He reminds me of Molly, the questions she would ask every time I got home. But he had a right to be worried. Half of my stuff gone, and me, then I tromp back with a whole arsenal. I also made another knife, just in case.

"I made these for out of reach places. So when we fight Joker, if we have to, these will hit high targets and reduce work for us. Plus, we may need them to picklock a door, if they're in a cell that's locked. It may bust the lock if necessary. C'mon, let's go. We should at least get a little closer, at least before 4:30." I check the watch. 9:26, it reads. He hands me the jacket, and I hand him the blanket. He looks at it, confused, like he dosen't know what to do. "Wear it. It's cold out there, and I'm sure you'll feel it. Just wrap it around your shoulders and you'll be good to go."

After a few minutes of prep, we finally get up and leave, walking towards either our victory or our certain deaths. Dreading what might be next, I hitch my bag up higher, then take one step.
'How to be brave?...One step closer...One step closer... I have died every day, waiting for you...darling don't be afraid, I have loved you,For a thousand years...I'll love you for a thousand..more...'-Christina Perri, A Thousand Years


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