The Auspicious Cantercorn

Chapter Four

Fire. A girl turning into a fox, albeit a very strange fox with six tails…

"Phineas, wake up! Thor caught a Clefairy andis sending it to this coordinate! It'll slap you when it gets here, and that mustn't—"

"Isabella, you changed your clothes!" Ferb said.

"This is the uniform I've worn ever since I joined the Resistance."

"Oh, phrlaragume. Where's our Isabella?"

"Oh wait, I know you now. You're the other dimension Ferb. A lot less craven than the Ferb I know."

"How did you get here, and where is she?"

Ferb looked so enraged, it was a wonder he didn't rush at the second dsimension Isabella. But that wasn't in his nature. And to this scene, Phineas woke up.

"Howdy, Isabella. Nice uniform," Phineas said, yawning.

"This is her second-dimension version," Ferb said.

Suddenly Phineas felt a feeling of dread wash over him. "Has our situation altered overmuch, Ferb?"

"Only that the spectacular girl who formed the hypotenuse of a love triangle is missing."

Ferb marched off.

A rather round creature with creepy eyes that was white and black appeared. It blew a snoew wind at this Isabella, until she froze. Then it disappeared, and a little purple creature with red hair and big lips ran up and kissed the frozen Isabella on the cheek, causing her eyes to glaze over, though the rest of her body remained fixated to one spot.

"Oh yeah, we're in a place with Pokemon," Phineas said. "Ferb has Chespin, Isabella has Fennekin, and I have Froakie. I nwonder if Froakie can unfreeze Isabella?"

At that moment, a pelican with a huge beak dropped an envelope down before Phineas.

"What's this?" he asked, picking it up, as the pelican flew off.

Phineas, you're in a Neverglades. I've been trying to get you out for a month. A girl named Miami has been using her Beartic, and I have caught a Pangoro, who is attached to an Ursaring. All three are attempting to make it through you to you, but right now only Pokemon that can fly can come to you, so I thought I'd send this message letting you know that I'm coming to get you out.

"A month? But it's only been a few minutes since he left…

Sounds of drilling come from below, then a creature with needles on its back poked its head out of the ground. It vanished, and then Ferb's head appeared.

"Phineas, are you all right?"

"Yes, but Isabella's not."

She will be in a moment," Ferb said, tossing a Pokeball, out of which emerged a creature Phineas could only describe as being like a cross between a panda and a gorilla. It had a leaf sticking out of its mouth. Chopping at the ice surrounding Isabella, it freed her. But this Isbella had her the purple and white clothes she was often seen wearing in Phineas and Ferb's backyard in her old home.

"You're you again." Ferb said.

"I've always been me," said Isabella. She looked around. Er, why are we in an area full of ice?"

"Phineas and you got trapped. I just got you free."

"Ferb, how could a month be past?"

"Thirty days at a time, 720 hours; 37, 200 minutes, 2,232,000 seconds, give or take a few of each."

"Really, Ferb, what happened?"

"The Chasole are after the Umbreon of S4egwles, which they believe will, when mated with a certain Luxray, will draw out the Electric/Dark legendary. They saw a girl from another dimension of theit gunvillion, and they decided to cause a Neverglades to appear. They were apprehended by the Xabarius, though, who are after another legendary. And they each seek power of different natures. We're on the verge of something cataclysmic, and we must tackle ot/

And then Phineas felt his throat gripped by hands clinging to it steadfastly, so much so that only one thought crossed his mind: I never had a chance to tell Isabella how much I like her!