I Win, You Lose

I Win, You Lose

A Final Fantasy VII poem



A demon with no salvation

And disease with no medication

That's what you are, my dear friend

Turk extraordinaire, my dear Vincent

Eyes of hell's fire, hair black as a raven's wing

Yet you are one caged bird who cannot sing

You wish you could, you wish you might

But forever you are doomed to your plight

Forever you will be my slave

I rule you even from the grave

My words you can never escape

My claws are sunk into your cape

Fight me all you desire

I laugh here in Hell's Fire

Loathe me until you rot

I have accomplished what I sought

You are condemned to live for all eternity

Callous, soulless, Disrupter of Serenity

True love you shall never have again

Cold, heartless, King of Sin

Who could ever learn to love a beast?

Your appearance is ghastly, to say the least

There you go, wrapped in shadows

Heart and soul hung in my gallows

You were a devil in a blue suit

But I was Evil absolute

You were a fool to think you could win

You never had a stomach for the burden of sin

Instead you moped and suffered, a man in love

Obsessing over a forbidden snowy dove

You say her loss made you fall from grace

Well, my friend, you never had her in the first place

She was mine to begin with

From the ambitious start to the triumphant finish

I cheerfully fell at my highest zenith

Do you enjoy the seeds I left behind for you?

Do you see how they fester on their own cue?

No longer do they need nurturing from me

Instead, they use your guilty conscience as a key

A demon with no salvation

And disease with no medication

How is Chaos these days?

How long before you conform to his demonic ways?

Do your victims haunt you in your sleep?

There, there now, no need to weep

One day you'll be one of those lost ghouls

Wandering vainly through life, King of Fools

There is no penance for the sins that weigh upon you

So be silent and say grace for those you slew

Dear me, what's that sound?

That phantasmal screeching, like evil unbound?

Never mind, it's just your demons cluttering around

One day, your friends will be all gone and dead

And your sanity will dangle by a thread

Then you will beg for a release

For the endless pain to cease

You will entreat a mercy killing from gods you no longer revere

But your cries will fall upon deaf ears

And again I will die from laughter down here

How amusing you are, my dear!

Say it anyway you choose

But I have four words for you

I win, you lose


20 September 2000