Arthur didn't seem angry with him at all, but there was something. He seemed happy enough but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. Merlin felt his guts twist with guilt. The two made their way, along with Aithusa to the back of the garden and there near a small pond a large patch of bushes made the vampire gasp.

Flowers, open flowers, with wide white petals that twisted toward the end and long yellow buds coming from the middle.

He crouched to better look at them, gently touching the petals with his finger tips. hey were cool and smooth, he'd never seen or felt anything like them.

"Moon flowers." Arthur informed him, "I asked Gaius our physician about them, I never even knew they were here."

"They're amazing." Merlin whispered, "Thank you, for showing them to me."

"You're welcome."

Silence lapsed before Merlin decided to grit his teeth and do it.

"I'm sorry." He blurted out, "About not stopping when you asked me to, I've never done that before, I really don't know what came over me...I'm sorry."

"That's why your so serious all of a sudden?" Arthur laughed, "I told you, it's all fine. You didn't hurt me in the end, don't worry about it."

But he would, at least a little. Always.

Sighing Merlin flopped down on the grass and looked up at the sky. The dark black sky speckled with tiny pin pricks of pale light and the bright face of the moon. The only sky he'd ever known, or ever would know.


"Arthur, what does the sun feel like to you?" Merlin asked, suddenly desperate to know, "If it doesn't burn."

What an odd question for a vampire to ask.

"Well, it feels nice I suppose." Arthur shrugged, "It's warm and pleasant as long as it's not too strong, a bit like being wrapped in a blanket but without the blanket."

Merlin hummed, Aithusa settled on the grass near him, purring in an almost cat like manner.

"I always wished I was born human." He mused, "You can't understand what it's like to have to spend our entire life in the dark. That's why people think vampires are the living dead you know. Because we can't stand something so pure as the sun, people think that we must be unholy."

The wind began to pick up.

"You have no idea what it's like to have people distrust, even hate you, just for how you were born! Like you had a choice in the matter. To have to watch people run off screaming or try and cut your throat from your appearance alone!"

Arthur gaped as the wind began to whip about making the flowers strain to remain attached to the bush. Merlin was controlling the weather?

"To have people watching your every move because they are afraid of you! So afraid that they assign a dragon as your minder because no other vampire wanted the job! All because of some stupid prophecy that may or may not apply!"

The wind dissipated instantly and Merlin breathed, secretly Arthur wondered how long he'd been keeping all that inside. Aithusa nuzzled against the prince affectionately as a form of comfort. Arthur came and sat down next to the two.

"What prophecy is that?"

Merlin sighed.

"I am not an only child." he admitted as if it was some great sin, "I was second born, my sister was first born, a half hour before me."

"You're a twin." Arthur grinned, "A female Merlin...that's something."

Merlin stiffened.

"Vampires almost never have more than one child at a time, it happens maybe once in a thousand years." He explained, "We take so long to grow up, two children at once, it's...unnatural to us."

"So, what? Other vampires see you as unnatural?"

"It's long been the belief that twins is a sign of bad fortune." Merlin sighed, "Twin vampires are said to be tainted, to bring unhappiness and pain to all those around them, they are said to stain any life that touches them."


"So far the story seems to be true, my sister betrayed us years ago, we're not sure where she is now. Probably with the Northern Vampires."

Arthur was tempted to ask what she had done to betray them but he thought it was best not to, so he went with a more simple question.

"What's her name?"

"Morgana." Merlin sighed.

Merlin and Morgana, it had a nice ring to it.

"You know, I think you're wrong about your people, they did come all this way just for you." Arthur pointed out, "And those children were happy to play with you back on the isle."

"My father loves me and my people love him, they came here for his sake not mine." Merlin sighed, whether or not it was true the prince believed it, "And those children were too young to know of the curse, they're parents will tell them one day."

Arthur was about to tell him to stop wallowing but he came to a realization, Lancelot was the only other person he'd seen with Merlin.

"Don't you have other vampire friends?"

"A few." Merlin smiled, "But not many, I don't mind too much though, you and your knights are good friends to me."

Arthur smiled.


The next morning Arthur was crowned Prince Regent, he would not be king until his fathers death and he refused to usurp him. Lancelot informed the sleeping vampires of the situation since they could not be above ground for the actual ceremony. So now he sat at his desk feeling rotten, it didn't feel right over taking the kingdom now.

"I heard about your father. I'm sorry."

Merlin was only half way in the door as if he were afraid Arthur would send him away.

"Why, you hate him?"

Merlin flinched but nodded.

"I'm not sorry for his sake I'm sorry for yours."

Arthur hummed in reply not really knowing what to speak about.

"I think you will be a better king than your father." merlin said finally, "And, I think our people will get along well, with you and my father at the lead for peace talks."

"I think so too." Arthur smiled, "It's not the way I wanted things to go..."

"I feel the same way, but I believe we will make the most of it."

Merlin held out a hand to the other prince who took it.

"I think so too."

That's all for this story! I will be starting on the sequel soon. :) I hope you've enjoyed. If you have any prompts or things you would like to see in the sequel, just say so in a review or PM me. I've got the basic story line worked out but I'm always open for scene suggestions.