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Chapter 2 The Champion Has Left The Building

This has to be the most controversial thing to have ever happen in the Fae world, a human, a mere mortal human was chosen over one of the most powerful wolf shifters in the clan to be champion? Nymphs have already sent some of natures gentle creatures scurrying off to the city to deliver messages about this news; dwarves have gotten some of their messenger hawks to help spread the word. The Fairies have also sent one of their own to teleport to headquarters and let the Ash know of this shocking event, the word needs to be spread out. The Garuda returns and all of their lives rest in the hands of the human born within the wolves. And soon after, if not already, the Dark Fae must have been informed of the upcoming threat and their champion.

Fenrir sat straight as the champion took the sword; he had missed a lot he thought to himself. He knew the small human child was special, but he had no idea she would hold so much potential. He scolded himself for not seeing it sooner; he could have taken care of her better if he had known. Poor child felt abandoned, he felt that anguish from her. It was such a shame he could not have guided her, though found some comfort in knowing that Cassandra had always been there for her.

Kenzi was doing the cabbage patch dance, "Woo! Fuck yeah, go Lauren! Representin' us little people, bitches." She leaned down slightly and high fived a dwarf that was standing next to her, who seconds the notion. Bo could only chuckle, not bothering to stop Kenzi's out bursts now. Ciara also high fived the goth, this was a historical event indeed. "This is so thrilling, isn't it?" She asked the succubus in excitement; Bo nodded and watched the doctor in admiration. Since the moment she saw the human, she knew the woman was interesting but she could have never imagined it would be to this extent.

Lauren felt the light weight of the sword in her hands, it wasn't heavy at all. It was a simple one handed sword, not too large, which would mean it was made for speed. She could feel the power held within it, her eyes would drag along the blade. Oddly enough the steel was jet black, a pure ebony color. Lychanthrope markings in silver on the blade, she couldn't tell what it meant; all her life with the clan she had never been given the chance to learn the language. She traced her fingers along the metallic carving design on the hilt, this sword was beautiful, and it was hard to believe it was created to kill. This was a lot to take in; as Lauren admired the sword in her hands she had not noticed that the clan and the other Fae guests were debating with each other rather violently.

"This is insanity!" Cayden stumped over to the clan leader, Kasen gave him a stern stare. "Don't look at me like that, you don't agree with this as much as I and the rest of the clan does. This is blasphemous!" A small group of the clan nodded in agreement, while some just stayed silent. Not really knowing what to make of what's going on, Cayden continued to speak, very convinced that this should not be official. That it was a mistake. "Are you going to allow this? Let some human, an OUTCAST; take something that rightfully belongs to us?" He asked the clan leader incredulously, this whole situation was getting out of hand. Kasen looked over to the clan; some of them seemed to be angered greatly. He needed to calm them down before a riot broke out, he was not about to go against a god's will, his people should know better. He turned back to Cayden and whispered harshly at his elite, teeth bare as his eyes flashed his wolf spirit.

"Watch your tongue, Cayden." He snarled out, another elite warrior came out of the crowd, eyes flashing just as dangerously as Kasen.

"No disrespect, Sir. But I am not about to bow my head to that bastard human child, she's not apart of our clan. The god wolf is mistaken, and we should correct him." Kasen's eyes widen at the statement, the look of disbelief evident in his eyes. Have his people gone mad?

Dyson sensed that things were about to get ugly, and followed the other Fae guest's example, taking Hale and both of his parents away from the clan quickly and silently.

Ciara was watching them very cautiously; she was fearing this was going to end into an all out war against a god that would surely end the world faster before the Garuda is even awakened. Another protest came from within the crowd, "The wolf god is wrong!" one yelled; others followed suit and began to fight among themselves. And thus the clan split. Half of the clan wanted to go against the god, the other half wanted to uphold the words of Fenrir and honor his choice. The nymphs, fairies, dwarves and succubi backed away from them, and watched as the wolf shifter clan turned on each other. Spitting out verbal assaults, a small group had began to fight physically already, fangs and claws drawn out. Bo pulled at Ciara's arm and yanked her back as a wolf shifter hurled over to her, and fell to the ground. The warrior fairy thanked the succubus; Kenzi looked around the slowly growing chaos shaking her head. "Serious shit going on, hey!" she yelled at the two fighting wolves, "Cut it out or we'll have you all fixed!" She cursed in Russian out loud when someone threw a glass bottle her way, ducking down quickly the bottle shattered against a tree that was behind her, "Alright, who was the asshole? I'll rip your tail a new one buddy!" she rolled up her sleeves, ready to rumble but Bo grabbed her by the shoulder, stopping her from getting into it with the rabid wolves.

"Kenzi, don't. We need to find mom and get out of here, this party is over." Bo searched for her mother frantically.

Fenrir sat there, calm and cool as he watched his people fight. But Lauren watched the great wolf closely, knowing very well that the god wolf was far from calm, he was angered deeply at the way the wolf shifters dealt with the choice he made. He huffed through his nose as he stood, the air once again grew cold and still. Lauren gripped the sword tightly when she felt the surge of energy her guardian was building up, should she even be able to sense these sorts of things? She wondered.

The giant grey wolf took a deep breath; it felt as if he had just sucked in all the air surrounding them. Leaving them with no oxygen for a whole minute. This caused everyone to stop what they were doing, sensing a small disturbance in the atmosphere. And before they knew what had hit them, the great wolf let out a breath, the simplest gesture any living thing could do, they were all pushed back with immense impact, from the sheer force of the strong gust of wind that had almost blown them away out of the woods as if they were paper. Some of the shifters landed on some trees, a few of them were missing, probably blown away further out beyond the trees. Fenrir's teeth were bare, ears pulled back as he stood defensively in front of Lauren when one of the wolf shifters tried to get to her, his voice boomed inside everyone's mind like a loud clap of thunder. "You DARE go against my will?" He growled loudly, the wolf shifters scrambled onto their feet. Fear overwhelming them, Fenrir shook his head in complete disappointment. "I had no idea I was protecting a bunch of whiney brats, who have no sense of honor." He glared at the wolf shifter who stood his ground against Fenrir, obviously wanting to get to Lauren. Dyson looked closely and cursed when he saw that it was Cayden, 'That damn idiot.' Fenrir glared at the elite warrior, as if daring him to just try and get passed him. The wolf god was impressed a bit that the elite warrior did not seem scared of the large wolf, "You are a brave fool, what is it you want?" He questioned Cayden, who answered by pointing at the sword the human doctor held. At this Fenrir laughed... Everyone stood in shock as they watched the great wolf shake slightly with mirth, and looked over to Lauren who seemed just as confused as the rest of the Fae. "Go on child, hand him the sword." The blonde woman suddenly felt protective of the weapon, not understanding why it was so difficult to give the sword to Cayden but she did as she was asked, and stepped forward and passed the blade over to the elite wolf warrior. He smirked smugly at Lauren, "Yes, know your place, huma—Ah!" Cayden fell to his knees crying out in pain, the sword was on his hand but the weight of it was too much, he wasn't strong enough to hold it and it was now on top of his hand crushing it under it's unnatural weight. The sword was so heavy it was cracking the earth beneath it, so Cayden was very sure that his hand was fractured severely. Lauren panicked when she saw this and quickly picked the sword up, Cayden stood up clutching his injured hand and glared at the sword in the human doctor's hand. "What sorcery is this?"

Fenrir huffed, "Not sorcery, just a fool who does not know HIS place." With that said the great wolf turned, flicking his tail as he did. The tail swung into Cayden's side, sending him flying over against a tree and knocking him out in contact. The wolf god turned to everyone else, eyes glowing ominous emerald, "Anyone else have any disagreements?" The wolf clan stood silent, now with minds clear of the shock know very well to hold their tongues in the presence of their deity.

The wolf left Lauren's side and stalked around members of the clan that had started the fight, "You who have my gift, you have been taught to respect your blood brothers and sisters. You of all people should know how to treat each other with respect, and here you are all now, groveling in the dirt like a pack of cubs." The wolf god felt embarrassed for his people's actions, but scolding aside, he spoke with authority. "Lauren is your champion, but she is also mine. I know how you've been treating her, and other humans. And it disgusts me that my children act with such malice and cruelty, just because someone is weaker than you. Such thinking must be corrected." He paced around as he continued to speak, "You all must come to an agreement, because in the state you are all in we might as well hand over your world to the Garuda, you are filled with hate and anger towards each other and with the humans. This battle is already lost if this is how you plan to deal with it, just because you feel that a human isn't capable of defending anything. You are all so ignorant and naive, maybe even jealous because humans were created first than you." at this the wolf rolled his eyes, "You must come to an understanding, you must not fight the Garuda in this state. Lauren will train, and will become strong by the time this creature of chaos awakens." He went back to the human's side, sitting next to her and puffed is chest in pride, "I guarantee that this is no mistake, Lauren is stronger than you think, I entrust her with this task. For I witnessed this human's heart, and it is as fierce as that of a wolf's. From now on she is apart of your clan, anyone that tries against her life..." He snarled, "I WILL know of it, and the Garuda will be the least of your worries. Do I make myself clear?" To this the wolf clan nodded, he glanced over to Kasen, "I trust that you will keep the order this time, and keep anyone from attempting something foolish?" The clan leader nodded, "Good."

Fenrir turned to Lauren, his eyes softening as he saw the look in the champion's eyes.


Lauren's mind has been racing the whole time, she felt lost and so afraid. Was this really happening to her? She felt something wet touch her cheek, and was surprised to see that it was Fenrir's nose nudging her, snapping her thoughts back to earth. She looked into those green eyes, and felt a sense of peace engulfing her as this powerful god's gaze comforted her; Fenrir was now only speaking inside Lauren's mind in private. "I know what you are thinking, please... Do not be afraid."

"What...?" Lauren cleared her throat, surprised that she had lost her will to speak. "That is a very impossible thing to ask of me." she said honestly as she bit her lip, staring up to the night sky as a bad attempt to keep her eyes from crying.

"Do not cry, Lauren. It wouldn't be much of an impression for the champion to be viewed as a cry baby, now would it?" He actually grinned when he said this, showing off his teeth to Lauren in a goofy manner that actually caused the doctor to laugh. Rubbing her eyes with her sleeve, she held on to the sword. Seeing this Fenrir found confidence that Lauren could find it in her heart, and believe in herself. "You are a fighter, my champion. And I know I have not been the best guardian for you, but now I know better. I will guide you; you can call out for me whenever you seek knowledge and advice." He began to walk away, not really bothering to say goodbye to the clan. He gave Lauren one lingering stare before dashing off within the trees, disappearing from sight. Leaving Lauren one more whispering message inside her mind, "I will always watch over you."

Everyone gathered around Lauren, wolf shifters who stared at her with mild animosity but also...acceptance. The dwarven warriors bowed their heads to Lauren, showing outmost respect for her, as so did the nymphs and fairies. The succubi, also watched her with a bit of respect and of course also with a suggestive leer. Lauren could have sworn she heard one of them whisper to the other, "I call dibs on the cute human champion." All of the attention embarrassed the doctor to death; she then felt shock when the wolf shifters finally bowed their heads to her. Kasen, the leader, was also doing this. And honestly? Lauren had no idea how to react to all of it, she was still so lost and still feeling completely out of place in all of this.

From afar Jonathan and Cassandra watched the display; Lauren's mother was on the verge of tears. Her poor girl must be so overwhelmed, and worry crept its way to her heart. Fearing for her child's life now, she couldn't believe this was happening to her human daughter of all people. Just when she was making a move to go to Lauren, she felt a strong hand wrap around her arm, she looked up and saw Jonathan giving her a blank stare. "Where are you going?" He asked his wife, Cassandra stared at him with disbelief.

"To OUR daughter, now is a moment where she needs us most, when will you wake up and give that girl the love she deserves you insensitive prick?!" She pulled her arm free from his grip and walked away, leaving Jonathan speechless. Not understanding why he was so angry, he stayed there and leaned against a tree as he watched his wife run through the crowd and hug their daughter.

Bo and Kenzi sat back in one of the wooden tables, still keeping close watch on the champion as she was surrounded by the Fae from afar, "Well, this was one intense party." the succubus commented, eyeing the sword that was in the doctor's grip.

"Intense is an understatement…" Kenzi mumbled as she went through her phone, her pale blue eyes almost bugging out when she found a very interesting picture. Bo moved over next to her to see what caught her best friend's attention, "Bo…"

The succubus was gaping at the phone in her friend's hand. "Yes, Kenzi… I am looking at it."

On the screen of Kenzi's phone was the picture she took when Fenrir appeared, and the two women were shocked to see that the wolf god was staring right back at them with a wink in the picture. "Looks like the fur ball is very photogenic…" The goth said dryly as Bo started to laugh out loud.

After looking at the picture five times to make sure they weren't drunk, Bo started to wonder a lot of the situation

"The Garuda… I think we might need to ask Trick a few questions about it." At that statement Kenzi shot her a stare, "What?" Bo asked as she reached out to take a mug.

"I know you're not saying you want us involved in this?" Bo gave her friend a guilty look, sipping some of her drink to hide her smile. "Bo!" The goth was already sensing her best friend's craving for trouble.

"Kenzi please, I don't know... but, I get the feeling that we should help her in this. It's the end of the world we're talking about here, she's gonna need all the help she can get." And Bo was pretty damn sure the sexy doctor wasn't going to have it easy among these wolves, hell, around all of the Fae. Ciara soon joined them in the conversation, she too was thinking about helping out her new friend. As she listened to the warrior fairy's thoughts on what they should do to help, Bo couldn't stop herself from faintly wondering where her mother has gone to.

Kasen was vigorously giving the new champion details of the plans they needed to work with, there was lots to do. "We must make preparations soon, the Ash would naturally want an audience with you and so will the other Fae Elders, also—"

"Enough." Cassandra cut off the clan leader, not really caring if she was being rude or not. "Don't you think we should leave this business talk for some other time? It is late, and I am very sure all of us just want to go to sleep and rest." She said logically, but in reality she just wanted to get Lauren away from all of this, even if for a moment. Kasen slowly nodded to Cassandra and agreed with her words, Lauren gave her mother a thankful look after the clan leader has left them.

"I didn't think he'd ever stop talking." The human champion complained silently to her mother, "I just hope the second I wake tomorrow morning this was all just some weird dream..." She ran her hand through her blonde hair, feeling very exhausted.

Lauren's mother placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, "How... are you?"

"Heh... how does anyone feel when they're suddenly the world's last hope?" She did not know how to feel, she just wanted out of here. Her mother looked so worried, but reassured her that she'll be fine. That they would talk about it some other time, she gave Cassandra one last hug before walking off. Dyson was just walking over to his mother, his sister brushing passed him. He briefly stared at her with his usual emotionless eyes; usually Lauren would look back just as emotionless but this time... She didn't. She didn't look at him at all, and this put Dyson into thought as he went to his mother. What was she thinking?

Lauren went over to the table where her new friends sat; she looked over to them biting her lip nervously. She was scared to walk up to them, that they would treat her differently now after all that's happened. She really wanted to keep working on their friendship, but she was losing hope now that she was chosen. Do champions even have time to make friends?

Seeing Lauren hesitate, Ciara stood up and gave the human doctor a big hug. This shocked Lauren momentarily, but hugged the fairy back despite not being very comfortable with physical contact with people she just met. "Congrats!" Ciara said excitedly pulling away from the hug; she told Lauren how it was such an amazing turn of event. The first ever human champion, "How surprising is that?"

Kenzi also threw in, "I'd say very surprisingly anti-climactic." Though she was happy someone like her was now one of the big cheese in the Fae world, she couldn't help but worry that this was totally not a good idea. Looking at the doctor closely now, she can clearly see that Lauren has never gotten her hands dirty in any type of brawl. Don't get her wrong, she herself isn't all mighty powerful, but she's had experience. Lauren doesn't look like the type to fight, 'She's a healer, not a fighter.' And seeing that was giving the goth of sense of dread that this was really going to be the end. She felt Bo nudge her elbow into her side, she held back an 'ow' when her best friend shot her a glare. Kenzi turned back to Lauren and grinned awkwardly, "Yeah, congrats Doc." She held up her mug of ale as cheers to Lauren before gulping it all down, she really needed a drink.

Bo looked over to Lauren and also gave her honest congratulations, but like Kenzi she couldn't help but worry for what lies beyond the future now. Seeing Lauren looking so lost and lonely, exactly how someone looks when they're carrying the weight of the world on them. And that made Bo's desire to help her grow even more.

"Thanks… But I don't know if this is right either." Lauren sighed; she knew they weren't sure of this to be viewed positively. Even with Fenrir's blessing all of them felt like this was just some huge mistake, and Lauren felt the same way. She's not the champion; she's not fitted to be one. She was only a doctor, she was... Only human.

Lauren excused herself to the three women, apologizing to them for her leave but she really needed to get out of there. She just wanted to go back to her apartment, and crawl in bed.

"This better be good, I'm losing a lot of beauty sleep here." the woman spoke on the phone, her tone bored and irritated.

They had informed her rather quickly, she knew it was urgent but she needed some proof to believe such a thing was true. But hearing it from an inside agent she inserted to keep watch over Fenrir's arrival, there was no doubt about it. The Ash's human doctor was chosen, this caused The Morrigan to burst out in pure laughter after ending the phone call with her spy, her bodyguards looked at each other and wondered if their boss has gone more psychotic than before... Eveny continued her fit of laughter, leaning over her office desk, her fist lightly pounding the top of it as she tried to compose herself. "Hahahaha... Oh gods... Haha, this is just priceless." The whole building was partially empty, and in complete silence, so her laughter was the loudest thing that can be heard through the walls.

Her right hand man, Vex, walked in the office to see what was all the ruckus about. "What in the bloody hell is causing such a revolting sound?" He saw her breathing hard and fanning herself, still giggling like a school girl, seeming to have finally stopped her mirth attack. He looked around the room then back at her. "Did you let out the hyena or something?" He asked mockingly, but then frowned when the Morrigan busted out laughing like a madwoman again. Vex looked at the two bodyguards in confusion, "Would someone tell me what's up with her?"

The doctor long ago arrived to her home; she had not been able to sleep at all. And it was rather close to four in the morning, but she could not find rest.

How does one act and feel when the weight of the world was suddenly put on their shoulders? Lauren asked herself this questioned when she stared at the sword from across her living room, the weapon leaning against the arm rest of the couch. It's blade shimmering softly under the light of the still full moon that crept through closed curtains of the window, the sight of it felt like it was pulling at the strings of Lauren's very soul. She squeezes her eyes shut, the stress of the night finally catching up with her. And she realized, REALLY realized what has happened to her. She was just thrown into a mission to save the world? Her, Doctor Lauren Lewis, a champion? She felt the room spin, and leaned herself on the wall behind her.

"Fuck..." She cursed out loud to the empty room, a hand covering her mouth as she sprinted over to the bathroom, and went straight to the toilet. She pushed her hair back and let everything out, puking breakfast, lunch, oh and here comes dinner too.

After what felt like an hour to Lauren, she finally finished vomiting. Or maybe she just had nothing left to puke out. She flushed the toilet, and stood up on shaky legs. She managed to make it to the sink; she turned the faucet on and washed her mouth with water, and then splashed some on her face. She then stares up at the mirror, seeing how pale she had gone. "I look like I've just seen a ghost..." She laughed mockingly at her reflection, running a hand down her face. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day; she needed to get some sleep. She needs to have the strength when she faces all those Fae tomorrow, work was going to suck.

The Compound, 10:30 AM

Lauren had sneaked her way into her lab without anyone spotting her, and was relieved to see that her work space was empty with no one in sight. She has been paranoid all morning long; she really didn't want to deal with this champion business. She just wanted to work, and tend to her patients... Her patients. "Damn it." She cursed under her breath, of course her patients are Fae, and they would most likely know about Fenrir's announcement by now. She ran a hand through her hair, thinking of ways to avoid needing to tend to any patients today. Which she knows is completely impossible; she almost jolted up when one of her employees, Jackie, walked in the lab. They both stared at each other for a long moment, Jackie's eyes were wide, she looked like she was about to yell in fear when she saw the doctor. But they stood there in silence, Lauren arched an eyebrow, "Did you need to tell me something, Jackie?" She finally broke the silence, decided to keep it cool, and act as if everything's normal, yeah, that could work.

Jackie looked embarrassed and very nervous, she nodded her head to Lauren, "The Ash would...would like to see you, doctor." she stuttered out, and awkwardly bowed her head to the human champion before scrambling out of the lab. Lauren stared at the closed door for about 30 seconds, rooted to the ground after hearing what Jackie had said. The Ash wanted to see her?

"Fuck…" The well mannered doctor has been cursing a lot today; the stress is THAT bad on her if she's been cursing so much in such a short time.

Against her better judgment to just run and leave the compound, she walked over to the Ash's throne room. Very aware of the stares she's been getting from the Fae staff that littered the hall, she tried very hard to ignore the fact that some of them were actually following her. 'This isn't happening, just keep walking, Lauren.' She picked up her pace a bit faster, breathing out in relief for the first time ever to see The Ash's door. She quickly entered the room, leaning her back against the door as she ran a hand down her face. "I hope it wasn't too much trouble on your way here, ." Lauren looked up and saw where the deep voice came from; The Ash was sitting on his stone pillar throne. His gaze neutral like always, he leaned forward in his seat and took a hard look at his doctor. "I have heard a lot of things about you lately, and I have to ask… Is it true?"

Lauren stepped forward; her hands were shaking a little as she looked up to the Ash. "I… I don't know."

"They said Fenrir himself placed the title upon you, or do you also believe it to be a misunderstanding like most of the Fae that have heard of this?"

The chosen champion met the Ash's eyes, her emotions got the better of her and anger erupted within her tone. "I. Don't. Know." She flinched at her own voice, in utter shock that she had dared to raise it to the Ash.

At this the Ash arched an eyebrow, looking to be a bit surprised at the attitude the doctor gave him. Choosing to ignore it he spoke again, "There will be a meeting later this afternoon with the Elders, I am sure you will be there, Doctor. And maybe then we can figure out if it is true or not, it seems that your brilliant mind has no answers like it always has." With that the Ash dismissed Lauren, she was glad to see no one has entered her lab. It gave her the chance to vent out her frustration, which she gladly took it out on the various files that were stacked up neatly on her desk. Papers of documented deaths of Fae and health records were scattered around the floor, Lauren took off her white lab coat and threw it onto her desk, not really caring to hang it. Why was she so angry? It's probably the stress she told herself, she sat herself down in her desk, resting her elbows on top of it as she buried her face in her hands. A meeting with the Fae Elders, this was probably what Kasen tried to tell her last night. She didn't want to hear it, because she already knew what that meant. "What am I going to do?" she asked to no one in particular.

"You look real tense Doc., need a back rub?" The voice was playful, but kept a slight tone of worry and concern, and somehow the doctor recognized that voice in an instant.

"Bo?" Lauren looked up from her hands to see the succubus she met from the other night; a soft smile was on her face when their eyes met.

The brunette leaned on the doctor's desk, crossing her arms casually. She told Lauren that she was worried about her; and so were Kenzi and Ciara. She wanted to check on her, and decided to come over. "How did you get in here?" Lauren asked her, she was sure that the compound was heavily guarded ever since the big news.

"I did the same thing you did… I sneaked in." She gave Lauren a shy smile when the doctor arched an eyebrow.

"You've been watching me?" She asked Bo pointedly, though Lauren was a bit amused at how embarrassed the succubus looked when she admitted that she was stalking her. "That's very interesting; succubi usually do more than just look." She said out loud, not really trying to sound flirty, even though she was. 'Well… I didn't mean to say it in that suggestiveness, maybe she didn't notice.' Bo did notice, and it surprised her that the serious doctor openly flirted with her.

At this the succubus needed to retaliate, "Are you asking me to do more than just look, doctor?" That soft sultry tone made the blonde woman take in a deep breath, noticing that reaction, Bo's seductive smile grew wider.

Lauren smirked at the brunette's words, "No, though if you could please take the title of champion off my hands. I wouldn't mind that at all." She sighed in frustration.

Bo and Lauren sat together for an hour or two, talking about the doctor's situation. She told Bo how it shouldn't be her, that she was not fit to save anyone, let alone the entire world. She complained to her that she couldn't possibly be the right choice, she isn't strong. She isn't Fae. Why would the wolf god choose her knowing who and what she was? The succubus attentively listened to Lauren, and understood all she was feeling about this whole thing. Bo knew what it was like to one day wake up and just be thrown into another world she had no idea was there for her, she thought she was normal too. And then suddenly she was this supernatural being, and everyone expected her to fall in line and do what she was told to.

"So you chose your own path, neither Light or Dark." Lauren finished for her, admiring the succubus in a whole new light. It impressed her how much Bo amazed her in the short time they've known each other, "So… What do you think I should do?" she asked hesitantly.

"Just do what you think is right, and stand by what you believe in." She advised the doctor.

Lauren sat there as she let those words sink in, 'Stand by what I believe in?'

"Do what you want, Lauren. Like right now, what is it you want most at this very moment?"

The doctor thought for a moment, "Right now? I would like to avoid being in a meeting with the Fae Elders." She knew they would tear her apart, or worse.

Bo smiled at Lauren, "Let's see if we can make that happen then." The succubus came to Lauren not just to check on her.

Lauren seemed confused at what she meant by that, what was Bo up to? But seeing the brunette smiling at her like that, she couldn't stop herself from smiling back. The sudden warmth that invaded her chest the night they met once again came back; Lauren thought to herself that she might be getting sick. A heat surge like that could not be healthy.

The door swung open, making the two women snap their heads over to the person that barged in here like they owned the place, when Lauren saw who it was she tried very hard not to roll her eyes, "Dyson…"

"Hello, baby sis." He greeted indifferently, his eyes fell upon the succubus and a faint smug smile formed on his face, "Bo." He nodded to her, finding it amusing how he somehow keeps running into the sexy brunette. Bo smiled and greeted him back; at this Lauren arched an eyebrow, not really liking the fact that her dear brother knows Bo.

The wolf shifter looked as if he was undressing Bo with his eyes, the succubus noticed and appreciated the attention, but chose to ignore it. Lauren though, would not ignore it. "Pick up your tongue off the floor; did you come here to tell me something or not?" Yet again Lauren has shocked herself with her sudden snappy out bursts, Dyson as well looked a bit surprised. When did the doctor ever give back talk to anyone? Bo silently let out a laugh when she saw how Lauren scolded the wolf man; she found it sweet how the human champion defended her like that. Though it wasn't like she wasn't use to being ogled like that, she still thought it was very nice of Lauren to do that for her.

Dyson decided to ignore Lauren's out burst, yet he discreetly glared at his sister, a bit annoyed that she was staring him dead in the eye with unknown strength. "…The Ash needs you in the meeting room; the Elders are waiting as well." He informed her, he knew exactly what was going to happen to Lauren. What the Ash and the Fae Elders were planning to do with her, if their mother found out, she'd go against it. And going against the Ash and the Fae Elder's choices would not go unpunished, why he had Hale on high alert if Cassandra ever showed up in the compound.

Lauren sighed deeply, and stood up and smoothed out her navy blue dress shirt. "Sorry, Bo. We'll… talk later." She said uncertainly, and Bo could not get why she felt so upset when she saw how Lauren was so unsure if they would see each other again or not. She tried very hard not to reach out for the doctor and stop her as she watched her walk out the door.

She cursed silently when the doctor left. "Fuck…" She quickly took out her phone and texted Kenzi to wake her ass up and get over to the compound, also speed texted Ciara to pop up in here when she gets the time. Dyson watched the succubus closely, knowing exactly what was up with her, "Already planning on getting into trouble?" He asked her.

Bo smiled sheepishly at the wolf shifter, "You could say that… Though seeing how Lauren is your sister, I'm sure you know what I'm planning." She had no idea Dyson was related to the hot human doctor, they seem so different… Nothing similar at all between them.

Dyson stayed thoughtful for a moment, this was going to end badly if the unaligned succubus was about to get involved with the situation. He really does not want her to get herself in a problem once again, even more with the Fae Elders. He would not have the position to help her out.

Bo looked at him pointedly, wondering why he's gone so silent all of a sudden. "You okay?"

Dyson shook his head, "Bo, you can't help Lauren." Was the succubus being serious? He knew she was reckless, but to risk her freedom for his human sister? "It's cute that you want to rescue my baby sister, but this is one fight you have to back out of."

At this Bo glared at the wolf shifter, not believing what she just heard. "Dyson, you know what the Elders will do to Lauren, right? Without a fair trail too, you're telling me to let it happen? She's your sister!" He should be helping her rescue Lauren, hell, he should have grabbed her and run, not walk in and act as their messenger.

"Yes, she is my sister. Exactly why you should back off, this is none of your business."

She could only stare coldly at him, "Well, you officially made it my business now, since big bro abandoned her." She walked passed Dyson, nudging her shoulder into his before walking out through the door.

The wolf shifter stayed behind, silently growling to himself. 'Well, that failed miserably.'

The room was large and filled with large exotic plants that hanged from the ceiling, the walls were marble white and statues lined up on either side of the walls. Statues of former light Fae leaders, and respected Fae Elders. In the middle of the room was this large black marble table the stretched all the way down the room, and in this table sat all of the Fae Elders, and right at the end of it sat the Ash. Lauren gulped down the large lump that was stuck in her throat, the suspense was killing her. She knew what they would do in order to make sense of this situation, and it was to throw her in to be tested. And everyone knows that for a human, is a death sentence for sure. The Ash nodded to her so she could sit at the opposite end of the table, feeling very apprehensive when she noticed how every powerful light Fae elder were scrutinizing her, she had to stop the urge of sinking down in her seat as a bad attempt to hide.

"Ladies and gentlemen, shall we begin?" They all nodded to the Ash, "Good…"

It felt like she's been in there for hours on going, ever since she sat down all they did was bicker with each other about her. Stuff like: How could a human be chosen? Or, this is an embarrassment for Fae everywhere, "If the last Garuda was really alive, I'm very sure that the wolf god would not choose such a weakling human." Lauren's jaw would clench tighter and tighter with each words they said, the Ash would only stay silent and watched the human doctor with secret interest as the Elders spoke on.

One of them added, "I don't see why we rely on the gods still, we have done great things and have survived, with not a single help from them." The majority of the Elders nodded to that.

"I think this may be a joke, no one in their right mind would choose a human if the Garuda was back." Another chuckled a bit mockingly at Lauren while the others approved of the statement.

"I agree."

"Laughable at best…"


Everyone went silent when they heard that sound, they slowly looked over at the end of the table to see Lauren standing from her seat, and her fists had slammed on to the table. Large cracks would most certainly be left on the marble table; she raised her gaze up to meet all of the elders'. They all held their breaths when they were met with the eyes of a wolf, haunting glowing emerald eyes that stared at them with anger. Seeing this, the Ash stood up as well, arms behind his back with his chin held high, "Do you have something say, ?"

Lauren has no idea what she's doing, not even aware of the display of power she was making in front of everyone. She just knows she's fed up with all of this, she was sick and tired. How could they not believe that the Garuda is coming? Just because she was chosen it means nothing? She has had ENOUGH. "This is the very same ignorance that will get us all killed, both Fae and humans. All because you have such inflated egos, and deem yourselves superior and above everything, that the fact that a human was chosen you automatically decide the last Garuda isn't true and it's just some joke?" Her fists tightened more, making them practically dig more into the table, forming larger cracks on the ebony marble. "What are you, Fae or snobby little high school cheer leaders?"

The Ash arched an eyebrow at the human, not knowing if he should feel insulted or amused at the comment Lauren had almost spat out at all of them with venom. While the rest of the Fae Elders sat there in utter shock, the human dared insult them?

Meanwhile outside the meeting room of the Fae Elders, Ciara, Kenzi and Bo were planning over on how they were about to save Lauren, "Bo, how exactly are we going to do this?" The goth asked uncertainly.

"Ciara is gonna teleport in there and teleport out with Lauren, and we get the hell out of here." She explained with a shrug, seeming to have been sure of the plan being full proof. The warrior fairy nodded slowly, though Kenzi could only cross her arms and give Bo a skeptical look, "What?"

"What are we suppose to do with her? Take her to Mexico?" She paced around back and forth mumbling to herself in Russian, "What makes you think they won't look for her?"

Ciara smiled apologetically to the succubus, "I'm going to have to agree with Kenzi on this, you may be unaligned Bo, but Lauren technically IS part of the Light Fae and has to follow the rules like any other Fae, even if she is human. Break those rules and she won't go unpunished for it, probably even sentence her to death."

"What they're about to do to her now IS a death sentence, they'll throw her to the underfae without blinking." Bo groaned in frustration, she feels like her hands are being tied at every turn.

"Excuse me, but are you talking about my daughter?" The three women looked over to see Cassandra, a stern look in her eyes, the fierce look in those eyes stunned Bo and Ciara. "If so, I think I might make it a lot easier for you." She knew they'd be here, she was going crazy looking for them all over the compound, it was especially hard when Dyson's partner was hounding her around. But she managed to sneak away from him and ran straight over to the meeting room, where she was sure they were going to judge Lauren's fate. And that she would not let happen…

"Lady, we need all the help we can get to save the doc." Kenzi said, sensing the power within the older woman. Nothing is worse than pissing off someone's protective mother.

The doors slammed open, and in walks in Cassandra and the others. Making the Fae Elders tear there eyes away from Lauren to them, "What is the meaning of this?" One of them complained, and was about to call security.

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Lauren's mother stood beside her, when she met her gaze she was shocked to see glowing emerald eyes staring back at her. "By the gods…" She breathed out as she cupped her daughter's cheek and really looked into her eyes, "Lauren?"

"What is it?" The doctor asked confusingly.

Cassandra could only look at her speechless, not understanding at all what she was looking at. The Fae Elders called for her and Lauren's attention, asking if they were thinking of debating on the human's fate. "Yes, if you are seeing what I'm seeing now… It's proof enough that Lauren is the true champion." Lauren was about to protest but Cassandra shushed her, "Let me handle this, Lauren, I'm trying to save you here."

At Cassandra's words the Fae Elders whispered among each other, very uncertain now if the human was actually more than that. The Ash spoke up, "Even so… She still needs to be tested, tonight."

Cassandra glared at the Light Fae leader, "No, you can not do that. She has no proper training and you all know this, she needs time. Give her ten days, and I will make sure she goes through the test and prove you all wrong. I give you my blood oath, Ash." Lauren's eyes widen in fear, she can't believe this was happening, why is her mother risking her life like this?

One of the Fae Elders butted in, "Oh please, are you really going to consider that? They are all just trying to gain some time so that human can escape!" The Ash raised his hand to the enraged Elder, silencing him.

He looked straight at Lauren's mother, his voice deep and powerful, "You are sure you want this?" Cassandra nodded, the Ash looked intrigued, "What are the terms?"

"If my daughter survives the test, she will be free to do as she pleases." She didn't waver as the Fae Elders glared at her with full force, not at all pleased at the turn of events.

The Ash smiled amusingly, seeming to have seen that coming. "And what do I get if she does not?"

Cassandra paused for a moment, holding her daughter's hand tightly as she found strength to speak again, trying very hard to ignore the pleading look Lauren was giving her, "You can take me as your personal slave, for centuries to come."

A blood oath with the Ash is permanent, whatever the terms are. It's been almost a 100 years since the last person has made a blood oath with the Ash, that Fae must be already dust underneath the earth by now.

The Ash was satisfied with the terms, "Fair enough, if tries to escape, if I hear of her leaving the city… I would be force to execute you, Cassandra. I hope your daughter is well aware of that." He glanced over to Lauren, meeting those emerald eyes and seeing the murderous intent in them. "This meeting is done." With that said the Ash and the Elders left.

Cassandra hugged her daughter tightly the instant they were alone, brushing the blonde hair away from her face so she could take another look into her eyes, but only found the soft brown eyes she knew well, staring at her with sadness. "Are you alright?" She breathed out in relief when Lauren nodded to her.

But then she saw her daughter's eyes begin to redden with incoming tears, "It's alright, sweetheart. I know what I'm doing; we will both get out of this together." She wiped a lone tear off of Lauren's cheek, and smiled warmly at her. "Be strong, I will help you. Mama knows how to place a good bet." She winked, making Lauren smile and hug her again with all the love she has.

Bo, Kenzi and Ciara watched on as Cassandra continued to smother Lauren with hugs, they all laughed when the doctor noticed they were there and blushed a bit in embarrassment at her mother's display of affection.

After thanking her mother for saving her, as grateful as she was, she still knew that she was going to die despite her friends and her mother's efforts. There was no way she would even be close to the strength of a Fae in only ten days; her mother scolded her for thinking such things. Ciara backed up Cassandra, also saying that they will find a way to make Lauren strong, Bo also threw in some support. Kenzi chimed in, "Ladies, let the Doc. breathe, that girl needs some down time." They all nodded in agreement, minus Lauren, already knowing what the goth meant by that.

At The Dal Riata, 9:40 PM

They all decided to let loose for the night, since it's been such a long stressful day. Though Lauren still felt a bit uncomfortable with the way the Fae in the room would stare at her, she knew she was safe though. This place was sanctuary, so she doubted any of the Fae would try to mess with her. "Yo Trickster, get the doc a double shot. She really needs it." Kenzi smacked Lauren in the back as a sign of friendship, she was about to protest on the drinks but the fellow human had already sat her in the bar stool with cut up lemons on the side. Ciara ran off over to a table where she was chatting up a few Fae friends she knew, while Cassandra excused herself to the bathroom. Leaving Lauren at Kenzi's alcoholic mercy.

"Uh… Thank you, Kenzi." She smiled at her new friend, and gingerly took a shot of tequila. Lauren felt her eyes burn as her throat felt like it has just caught on fire, she was really not use to drinking tequila. She tried to hold back a groan when Kenzi slid another shot glass over to her; this was going to kill her.

"Alright, stop torturing the doctor, Kenz." Bo came in to the rescue; she smiled charmingly at Lauren as she sat herself next to her and stole the shot glass. "How are you feeling?"

A sigh escapes from the champion's lips; she was feeling a lot of things. Fear, anxiety, stress, pressure, but she decided to just say, "I'm tired…" and she was being honest to Bo, she folded her arms on the bar before resting her head on them. At this the succubus couldn't keep herself from smiling, she didn't know the doctor can be so cute like this. Holding back the urge to run a hand through Lauren's blonde hair, Bo leaned closer and whispered in her ear. "Want me to take you home?"

Feeling the soft breath tickle her ear she inhaled sharply, heat engulfing her ear as she processed the succubus' words. Looking over to Bo, she noticed the tender look again on her face, the same one she saw the night Fenrir appeared. "You would do that for me?"

"Of course, been helping you this far, might as well tuck you in bed too." She grinned teasingly at Lauren when she saw her roll her eyes, she kept forgetting Bo was a succubus; this teasing and flirting were surely going to kill the human doctor slowly. Kenzi was mockingly making gagging noises next to Lauren, saying something about Bo controlling her Fae libido before running off over to Ciara with more drinks. Leaving the two of them alone, Lauren tried to analyze Bo, discreetly of course. She wondered why the succubus was hanging around her still, or why she was so persistent in being her friend. She really wanted to know what this alluring woman was thinking, "Why?" She asked out of the blue, causing Bo to look at her in confusion, "Why did you help me?"

The unaligned succubus smiled, "Well, technically your mom was the one that saved your ass from the Elders and the Ash... Though now, I really am going to help you." She said with determination, "I know it's gonna be hard for you, the test. And I know there's a lot at risk now… I want to help you survive it, so I want to help you train."

At that declaration Lauren sat there speechless, she didn't know what to say, "Thank you…" She said, sincerely grateful for the succubus' kindness. She never stops to amaze the doctor; she had a good feeling about her. And she was sure it wasn't the instant attraction she felt towards Bo, there was something more to this woman she has yet to discover.

Kenzi came back to them, a big grin on her face as she nudged Bo in the side playfully, "Guess who just walked in?" She pointed over to the entrance of the bar; Dyson and Hale have just entered the room. The Siren was whispering something to his partner, looking as if he was trying to calm him down and pleading with him to not do something he was going to regret. The wolf shifter looked furious, and his anger only grew when his sights fell on Lauren from across the room. "Uh…though he's looking like he just got neutered." Kenzi wondered why he was giving the doc the death stare; it kind of made her step away from her new friend a bit.

Dyson was beyond pissed; he was enraged when he had heard that his mother had made a blood oath to the Ash for Lauren. A life of servitude as a slave to him, if Lauren should fail. What was his mother thinking? Lauren was surely going to fail, how could she have let their mother throw her life a way for her like that?

Lauren watched her brother closely, and when she locked eyes with him in an instant he had his hand around her neck, fangs and claws drawn out as he snarled at her, "How could you get our own mother involved in this?!" He gripped around his sister's throat tighter; Lauren had her hand wrapped around his wrist trying hard not to black out at the sudden loss of breath. The commotion caused everyone in the room to stop what they were doing and watch the two siblings go at it, well, Dyson killing Lauren is more like it. Trick ran over to them when he saw the wolf man pounce on the human doctor, he yelled at Dyson to stop, "This is sanctuary!" But his words fell on deaf ears. Kenzi also yelled at the wolf shifter, she was shocked that he was trying to kill Lauren, what beef does he have with her to make him want to kill her?

Bo was grabbing Dyson by the collar of his jacket, trying her best to yank him off the doctor. "Dyson, have you gone crazy? Let her go, you're killing her!"

The wolf shifter pushed Bo away with his free hand, and dragged Lauren across the room, lifting her up, he slammed her body onto a table. The force of the impact breaking the legs off it, Lauren was sure that one of her ribs must be severely bruised right now. Her vision was a bit blurred, as she tried to blink her sight back to normal, Dyson was already picking her up, only this time by the collar of her shirt. "It wasn't enough to shame us huh? You had to bring mother into YOUR problems, I should just kill you—"

His words were cut short when he felt a fist connect to his jaw, making his head shoot back and stagger away from Lauren. Did his sister actually do that? The hit had actually hurt; he looked up and was met with glowing emerald eyes. The air surrounding him had suddenly gone cold, much like the night Fenrir came. Where was his sister getting this power? Could it be true? Could Lauren really be Fenrir's true champion?

Lauren stood her ground, standing tall, and her gaze not wavering as she stared her brother dead in the eye.

Just when he was about to take a step towards his sister, Bo had stood in front of the doctor, her brown eyes glaring at Dyson intensely. "Bo… Get out of my way." He warned her.

But she would not; instead she drew out a dagger and pointed it straight at him, "Make me." She dared as her eyes blazed sapphire blue as she twirled the short dagger between her fingers. Lauren had collapsed on her knees, her head suddenly throbbing just as painfully as her bruised ribs. 'What's…happening to me?' The pain was intense, she was sure she didn't hit her head when Dyson body slammed her on the table. Bo turned and saw the look of pain in Lauren's face; she kneeled down and held the blonde woman's head gently in her hands, "Lauren?" She glared at Dyson once more over her shoulder, and received a shrug from him.

"I didn't hit her that hard." He honestly was holding back, not his fault that his sister was a weakling.

"Well, looks like I just got here in time for the party." Aife sat in a bar stool next to Kenzi who was gaping at her in disbelief, "What?" She asked the goth girl innocently.

"Hello? Aren't you going to help your daughter? And where the hell have you been?"

Aife chuckled, "Bo does not need my help, I taught her all I know. She doesn't need me to baby her. And I was sight seeing, relax." She grabbed a drink off the bar and watched the show, very interested in why her daughter was protecting the human champion. Things have just gotten even more interesting, she thought to herself.

Just as Kenzi was whipping out her short sword katana and go help Bo, Cassandra came running, her eyes flashing as she went over to Dyson, "What do you think you are doing?" She glanced down to her daughter, seeing her struggling with pain she glared over to her son. "You and I need to have a serious talk…"

The goth girl sighed in relief when mama wolf came, she really didn't want to stick her hands into that fight. Ciara saw the fight and was stunned to do anything, not after seeing what Lauren had done by herself. She was a lot stronger than the human leads on to be… Maybe this won't be too difficult for Lauren after all, she thought to herself as she went over to Kenzi, asking her if she saw the way the doctor's eyes glowed. Hale had also joined them, greeting Kenzi, "Nice to see ya again, lil mama." Though he had wished it wasn't during the time his partner was off the leash. The three of them chatted as they kept a close eye on the human and wolf shifter.

Lauren shook her head, the strange pain in her skull slowly ebbing away. She tried to stand but stumbled forward, making Bo catch her in her arms, "Hey, take it easy…" She spoke softly to her, "Where does it hurt?" She asked as she checked the doctor for any serious injury, she gently placed her hand on Lauren's side.

"Ow…" The blonde woman smiled painfully at Bo, "Right there, I'll be fine though. I'm just bruised." She stood up straight, holding back a hiss of pain when her rib began to protest against the movement. Bo knew she was lying and that she was really hurt, so she placed a hand on Lauren's cheek, sending small waves of energy through the human, and whispered, "You don't feel any pain." She smiled widely when Lauren's stance relaxed more.

The champion stared at Bo in amazement, her hand reaching up to the other woman's hand and held onto the wrist gently, "What…did you do?" She was feeling all warm inside, and the pain she felt evaporated into thin air when the succubus whispered to her. As if she wasn't just body slammed a few minutes ago.

"I used my enthrallment powers on you, don't worry, it was just a low dose, Doc." She smirked at Lauren when she saw how the doctor looked so interested at the revelation. Lauren had never had the chance to study a succubus up this close; sure, she's read documents and books of succubi. Never had she been able to be at the receiving end of their powers… And admittedly, it felt good.

Cassandra was telling Dyson off and discussing the situation. He explained to her that she should not have made a blood oath, while Cassandra just scolded him left and right. She was not stupid, she knew what she was doing. Though her son wasn't paying too much attention to what she was saying, his eyes were on Lauren and Bo. He wasn't liking the way his sister was looking at the succubus, or the way she was touching her. He felt his mother smack him in the arm, "Are you listening to me?"

"Uh, yes, mother. I am." He said mindlessly, eyes still on Bo.

"So you agree then?" Cassandra asked excitedly, there was hope yet, she thought.

Dyson nodded, "Yes, yes, I agree…" Still not paying attention.

"That's great! Lauren, honey." She turned to her daughter, a grateful smile on her face when she saw her child was no longer in pain. It must have been her succubus' friends doing, "Oh, I see you're all better."

Lauren briefly glanced over to her brother, not trusting herself to put her guard down around him for a second. Cassandra rolled her eyes when the two siblings began to have their private stare down, "You two need to start getting along if this is ever going to work." And to keep herself from being enslaved, and saving Lauren's life.

Dyson scoffed and crossed his arms, "It's a bit late to be making nice with each other after all these years, mother."

Lauren smiled bitterly at her brother, "For once, we agree on something."

Bo stood there watching the two siblings glare daggers at each other; she really wanted to know why they hate each other so much. It's pretty obvious there is a whole lot of history between them, and not just 'cause their related to each other. Kenzi and Ciara were also watching from afar, the goth girl and the fairy slowly eating the mini bowl of peanuts that was on the bar as if they were watching a suspenseful horror movie. They offered some to Hale, but he declined the salty treats, not really wanting to look away from the train wreck that was certainly about to happen.

"Well, you two need to make it happen and act like blood and flesh soon." Cassandra was in her mama wolf mode, her scolding tone was evident in her voice as she spoke with motherly authority, "Because Dyson is going to help train you, Lauren." She said with finality.

Lauren and Dyson stared at their mother in disbelief, and both voiced out their confusion at the same time. "WHAT?"

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