*Spike's P.O.V*

I looked on in puzzlement, just what was Pinkie Pie doing here? What had happened to her that she had been taken from her physical body and entered into Death's realm? Was it even possible for two souls to travel with Death to their respectful afterlives?

I stared at the pink furred mare with her raspberry colored mane, tail and light cerulean eyes, her mane and tail were completely straight unlike the odd curls they often held which made me sad for she was always cheerful, full of life and many, many times random at any given second, something very serious must have happened for them to be so…depleted and her eyes to be filled with pain, sorrow, fear and anguish that I saw in them.

I opened my mouth to speak, to say anything about the questions swarming my mind, was this some kind of dark, bucking joke that the Gods were tormenting me with?

No, that was not possible for Luna herself told me that the Gods could not intervene with the judgment of a soul, but that revelation really did not lift my spirits as I realized that Pinkie Pie was truly dead and that….that saddened me more than I would have ever thought, but what had happened to her was the real question I was dying to know.

Death turned and with his scythe still in his right claw beckoned for the two of us to follow him as I scowled, hating the immortal skeleton very much as Pinkie merely blinked then with small, depressed steps followed after the reaper of souls.

I shuffled closer to Pinkie as we walked, before bending down slightly and whispering into her ear for I was a few inches taller than ponies.

"Pinkie Pie, what happened to you? Why are you….dead?" I asked very quietly in case Death overheard which I had no doubt he did as the mare turn her head to look at me and only replied.

"I'm following the skeleton unicorn stallion with his long, black on black cloak and his black colored wooden scythe with the long, curved sliver blade silly…what else would I be doing?" She spoke, her lips trying to go from the heart breaking frown I saw when I first met her here to a smile, but it was a small, sad smile and her expression quickly went back to a frown of depression making me grit my fangs in anger as I stopped in my tracks, I wanted answers, NOW!

Death must have sensed that I paused for he stopped after being six feet in front of us before turning around, Pinkie Pie stopping with me as she cocked her head in confusion with her wide, innocent eyes filled with so much sadness.

"Why are you hesitating on the journey to your punishment, reptile?" Death spat in spite, but it was cold, emotionless and held no real threat in it making me growl in rage.

"I want to know what the hay happened to her?! Pinkie Pie is one of the most logic defying ponies I have ever met, she could do feats that many creatures wish they could do, and I seriously don't think a pony like-"

"SILENCE YOUR TOUNGE, REPTILE!" Death shouted, his tone made my blood boil but listen to his words as he continued.

"The death of the mare is of no concern to you, but if you truly wish to see this ponies fate I shall oblige, be warned drake that every creature has darkness within them and that what your eyes shall see is something that even if you try to deny shall be the truth." He spoke darkly and with a single tap of his scythe on the ground, or maybe a hoof tapping the floor in Pinkie's eyes, the entire landscape was changed to that of color, sound and life…or what seem to be as I saw Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie's work place and home as Mr. and Mrs. Cake were leading Pinkie Pie herself out the door of the bakery.

But this was not my story to tell…it was Pinkie Pie's.

*Pinkie Pie's P.O.V, one week earlier*

My mind was spinning, I had just been fired from the job I been doing for the past two years almost three to be exact for accidently putting a chemical in a batch of cake I had been making, it was an accident, I swear, I never meant for that pony to go the hospital.

And yet I had been put out on the streets by my bosses, their angry faces glaring at me as I was led out the door, given my final pay and Gummy, my green scaled, purple eyed male alligator, told I could never again work in Sugarcube Corner.

I was very tired from filling out a large order of two thousand cupcakes, brownies, some of Bon-Bon's treats and a small amount of cakes for a party that was being held by Princess Cadence, the Goddess of Love's birthday and yet I still soldiered on, trying my best to fill out the orders and not sleeping for the past four days.

I had added bleach to the cake mix I was doing when it was supposed to be water, it was an honest mistake and yet…I was a bit angry how I was framed for it and getting arrested for trying to kill the Princess of the Crystal Kingdom. I had been drained by Spike's death, poor little guy killed himself, Spike! Of all creatures and it made every pony in Ponyville depressed so that the party could not be celebrated the way a party should have.

The funeral was awful, one of the most depressing settings I had been into; the Goddesses themselves being there along with all of the Crystal Ponies and Twilight would not stop crying, even for a second, it was very, very sad.

I had been put in jail for three days before I was bailed out by my friends, all but Twilight who had not left the library for days, poor girl. But I could understand her depression though, because my sister, Blinkie Pie had been killed from a large rock crushing her spine when they were stacking the rocks for the annual inspection so my family could make the bits to support the rock farm.

My family was so furious for me not attending the funeral because I had not been told until two days later after her death and I would never forget what my mother had said to me.

"Family by blood means that you are always there for them, no matter what your own personal problems are. But you were not there when your sister needed you, Pinkamena; you were not there for your family. You're dead to me, Pinkie….your dead." I had wept for weeks after she screamed those words to me; I was abandoned by my own family.

So on top of the oh great and sugar filled horse shit I was going through I had to put up a smile and pretend to be ok as my friends just said that I was Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

My mane and tail was slowly uncurling, my emotions were high unlike anything I had ever been through even when I thought my friends had forgotten about me during my birthday party five years ago.

I was homeless, had no money and depressed, I had a criminal record now for an accident and even was known as the deranged mare for getting into a physical fight with Derpy Hooves when she had flown into me without even meaning to, making me in such an angered state of mine snap.

I punched the mare in the nose and that triggered her into getting angry and hitting me back as we fought until two unicorns had to pull us away from each other with their magic; she had won the fight though and I was left bleeding, bruised and my ego wounded and broken to the point where I doubt it could ever be restored.

My friends tried so hard to comfort me but I can tell they were struggling with their own lives, with Scootaloo getting into a huge argument with Rainbow Dash and leaving for Manehatten with Vinyl Scratch away from her older sister Cheerlie as well as Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy being put in the hospital trying to break up a fight between a bear and a manticore and leaving large scars over her body that would never heal, and Spike's suicide, making Twilight more anti-social then I ever seen her in my life, trapped in her large tree home, crying herself to sleep.

If that did not make things worse, Applejack's little sister, Apple Bloom had been killed by a group of Timberwolves while traveling to Zecora's home one day alone to help her with some potions, a month ago and Rarity.

Poor Rarity's little sister Sweetie Belle tried to commit suicide, almost stabbing herself in the heart with her magic before she was stopped by Rarity herself and put into Ponyville asylum because of her marefriend's death, the two of them being together for two years, making ponies whisper that I should also been sent there behind my back, ponies I had thought were my friends even.

Our lives were awful and despise what Applejack was going through what with Apple Bloom's death and Granny Smith dying from old age two months ago, she and her older brother Big Macintosh were the only one holding down the farm in Ponyville she still took me in, before I had ruined the chance with my own two hooves.

I was hungry, had no bits to support myself and had to give Gummy to Fluttershy before the accident whose house was being watched over by Golden Harvest or as many ponies nicknamed her, Carrot Top now and I was living in a cardboard box in an ally due to none of my friends being able to support me.

I could not fly to Rainbow Dash's cloud home as I often wished, I could not show my face at Rarity's as I knew she could not handle the stress with everything she was going through, her business failing with her own emotions taking over her art for fashion.

I often watched Rainbow Dash get drunk and ask for a cigarette, her liver I heard was failing from the large amount of alcohol she consumed each day and no pony could help her, not even one of the Goddesses.

No pony would hire a mare who tried to 'assassinate' one of the Gods; I was left alone, without any pony to be there for me…I had nothing left.

And yet, when Applejack's sad, dark shadow appeared over my box as I was eating a piece of moldy bread, her orange fur radiating like a sunset, her once playful moderate sap green eyes and her once flowing, put in a ponytail pale, light grayish olive mane and tail that shined like the sun itself that was dirty, completely un kept as I saw she was drunk which was rare to see in Applejack.

She smiled at me, weeping of how great a friend I truly was before giving me a hug and then with a small kiss on my nose, one that made me blush underneath my fur before she turned and ran into the streets, attempting to kill herself by getting crushed under one of the carriages rushing past, but I had pushed her out the way by the last second making her break her left rear leg and crushing any hope that the farm had left of restoring itself.

I visited Applejack every day that I could in the hospital, but she had called me am evil, heartless bitch, saying that I was nothing to her anymore, that the farm was dead and that Big Macintosh was going to die in the fields before trying to throw a punch at me, then being sedated by the doctors and nurses and making me leave the hospital.

I had loved Applejack, I had wanted to tell her so many times, I wanted to be the mare she woke up with in the morning and for her to see before she went to sleep at night, I had wanted to be married to her and help raise an foal we would adopt together…I had wanted to tell her so many times.

But now….now I was dead to her, just like I was to my family, my friends it seemed and maybe even the Gods themselves.

I could not keep this mask of pretend happiness, this laughter that I was forced to wear on my face by the Element of Laughter anymore, I was done living...I had lost everything, even the pony whose heart I wanted the most…I was a monster.

So I went to Sweet Apple Acres barn when Big Macintosh was drinking heavily, no doubt to drown his sorrows of his two little sisters, his grandmother, the family dog, Winona who also died of old age and his marefriend, Fluttershy being put in the hospital for no doubt weeks as he suffered from all the amount of severe stress and tying a long, brown colored rope to one of the support beams, I made a noose…just as Applejack taught me on a whim in case I needed to control an out of control creature and praying that everypony and the Gods forgive me for my sins.

I hung myself, standing on top of a barrel before kicking it to the side and feeling the rope around my neck pull me back up to keep it suspended as gravity brought my body down and my neck snapped…my life was over.

I was in an area that was completely devoid of all life, sound and color before I saw the skeleton of a unicorn stallion before my eyes, his long, night black cloak flowing behind him as if it was alive and a long, black wooden with a curved piece of steel attached to it, Applejack once telling me it was called a scythe or a sickle floating into the air by a black aura that was lighted on the unicorn's horn as I gasped loudly.

I was truly dead…by my own hooves, it seemed.

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, it is time to pass onto your punishment for your sins…come Tartarus awaits, mare." He spoke coldly, as if he had been made of a freezer itself making me shiver.

I gulped loudly, if I had a heart it would have been beating in fear before the words he spoke resonated in my ears and I felt my mane and tail which had retain the puffy form it once had when I was happy straighten as I sighed loudly, feeling heartbroken and praying that Applejack would have a life better than mine before I walked beside Death himself.

*Spike's P.O.V, present day*

My ear fins dropped in shame as I saw Pinkie hang herself, was it truly possible for one of the happiest mares I ever met to get into such a dark part of her life that she had to resort to suicide?

But I had seen all that had happened in her life for the past two weeks with my own two eyes, Pinkie had really taken her own life and though it was so hard to believe, it was the truth, which was as cold and cruel as Death himself.

I never knew that Pinkie Pie had fallen in love with Applejack, I would have thought she loved Rainbow Dash but I guess I was wrong, seems so bucked up what Applejack's last words had been to Pinkie though, as I knew those words were the last Applejack would ever speak to her, and that they were the final tipping point for Pinkie to do what she did….now she, like I could never take back what we had done with our own claws, or hooves in Pinkie's case and it was so unfair.

But life was anything but fair, we had both learned that the hard way in the darkest way possible, were the Gods and Fate herself really against us?

As the illusion faded back to the lifeless white of Death's domain, it again changed to represent two very tall black colored doors, the doors seeming to be made completely out of the bones of different creatures and had large handles of two full grown dragon skulls on either side, at least that's what I saw.

The doors opened without a sound as I heard howls and screams of torment and suffering from it making me shake in terror as I looked and saw Pinkie shivering beside me before I put a claw on her shoulder in comfort as she gave me a sad, small smile making me frown before Death went forward towards the gates of Tartarus.

The second the three of us went into the doors they closed behind us before a large, black furred, three headed canine in the form of a bulldog with a single spike standing out from behind his two front legs, with moderate amaranth which had light yellow sclera eyes narrowed he growled in fury at most likely the two new souls before him.

His three brown spiked collars swung slightly as he frown his gray muzzles and bared his fangs at us, flicking his tail, and making Pinkie jump in fright and hide behind me.

Despite the fact that we had both seen him years ago, Pinkie herself even helping with luring Cerberus back into the underworld by Twilight with a big, red rubber ball I very highly doubted the beast would remember us now.

Death stood before the canine, and lifted a claw or hoof in Pinkie Pie's case as he slowly said "Heed, Guardian of the Underworld, these torturous souls are not for you to shred." Before calmly walking forward as Cerberus stood aside, making the two if us shaken in fright quickly follow after him as their six eyes followed us.

We stood before a long, narrow and made out of black stone bridge, I could smell the scent of brimstone and sulfur in the air and see the flames of souls being punished below as I felt my heart drop or it would if I had one and knew that I was about to join them for the rest of eternity.

As the three of us crossed the narrow, almost unstable bridge we stood before a large black colored throne, my eyes seeing an old enemy I would have never thought to see again, Nightmare Moon.

The alicorn mare in question lifted her eyes from the soul she was no doubt judging as I saw with surprise and a bit of pain, that Sweetie Belle stood in front of the mare, tears of sorrow staining her face before two large claws of shadow slithered from the rocks behind her and tearing at her mane, tail and face they grabbed her body in a painful no doubt if she had flesh and blood, bone crushing grip and threw her into the flames below leaving her to scream in agony of whatever sins she had committed for the rest of existence.

My tail lowered in disappointment that such a beautiful, caring and honest young mare could be sent to such a dark place after her life but I guess I had no say in the matter seeing that I was already here.

Her catlike cyan irises of her eyes flickered towards Pinkie Pie and I as we swallowed seeing the former Goddess chuckle darkly in amusement, her dark violent mane and tail waving from the heated air of the Underworld as her very dark cerulean coat was filthy, stained with soot, dust, and mud from somewhere in the dark realm itself.

The Mare of the Moon grinned looking at us, her fangs shining in the darkness before she spoke.

"Suicide is such a tragic way to die, eh, Element of Laughter and young drake?" She snickered as her large wings unfurled and flapped twice before they retreated back into their respectful areas on the mare's body, her long horn glowing a moderate cobalt blue as she summoned a large scroll from beside her to the right, slowly drawing it out as her blue armor with its unique designs flashed in the darkness.

The mare frowned as we did not answer but chose not to comment, my eyes narrowed in anger of what the former villain could be doing being the Judge of Tartarus though, making me very nervous as I started to wring my tail with my claws.

The dark Goddess looked at the sheet of parliament in front of her with a sigh before it was lowered and her cruel eyes shined, a grim smile gracing her snout.

"Ah…let's see, the Element of Laughter, Pinkamena Diane Pie. Hmmm….sins include, lust, gluttony, wrath and…ah now this is interesting, suicide. Huh, how do you pled, mare?" Nightmare Moon asked with an evil glint in her eyes as Pinkie's head and tail lowered in guilt.

"Guilty." said the sad, heart breaking reply from her mouth as the Goddess rolled her eyes.

"Not that you have any say in the matter, but yes, guilty indeed…how….shocking." she spoke with a hint of malice in her voice, making my blood boil and my eyes narrow at the joy this alicorn was receiving from Pinkie Pie's tragic crimes.

"Now let me see….where shall I place you for the rest of eternity? Hmm…I very much tempted to throw you into the circle of Gluttony for your increasing large amount of food and drink consumption but, I'm rather entertained with just leaving your soul to rot in the third level of violence with the others who had committed the same act of taking their own lives. Ah, what to choose, what to choose. I think I'll have to go with…..VIOLENCE!" Nightmare Moon screamed using the Royal Canterlot voice on the last word about to summon the claws of shadow which took Sweetie Belle but I had questions that needed to be answered before Pinkie was sent to her punishment.

"Wait, you cold hearted bitch!" I roared making the alicorn pause, her eyes narrowing in anger that such a mortal would be addressing a Goddess in such a matter.

"What is it you want, reptile?!" she growled, the claws of shadow waving in agitation to be kept from their job as the alicorn waited to hear me speak before she made the shadows fade back.

"Nightmare Moon, seriously? You're the Judge of the Underworld? This has to be a joke; I thought you had disappeared into shadows once the Elements of Harmony blasted you with their Hyper Rainbow?" I growled.

Angered that the Gods would chose a villain to be the Judge of Souls….of course, now that I thought about it did seem fitting.

She snorted, blowing heated air from her nostrils before answering my question in a rather annoyed fashion.

"That is where you are false in your accusation, dragon. During my thousand year of being bonded with that Goddess, Princess Luna, my rule was taken over by the dragon God of Rage, Wrath, not that it would matter because you don't know of the name. Once I was defeated my rule was given back to, well, myself.

I'm the Goddess of Nightmares and Suffering, as opposed to Lord Discord, the God of Chaos and Disharmony. Also, I might add who is the Ruler of Tartarus and before you ask, mortal, when his body is trapped in stone he leads the dark souls of Hell, then when he is released that position is offered to another God or Goddess before he gains his reign back."

The Goddess answered with a frown at my question as my mouth dropped open in shock; she has got to be shitting me!

"Discord rules Tartarus?!" I screamed in rage making her chuckle before nodding and with a dark grin added.

"Indeed, so the playful God rules one of the most important afterlives of the three, which are Tartarus, Purgatory, and the Heavens, Purgatory has no God or Goddess to watch over the realm now, though I understand that Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, the Goddess of Love may very well rule over the Bleak realm once her mate, Shining Armor passes from the living, but that is just a rumor, why a Goddess would marry a pathetic mortal I'll never understand though you should be able to relate, falling in love with a mortal unicorn when you're a dragon, drake.

At any rate, Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the Changlings and the Goddess of Misery and Fear also takes over either Discord's or even my own rule every eon or so. " she laughed with a flick of her mane, blinking in boredom from having to explain her reasons to me, a mortal dragon as I gritted my fangs in rage from the smirk that had appeared on her face.

"If it satisfies your knowledge, drake, you are keeping me from my immortal job." She spoke slowly as my eyes shifted to Pinkie Pie who smiled an honest smile and giving me a tight hug and kiss on my left cheek she stepped towards Nightmare Moon who had a wide, dark grin on her face.

"I hope you fade." Pinkie spat coldly making the Goddess's eyes narrow in rage and frown before she slammed her right front hoof hard on the arm rest and summoned the shadow claws again which wrapped around Pinkie Pie's waist and knowing that with my sins I would be joining her soon, I watched in horror as her tail was ripped from her body, no doubt by Nightmare Moon's silent orders before she lost a quarter of her mane and then was cruelty tossed into the flames leading to her punishment.

*Pinkie Pie's P.O.V*

I sailed through the air, hearing screams that would make a living mortal creature lose their minds, flinching as I felt flames burn my fur, the heat as if I had been thrown into an oven and set on the highest temperature.

I fell through the air to what felt like years, having wailing shades claw at my fur and torn mane, my tailless rump shaking in fear as I awaited my fate, singing one last, hopeful song before I never had another chance.

"Giggle at the ghostly,

Guffaw at the grossly,

Crack up at the creepy,

Whoop it up with weepy,

Chortle at the kooky,

Snortle at the spooky," I was half way through my last song, screaming the words with all my might, feeling circle after circle pass me and time by as I continued to sing.

"And tell that big, dumb, scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just made you wanna…..ha, ha, ha, ha….LAAAAAAU-" my song was cut short, just as I was about to sing the end by a branch tied to resemble a noose wrapping around my throat as I did not even see it with my eyes closed, singing to my heart's content and I, with shame, anger, sorrow and pity understood that I could sing no more.

My song was over, my sins had caught up to me…..my eternal suffering had just begun.

*Spike's P.O.V*

I felt tears slid down the scales of my face and closed my eyes as I looked at the Goddess before me, my claws curling in outrage that even though what I did was just that it was unfair, all unfair.

I sighed loudly, knowing I could never fight Fate…it was a pointless cause, even to the Gods as I looked towards Nightmare Moon, and knowing I had no more friends to comfort me, that I was truly alone, awaited my punishment.

She snorted, amused that I could feel sorrow for a soul who had taken her life as I have done before once again bringing the scroll up to her face and began to read my sins.

"Spike Sparkle, the Crystal Savior as I understand, hmmm…..with the sins of….lust, anger, greed, treachery, fraud and oh look…suicide. Don't you mortal have anything else to do but kill yourselves?" Nightmare Moon questioned lazily, her scroll being lowered to look me in the eyes as I stood my ground, not being afraid to stand up to her.

"How do you plead?" she asked calmly, her left front hoof tapping with impatience to judge other souls, I think as I narrowed my eyes and without hesitation spoke.

"Guilty." making her chuckle darkly with a roll of her eyes and shake of her head.

"Not that it matters really seeing how-"

"Then why do you ask?!" I screamed sick of her twisted and bucking games as her eyes narrowed and she smiled a sick, evil smile.

"To watch the souls squirm." She answered coldly as I scoffed.

"Any last words, drake?" she asked as I thought of the last thing wanted before I would forever suffer.

"Can I have a cigarette?" I asked making her snort angrily and her eyes narrow to mere slits but she seemed to accept my request as she lit her horn with magic and summoned the tobacco which I should not have been able to touch let alone smoke being a shade but when I reached for it, it felt just as if I was alive and I sighed with relief before lighting it with my green flames, placing it in my mouth, inhaling deeply before I exhaled out my mouth, ready to face whatever it was the Goddess threw at me.

Nightmare Moon did not look amused before muttering to herself "Got to see if I can add smoking as a sin and to the circle of Gluttony." Making me chuckle before her eyes shifted to my own and she paused, thinking long and hard of where to send me.

"Hmmm….let's see, where to put youuuuuu…..I really want to throw you into treachery for the betrayal you had done to your mate, Twilight Sparkle but, I am amused by you suffering at claws of other dragons in Violence. Hmmmm…..I think, I'll send you to…..TREACHERY!" she screamed in the Royal Canterlot voice before summoning the shadow claws that grabbed me, back clawed my face almost making me drop my last smoke before throwing me into the flames towards my punishment.

I was dropping fast, as if I was a ball of lead shot from a canon, four times my cigarette was almost blown into the wind but I kept it firmly in my mouth, feeling lost, dark souls claw at my scales, trying to grab my tail before I sped past them.

I saw the blue sheet of the frozen circle known as Treachery and slammed into the ice with speeds that would have made my body spat into nothing more than a stain if I was alive.

Instead the ice, with its frozen, cold and cruel element slowly buried me, my soul being more than half way frozen as I inhaled the last of my cigarette and breathing out the last of the gray smoke as I exhaled, I spat it out, waiting for my soul to forever be trapped in the ice as I heard a harsh, excited chuckle from somewhere around me, sounding strangely like Discord's.

"Welcome to my realm, you'll be here for the rest of existence, Crystal Savior." It mocked before my soul was trapped in the frozen element forever the last thought in my mind before I was completely consumed.

"I'm sorry, Twi."

I had paid the price for my sins, I had gambled with Fate and lost, I had failed.

*With Twilight Sparkle*

The mare could not take it anymore, she did not eat, drink, or even used the restroom as she laid on the couch, the furniture bringing stained with urine, alcohol and her tears as she wiped snot from her nose, her mind focusing on nothing more than the letter, the third and last before her eyes, wanting nothing more than to burn it along the entire tree house with her still trapped inside.

She had cursed the Gods, not allowing even Celestia or her older brother Shining Armor to talk to her anymore, everything in her life was failing, fading or just going completely wrong.

What was the point of her living, why the buck had the Gods cursed a mortal unicorn whose only goal in life was to be the best student of Princess Celestia that ever lived, and she could not even do that.

With a loud sigh, and taking one last large drink of the grape wine in the bottle which was only a quarter full as she poured the remainder of the alcohol all over her body, making sure to get every last inch of her fur, mane, tail and even horn as she brought the last latter to her face and making her face emotionless but could not help a single tear that slid down from her left eyes as she began to read the final letter titled Letter three: A monster praying for redemption; giving the heart of a mortal dragon to a Goddess.

My dearest Twilight Sparkle,

I had given up; I had surrendered to the sins whispering into my ear fins, I have stopped caring about everything in my life, everything but you.

My life, my love…my heart; I had betrayed you, disobeyed you, lied to you and worse of all, I have struck you. The Gods, heh, the Gods are cruel my love, Fate is a bitch, tempting any creature, God or mortal to buck her like the whore she is.

But none can ever have her, as if she was the most expensive jewel in all of Equestria, as if she was the best tasting wine ever made, as if she was the beast that could never be tamed.

None can stand against her and because of that, I cannot fight the destiny, the depression, the guilt clawing at my soul, at my heart, at my mind, Twilight….I don't deserve you, I say that with the most honest tone that I could ever speak.

You….you are as a Goddess in my eyes, easy to worship, to bow down to and wish for a better life in this Tartarus filled life but impossible to ever measure in beauty, in love…..in this dragon's heart.

You deserve to be happy, Twilight, with one that will treat you like the Goddess you are, not by a cold blooded, weak hearted and bucking idiot of the reptile that I am.

I could never give you everything you deserve Twi, I wanted a child, did you know that?

The first hybrid, male or female to ever be born in Equestria in centuries, ha, but instead…..instead I had injured the very mare would always held my heart, I had defiled my honor, my bucking Dragon Code by the sin I had done to you. I could never be the father to our child that I had always dreamed of.

I wanted us to be married beautiful, to have a life of happiness, instead of one filled with lies, secrets and sin…you're my heart Twilight Sparkle, you're MY soul, you're MY mind, you're MY…..you're my Goddess.

The choices that you make on the road are ones that can be forgiven by the Gods, but the ones that I make will forever stain my scales, and could never be forgiven.

I love you Twilight, more than anything in life and the years that we have traveled are ones that will never be forgotten, but you are ascending into the Heavens, while I trail the road to the Underworld.

Be at peace my Goddess for any and every sin you do will be added to my own, this I swear, after all….one so pure of heart can never have a speck of imperfection staining her perfect form, no matter how hard she wishes it.

With love, honesty and regret,

Spike Sparkle.

Twilight's face was stained with tears as she finished the soul shattering, heart breaking and very tragic letter.

All of Spike's sins were brought to light and as his Goddess; she would make sure that his pleads would be heard, unlike those of the other Gods who turned their ears away from his cries.

Spike was forgiven in her eyes as she lit fire to all three letters on the table then did the same to her tail, allowing the flames to speed up their order of burning swiftly on her alcohol drenched body as she laid on the couch, ignoring her pet owl, Owlowiscious's hoots of panic and Spike's pet phoenix, Peewee chirps of fear as she felt the fire spreading to the base of her tail then quickly burning her rear fur, along with her Cutie Mark, causing first degree burn to her body and no doubt going to burn past the muscles, tissue and organs in her body, ending her life.

Twilight Sparkle smiled and closed her eyes as for once in her life since Spike's death, she was happy, she was at peace and she would join her dragon in Tartarus and protect him for all the demonic souls that tried to harm him.

For she was his heart, his soul….his Goddess.

Author's Note:

I was listening to The Fray's "You found me" track about ten times when ediitng this chapter, so there you are. Kind of bucked up due to the ending but it works for me.

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Shit, this seriously has to be the darkest thing I have ever wrote let alone read with my own eyes in my life, far as I know anyway, this...this was for some very, very, very odd reason not as hard to write as I thought and I'm excited that it is over.

Orginally I was going to have a fight scene with Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena (acting as her sins) while they walked towards the Gates of Tartarus bit forgot to write it, thoughts? Should I put it in or not?

And this is seriously a very, very dark story for those who had somehow reached this point, but you should know that by now….damn, I really want a smoke now.

Anyway, give me your honest feedback, I hope to finish Melting a cold heart sometime this week then try to get back into writing Legacy of Death Belle: The Crused Crusader soon, hope you all enjoyed this truly tragic tale, have a great day/night, kangaroo dancing time, peace.