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Quaint Little Island

It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I couldn't imagine being happier as I snuggled up into Edges arms. We were laying on our little beach on the island I'd stumbled across a year earlier. He smelled like rain, and sweet flowers and guy. Guy smell was possibly the best thing ever I'd found out, I couldn't get enough of it. I nuzzled my nose into the nape of his neck and kissed the cool skin there, we're in one of the hottest parts of the world and yet he was still so cold. It was so perfect.

Trouble was snoring quietly near my feet and there was nothing but the sound of the ocean as we watched the sun set in the distance.
"Happy anniversary." Edge said smiling sweetly. I looked up and into his deep green eyes, the yellow in them quieted and settled near the pupil.
"Happy anniversary?" I asked kind of confused.
"Mhm, this was the time last year we met." he reminded me. It made me blush that he remembered
"It's been a whole year?" I mused.
"Yup, did you forget?" he teased me, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear.
"I guess I just lost track of time. I just get so busy looking in your eyes, I'm surprised a hundred years hasn't flown by."

His smile melted my heart, he kissed me on the nose.
"You're so cheesy." He said.
"You love it!" I giggled. He sighed and pulled my face up to his
"I really do…" he said as he pulled me into his lips. We kissed like that for awhile, laying on the warm sand, the sunrise casting a pink and purple glow across the sky. It was horribly gut wrenchingly romantic, but I was such a sucker for these kind of moments…

"We should probably head back to the shack…" Edge said only breaking our kiss to say that, then going back at it. I chuckled and pulled away slightly
"Probably." pecking him once more and looking up at the sky. "See, a minute ago the sun was out, now it's night time. You and your distractions." I smiled at him as he pulled away a little further to look into my eyes.
"You love it!" he mimicked my voice and I laughed.
"You'd figure after a year you'd get a little better at that." I teased rolling over and standing up, he laughed softly.
"Apparently not." he replied laying back in the sand and closing his eyes. I nudged Trouble and he grumbled at me, slowly getting up and stretching. Flexing his claws and yawning, his curled pink tongue rolling out of his mouth and back in as he closed it. He glared up at me
"Don't look at me buddy, Edge was the one who said we should go back…" I laughed turning back to Edge "Get up you!"

"I don't wanna… I'm too lazy…" He opened one eye and looked at me. I bent down grabbing his wrist, trying to pull him up.
"Come on, me and Trouble are up now. We can go back to the cabin and-" he pulled me down on top of him before I could finish my sentence. He locked his lips with mine and I could feel him smiling
"And what?" He mumbled seductively, I twisted my hands through his messy black hair.
"Oh I think you know." I breathed into his lips. He chuckled deeply and it sent shivers down my spine. "But you gotta get up first…" I said in my most seducing kind of tone that I knew made him crazy. I don't think I've ever seen him get up so fast…

"You don't mean that…" he said still holding me close, but we were now hovering off the ground.
"I might, you won't know until we get there I guess." I teased, as swiftly as I could I summoned my broom from off the sand and as soon as it hit the palm of my hand I was flying through the jungle. I heard Edge close behind me but I was faster. I would ALWAYS be faster.

Once we were back at the old run down shack I scurried up the steps but he caught me at the door, pulling my waist back down the steps making me laugh and he ducked inside first.
"You cheated!" I said running up the stairs and through the door. He was standing there smirking like a cocky jerk. What a stupid…

"I did NOT cheat! How could you accuse ME, Pitch Blacks son, of CHEATING!? How dare you make such accusations!" he acted all mock offended. Leaning my broom against the inside of the door, I then walked up to him and pushed him backwards. He fell onto his back on the bed we'd gotten a few months before. I loved how we made such a joke out of his supposed 'father', he didn't scare me anymore. Nothing could scare me with Edge around, well… except loosing him… and spiders.

"I am EVER so sorry Edge Black. How dare I be so rude… you should punish me for being so bad." I climbed on top of him and his breathing became a little heavier but his drop dead smile didn't waver.
"Maybe I should." He grabbed my waist again and flipped us over, kissing up my neck. Which… just threw me over the edge… literally.

Throwing of clothes ensued, and I was glad the island was completely abandoned except for us cause… things get a little rowdy…. I mean come on, if you were immortal, found the love of your life and only slept like every six months what else would you do? Play checkers? I'm not even good at checkers!

A few fun filled hours later, I watched the sun start to rise through the small window as light filtered through the room.
"Do we make too much use of this bed?" He asked me, humour in his tone.
"No," I giggled "I don't think there is such a thing." I replied, he chuckled then kissed my forehead.
"Have I called you beautiful yet today?" He said and I blushed, pulling the covers up over my head.
"You have now." he laughed and joined me under the blankets.

"So what do you wanna do today Edge?" I said smiling.
"The same thing we do every day Willow, TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" He replied and we both burst into a fit of laughter.
"See this is why I love you." I said, the warmth in my chest over whelming me.
"Because I quote weird cartoons?" He asked
"No, cause you're like the second half of me." I gave him a sincere kiss on the lips.

"Well good, that means I can say the same too you Love." he said, eyes warm. We just looked into each other eyes for awhile, then he continued "But in all seriousness we should start with getting dressed…" he chuckled and left our little blanket habitat. I popped my head up just above the blankets as he got up and put on his boxers. He seemed stumped for a moment…
"I threw your jeans on top on the bookshelf with all the Greek Mythology in it." I helped him. He shook his head and went over to it while I slipped out of bed and found my bra and underwear. Where was my-
"Try under the bed." he said from across the room.

I got down on all fours and found my black dress in a crumpled ball under the bed frame, grabbing it and standing back up I noticed why he did that. "Dat ass!" He laughed. We had developed this bad habit of throwing each others clothes in obscure places cause we thought it was funny… which it totally was.
"Dare I even TRY and find my shorts?" I asked him, pulling my dress over my head. He was looking through the books on the shelf I'd thrown his pants over.
"Probably not. Just more to take off later anyways." he said nonchalantly, I just rolled my eyes. I didn't like wearing my short little dress without the shorts underneath. But I guess it didn't matter, it's not like I was gonna be seeing anyone but him today anyways.

"Watcha lookin at babe?" He seemed entranced with a book he'd pulled out. He was still topless and I wrapped my arms around his waist, peering over his arm.
"Just something about spring time…" He said, busied with reading.
"About your mom?" I asked curious. He just nodded, so I let him read for a bit. I used my broom to sweep out the sand we'd tracked in with us last night out of the shack. I heard him sigh and shut the book loudly. He came out to join me and he seemed disgruntled.
"Didn't find much?" I asked, he shook his head. "Well, where do you wanna start? Have you narrowed it down yet?"
"Not really…" he seemed rather sad. I didn't like it at all… I went up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.
"Whenever you're ready to go looking I'll be there. I'll follow you anywhere. You know that." I told him. He smirked
"I know. Likewise my Darling."

We ended up back at the beach, he was trying to teach me how to skip rocks across the water. I was failing, quite epically. I ended up just throwing a rock as far as I could out of frustration and as we watched it fall unnaturally farther away we saw a figure in the distance. We both stopped laughing, at first I assumed it was Trouble coming back from making, well, trouble, but as the figure got closer I realized it was too big to be my trusty cat companion.

I noticed his white hair first, then the blue hoodie which was different form the first time we met. Of course him being immortal, that's the only thing. I stood up smiling, happy to see a friend, Edge seemed tense and stood up with me.
"Jack! Hi!" I smiled at him, it left my face when I saw his expression. It was completely dead, like someone had stolen the light that glowed within him the first time we met. "What's wrong?" I felt the chaos hit me before he had time to answer.

"I need your help…" his voice sounded pained. "I know we only met briefly once but please." He begged.
"Yeah of course! What's wrong?" I said trying to comfort him, he looked like he was on the brink of tears.
"It's Hiccup. He's sick Willow, I'm asking all the Guardians to help me find some kind of cure." he breathlessly told me. He looked exhausted, using his staff as a crutch to hold him up. He glanced at Edge and tried to smile.

"I'm sorry I don't think we've met. I'm Jack Frost." He held out a white hand and Edge took it firmly. My eye brows furrowed, I'd never seen Edge like this before.
"Name's Edge." His voice seemed deeper. "It's nice to meet you."
"It's nice to meet you too…" Jack seemed confused for a moment but turned back to me.
"We'll help you Jack, just tell us where to go." I smiled warmly at him, the poor guy…
"Thank you so much, I'm sorry it's such short notice but it's really urgent." His voice cracked, if he cries I swear… "All the immortals are meeting up at the North Pole, get there as soon as possible and I'll meet you there. I have a few more people to find." His feet lifted from the ground.

"Okay, I'll see you soon then." I looked up at him.
"Thank you so much." He said and then flew away at some crazy speed for looking so tired. I was confused but really willing to help. I turned around to face Edge and he was frowning at the sand.
"I can't go with you." He said softly.
"Why not? Because of the Guardians?" I put my hands on my hips, I figured this would be a problem.
"Because of my dad. You know that." He said sounding hurt yet angry.
"No, I don't know that, and you don't either. Have you even MET North? He's a jolly guy!" I tried to lighten the mood. It didn't work. "Look, Jack just met you and seemed to be fine. He's a Guardian I think as of recently." Edge still wouldn't look at me. I sighed and walked up to him, cupping my hand around his cheek. Pulling his face too look at me gently.

"Look, why do they even need to know your dad is Pitch? Not that I think they will care but, come with me anyways. You said before you'd follow me anywhere, well I'm going to the North Pole to help. I'd really REALLY like it if you came with me." I pleaded with him. Part of me thought about not going if he didn't but I knew I needed to help no matter what. I just did.
"What if they ask?" He asked me, seeming to come around a little.
"Why would they? Just say you died and are… the spirit of…" I looked around "Forestry." He snorted
"FORESTRY?" he cracked a smile.
"Fine. You come up with a better alias then!" I smiled. "Just let them get to know you first, then maybe after awhile, we can break the news." he still seemed sceptical though, changing his mind he turned around.

"I'm sorry but I can't Willow…" he said about to fly off.
"PLEASE Edge." My tone stopped him, my heart was breaking for him. I didn't want him to feel disowned anymore, or unwanted. "Maybe they can help you find your mom." I said desperately, his feet landed back on the sand. His shoulders were still tense, his fists clenched at his sides. "Edge I love you, and I know they will too. They aren't as judgemental as you think, you just have to give them a chance." I said as my final plea. I'd head back to the shack and grab what I needed if he refused again. I really wished he wouldn't though.

He stood there, and I let him, he needed to think for a minute, and weigh his options. That's how he was. After a year together I knew when he needed silence, and I knew when he needed space just as much as I knew when he needed a hug, or a kiss. It's not that we couldn't stand a minute without being by each others side, it was that I wanted him to know he wasn't hated, because deep down I knew he wasn't and he had convinced himself he was. This was a great chance to show him otherwise.

He turned around slowly, then looked at me.
"So will you come with me?" I smiled hopefully. He sighed and ran a hand through his already messy black hair.
"I guess it couldn't hurt…" I ran into him with a big hug.
"Of course not! What's the worst that could happen?" He wrapped his cool strong arms around my small frame.
"I could think of a few things…" He said.
I rolled my eyes cause he was being silly, and at the time he was. In hind sight it turned out to be more prediction than silly…

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