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The North Pole

We went back to our little shack in the jungle and packed what we needed, which truthfully, wasn't much at all.
"We need to wait for Trouble." I said as Edge walked down the steps to join me in front of the shack.
"You can't just call him or something?" He half chuckled, still clearly a little uncomfortable. I rolled my eyes.
"No, he should be back soon though cause-" I didn't even finish my sentence before the black cat landed by my side. "He's never gone for long." I smiled down at my kitty and he blinked up at me. I knelt down and scratched his favourite spot behind his ear.

"I guess we're ready to go then…" Edge sounded unpleased.
"It'll be okay," I told him standing back up. "Have you ever been to the-" I stopped because he was giving me a very dull look… "Of course you haven't been there before… silly me…" I sighed and hoped on my broom. Trouble's paws lit up with black sparkles and Edge whistled low as green tendrils lapped around his ankles.
"This had better be worth it." He said.
"It will be, promise." I responded, lifting into the air and heading north.

We weren't going max speed, mostly because Edge wasn't in much of a hurry. Trouble seemed to accept where we were going, whenever we had been there before he enjoyed messing with the elves. They were already so clumsy and stupid he hardly had to do anything…

When we reached the North pole Edges eyes widened, North's workshop really was something to behold. I remember when I saw it for the first time and I had almost the same expression on my face, I'm sure. I dropped down in front of the main entrance, the snow came up to my knees. A Yeti was stationed there guarding the door, seemingly apprehensive about me.
"Phil!" I said with a smile, I recognized him quite easily because he was the one always guarding the main door. He made an exasperated grunt and his eyes brightened in recognition, his furry moustache lifting into what looked like a smile. When Edge landed just behind me however, the smile faded and his bushy eyebrows furrowed.

"He's with me, it's okay." I said trying to reassure him, the big Yeti nodded and opened the door to the workshop for us. "Thanks Phil!" I smiled as I went through the big opening, he just nodded making another strange grunting noise. Once we were in the door it was like a whole other world, bright colours and lights everywhere. As well as many Yeti's and tiny elves running around building anything you could ever imagine.

"Whoa…" Edge said from beside me, I smiled. It was always such a pick me up to be here, there was so much joy and imagination. It was like North's spirit had reached every corner of this magical place.
"Awesome isn't it?" I asked him, grabbing his hand. It was cool as always, he held mine back in a tight grip, as if he was gonna fall over from being so over whelmed. Trouble had already run off, chasing a couple elves around and causing… trouble… as per usual.

"Come on, North must be in his office." I tugged on Edge's hand and he walked beside me, gazing at everything, trying to take it all in. I smiled, I knew he'd enjoy himself. I also briefly wondered when the last time he had actually been this far away from his island was.

After walking up a twisted stair case and passing the famous glowing globe we walked up to another large door. Edge was so tense his grip was starting to cramp up my hand.
"It'll be okay, just stick to the plan. Okay?" I told him, trying to wiggle my hand from his.
"Okay." He said, voice a little hoarse. I took a deep breath and smiled brightly, I knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in! Come in!" A booming voice bellowed form the other side, I chuckled and opened the door. The room was filled with trinkets and what I could only describe as 'thingies'. North was behind his desk scribbling on some paper, probably plans for his next project. "Willow The Wisp!" North stood at his desk, his famous white beard coming down to his belt.

He had a red shirt that had it's sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showing off his Naughty and Nice list tattoos on his forearms. His winter boots clomped against the wooden floor as he stepped around his desk and I felt Edge tense even more, admittedly North was a very intimidating guy. Although, any big man with tattoos and a thick Russian accent would be… I'll make sure to refrain from the mentioning to Edge about his expert swordsman abilities…

"Hey North!" I said a big smile on my face as he walked across the room to pick me up in a big bear hug. My legs swung around as he shook me with his jolly laugh.
"How have you been? Good yes?" he said putting me down, I caught my breath and straightened myself out.
"Yeah pretty great actually! And you?" I asked, he didn't seem to be paying much attention to me anymore though, he had noticed the young man standing just behind me. North's friendly eyes squinted with suspicion for a moment and my heart caught in my throat.

"I'm Edge sir. It's nice to finally meet you, I've heard good things." Edge's voice was so proper it almost held some kind of feint accent I hadn't even heard him use before. The two of them shook hands and North's warm smile returned to his face.
"It's always a pleasure meeting new friends! Of course, Willow has never mentioned an Edge in her visits here?" he stated turning towards me with a clever smirk, I chuckled nervously looking at the floor.

"I just met Edge around a year ago, he's immortal like us and wants to help too." My face was flushed bright red, I could feel my ears burning.
"Yes sir. I'm here to help like everyone else." Edge's words seemed clipped but otherwise he seemed to be doing alright…

"The more the merrier yeah? It is strange though… most soldiers of the Man in the Moon have met at some point by now. It is wonderful how when you think you know everything BOOM! The world reveals yet another one of it's mysteries! But I digress, Jack Frost shall be back by morning and a meeting will be held in the Globe room as to how things will go. I expect you both to be there bright and early! There are rooms for each of my guests to be staying here, just ask a Yeti about them. I shall see you, and the rest of the immortals at dawn! I have many things to be planning for this 'hunt' so to say."

I chuckled at the old mans rambling and took Edge's hand as I started to leave the office.
"Okay, we will see you tomorrow North!" I waved, he smiled and waved back at us both and we stepped out of the room as the heavy door closed behind us.
"Well that wasn't so bad…" I stated and looked up at Edges pale face, he let out a long breath.
"Yeah, it could have gone worse I suppose." he looked down at me and smiled "So does this mean we have the rest of the night to look around?" His eyes brightened with excitement that made me laugh.

"yes I suppose it does, we should find our room first though." I said looking for a Yeti to ask, one with light brown fur was walking away from us. I let go of Edge's hand turned towards him "Excuse me!" The big furry ape like creature turned and tilted it's head slightly. "We're looking for our room?" He nodded and signalled to follow him.

It was funny how I practically had to drag Edge along, he wanted to stop and look at everything he could. There would be plenty of time for that though I was sure. We walked up two flights of stairs and down a bright hallway with brown doors running down both sides. It was like a hotel actually, it was strange and cool at the same time. We stopped in front of one and the Yeti motioned to go inside, I twisted the gold handle and stepped into our room.

It was decorated like a homey cottage, dark wooden furniture and big warm quilts with old lamps on the side tables. It was cute and warm and made me happy in a way that reminded me of a home I once knew.
"Thank you!" I said to the Yeti as he left us alone. Edge walked in and set his bag on the bed, it really only held some books he wanted to bring along so he could read. I flopped down on the bed, making my hat fall off and tossing my broom on the ground. My bag, which mostly had extra clothes, landed on the pillows beside me.

"It's nice in here." Edge said looking around the walls, like I said it was set up like a hotel room. There was even a small bathroom and everything.
"Mhm." I said rubbing my eyes, I was getting an awful ache between them and I didn't know why. Immortals didn't normally get headaches, I mean I did if I drank too much but I haven't in a really long time.

"Everything okay?" Edge sat beside me with a concerned expression on his face. I removed my hand from my face and smiled up at him.
"Yup! Wanna go look around?" I said, he responded by leaning down and planting a kiss on my forehead.
"Sounds good to me!" And with that we were out the door and back down the hallway.

The workshop was exceptionally busy for it being summer time, but it was probably just because of the extra guests. We met plenty of other immortal spirits as we toured around the North Pole, the leprechaun who helped celebrate 's day was no more than 3 feet tall with a ginger beard and rosy cheeks from his alcohol he always held in his hand.

Tooth dropped by for a bit and said hello to me, she was very happy to meet Edge or should I say, The Spirit of Growth, as he kept introducing himself as.
"I still say the Spirit of Forestry is much cooler." I joked, he chuckled.
"I'm not a freaking fairy, besides, what kind of innuendo can you make out of that!" He grabbed my waist and squeezed making me squeal and laugh.

"You shouldn't be making any innuendos out of anything." I giggled "We're in the home of the Guardians of children's freakin' innocence for goodness sakes!" I wiggled away from his ticklish grasp. He rolled his eyes and gave me my favourite smile,
"My powers or 'responsibilities' have nothing to do with children. Nor do some of the other immortals we've met, HELL! The damn leprechaun is drunk 24/7!" we both laughed and I just shook my head.
"Who are you kidding? Your don't have any 'responsibilties'." I mimicked his voice and we both laughed.
"I don't know… I have to look after you don't I? that's a hard enough responsibility in itself!" he joked, I gave him a pitiful smack in the arm.
"I'm not that much Trouble!" I stated.
"No, your cat is though!" he said pulling me out of the way of an elf stampede that was running through the workshop. A black ball of sparkling fur ran passed us chasing after the little elves, me and Edge just watched as the chaotic parade rounded another corner and disappeared.

On the way back to our room we ran into Bunnymund, and it was pretty clear that him and Edge wouldn't get along as soon as they saw each other.
"Willow!" The giant furry rabbit said with his deep Australian accent.
"Bunnymund! How are you?" I smiled politely at him.
"I am well! It seems you are doing pretty alright yerself! No obvious signs of doom and destruction about?" he teased, I chuckled, I guess the last time we had met I had been on quite the mission…
"heh… nope! Nothing lately, just the same old boring stuff." by then Bunnymund was staring down Edge.

"This is Edge, the Spirit of Growth." I said surprisingly without cracking up.
"It's nice to meet you mate, I'm Bunnymund, Guardian of children's hope." Edge nodded curtly.
"It's nice to meet you too." Why do guys have the need to lower their voices when talking to other guys? Bunnymund wasn't even another guy! He was a rabbit!
"So I take it you know the situation that Frosts in dontcha?" Bunnymund turned his attention back to me.
"Actually no, he just showed up and said Hiccup was in trouble. That he needed help and to meet here…" I really should have asked someone by now I guess…

"Ah… it's quite the problem he's gotten himself into this time." Bunnymund never got along with Jack either so he seemed unimpressed. "Might as well show yeah. Follow me mates." we walked down to the end of the hallway, passed our room and into another hallway before reaching a white door. The big grey rabbit made a 'shh' motion with his paw and opened the door. A few Yeti's lumbered around cleaning and busying themselves and in all honesty this part of the Pole looked like a hospital ward…

I followed Bunny with Edge close behind me to the end of a row of beds, the curtain around it was drawn though but I assumed Hiccup was behind it. Bunnymund looked at me and I braced myself for the worst but when he pulled back the curtain… Hiccup wasn't laying there…

An elderly man with white grey hair and a wrinkled face lay face up in the bed, oxygen tubes in his nose. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion until he opened his eyes and looked at me, big green emeralds seemed to brighten as he smiled.
"Willow the wisp!" The old mans raspy voice said my name, I tried desperately to smile back but my mind was working hard to do some math… when did I actually meet Hiccup and Jack? To my horror I realized it had to of been at least 90 years since I saw the young boy last…

"Hiccup!" I squeaked with a fake smile, "How are you feelin?" I asked, he coughed and seemed to struggle to breathe.
"I've been better, I must admit." He coughed again, his chest rising and falling unevenly. I placed my hand on his boney feeble one, he felt cold, which even I knew was bad for a human.

I chuckled "You've certainly looked better." I teased, he smiled, emerald eyes still shimmering. He looked over at Bunnymund.
"Where's Jack?" His scratchy voice said in a way that was barely audible.
"He's out lookin for the otha immortals that can help. He'll be back by tonight mate, dontcha worry now." Bunnymund smiled warmly down at the old man, who's eyes began to shut and as soon as they did, he started to snore.

Bunnymund pulled back the curtain around the bed and we walked back to my room in silence.
"So now yeah know why Frosts all in a huff about it eh?" He asked, I nodded.
"I couldn't even imagine…" Edge looped his fingers through mine and squeezed.
"Yeah, me neitha. I'll see you tomorrow though Wisp, crack a dawn North says. G'night!" He waved and I waved back as he tapped the floor twice and disappeared down a hole that filled in leaving only a few colourful flowers in it's place.

Edge still hadn't said anything once we got inside our room, he just walked over and stared out the window at the snowy landscape.
"What's wrong?" I asked staying near the bed, part of me actually wanted to sleep. I hadn't in a couple months now… Edge just turned to me, his green eyes alight with this new kind of look I hadn't really seen until now. He walked quickly over to me and scooped me up in his arms, kissing my passionately. We fell over onto the bed and I chuckled after awhile pushing my hand onto his broad chest. "What's all this about?" I asked him confused.

"I just can't comprehend the thought of loosing you now that you're a part of my life. I can't imagine what Jack Frost is going through." he said looking into my eyes, almost painfully. I smiled and pecked him again on the lips.
"I'm not going anywhere, I'm immortal remember? Hiccups a human…" I frowned, I felt horrible for Jack…

"I thought Jack said Hiccup was just sick or something…" I said.
"I guess that's what he considered old age to be…" Edge said tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear. I bit my lip thinking about the awful situation.
"Edge?" I said
"Yes?" He responded reluctantly.
"What's a cure for old age?" I asked. He sighed, a hopeless exhale that left my insides hurting for the couple.
"Death." He said seriously.