Author's Note: Hello there! So, I started this Sebastian x OC story nearly two years ago. But due to college and what not, I was kind of forced to stop writing for a while. But hey, I'm finally back! I published this story on a different site and under a different title. I wrote the first 15 chapters back in high school and tried my best to re-edit them so that they would flow a little better with my sort of updated style of writing. Anyhow, it feels really good to get back into writing and I'm really happy and excited about this. I heard that most people on FanFiction dislike OC stories, so if you're one of those haters, then I suggest you choose something else. Obviously, I ain't the author for you! To the rest, I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table. :)

Oh yes, before I forget, this story is based on both the anime and manga, but mostly the manga. I may also change up a few things so it's less boring/repetitive. If you don't like that, then this story is, once again, not for you.

Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso. I only own my OCs and ideas not seen in the anime/manga

The road was rough and seemingly endless. The carriage trudged on and on, currently occupied by a large group of young women huddled close together.

I was among them.

…Where did you go? Why aren't you here with me?

I could see all of their faces in the dark, the small windows catching a few rays of lamp light as the carriage passed, allowing me to see brief glimpses of their heads. Our wrists and ankles were bound with tight rope that cut deeply into our skin whenever we tried to move. Our clothes and overall appearance was tainted by dirt and debris, looking like a waste of human.

I stared into their glazed eyes once again. Although some were still scared and unsure of this plan, most had faith and were determined to make it succeed. They stared back at me and then glanced at one another, readying themselves for what would come soon enough.

That cursed beast driving the carriage let out a hearty laugh, sounding disgusting along with his partner sitting next to him.

I looked down to my bound hands, my tongue running along my teeth. I soon tasted blood in my mouth and shivered at the sensation. I had to hold back my urge. Now wasn't the time for that. Instead, I brought the rope to my mouth and used my teeth to gnaw it away.

The men outside the carriage continued to chat with their incoherent voices while I continued breaking the thinning rope around my wrists before I was finally able to rip it apart easily. I turned to the girl beside me, who hesitantly shifted closer to me as I took her hands and went to work on the rope once again.

The girls watched me working with upmost concentration and exchanged glances once again, feeling obligated to make an attempt. One of them quietly began to feel her way in the dark and search for anything that was remotely close to sharp.

Once I was done with the girl's hands, she took over and quickly started unraveling the rope at her feet while I moved on to the next person. The other girl finally found a stray piece of broken glass near the corner of the carriage, bringing it up to the miniscule amount of light to see that it was decent enough. She had someone hold the piece of glass while she sawed the rope against it.

The men's voices grew louder, making a few of the young women panic but nonetheless, we kept going.

It was no surprise to find that my fangs were incredibly sore, more than it had been, by the time we were all finished releasing ourselves from the binds.

The carriage jolted to a sudden stop, causing some girls to fall to their knees after having just stood up. We had done it just in time…

"Agh, finally! I feel like we've been doing nothing but drive this piece of shit for ages!" One of the men, complained, his voice nearing the back of the carriage.

I turned around and put a finger to my lips, urging the girls to stay quiet while they quickly hid the piles of rope behind them.

"We havebeen driving all day, you idiot. Ya know, this job may be hard, but it's still so fun to score street rats! Or should I say, street kittens. I swear we'll earn more than we've ever had for sure!"

"Ooh I can't wait!" The man jostled the back of the carriage in excitement. The girls almost screamed out loud, quickly covering their mouths.

"What do you think you're doing you moron!" the other man hit his partner, causing the carriage to shake once again from the body collision.

"W-what? I just wanted to take a look at them!"

"Are you insane?! You know that anyone can see us! We can't let anyone know! Honestly, use your head!"


The other man paused and from the sound of his groan, he was probably stretching. "Wait here. I'll go get us some drinks."

"What! Well can't I go with you?!"

The man hit him over the head again. "Once again, idiot, you think we can leave this carriage all alone? That's downright trouble!"

"Oh...ha-ha! Right!"

The man muttered to himself as his footsteps grew distant. His partner kicked the dirt before distancing himself from the carriage.

"Hah…idiot…one of these days I'll call him that…"

As soon as my ears could tell that he was gone, I immediately took the inside-lock keeping us sealed in here and began striking it with my bare hands. One of the girls saw what I was doing and came over to help, kicking the back of the carriage. Other girls joined in and applied pressure on the double doors, careful not to tip the carriage over as the lock in my hand began to dent slightly but not enough.

I inhaled deeply and concentrated on gathering all the strength I could muster. My eyes flashed red when I reopened them. My hand clenched so tightly over the lock that it finally crumbled in half.

The door opened slightly and when the girls rammed against it all together, the doors split open. I caught two of the girls whom had nearly fallen out and pulled them back in. The girl, who had helped me, peered behind the door. She saw that the carriage had been stopped a fair distance from a small lit pub. She scanned the other side and noticed that the partner was nowhere in sight.

She nodded to me and I returned the gesture. Once everyone was informed that the coast was clear, the girls began scurrying out of the carriage. They were hesitant in going ahead once they stepped out, but the girl coaxed them to run. They nodded back and escaped with no further ado.

One by one, the young women left the carriage. Adrenaline rushed through me, as well as slight anxiety of being able to go free.

Yet, just as that feeling set in, another one pushed it away. A much unpleasant one.

"HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU BITCHES ARE GOING!" the partner had caught sight of us, running towards us with a furious look on his face.

The girl beside me gasped and I quickly pushed her out the carriage since she was the remaining one left. The other girls in the distance glanced behind their backs but I signaled for them to keep going.

"OI! STOP RIGHT THERE!" the partner screeched.

"What's going on?!" the driver yelled after him.



A bullet sped past us and I continued to push the girl forward until I stopped, turning around to face the men. She stopped and stared at me wide-eyed with horror. I glared and motioned her to run. She shook her head, but the partner's gun sounded again, this time catching my shoulder. I winced and stumbled back, clutching my shoulder, feeling blood seeping through my fingers. My eyes turned red again and I clenched my teeth.

I looked back at the girl, who gave me one last nod before running off without me. I turned to the partner, who had his gun pointed at me, the driver beside him coming over to take my arm.

"Are you just going to stand there like a fool? Go after the bitches who escaped! I'll deal with this whore…" he exclaimed, taking hold of me.

"Why do I always have to be the one who-"

"Goddammit, shut the hell up and do as I say!"

"F-fine but-"

I took this chance and lashed out against the man holding me, hauling him over my shoulders and throwing him onto the ground. I had regained my energy and before his partner could react, I grabbed his hand holding the gun and twisted it fully clockwise. He screamed in pain as the gun fell out of his hands and I snatched it away.

"QUIT HOWLING AND WATCH-" The man cut off when I shot his partner straight through the head. He fell to the ground with his eyes wide open.

I stood there for a moment to catch my breath, gazing at my bloody hand and bringing it to my face. I licked my fingers gently. Oh…this strong urge to…

Another gun sounded and I was struck in the back once again. I bent over my knees for a second before whipping around and pointing my gun at the one man left, only for him to shoot me in the leg. That forced me to weaken my stance and before I could react, he had slapped the gun out of my hand and took hold of my neck, slamming me to the ground.

I immediately thrashed around despite the bullet injuries, hissing at him as my mouth opened, revealing to him what I really was.

He breathed heavily, smelling of bourbon as he fumbled around with a black case by his side. "You filthy little rat. Don't think that you could've escaped."

His giant hand clenching my throat tightened, making my vision blurry as his large body pinned me to the ground. I hated that I wasn't strong enough…at least not as strong as I could've been with-

"Hush! Shut up!" he snarled, clamping a hand over my mouth. He then took out a needle, my eyes widening as he took my arm and laid it out, my pale skin in his sight. My eyes clenched shut, tears threatening to spill as he injected the needle into my vein.

"Sleep tight for now…" he whispered, black spots taking over.

An icy cold rush blew over me when I found myself in a place I had no idea of. All I knew was that it was dark, isolated, and smelled of something rotting. I tried to move but found my hands and feet bound again, except this time in chains. Not only that, I was completely naked and was laid on the floor in a spread-eagle.

"Well now, I didn't expect you to wake up so quickly. But then again…it wouldn't have been fun if you weren't awake."

I spotted the man coming towards me with a perverse look on his face. He was obviously enjoying the position I was in.

"Are you ready for your punishment? It's too bad you couldn't stay unconscious for long," he sneered and then snapped his long whip before lashing it at me.

I winced and kept my mouth shut as he continued lashing me repeatedly, laughing as he did so. Fresh long wounds appeared one by one on my body yet I continued to hold back any screams that were begging to be heard.

After countless number of lashes, he breathed heavily, staring at my body for a moment before dropping his whip and coming over to me, straddling my hips.

He smirked evilly at me, taking a knife and began stabbing me, having gotten bored with whipping. This time I couldn't hold back my tears and they came spilling down my face. I bit my lip so hard that blood was seeping and joined with the salty liquid. Blood also splashed against his face from the wounds he kept inflicting on me, loving that he was seeing my more apparent reaction of pain.

His loud laughs echoed in my ears and his grimy hands took hold of my breasts, using his knife to slowly etch a word into my stomach. He said each letter of the word out loud as slowly as he was carving it in my skin. My mouth opened, gasping for air.

The man had released my chains while I was experiencing this excruciating pain, knowing full well that I was too weak to fight back or try to escape. He flipped me over and carved more words into my back before simply cutting into my skin.

Soon enough, he tossed the blood-soaked knife to the side, deciding for a moment what to do with me. Knowing that I was about to meet my end, he unbuttoned his trousers. Before I could comprehend what he was about to do, he shoved himself inside me once he had spread my legs open, emitting the worst pain ever.

This time, I let it all go. I screamed bloody murder.

I could see his grinning face splattered with red, coming down on me every time he thrust inside me faster and harder. I screamed again and dug my fingers into his back, only intensifying the pleasure he was feeling then.

The last amounts of energy were slipping away from me and my eyeballs began to roll back into my head. His menacing howl was the last thing I heard before I felt myself fade.

He pulled himself off her and grinned at his handy work, the walls and her skin drenched in red. He saw the whites of her eyes and sighed, disappointed that it was already over. He hauled her corpse over his shoulder, leaving the filthy room and out into the cold. Once he had found a desolate and hidden area, her body was left behind like trash.

Come on, wake up. You know it's not over yet. I didn't do this to you for nothing. Quit acting weak. You know what you can do.

If another man had walked passed, he would have seen a body that seemed impossible to save. Yet in fact, the wounds were closing up, slowly but steadily, and the blood had dried within seconds in the cold.

It didn't take long, just a couple of minutes. Eventually, my eyes opened once again.

My body was stiff, so stiff like ice that it was almost impossible to move at all. But over time, I eventually worked to move my fingers first before advancing to my arms, toes, and then my feet.

My hand grasped the wall. It was a giant struggle to get back up. I leaned against the wall for a moment, sucking in a piercing breath before staggering along the brick. Like a broken doll traveling forth.

A lone overcoat was left inside a rubbish bin which I collected immediately, pulling my arms through the sleeves.

My throat burned like a raging fire. I felt so parched and desperate, aching for the one thing that would douse the immense flames growing inside me.

That scent, his scent. I could still smell him no matter how far he may be.

My legs moved fast and quietly, as if they hadn't gone through what seemed like hell.

I breathed heavily yet I wasn't tired at all. I just wanted that man. I wanted him in my clutches.

My travel was a blur, but I found myself entering a bleak bar in what seemed like minutes later. Barely anybody but that man, and a woman sitting beside him, was there. It was the late hours of night.

He was hungrily kissing her before she giggled and pushed him away. She seductively smeared her red lipstick and walked on the small stage in the middle of the bar. The slow music began to play with the blue light beaming on her.

I snuck up behind him, my bare legs nudging into his. My fingers trailed up his back before resting on his shoulders and giving him a small squeeze. He moaned and turned around as I sat in his lap, rubbing myself against his lower region. He smirked, not able to see me very well since it was so dark. I neared his face and licked him sensually, driving him mad with desire. I wrapped my legs around his core and he took this as an invitation and carried me, bringing me into the restroom.

Once there, he attacked my lips, shoving his tongue inside as I played along, kissing him back. My eyes were open and turned into that crimson red again.

He released me shortly and his hands wandered under the coat I was wearing, touching me as much as he pleased. I seized this chance to take hold of his face, making him look me straight in the eye.

He had that same grin I remembered. But that expression eventually faded when he recognized who I was.

"Y-you're…" he breathed, unable to believe that I was still alive.

My mouth reached his ear and I whispered, his eyes widening when I came to his neck.

I licked my lips. It was his turn to scream.

And just like me, no one heard his cry.

He didn't save me. I was suffering. I thought I could depend on him. I keep denying, but can't stop believing…that he'll come...soon.

I leaned against the wall with my legs sprawled on the ground. My vacant eyes were lost.

Where are you? I miss you…

My tongue lapped up the residue of his blood off my lips.

He is the reason why I'm not...human. Not anymore.