Have you ever loved someone, you'll die for them? That's how I felt about my vampire, Jason. Sorry, how rude, I'm Elizabeth Black; they call me Liz for short. And about my vampire, let me rewind 2 years earlier. I've been transferred to Texas in 2011, because I'm emo, and my mom hated me for it. So, she moved me in with my dad, Gerald Black. My father never understood, so he said okay without any concern for me. He picked me up at the airport that morning.

"Liz, you look, scary," he said, in disbelief. His only daughter looked like a gothic chick from off the street. "Look dad, I'm a Fallen Angel, once good, but now bad. Christian, but livings like a gothic. Get it, Gerald," I said, like a sass mouth. I've never been so disruptive of my father. Gerald said, "Whatever, just don't call me Gerald to my face, it's uncomfortable, okay Liz?" "Sure, dad," I said, in shock.

The car ride was good. Houston wasn't all that bad. In the car, I was listening to my favorite rock band, Black Veil Brides. Fell asleep after Fallen Angels.

We are the in between, cast down as sons of war.

Struck to the Earth like lightning, on this world we're torn.

We won't cause the pain, of living out there laws.

Stay true to who you are, we know how wings are flawed.


I died and went to heaven, but in the Fallen Angels unit. There were more like me, but some were going to hell.

"Where am I going," I asked the FA secretary.

"Name," she said, in a Fran Fine voice.

"Elizabeth Black," I stated my real name.

"Oh, you, hell in 5 days," she said, plainly.

"But Why," I whimpered.

"Because emos aren't good enough for heaven," she screamoed.

~End Dream~

"Wake up, Liz. We're home," Gerald said, excitedly. "Wow, it looks the same," I said, not surprised. When I walked in, it was exactly the way mom left it in 2006. I looked at my room, I hated it right away. "You can do whatever you want to it, but you got school tomorrow. I'll bring you some pizza up here, Liz. Don't worry, Liz, You'll find something in Houston to like. I promise," his speeches. I get it, but what kind of person would like an emo chick from LA. I can answer that, no one. I ate the pepperoni pizza and went to bed. I put my Black Veil Brides Pandora radio in first, because I'm not stupid. As for tomorrow, it was going to be a bumpy ride.