Sequel to "Heat" I suppose. Really it was just an excuse to mess with canon. I wanted to write the following chapters 149 to... wherever I feel like stopping with Oga and Hilda together. I'm cheating by using "Heat" as a prequel. I'm just writing this to have fun and see where this couple takes me. It'd be easier to understand if you read that one-shot, but you don't have to I guess. It was a lazy oneshot... then again so is this story. Whatever. Go on.


"Tomorrow it is then!" Aiba stated with a grin.

"Whatever. Let's go," Oga muttered impatiently. Be'el was already falling asleep on his shoulder.

"Where do you gotta be?" Nene asked curiously.

"Hilda's gonna bitch if I'm not in our room soon," he answered with a shrug. Plus, he didn't like it when Furuichi was left alone with Hilda. It irritated him for reasons he didn't care to understand.

"You guys are s-s-sleeping together?!" Aoi questioned, going red.


At this, all three of the red tails felt flustered. Sending them a wary look, Oga followed after Aiba, leaving the room.

"...There's no way." The girl's shared a look as Aoi tried to cover her blush.

"Looks like you have to be more active," Chiaki stated. Even Nene had to agree.

"We brought your wifey, safe and sound," Pako said with a laugh as they all met in front of Oga and Hilda's shared room. Oga grunted at them and opened the door to let Hilda in. He gladly shut the door in their faces.

"Rude!" Pako yelled through the door. She was ignored.

"Good night, master," Hilda mumbled, tucking him into the farthest bed.

"What's with the get up?" Oga questioned, nodding at the white robe she was wearing. The girls were wearing it as well, but he didn't care about them.

"We went to the onsen where they hand these to you when you leave," Hilda explained. "It was very relaxing."

"... Where's Furuichi?"

"I'M HERE!" the man in question yelled, exiting the bathroom. His left hand was held behind him as he sprayed air freshener inside.


"I have to change," Hilda stated with a glare. Oga sighed and grabbed Furuichi by the scruff of the neck and comically threw him out the door. He just barely missed landing on the Red Tails.

"I have my room key!" Furuichi yelled warningly, pounding on the door.

"I'll just knock you out then!" Oga yelled back.

"Why is he in our room?" Hilda asked annoyed.

"I don't kn—were you not wearing anything under that the whole time?" Oga questioned dubiously.

"They said I wasn't supposed to," Hilda answered confused. She didn't have a chance to put on her clothes because Oga pounced on her, attacking her mouth as he set her down on the other bed.

"Who kicked you out of your own room—not that I'm surprised?" Nene asked, with a pitying look on her face.

"Oga, the bastard," Furuichi cursed. "But I'm better now that you three ladies are here!"

"You're sharing a room with Oga and Hilda?" Aoi asked hopefully.


"Then why'd they kick you out?" Chiaki questioned confused.

"Hilda had to change," Furuichi said with a girlish sigh.

"Why didn't she just use the bathroom?" Nene muttered confused.

"It's impossible for another twenty minutes at least," he explained with a blush and sheepish rub of his head.

"That's disgusting," Chiaki and Nene stated in unison.

"Wait... if you got kicked out so that Hilda could change, then why isn't Oga out here too?" Aoi questioned. It was a question that silenced them all and managed to short circuit their brains.

It was at that moment, as the others grew quiet to contemplate the question raised, that they heard a small moan from the room. Had they not been so quiet, flabbergasted as they were, they would not have heard it. The group went wide eyed and shared looks of disbelief.

"NOOOO!" Furuichi screamed at the top of his lungs, dramatically falling to his knees and looking up at the heavens with his fists raised. The girls were red from head to toe.

Inside, Oga pulled away with a sigh and glared at the door. "He's not going to go away," he muttered. Hilda gave a sigh of her own and tapped Oga's groin affectionately.

"Some other time then," she said with a smirk. "Grab me my sleeping clothes and entertain the fools."

"Whatever." With a couple grumbles, Oga did as he was told, trying his hardest to resist his fucking hormones. It didn't help that she was just laying there with her robe undone, one breast out for him to see, the rope closing just below her naval, and her body laying there, clearly ready and willing for him to take. Her body was unreal and for her to just lay there in that pose, hand supporting her head, elbow on the bed, the other hand laid out as the stupid generic robe managed to somehow emphasize her curves. It was like something out of a porn magazine. It was unfair.

Setting her pajamas in front of her, he bent over to kiss her, tying her robe closed, and unfastening her braid. He wasn't sure what it was about this woman, but he needed her now, in more ways than just sexual. Her kidnapping and subsequent absence was proof of that.

Outside, Furuichi managed to snap himself out of his stupor. He could not let whatever was going on in there progress, and with his own key card, dramatically pushed opened the door... and grabbed his nose as the flood of blood escaped. Hilda looked so erotic, especially with her hair down, and he had never hated Oga so much in his life before this moment. To have nabbed a goddess—!

Furuichi passed out from the inability to wrap his head around the prospect.

The other three girls were flabbergasted by the picture perfect scene they were witnessing. Oga was a demon, but at that moment he looked like, well, like a man kissing the woman he loved that both Nene and Chiaki couldn't help, but blush an Aoi tone. Aoi found herself more annoyed than embarrassed. These two hornballs couldn't keep their hands to themselves even with them right outside the door!

Oga pulled away with a grunt, making sure that he had covered her breasts properly. Hilda smirked at the gesture. Pointless when she was going to change anyway.

"You people are annoying. Go away!" Oga stated, slamming the door in their faces. Tiredly, "Let's just go to sleep."

How Beelze had slept through that, he had no idea.

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