Random in between chapter. It felt weird that there wasn't a typical beach scene despite being a walk away. Cliche? Probably.

Aoi had been sending her weird looks, but had stopped after that forehead flicking guy had shown up.

Hilda didn't like him. He was like a cheap imitation of Oga and he was bad enough on his own without having to deal with another knock off. Luckily, it seemed like he had his eyes set on Aoi and wasn't bothering her.

Aoi was odd.

Ever since their encounter on the roof, the girl had been less interactive with Hilda. In a sense, ignored her, and Hilda didn't know whether to be thankful or annoyed considering she still fawned over Oga. Hilda believed she was pretending she never witnessed her and Oga's... extra curricular activities.

And continued on they did. Especially with the new change of scenery.

"Master is going to notice our absence," Hilda murmured against Oga's lips. She'd grown to like touching, running her fingers through his hair, and kissing him. A side effect from the personality she had gained from her memory loss she was sure. The one who wholly believed she was his wife and Beelze was their child.

"Then stop being so hot," Oga retorted. Hilda, having heard this for the third time in two days, still didn't quite understand the term. She knew he didn't mean it literally—she would have noticed if her body temperature had risen—but still didn't get it. Her looks hadn't changed, but suddenly they were the very reason Oga was suddenly gaining so much stamina. But then Oga kissed her neck, just—right. And Hilda didn't care.

"Misaki got you that?" Oga asked, leaning against the door as she changed.

"Yes as a present. Tie it for me," Hilda ordered, turning her back to him. Oga's hand twitched at the sight of her bare back and wished he could do more. He wasn't sure what had gotten into him lately, but ever since Hilda had been kidnapped, he'd wanted her that much more. Just as he finished tying the back of the skimpy bikini, his older sister thought was appropriate, his hands moved to encircle her into his arms, but she moved away and he simply grabbed air.

"Come Master. We're going to the beach!" Hilda cheered picked Baby Be'el up. Oga tried not to get annoyed.

"Didn't that come with shorts or something?" Oga grumbled.

"Misaki did say I was supposed to wait until I was at the beach to wear it. Give me one of your shirt."

Oga happily obliged.

As per usual, everybody was at the beach. Oga boredly scanned the place and found Hilda setting a towel on the ground. He tried to remember if she came with all that stuff, but figured that his mother and sister had packed everything for them. He couldn't decide if they were a good or horrible influence on her.

He sat down beside her anyway.

"Everybody is here already?" Aoi called as the rest of the girls walked to the rest of the group in their bathing suits. Aoi was wearing a modest bikini top coupled with shorts. The rest of the girls were garnering all sorts of attention with their various bathing suits. Furuichi was drooling and his nose bled as he frolicked in the sand. While creepy, Oga found that it kept the attention off him, and they left him the hell alone.

Even Aiba wasn't there with his kid sister. There had been an explanation when they separated after a quick stop at the souvenir shop, but Oga hadn't heard it, more interested in getting Hilda naked.

"Dabbu!" Beel called. He pointed at the cutesy little family in the ocean as the parents played with their kids.

"Master wishes us to play in the ocean," Hilda explained as if Oga didn't understand. Oga rolled his eyes, but got up anyway as Hilda removed his shirt. She adjusted Beel's floaties as they walked into the water, and Beelze asked to be put down.

"Master is so cute," Hilda gushed as the water played at their ankles. Be'el struck a pose of confidence, arms crossed with a smug look on his face. It quickly turned to panic when a rather huge wave began to ascend upon him. Beelze ran for his life, back to Hilda who picked him up before the wave could carry him off.

"He's being a wuss again," Oga watched with a sweat drop. "We are going in deeper and we are going to face this wave," he said turning serious. There was no way in hell he was going to let Be'el be afraid the water.

Furuichi was in heaven.

"They look so... family-ish. I'm not sure if it's creepy or cute," Nene was saying as they watched Oga, Hilda, and Baby Be'el tread into the water. She absentmindedly punched Furuichi away. Aoi's face turned red, embarrassed by the fact that she could only focus on Hilda's figure. It reminded her of "The Incident".

"What the hell is the big deal? They are a family after all," Himekawa muttered. "Weirdos, but still a family."

Aoi blinked, taking her focus off of Hilda's figure to realize that they spoke the truth. While unconventional, they still did look like a family- a rather close one actually. Aoi's eyebrow twitched and she went over to them.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Getting Beelze to quit being a wuss," Oga stated with an evil grin. Aoi blinked and the image of sharp teeth disappeared.

Beelze coward away from his father and went into Hilda's arms.

"Leave master alone," Hilda said with a glare.

"Nope." Rather than try to fight her for him, Oga simply picked Hilda up and dragged them all into deeper water. Aoi's mouth dropped on reflex.

"I'll kill you!" Hilda yelled, grabbing onto his shoulder with a death grip. Oga winced and groaned as Beelze climbed up to the top of his head to get as faraway from the water as possible.

"Its barely at our shoulders," he mumbled, prying Hilda's hands off of him. Hilda simply dug her nails in further.

Aoi, and the rest of the group, were flabbergasted by the seemingly intimate scene.

"I HATE YOU OGA!" Furuichi screamed, crying.

"Its scenes like that that make you remember that they've had a kid together," Kanzaki muttered with a slight twitch of his eyebrow.

"...So noisy," Oga muttered, resting his forehead against Hilda's.

"...Here I thought you were modest," Hilda stated with a smirk. She let her eyes flicker over to group.

"I'm not a pansy," he mumbled, patting Be'el on his head. Beelze quit shaking and nodded in understanding, climbing down to get between them.

And then he let go.

The water was calm and warm. The floaties did their job and he stayed afloat.

"Great job, master," Hilda said with a kiss on the cheek. Beelze clapped in triumph and pointed at Oga, then his cheek.

"Him too?" Hilda asked, with just a slight widening of her visible eye. Oga grunted his approval and shrugged. At this point it was wasn't a big deal. Seeing his nonchalance, she complied with the kiss, one she had to go on the tip of her toes for.

Be'el cheered.