After ch.159...?

"How was the show?" Misaki asked her brother from the table as he entered the house. Hilda drank her tea demurely as she waited for them to reach her line of vision.

"Troublesome," Oga answered, stopping at the foot of the stairs.

"It must have been something if it tired Be'el out," Misaki said with a smile. Her nephew was so adorable! "Crap! I should have made you take pictures!"

Hilda agreed and finished her tea as Oga gave her an expectant stare. Deciding to concede as he had done a Master a great service, she followed them up into their room. She didn't see Misaki give them a knowing stare as she moved over into the living room to watch TV.

"I hate you for not coming with me," Oga commented as he passed Be'el over to her. Hilda was the only who could tuck him into bed without waking him back up.

"It must have been something," she stated wryly. Oga collapsed onto his chair as Hilda settled on the bed, watching Be'el sleep peacefully. Oga was about to comment about how creepy that was, but bit his tongue when he saw the smile that unconsciously appeared.

"You should do that more often," Oga stated. Hilda turned to him with a raised eyebrow, the smile gone. Oga rolled his eyes and motioned for her to get closer. Hilda obliged and was taken by surprise when he pulled her forward onto his lap.

"Smile." Oga didn't wait for a response and kissed her. He pulled her close and Hilda hesitantly responded. Oga decided that he needed to make her feel amazing. Their hook-ups had been spontaneous and full passion and not to say he didn't make her feel good, but he could admittedly try harder.

Oga put her down on the carpeted floor and pulled back to hover over her.

"What?" Hilda asked, confused by his intense gaze.

"Try to keep quiet."