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If you don't like ReCe, then don't complain to me; complain to the writers of Shake it Up! for making Rocky and CeCe too compatible to resist.

I never thought that I would admit anything to anyone. Not even to myself. But the day that I actually decided to say it, to vocalize it, turned out to be the day that I had ruined my life.

I had been at CeCe's apartment, sitting on her bed and waiting for her to get back from an errand her mom had told her to run. I would have been waiting about half an hour, so when I got bored I had begun to riffle through the pile of stuffed animals on my friend's bed. I had come across a plush elephant and sat it in my lap, petting its false fur.

"You're cute," I said to the elephant. It was childish to be talking to a doll, I know, but I was bored and nobody was watching me. "You wouldn't mind if I told you a secret, would you?"

What came out of my mouth then was a torrent of information nobody should ever know. However, it had felt better to get it off of my chest, even to a stuffed elephant, and I thought I had done a good thing for myself. That is, until CeCe came back and told me about a video that our brothers had made of our embarrassments on camera and proposed a plan to get back at them.

It involved using the elephant as a hidden camera. The elephant was already a hidden camera.

And I had just told it my deepest secret.

Yay for short prologues! Anyone have any ideas about Rocky's secret? Well, it's probably pretty obvious, but it works xD

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