I was so, so worried about Rocky. After her father had taken her out of the restaurant earlier, she hadn't contacted me in any way to tell me what was going on. I'd simply left the pizzeria and come back home, and had been sitting on my bed for hours doing nothing but waiting for a message of any kind from Rocky.

After ten o'clock came and went, I had given up hope and decided to go to bed. After all, the next day was Monday and even if Mr. Blue wouldn't let me go over to their house, he couldn't keep Rocky and I away from each other at school. I'd find out what went down tomorrow morning, and hopefully it wasn't too bad. But I still wanted to know what I possibly could have done to make Rocky's dad so mad at us. 'Us' being the operative word.

I tried, but it was very hard to sleep. My pillow felt more like a rock than anything, and the thoughts churning in my head weren't helping me. However, I eventually felt myself fade into a slumber, still thinking about Rocky and carrying her into my dreams.


The voice that screamed my name was urgent, terrified, filled with pain…familiar. It was Rocky. I didn't know where she was or what was happening to her, but the pain I could tell she was feeling was almost tangible.

"Rocky? Where are you?" I called. Everything was black. So much black. I couldn't see anything, like it was the dead of night on a new moon. Suddenly, the palpable fear that was emitting from wherever Rocky was vanished, almost as if it had never been there in the first place. "Rocks?" I squeaked, frightened.


Rocky appeared in front of me, but my relief of seeing her only lasted for a moment before I actually saw her. Her entire body was covered in huge yellowing bruises and long, jagged cuts. The sight repulsed me. It was the worst thing I could ever imagine, seeing my best friend like that. I couldn't even generate words.

"This is your fault, CeCe," Rocky whispered. Her eyes were bottomless pits of nothing. She barely moved; she even spoke as if she were a zombie. My heart was pounding out of my chest with fear. This couldn't be real; this couldn't be happening. How was it my fault? What had I done?

"You did this," the Rocky-phantom repeated, her voice a malicious snarl. "You did this. You did this." The phrase was repeated over and over like a mantra until something invaded. Something that—

I startled awake when my alarm clock went off, jumping into a sitting position and clenching my comforter to my chest. It was a dream. It was just a dream. Rocky wasn't really hurt; it was just my overactive imagination. And I knew because I'd be seeing her in an hour at school. And everything would be fine, and…

My train of thought broke off when I realized just how hysterical I was. It was just a little nightmare; there was no need to react the way I had. I supposed it was just because of the condition that Rocky had appeared to me in. Seeing her like that, even in a dream, made me shudder with resentment. Nobody could hurt Rocky that way, no one. If something like that had ever happened to her, I don't know what I'd do with myself. Probably blame myself even if I had nothing to do with it, that's what.

It was then that I realized just how much Rocky meant to me. It was more than a bond that friends, even best friends share. Maybe even more than sisters. But…would I be willing to admit that to myself? No…no, I don't like Rocky in that way; I'd already been through this.

But…would it be so horribly bad if I did? I mean, she already likes me. And I'm not so sure about my sexuality anymore…definitely not lesbian, but maybe bi. Maybe. And…and sometimes I get that fluttery feeling in my stomach when Rocky looks at me, and I think she's beautiful, and…

And that could wait. As strange of a notion as it seemed, I just wanted to get to school already. See Rocky, find out what happened to her yesterday. I didn't need to worry about any crush business that may accidentally come up.

School didn't go the way I had planned. I got there early, a whole fifteen minutes before the first bell, but I couldn't find Rocky anywhere even though I had searched all the way up until the bell. Nothing. It…it didn't matter. Rocky and I had the same first period, so I'd see her in there. If she was at school at all.

No, that was silly. Rocky wouldn't miss school for anything, not if she had anything to do with the matter. Her attendance record was too important to her to miss class. But even when I walked into Mr. Sanders' math class, I didn't see her. My stomach clenched a little with worry. Where could she possibly be? She wasn't actually hurt, was she? Or sick?

I sat through math and history classes silently, distracted. I couldn't pay attention to my work (as if I would have in the first place) and I certainly wasn't in the mood to misbehave like I normally did. I just couldn't get Rocky out of my head.

I exited the history classroom when the lunch bell rang, my feet moving sluggishly slow. I didn't have any hope that I would see Rocky today, at least at school. Maybe I'd try to sneak into her apartment later.

I was still pondering this when I ran straight into Ty. I almost fell, but he caught my arm and kept me steady before I could. "Oh, Ty, I was hoping I'd see you!" I exclaimed. Maybe he could tell me about Rocky.

"Well, CeCe? What is it?" Ty asked, and I could hear the cold undertones in his voice. I was about to respond, asking why he was talking to me like that, when he continued speaking. "You know, CeCe, I thought I could trust you. How could you have told my dad about Rocky?"

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean? I came to ask you where she is; I haven't seen her all day, and…and she never got a hold of me yesterday after your dad came and…Ty, where is Rocky?"

"You can't tell me you weren't the one to tell dad about her liking you," Ty said. "We're the only ones that know, and I certainly didn't tell him."

I sighed in frustration; he was ignoring my question. "Ty, I swear, I did not tell your dad about her! I was with her since I left you yesterday! Just, please, tell me where she is."

Ty's gaze softened a little, and I could tell he was starting to believe me. Good, I'd need him on my side. For…you know…whatever reason. "She's at a school for teens who need to be 'cured' of homosexuality."

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