NOTE: I don't own Disney/Pixar or its original characters from A Bug's Life. Enjoy!

16 day/ 2 trimester / 1 cycle

Hi, it's me again. Don't you ever wish you could change your name? Atta. Why did I get the name 'Atta'? It's so... pointless! Mom says it's tradition to name your first daughter Atta, but I think she's making that up. When I'm queen, that's the first thing I'll do - change my name. Maybe have something like 'Rose' or 'Lily'...I don't care if they're taken, anything but 'Atta is Fatta' and 'Atta-lantic Ocean'! Stem never gives up, does he?

Anyways, nothing really happened today. As usual, Cornelius was giving a boring Social Sciences lecture, where I sat in the 'royal reserved' seat in the front, pretending to listen. Doesn't he realize there are other kids in the class? Ruby and Flik kept raising their hands to answer his questions about our 'govermental hierarchy', but he always waited to see if I raised mine too! Lunch break was kind of different, though. Nope, I didn't get to go outside and play dodge-grain with the rest of the kids. Even better; I got to visit the colony's medical chamber with Dr. Flora, because she came to talk with Mom and me in the Banquet Hall, happily insisting that the 'future queen' experienced the health field as preparation for training!

Give me a break, I'm only twelve years old! Just a normal little ant with chubby arms and tons of freckles that Stem likes to call 'dirty face, dirty face' (I REALLY want to throw a dodge-grain at him.)

After lunch, it was more dramatic Colony History and Arts with Mr. Soil, then some Math and Architecture with the 'very stubborn' Thorny. They both acted the same way as Cornelius and Dr. Flora did when I was around; stared at me constantly to see if my antennae caught every piece of information they gave me.

Okay, I admit it, I'm not the smartest ant in the colony, but they expect me to know everything!! And I hate it how they always ignore Ruby and Flik whenever they have an outrageous idea. Like, this morning Flik was telling Cornelius about how it will help colony socialization by having more parties throughout the year along with our traditional Founder's Day Festival, and Cornelius acted like he had a mild heart attack, shouting things at him like 'must maintain order' and 'imagine the chaos'. It was pretty funny.

I mean, sure, Flik can get annoying to the point where you want to slap him, but...I don't really makes you think, you know?

Well, I better go and get some sleep. Math test tomorrow. (yuck).

Love, Atta.