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I release my arrow,sending it flying through the heart of the turkey. After bringing it home and making a fire in the oven, I head out to gather some herbs to prepare the turkey with.

I am Peeta Mellark. I live way out in the mountains. The only people who know about me are my parents and Haymitch. My parents are bakers who live in the city. When I was just two years old, they sent my here to live with Haymitch. The cities are vile places, full of violence, gangs, and death. Thats why my parents sent me here, they didn't want that for me. Haymitch had raised me, taught me to hunt, and even helped me build my own house when I turned sixteen a few months back. Now he lives about a mile upstream,but visit each other at least once a week, but more like every other day.

Though i've never known anywhere else, I love the mountains. There is never a boring moment.

I walk back home in good spirits, the money from my trades heavy in my pockets.

I am Katniss Everdeen. I live in the city. My father is dead. My sister is dead. My mother is gone. For a living, I hunt and trade illegally. My dad and sister died in a shooting. My mother got depressed and left. I am not, nor do I want to live in an orphanage. And the Peacekeepers have better things to do than take a sixteen-year-old girl to the orphanage,like trying to control the gangsters in our city. The city that I hate.

I walk by an alley-way on my way "home". A guy who was leaning against a building in the alley-way whistled as I walked by. I just roll my eyes.

"My, aren't you a pretty one,"He says, starting to follow me. I ignore him.

"What you don't want my company?"He asks,"Come on, we could go have dinner and then go over to my house for a little while."

I pick up the pace, but so does he. Suddenly, I feel him reach out and slap my butt. I stop in my tracks, turn around, and slap him, hard. His smirk disappears and is replaced by a glare. Before I can do anything, he grabs me, covering my mouth. I try to scream, but his cand muffles it. He slips under on of the few holes in the fences that separate the city from the forest, and drags me out of screaming distance before shoving me to the ground. Before I can get up and run, he grabs a piece of rope from the ground, and ties my hands to a tree. By the looks of it, this was planned out. The horrible thing that is happening to me sinks in as he grabs my right foot and ties it to another tree about the size of my arm, about a foot to the right of where my thigh should be. Do does my left foot in a similar manner, tying it to a small tree to my left. I am now in a vulnerable postion where I am laying down with my hands tied above my head and my feet tied in such a way that my knees are bent all the way,and my thighs are spread wide apart, flat against the ground. The man smirks proudly at his work. I try to wiggle free, but the ropes are tied well.

Next, the man grabs my shirt tight, and rips it off, exposing my bra. With a evil smile, he starts working at my other clothes while I scream.

An hour later, after redressing himself, he cuts my ropes and leaves. Still exausted, I lay there until I have strength.

When I finally make it to the house, I don't go to sleep. Instead I grab some sturdy hunting clothes and some food, and stuff them in my hunting bag. Slipping under the fence, I head into the forest. I can't take this place anymore. Besides,no one will miss me.

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