My eyes flutter open. I look around sleepily,but close my eyes again,in attempt to get more sleep.

I jolt up.

Holy crap,where am I?

I look down at the bed i'm in and around the room.

It's a fairly small room with a bed,a side table with a lamp on it,some large chester drawrs,and a chest down at the foot of the bed.

I am covered with some thick quilts.

The door begins to open,and I am suddenly overcome with fear.

Maybe an old lady lives here,I try to assure myself.

Finally,the door is open completely,revealing a boy,about my age. He is of medium hight with with thick blond hair and brilliant blue eyes. I'll admit,he's probably the most beautiful boy i've ever seen,but nevertheless,he's still a boy.

When he sees me,he breaks out into a smile. It is a warm,tender smile,but I'm still very weary of him.

What is he going to do to me?

"Good,your awake,"He says,"I'll be right back."

He leaves,and I wait tense.

He returns holding a plate and a glass of water. He sets the plate in my lap and puts the water on the table next to the bed.

I begin to eat with shaking hands. I never take my eyes off him. He never takes his eyes off me,and just stands there,a few feet away from my bed.

He watches me curiously,in silence,until he breaks it.

"I'm Peeta,"He says.

I nod.

He looks at the floor briefly,before looking back up.

"Whats your name?"He asks. The curiosity in his eyes is like the curiosity of a five-year-old boy when he sees something new.

You would think he's never seen a girl.

"Katniss,"I finally answer. He looks down,but I swear I can see him smile.

After another silence he speaks again.

"What happened to your stomach?"

I look down at my stomach in confusion. What's wrong with it? Well,I guess it looks a little skinny considering i'm pregnant.

"I haven't ate in a few days,"I shrug.

"No,I mean why is it so big?"He asks,as if he really doesn't know.

Who is this kid?

"I'm pregnant,"I say flatly.

"Pregnant,"He repeats to himself,then it's as if a light gets turned on,"Oh,pregnant."

He looks as if he's going to say something else,but then he gets up.

I tense.

"I have to go chop some wood,"He says,"Call me if you need anything."

Then he leaves,although he hesitates slightly.

I sigh in relief as the door closes. After I hear the front door close,I try to get out of bed,but i'm still to weak,although i'm feeling considerably better from last time I was concious.

Not having anything else I can do,I pull the covers back over me and wait for this 'Peeta' to return.

Peeta POV

All I can think about while i'm chopping wood is the girl. Her name is Katniss. It's the most beautiful name i've ever heared! And she's even more beautiful when she's not unconcious and deathly pale.

And she's pregnant. How did she get pregnant? A long time ago,I asked Haymitch where babies come from. He simply told me from thier mothers,and at the moment I as satisfied. I wanted to ask her,but I don't know what the heck the answer will be,so I decided to ask Haymitch. He'll stop by here eventually if I don't go to his house for a while.

I kept feeling this alien urge to touch my lips to her face.

I hope i'm not turning into one of those creeps Haymitch rants about so often.

The mixture of the hot sun on my back and swinging the axe over my head cause me to take off my sweat dreanched shirt. In my mind I start planning what I will make for Katniss's dinner.

By the time I split the last piece of wood,I have decided to make her roasted turkey.

After stacking the wood,I go to check on Katniss. She's sound asleep,so I go out turkey hunting.

About an hour later I return to the house with a plump turkey.

I am preparing the turkey when I hear a scream.

I dart across the room and shove the bedroom door open to find Katniss clutching her belly and staring down at it in horror.

"What?Whats wrong?"I ask her.

"I-It moved,"She screams.

"Well,isn't that good?"I try to assure her,"That means we know it's still alive."

She numbly nods her head.

"Good,"I say,"Now i'm going to go make dinner,okay?"

Again,she nods,and I get on my way.

About thirty minutes later,I cut off a turkey leg and place it in a plate.

I take the bowl an go knock on the bedroom door.

"Come in,"Comes a weary voice on the other side.

I walk in and hand her the plate.

Katniss POV

The food he cooks is remarkable. I eat hungerly. He leaves and returns again with his own plate and a chair. He sets the chair a few feet away from my bed and sits in it.

He watches me eat,only taking a few bites out of his plate.

For some strange reason,I keep picturing him without his shirt on in my mind,even though he is wearing a shirt now.

"Do you want to go to the kitchen table?"He asks abruptly.

"I can't get up,"I admit.

"I can help you."

I think about it hard. All that physical contact with a man is not very appealing to me,but my butt hurts from sitting in one position for who knows how long.

And i'll admit,Even against my better judgment,I can't help but feel safe around him. He has that innocence in his eyes,that purity in his face. I can't help but doubt that he wouldn't hurt me,deep in my heart.

But that doesn't mean my heart is right.

"Okay,"I finally agree,and in effect,he gives me a dazzling smile.

He gets up,and offers me his hand,which I take.

Gripping his shoulder for support,I hobble throught the door.

He leads me to a chair near a solid wood table. I take in my surroundings. The whole place is warm and cozy. In this one large room,there is the livingroom,the kitchen,and the dinning table. Throughout the house are displays of beautiful paintings and fine wood carvery. Even the table and chairs have finely carved vines crawling up the side.

Peeta goes to the kitchen and starts doing something there. Even though I have full view of him,I can't quiet tell what he's doing. He takes out a glass and starts mixing some things together. His back is turned to me,so I still can't see.

Finally,he returns and hands me a glass with a yellow liquid in it.

I take a sniff of it. It smells good.

"What is it,"I ask him.

"Lemonade,"He replies. I have heared of it before,but never tasted it,because it was too expensive. At one point in time,I had found out the ingrediants,intending to make some,but sugar and lemons were quiet expensive.

I take a sip. It tastes heavenly.

"How did you make this?Where did you get the things to make it from?"I ask him.

He chuckles.

"There is a small lemon tree out in the forest,and I sweetened it with honey,"He says.

I continue to sip on the cup.

"Well,aren't you going to have any?"I ask.

"Nah,I don't want any right now,"He says.

He watches my every move as I finish the cup.

"Why do you keep doing that?"I ask,slightly exasperated.

He looks confused.

"Doing what?"

There is a loud banging on the door before I can answer.

"You still alive,boy?"Comes a voice from behind the door.

Peeta gets up to answer the door quickly.

When it's open,a tall man with wavy brown hair appears.

"Well you took long enough,"He he says in a complainative sarcastic voice,"I was just about to knock the door down to make sure a bear hadn't gotten in here and eaten you."

Then suddenly he stops when he sees me,and freezes.

He locks eyes with me,then his eyes trail down to my abdomen.

Peeta POV

When she grabbed my arm for support,I could have sworn that an electric shock went through me. When I released her,I immediately missed her touch.

She always seemed tense,like the wild horses Haymitch was trying to tame.

Maybe some lemonade would help her feel better.

So I make her some.

I sit and watch her as she drinks.

She's so beautiful.

"Why do you keep doing that?"She asks,sounding a little annoyed.

"Doing what?"I ask.

Was I looking at her funny?

The thought emberrasses me,but thankfully someone starts banging on the door. Haymitch.

"You still alive,boy?"His voice confirms me.

I rush to answer the door before Katniss can see me blushing.

"Well you took long enough,I was just about to knock the door down to make sure a bear hadn't gotten in here and eaten you."

Knowing him,he was probably going to make another sarcastic comment,but then he freezes.

He stares at Katniss, and when he looks at her belly,his eyes soften more that i've ever seen them do before. Katniss looks slightly scared.

"This is Haymitch,"I tell her,then turning to Haymitch I say,"Haymitch,this is Katniss."

He finally snaps out of whatever trance he was in.

"Nice to meet you sweetheart,"He says in his usual voice.

Good,I was worried for a moment that he was in love with her too.

I nearly choke on my own spit.

I love her.

A smile creeps across my face.

I sit down beside Haymitch,across from Katniss. Once again,I study her face. She looks tired.

"Do you want to go to bed?"I ask her.

She nods shyly.

I help her up and to the bedroom.

"Goodnight Katniss,"I say softly.

She nods her head in the dark.

I sigh as I close the door behind me on my way out. I take a seat across from Haymitch. We sit in silence before he breaks it.

"How'd you find the girl?"He asks.

I tell him the story,not leaving out a single detail.

There is another silence.

"And you love her,"He states more than asks.

I look up at him.

"How did you know?"I ask.

His eyes flutter down to the table. He gives me a sad smile.

"By the way you look at her,"He replies,barely over a whisper.

Is it really that obvious?

"How do you know you love her?"Haymitch asks curiously.

I smile,happiness welling inside me.

"I just do."

Haymitch smiles with me.

"I bet you do."

We sit in a comfortable silence,until I remember something.

"How did she get pregnant?"I ask Haymitch in a low voice,so she won't hear if she's awake.

First,sadness crosses his face,then anger.

"She was raped,"He whispers angerly,his face suddenly turning a dark red.

"What is rape?"I ask in the same whisper.

It must be something really terrible,I've never seen Haymitch quiet like this before.

"Something no descent man would ever do,"He replies bitterly.

"But what is it?"I press.

"It's doing something against her will that would cause her to get pregnant."

"Okay,so forcing her to do it is rape,but if she willingly goes along with is,it's fine,"I try to get it strait,"But what exactly is it?"

Haymitch sighs.

"Soon enough,boy,soon enough."

Haymitch gets up and heads for the door.

"I'll see you later,Lover Boy,okay?"

Despite myself,him calling me 'Lover Boy' brings a smile to my face as I walk behind him.

"Okay,see you later."

He places his hand on my shoulder and looks at me proudly,then leaves through the door.

I lock it behind him and walk quietly to the bedroom.

I silently push the door open and walk up beside the bed where Katniss lay sleeping.

I bend down and plant a gentle kiss on her forehead.

I exit silently and head to the couch in front of my fireplace.

I take the quilts that were neatly folded and stacked on them and beging to make a bed once agian on the thick hide of a bear rug.

I fall asleep once again with a beautiful brunette overtaking me with my dreams.

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