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The first step in Luminous's plan was to find the materials needed to recreate the seal… Only not. He was not blind enough to think the exact same plan would work twice. It had to be thought out carefully, in a manner which was different, yet the same.

"Now where would I begin with this?" Luminous thought to himself. He would need Rhinne, of course, but it was far too early to turn to her. He did not exactly know where she was, save that Temple of Time paradox mess… honestly he really did not feel like digging into that.

But alas, if he had to, he would not hesitate. The mere thought of what could be excited him, but he had to stay calm. After all, he was still beneath the Black Mage, much to his dismay.

How foolish it was for him to think that such a man could be defeated? It was not enough to simply "beat" him. He would simply come back. Luminous had his own eyes opened to the terrors that this man could bring.

But even then, he felt it was for a waste? The man wanted to rule the world with his own hand… Such a task… it would be impossible, even for one like him. The world is far too large for such a thing… However, to simply tear it down to nothing… That would be easy. He could just raid an attack, let them recoup, and just when they think they have a chance, start all over again. He knew the best way to show your power was to show the opponent that they never had a chance…

But Luminous quickly stopped. This was his thinking? His thoughts? Was he really planning this all out? Surely, the darkness in him had grown, but to the point where he thought so little of others that he thought of them as mere toys for entertainment?

He shook his head, "Not right now." He told himself, "I am getting much too far ahead of myself…" He looked dead ahead, wondering what to do with himself. On one hand, he understood that with the Black Mage's power, he was stronger than the average mage. Stronger than the average fighter. he could probably kill a novice with ease. On the other hand, his old morals still stood firm ground. The very fundamental morals that he could not shake off. These were the things that made Luminous who he was, and it still shaped him here, right?

He thought back to his past actions. He had clearly made an attack on Evan and Mir, one that would last a good while. A demonic grin climbed up his face, "I suppose there's no point in standing around. A path has already been selected." he told himself.

A small click was heard as a door opened, with Damien walking into the room. He looked up and saw Luminous standing and staring at him, like some psychotic monster that would snap at any second. But Damien was used to such people. Demons had hard lives too, you know? "Well… look who finally showed up." He remarked calmly. He walked into the room, refusing to let eye contact leave Luminous. He may not be scared of him, but he was not about to risk any chances of being attacked.

"Heh…" Luminous's face twisted into some sadistic grin of pleasure, "I suppose you must be new. I do not recall seeing your face in the past."

"Sort of." Damien sighed, "My brother was here, but we tend to not talk about him these days."

"Heh, you mean Demon?" Luminous laughed.

Damien sighed, "Yeah… that. I have my reasons of ignoring him these days, but his role here is probably the only reason I still got in."

There was an odd silence in the room. Neither seemed intrested in carrying that conversation, but what else was there really to talk about? "Well…" Damien started to walk again, "I suppose I'll be on my way, but make no mistakes, everyone is watching you here."

"Then let them watch." Luminous laughed, "It isn't like they will be able to do much, anyway."

Damien winced a bit at the latter remark. Something about it… felt… off. But he would have to look into it later, preferably when Luminous was not aware of his presence.

Akarium had taken the questioning upon himself. The only other one effective at this would be Hilla… And we all know she only showed interest in confrontation if there was something in it for her.

Not exactly ideal at the moment…

Akarium walked up to the door of the "throne room" where the Black Mage seemed to stay a lot these days. He knew there was a large magic inside that allowed him to overlook things over Mapleworld, even at his own door. It was just a matter of if the door would open or not…

Standing for a moment, his snake slithered around and rested its head on top of Akarium's. "Not now!" He waved his staff, "I have to look proper for the Black Mage, not like a bumbling idiot!"

The doors slowly opened.

Akarium stood straight, with his snake giving its calmest yet menacing look. Akarium slowly walked in, for the doors to shut slowly behind him.

Honestly, it never helped that walking to speak with the man was a task on its own… It always felt like you were in trouble for something, even if you were the one calling him.

"Akarium… What is the need for this audience?" The Black Mage spoke calmly.

Akarium cleared his throat, "Well… I was curious to some rather odd changes that has occurred here as of late…"

"Changes?" The Black Mage spoke calmly. The Black Mage turned around and faced the older man, "Do you mean the one I brought in?"

"Ahh… Yes… Luminous, was it?" Akarium squirmed, "I was wondering if I could be graced with the reasoning behind such an action. He was our foe in the past, and should still be treated as such, at least by my personal take on the matter."

The Black Mage looked up and back to Akarium, "There is no need for worry. I simply wanted him under careful watch."

"Watch? Would it not be easier to place him in a dungeon?" Akarium asked, "Call me old fashioned, but usually it was the hassle free way…"

The Black Mage chuckled a bit, "Akarium… You've been loyal to me this whole time, so I doubt you are judging my actions."

Akarium stiffed, "N-Never! You were kind enough to hand me what I desired! Unlike that other that placed herself on your level…"

The Black Mage turned back, "I see… It is simply best to keep him under our watch, and I figured he could help lay some foundation for our progress." He waved his hand over the magical orb letting him see different views of Maple World, "For you see, it is not easy for some of our stronger threats to hurt him."

Akarium pondered for a moment. Was it because he was originally on their side? Pity perhaps? Whatever the reason was, the Black Mage seemed fairly confident in it. "I understand." Akarium spoke, "But do you think it would be best to keep an eye out for an odd behaviors?"

The Black Mage turned to Akarium, "Hmm… I suppose that is an area of… concern." The Black Mage spoke in an ominous tone, almost as if he were expecting 'odd behaviours' to occur. "I shall assign his monitoring to you."

Akarium flinched back. "M..Me?!"

The Black Mage went back to his orb, "I do not see a problem. You are a wise man. Surely you know a thing or two about odd behaviour."

Akarium sighed internally, "Yes, but I'm not exactly a people person." His snake slightly tapping him on the head.

The Black Mage shook his head, "I doubt he will want much to do with you. Now… If I may be excused…"

Akarium took a bow and slowly walked out. The doors opened and shut for him once more. On the other side of the door, Akarium's snake moved in front of his face and made a silly grin.

"Bah! This is awful!" Akarium sighed, "I cannot be expected to watch someone like him."

Akarium muffled and grumbled a bit as he walked around, hoping to find Luminous and address the new situation to him. Using his snakes to help out, Akarium found him resting in the middle of the hall.

"Honestly, if you're going to work with us, have SOME class. We already have Demon's brother running around like a brat." Akarium spoke loudly, hoping he would wake up.

His eyes did not struggle to open, but opened very calmly, stopping half way. His gaze drew up towards Akarium's face, and he could only feel the chill coming from Luminous. Perhaps this was the moment he came to realize that the man in front of him was nothing like the man he fought years ago.

"So apparently, I've been given the task of ensuring your stay here is… comfortable." Akarium spoke, trying to be subtle on the fact that Luminous would be watched. He was a master of lying and could easily manipulate his words to tell the truth and sound pleasant at the same time. "So I figure it would be best to take you to an actual room."

Luminous quickly rose up and looked at Akarium. He looked around and noted the amount of snake servants around, then back to Akarium. "Oh, I think I want to go somewhere else first."

Akarium flinched back a bit. Where else could this man want to go? He was just sleeping in the hall! "Where? The bathroom?" Akarium asked.

Luminous thought carefully. To bluntly ask for information at this point, he would easily be called out and stopped. But if he played along like a good little servant, maybe he could win a few allies before making his first move. "I am interested in enhancing my powers. Any place I can do that?"

Akarium sighed, grateful it wasn't anything too dangerous like going to see the Black Mage. "Very well… I know just the place." Akarium started to walk, "Try to stay behind me, my old bones don't run as fast as they used to."