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"Eh?" It wasn't merely an expression of bafflement anymore, it expressed the dread she felt course through her veins at the seemingly harmless word that flew out of Anko's lips.

Sakura was dumfounded. Her IQ just left the room, tripped in the stairs and died at the door.

Betroth. A word that meant a promise of marriage.

"What are you talking about?" She looked at Jiro pleadingly, asking him to elaborate in words that she would understand.

Jiro raised an eyebrow at her reaction. He expected her to deny, get angry or straight out give up and confess. Instead, she looked confused.

"That necklace you're wearing," he said pointing at the said necklace that glinted when it got hit by the sun's rays. " -is an heirloom to every Uchiha male. It became lost along with the Uchiha clan when the massacre happened. Back in the days, the Uchiha placed great importance on that piece of jewellery along with its wearer. Because Uchiha's longed to preserved their bloodline, they had to carefully pick a partner that would ensure a potential heir. But because they were a threat to other clans, their partners were usually killed by an assassin since killing the Uchiha himself was risky business."

He paused, waiting for Sakura to respond. She wordlessly nodded, indicating for him to continue. And for a second, Jiro wondered if anything that he was saying was getting through to her.

"Because of this the elders decided that an identification should be necessary. So they decided on a necklace with the Uchiha symbol to be put on all fiancée of the Uchiha's."

At this he heard a small choking sound and smiled.

"But-but wouldn't that mean that they'd be more prone to killing?"

This time Aiko answered him. "They were too scared to have the whole Uchiha clan against them."

Sakura nodded grudgingly to herself having decided that it actually made sense. One Uchiha was enough, having a whole band of them was out of the question. Biting her lips she asked again, "Can't I just, you know, take it off?"

There was a long silence in the room as the question was pondered over. "Well actually," she heard Jiro hesitantly say as if thinking over his words, "We have other plans for that."

Before he could further explain, she felt herself tense sensing ahead of time that whatever was going to be said was not going to be the least bit appealing to her.

"It will protect you."

A somewhat deep and silky voice uttered in her head. If this was what that Uchiha in the other dimension thought of protection he was missing a lot of screws in that pretty little head of his. 'Cause right now Sakura Haruno, medic extraordinaire with monstrous strength was feeling anything but protected.

She was sick at the pits of her stomach, vaguely wondering if this was that Sasuke's idea of matchmaking. She proceeded on thinking various of ways to get back to that other world, march to the Uchiha Compound and make sure he had zero potential of rearing an Uchiha heir.

Besides they have plenty of Uchihas there, she thought darkly with satisfaction.

She was cut off from her evil thoughts when Jiro spoke up.

"But first and foremost, Sakura." Looking up Sakura met Jiro's kind eyes, "I would like you to meet my wife."

With her eyes closed, Sakura could hear the rustle of fabric on her left and the uncanny sound of something being sprayed on her hair. She scrunched up her nose as she caught a whiff of cosmetics and perfume entangled in the air.

"Purple or Blue?" she heard one of the make-up artists say. Tapping the chair in thought, she gave up imagining herself with both and ended up telling the woman that she preferred the natural look.

"Smoky silver then."

True enough, seconds later she felt the soft bristles of a brush on her closed eyelids. She would have to get used to the feeling of make up after this. Unlike her sensei ,who secretly enjoyed the title of being one of the most beautiful women in the shinobi world, back when she was a chuunin she never had the nerve to apply make up in order to look feminine. It just didn't work for her. Not even a lipstick had grazed her lips. And now she was feeling the full onslaught of it. It felt sticky and uncomfortable to say the least. Unfit for a ninja and a medic such as herself.

But right now she was playing neither of the roles.

Reaching up she attempted to scratch a particularly itchy part of her nose only to be harshly swatted away.

"It'll ruin your make-up honey."

Grumbling to herself, she unwantedly put back her hands on her lap.

This was harder than going on a mission. At least she didn't have to worry about ruining her make-up with every movement and she could scratch her nose whenever she wanted to.

But she couldn't complain now she had brought this upon herself. However indirectly that is.

She felt a slight tug on her on her hair as the girl beside her twirled it, in what she guessed as a bun, and fixed it in place with a kind of hairpiece.

"Open your eyes."

Slowly opening them, she stared at her gawking reflection. Her mostly free flowing hair, she had let her hair grow out after she graduated from her apprenticeship from Tsunade, was now in a neat bun, little pieces of hair dangling to frame her face as side bangs. It emphasized the shape of her face making them sharper and noticeable. Her lips were of light pink colour, making them look full in a natural way. Her emerald eyes seemed to have become bigger with the eyeliner and the light silver eye shadow.

"You look stunning my dear. Not that you were any less so without the make-up but this is simply," an elderly woman walked up from behind her. Aiko had introduced her by the name of Mei, the one responsible for her transformation and the beloved wife of Jiro. Jiro had said that Sally had taken after his mother and as Sakura looked at the other reflection on the mirror she saw the same kind blue eyes staring back at her.

"Well then up you go." Mei gently nudged her on the shoulder. Smiling to herself as she smoothed the imaginary creases of her red kimono. It had embossed golden petals that matched perfectly with the deep crimson colour of the traditional wear. She wore flower-shaped pearl earrings that looked quite elegant. And on her neck visibly hang the Uchiha necklace as it peeked through the small cleavage of the kimono.

Folding her hands neatly in front of her like a proper lady she slowly walked towards the veranda where Aiko and Jiro were waiting for her. She slightly clenched the fabric of the kimono underneath her folded hands as the sound of murmurs reached her ears. She faltered on her step.

Mei seeing Sakura before her slightly stumble, held her arm in comfort, squeezing them so that she would now that she was there. Green eyes met her, fear apparent in them. They were a foot away from the closed wooden doors that would lead them to company.

Sakura nodded and took a step forward to open the door.

"Announcing the arrival of Sakura Haruno." Came an unfamiliar voice just outside the door. The door creaked open and the faces of a multitude came across her vision.

"Fiancée of our daimyo, Uchiha Sasuke."

The crowd turned to each other in whispers. One man to her left had pulled the arm of his wife and children so that they could leave. Many people looked peeved, some in confusion while a number of them looked at her in awe.

She knew the thoughts that passed their minds.

Why is she here?

Fiancée? Does that mean everything is okay?

Are we going to get killed?

Is she here to discuss peace?

Biting her lips in agitation she waited for Aiko to step forward and speak. Besides these was all their idea not hers. She mentally scolded herself. Why did she ever agree to this in the first place?

Aiko stepped forward and held a hand halting them in their activities.

"I know that you are all weary. So let me explain. Our village and the capital have been enemies for so long. We have lost so many men. And recently we had just recovered from an attack. I know the hatred that you bear for the capital, I too feel the same way."

The people shouted and pumped their fist in the air and shouted, "Down with the capital."

Sakura could feel the sweat trickle on her brow so she kept her eyes fixed at a leaf lying motionless at a roof just straight ahead.

Aiko held up his hand. "But we can no longer continue this kind of fight. The capital will keep sending back-ups, never dwindling in arms or in soldiers. Sadly, we are at our limits. It is foolhardy for us to continue doing so without support." He said grimly.

"Capture the wretch then and put her up for ransom!" one man proposed. Many other villagers seemed to agree.

"No,"Aiko continued. "We still have our honor and besides ,is this woman not familiar to you?"

Aiko inwardly smiled when he saw some of the men in the crowd blush. The chattering had sprung up again, unmistakably by people who had remembered the pink-haired medic who helped them.

"She is the head medic of the team that lent a hand in saving most of you, your husband, wives, and children; your love ones. She has been a valuable asset to our town for the small time she has stayed here. She has been my companion and had saved me from battle. I would have died if she had not interfered. As a shinobi of my rank", he turned and faced Sakura. "-my life is in your hands."

There was resounding gasps from the ground below.

"But she is the enemy's wife! What if this is all a trap? She'll get us killed!"

"Yeah!" A man with a round belly and a thick moustache rose up. "She is only the daimyo's wife. No matter how much she wants to help us, will that sway his decisions?"

The crowd quieted.

Sakura observed Aiko's unreadable expression: but the sparkle in his eyes gave it away.

"Finally somebody got the point across. "she heard him mutter under his breath.

"Good question." Slightly turning towards her direction, he beckoned her to step forward. Nodding in retaliation, she took three steps forward letting them bask in her appearance. Now the spotlight was on her.

"It can't be." Sakura looked down to see the rather pudgy man gawk at her. "The necklace."

"That is right. To all who do not know, she is the bearer of the last Uchiha necklace. And thus," Aiko looked down and met the eyes of the man, "- her word is as law as the daimyo's. And because of that-"

Everyone seemed to watch on warily as he stooped on his knees before her. She looked at him bewildered; this was not part of the plan! "My loyalty is with you. And as the leader of this town so shall my people."

Viridian eyes widened in shock, as all the townspeople kneeled down before her. They were first hesitant, but eventually all the people had done so.

She felt a shiver run at her spine when she saw the shock plastered across the 'pudgy' man she had dubbed earlier. He was the last one to kneel.

Ugh, I smell trouble in the air. And it's not a very pleasing smell.

She was not pleased.

Aiko could see the future wife of the daimyo's displeasure emanating from her in dark waves. She had her arms crossed coupled with a frown on her young and beautiful face. He sighed at the verbal assault he felt coming. This was no way for a notable man as him, not to mention older, to be greeted.

"What the hell was that! You-you told me that you'll tell them , only, that everything's going to be okay! That with me around your village the Uchiha would surely keep his hands off momentarily! I don-"

Aiko cut her off, "that's exactly what I did."

"Technically. But do you know the implication of telling them my word is as equal of the daimyo's? I was prepared to act out the mere wife-figure! At least if some people from the capital attacked I would get to have the excuse that I don't have a grip on his decisions!" she huffed, the shouting getting the toll on her.

"That's exactly why they were pondering of putting you in ransom. The people thought you were only a baby-making machine."

Sakura was taken a back and was about to open her mouth but thought back on it.

"I am sorry about this but I took the chance to make everything work. Do you know why the others joined Chiro in his betrayal?"

Sakura shook his head. Sadness clear on her expressive viridian eyes.

"It was because they couldn't find the security they wanted. They thought we had no chance against the capital-which is true at the moment- that's why we don't want any more of our shinobis thinking it fit to betray one another. Even if it's just a reassurance from now that peace evident, it is more than enough."

"You don't know the power that is now at the tip of your fingers because of the necklace around your neck. As long as they know you are with us, the people won't rebel. And besides," the captain turned to the girl who had become silent, "Our loyalty lies with you not with the daimyo. The people will fight for you. All they need is a powerful figure-head. Once a leader is installed, what he is eventually is reflected on his people."

"But Aiko you are their leader."

"Not anymore." He smiled.

"This will never work. I'm not fit to lead a whole town."

"Sakura, right now" Aiko put his hands on her shoulders "you are probably the second most powerful person in the whole Grass Village."

Sasuke Uchiha was never pleased of games. Especially ones he did not devise. And right now as he is staring at the face of one of his subordinates who had just come from his annual 'visits' at Senka town, beaming and congratulating him, he was particular not having a good mood.

"I had my doubts at first. But then I saw the Uchiha necklace. Pardon me, for having second thoughts. I thought it was again one of those girls that were pretending to be your concubine's Uchiha-sama," Ichijiou bowed lower in apology.

"I could have never found a better candidate for a wife, Uchiha-sama. She is indeed very beautiful. I can understand why you have kept her from us," he said good-naturely.

And this was a particular game he wanted to end soon.


The said man looked up. "Yes Uchiha-sama?"

"Bring my fiancée here."

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