AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I've been playing around with an idea for this story and I'm putting it to you, my readers, on whether or not I actually put this idea into action with this story.

Being a fan of the NBC TV show 'Hannibal', I've been toying with the notion of having Hannibal Lecter be Kelly Gibbs' psychiatrist. Now, I would set up backstory with this to explain the circumstanced leading up to the story currently and I am NOT thinking of bringing Lecter to Hogwarts. Unless you all like the idea in which case I'll go that route. While Kelly's at Hogwarts she'll mostly be exchanging friendly letters with Lecter. Long distance therapy, you might say.

Now I will be writing this just to play out the story line but if you guys aren't exactly keen on the idea, I'll keep the original story and update that one.

Let me know, folks!

Chapter 12

Snape was not ordinarily one to be intimidated by others, and certainly not by a mere muggle. But there was something about Leroy Jethro Gibbs that made him uneasy. First, there was the NCIS agent's eyes. Just like Dumbledore, Gibbs could make his gaze stern and threatening with those he wished to intimidate or comforting to his family or to those in need. He also seemed to be a difficult person to scare. The man's only fear seemed to be the notion of any harm coming to his family.

It was something that very much reminded Snape of James Potter. As arrogant and cruel as Snape remembered his rival to be, the Potions Master was slowly coming to understand that his perceptions of Potter and his cronies was heavily tainted by his childhood and school experiences.

These revelations had been coming slowly over the past few months ever since finding out about James' own past and illness. Snape had known that Lily'd had cancer when she was 7 as they had already been friends for nearly a year by that point. He could remember the scared look on his only friend's face as she told him. He'd watched Lily fighting the disease and had tried to help support her as much as possible both during her treatment and during her remission.

It was perhaps because of that friendship and connection that the rivalry between James Potter and Severus Snape had begun. Because no matter how understanding Snape was, he would never truly understand what it was like to have an illness slowly trying to kill you.

Something that James actually did have first-hand experience with.

Very early in their 2nd year, James had left school suddenly and it wasn't until the Christmas break that Lily told Snape why. Upon hearing that James also had cancer and was in hospital for treatment, Snape couldn't help but feel that it was the first break in his friendship with Lily. Suddenly James knew more about her and had a better connection with her than Snape ever could.

As he stood in his chambers, Snape pulled himself back to the present. Why had he started thinking on the past? He wasn't usually one for sentimental reminiscing after all. After a moment, however, his thoughts came back and he recalled what had started him on his stream of thoughts. Ahhh, yes… Kelly Gibbs.

Kelly looked so much like her aunt it was remarkable. True, there were a few facial differences which leaned more towards Shannon, surely, but there were quite a few similarities between Kelly and Lily, and not just in their looks.

Both were very strong women and passionate about their families, very often becoming fiercely protective of their loved ones. And yet both could be very warm and kind as well, showing compassion even when faced with people who didn't necessarily deserve it.

And Kelly also understood what it was like to have your body betray you. True, the muscle disorder wasn't fatal, but it had permanently changed her life.

Snape paused in his musings as he entered the Great Hall and saw the young woman in question sitting with Professor Henrietta Lange at the Slytherin table. The two women were engaged in quiet conversation but both paused as he walked towards them. "Pardon me, Miss Gibbs," Snape said, calmly as he looked down at her. "Would you mind if we spoke?" Looking over at Hetty, he added, "In private?"

Hetty stood after getting a small nod from Kelly and as she passed the Potions Master, she whispered, "You should probably know that Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was quite an accomplished sniper in the Marine Corps with a particular specialty of being undetectable." Without saying anything else, she left the room, a small smile playing across her face as she went.

Kelly shifted a bit in her wheelchair as she watched Snape take the seat that Hetty had occupied and after a moment or two, she said, "I know you had a crush on my aunt."

"Lily Evans was my best friend for nearly 8 years," Snape corrected. After a long pause, he added, "You remind me of her."

At first Kelly wanted to call Snape out on how creepy the statement sounded, but after a moment, her curiosity got the better of her and she asked, "What was Aunt Lily like?"


Rather than go down to the Great Hall for breakfast, Gibbs went to Harry's suite and found the teenager sitting in an armchair next to the fireplace, already in the middle of his treatment.

"How're you feeling, buck?" Gibbs asked as he sat down across from Harry.

Harry shrugged as he looked at the IV. "Fine, I guess. Just tired, still. I ate some breakfast, though." He looked at Gibbs and tried to give him a smile but his heart wasn't in it. "I hate this."

Gibbs reached forward and squeezed Harry's hand warmly. "I know." He hated that all he could offer was reassurance and more and more these days, Gibbs was starting to suspect that his words of comfort to Harry were starting to fall on deaf ears.

It was these times that Gibbs had wished Harry's parents had left behind any sort of personal journals. Maybe reading about how his parents had dealt with their illnesses would help Harry deal with his own.

It was that thought that made the NCIS agent think of something he hadn't considered until now. "Hey," Gibbs said as he stood. "I'll be back in a couple hours. I'm going to try and get ahold of Sirius and Remus."

Sitting up a bit, Harry looked curious and interested. Forgetting his problems for the moment, he actually smiled as he said, "Yeah, that'd be great. I'd love to see them."


After telling Dumbledore what he was up to, Gibbs headed out of Hogwarts and started towards Hogsmeade Village when he was stopped by Kelly wheeling up alongside him. "You look like you could use some company," Kelly observed as they headed down the path towards the village. When her father didn't reply, Kelly zipped in front of him, cutting him off. "Harry's not worse, is he? Dad?" After a moment, Kelly felt a knot forming in her stomach. "Dad, what's wrong?"

"You and I are never going to really understand what Harry's going through," Gibbs said at last, sadness in his eyes.

Kelly nodded, slowly, in agreement. "I wish Harry's parents were here. Or… at least someone who's been through this, but… It's just us, Dad."

There was a slight smile on Gibbs face as he bent down and kissed his daughter on the top of the head. "Not just us," he corrected.