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Kise Ryouta sluggishly made his way home after a long and exhausting model shoot for some famous magazine he couldn't remember the name of.
He opened his apartment door with a heavy sigh and stepped inside before he called out an "I'm home" which only echoed in the silent, empty residence.

He didn't receive a reply and he didn't really expect one in the first place. Of course not. His parents were away for work most of the time, so there was nobody to greet him at home.

He sighed again for the umpteenth time that day and made his way straight to his room. It was already dark, long past 10 pm after all, and he lets himself fall on his comfy bed.

'I really want to see Aomine-cchi…' the boy's mind was instantly filled with longing for the ace of Touo.

The past two weeks he had rarely found the time to meet up with his new lover. The two of them were dating for roughly three months now and Kise couldn't help but be worried. He wasn't even sure to begin with why the bluenette choose to date him.

After all his talk about how he absolutely loved girls with soft skin, big boobs, curvy body and big boobs and a nice rack and big boobs…you get Kise's point, he never thought Aomine would say 'yes'.
To add to his worries Aomine Daiki had not yet uttered the words 'I love you', even though Kise himself said it a lot.

'I know, idiot.'


'What else.'


'Yes, yes.'

were the monotone replies he received from the tanned male.
Quite frankly it was getting frustrating and he lost more and more confidence in himself.

Also, the little time they managed to spend together, due to the fact that they went to different schools and Kise's job, was either filled with playing basketball or having dinner at Maji Burger. Both weren't really his idea of 'romantic dates', but he'd take what he gets.

'Aomine-cchi…do you really love me or…?'

He turned around to lie on his stomach and rested his head on his arms. Even though it didn't take long for him to drift off into a deep slumber afterwards, he still felt uneasy for some reason.

The next morning he woke up to the first rays of sunlight mercilessly shining on his face and he groggily opened his eyes to welcome the new day.

Slowly he sat up and stretched his tired body, still half-asleep and he yawned thoroughly.

But…something felt off.

He let his gaze wander down his body and saw two foreign things blocking his view.

'Yeah, right. Seems like I'm still dreaming, huh?'

And Kise lied back down with a contented sigh and closed his topaz colored eyes once more.

That is before he realized that he was indeed awake, and yes, those things obscuring his view were breasts and,- "AHHHHHHH!"

He is overwhelmed by his panic and hastily ran to his bathroom, not without tripping several times in his hastiness before finally he stopped, out of breath, in front of his mirror.

The sight that greeted him had his mouth hanging open like a goldfish as he stared at the reflection that could not possibly be him but was at the same time.

In his mirror was a girl with shoulder-length, wavy golden hair that framed her cute face.
Big round caramel orbs, long eyelashes and soft, full lips. A curvy body, soft looking skin and breasts.


His hands flew down to his crotch where that supposedly should be but,-


He…She retracted her hands as if they were on fire and shrieks.

"What the hell is going onnnnnnnn!?"

After her mini-breakdown and many looks in the mirror to make sure again and again that he had in fact switched gender overnight, she made his way back to her room on unsteady legs.

She slowly sat down on her bed and stared at her new…assets. Hesitantly she raised her hand and poked, then grabbed them experimentally.

'Kinda soft an,- What the hell am I thinking?! This is not the time for this!'

"God damn it…" she mutters darkly under her breath and…was that really her voice?

It was a lot softer, more feminine than her/his usual voice.

"Seriously, what's going on?" she exasperatedly whined to herself and fell back on her bed before she stared at her ceiling for at least ten minutes, lost in her thoughts.

'I wanna see Aomine-chii and…" and she tensed, sitting up lighting fast and she immediately entered panic mode again.

"What is he going to say to..to this!? Is he going to break up with me…? N-no, I don't want that!"

She slumped back on her bed in defeat and sighed heavily.

'I've got no choice…' she thought dejectedly.

'He will find out sooner or later. I won't be able to go to school like this, so he will surely show up here. I can't avoid him forever…'

She sat up again and grabbed her yellow cellphone from her nightstand next to her bed and dialed the familiar number in order to call her boyfriend.

Her heart pounded loudly in her chest, threatening to jump out her ribcage and a small part of her hoped he wouldn't pick up.





"Oi Kise, what the hell do you want?"

And her heart almost stopped when the male answered his phone.

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