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'word' = thoughts

"word" = dialogue

"word" = phone call

So, Aomine Daiki was currently snuggled in his warm, fluffy blankets while he drifted in and out of sleep, when the annoying ringtone Kise had set for whenever he called him resounded in the otherwise peacefully and silent room.

Since the tanned teenager was still sleepy, he aimlessly grabbed around on his nightstand until he found the reason for his rude awakening- his damn blue-black cellphone which he apparently forgot to turn on silent mode.

He pushed the 'accept call' button to save his ears before they went deaf from listening to that hideous soundtrack for too long.

He grumpily answered his phone with a:

"Oi Kise, what the hell do you want?"

Aomine Daiki was dead set on telling the popular model off for calling him this fucking early in the morning.

That was until he heard a very feminine voice that called him by this familiar and ridiculous nickname of his.

"A-Aomine-cchi…can you…maybe…come over..?" the person hesitantly asked.

"Who is this? I think you got the wrong number, lady." He replied drily.

"N-Noo! Aomine-cchi, it's Kise. Kise Ryouta!" she exclaims so loudly Aomine had to hold the phone away a few centimeters.

"Don't screw around. There's no way you ar,-" and he was rudely interrupted by the obnoxious female.

"It is! Just..just come over, alright!?" and she simply hang up.

Kise that bastard- or whoever the hell that had been- had decided the conversation was over without Aomine giving his consent first.

Aomine was not amused by this shit. Not at all.

So, even though he was hungry and pissed off, sleepy and had not believed a word that lunatic had said to him over the phone, he still ended up in front of Kise's apartment door, somehow.

No he wasn't worried, shut up.

He loudly knocked on the wooden door with an annoyed sigh leaving his lips and soon he heard, presumably Kise's, frantic footsteps.

He had to jump back to avoid a meeting between his freaking face and the abruptly opened door and he was prepared to yell and scold the blond model when his eyes instead fell on a girl.

Her pretty face was lightly flushed, probably from running all the way to the door, framed by shoulder-length, golden locks. She also seemed to have fairly soft skin and a petite frame.
Bright caramel-colored eyes looked at him, reflecting nervousness and insecurity and he briefly wondered why.

Did he mention she was well-stacked? Probably a C or even D and-stop it right there, Daiki.

"Sorry to intrude, I'm here to see Kise." The girl, she looked eerily familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it (maybe Kise's cosine?), stared at him for a moment before:

"Aomine-cchi, it's me!" and she proceeded to maniacally point at herself like a retard.
In that moment Aomine realized it was the same crazy person he talked to on the phone who was still babbling the same nonsense and all things considered…

'…Sounds like Kise, alright.' He concluded, but still!

"The hell are you talking about? You're not,-" and she cuts him off again.

" I am! You have to believe me! Please!"

She closed the distance between them and deeply looked him in his sapphire eyes.

"…Please." She whispers desperately. Her eyes were begging him to believe her, but how could he…?

'But those eyes, it's the same shade as his, they hold the same passion, the same fondness…the same love.'

"…Shit, what the fuck happened to you Kise?!" Caramel orbs brightened with happiness and relieve at the bluenette's words and he,-she threw herself at him for a hug.

"Thank you, Aomine-cchi. I'm so glad you believe me!" and she tightens her hold around him and everything is alright again and,-

"…Stop touching my boobs, Aomine-cchi."

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