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So, it's been one week since that fateful morning Kise woke up belonging to
another gender.
At school the famous model is said to have fallen very sick (well it wasn't a complete lie) and his fangirls wasted no time in sending him 'Get better soon' cards and other stuff he didn't really need.

Aomine came by every day to deliver his homework, eat dinner together, then watch TV and some days he even stayed over.

What puzzled Kise was the fact that the tanned and somewhat perverted male hadn't, since that time he grabbed his boobs at least, touched her.

At all.


No hugs, no kisses, no fleeting touches or gentle caresses.

Kise thought about that problem for a long time and came to the conclusion that Aomine was indeed acting weird. She thought she would have to use a Taser to keep him away, or spray water at him every time he tried to harass her.

But as mentioned before, nothing of the sort happened and that was what scared Kise more than anything.

She started to get worried over Aomine's passiveness and seemingly indifference.

But who was she kidding..? Anyone would be shocked, maybe even terrified, if his boyfriend suddenly turned into a girl.
She must look like a total freak to him. Surely any normal human being would be disgusted and rather reluctant to actually touch something like her, right?


But then, why hadn't he said anything yet…? Why did he keep visiting her…?

Why did he….?

'Don't tell me…he does this out of pity?!


Ouch. Great, she just managed to hurt herself with her own thoughts.

'But…i-it couldn't be like that, right? No, surely not.'

It was Friday and as all the other times before Aomine didn't fail to show up today as well.

Too bad for him, really, that Kise was fed up with waiting and determined to make something happen.

So when they were comfortably seated next to each other on the couch that evening while watching TV, she made her move.

Slowly she leaned towards him, careful so he wouldn't notice her intention and sensually whispered into his ear:


The blue haired male beside her visibly stiffened before almost falling off the couch a second later in an attempt to crawl away and bring as much distance between them as he could.

"The hell do you think you're doing?!" he exclaims, shock and irritation clearly lacing his voice.

The blonde's face immediately fell at the negative reaction she received.

"Look, you can't ju,-" and the heartbroken look she gives him lets the words die in his throat.

"Aomine-cchi…are you…by any chance…disgusted by me?" she asked slowly, voice emotionless.

Kise stared at the ground, expression hidden from those deep, sea-blue eyes, afraid of the answer she would find in them.

"What are you…?" Aomine was obviously confused by the strange behavior of the female in front of him.

And Kise couldn't hold it in anymore. Weeks of pent up stress, worries about her relationship with Aomine and the insecurity she felt all along just spilled out of her.

All of it was just too much.

"I-I mean, everyone would be disgusted, right? Just suddenly turning into a girl without any explanation, it's just-just…"

And she wasn't able to contain her tears any longer.

Aomine's eyes widened in shock and slight panic when he saw tears streaming down Kise's face and she started hiccupping .

"I-I don't want you to h-hate me, p-please…Please, d-don't hate m,-"

And caramel-colored eyes widened when Kise was suddenly pulled into a tight, protective hug.

"Are you an idiot!? A-As if I could ever be disgusted by you! As if I would ever be able to hate you!" he yelled embarrassed, hiding his blushing face in shiny golden locks.
Her tear-filled eyes widened at his words and her hands grabbed onto his shirt desperately, as if fearing it was all just a dream and he would disappear any moment.

"…." Aomine mumbled lowly so only she was able to hear it and gently nuzzled her cheek with his nose and whispers again those sweet, sweet words she was longing forever to hear from his lips.

And she can't stop crying.

Not from anger, sadness or frustration but out of pure happiness.

"Because don't you know I love you, idiot?

Female? Male? It doesn't make a difference, you are you."

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