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When Kise Ryouta opened his eyes the next morning, he found himself held in a protective embrace by a still deeply asleep blue haired basketball player. He gazed at the others with bleary eyes, not fully awake yet and slowly a sweet smile made its way onto his lips at the sight of his peacefully sleeping lover.

He carefully wrapped his arms around the bluenettes waist and studied the others sleeping face a little longer before deciding that it was time to wake the sleepy head up. He leaned forward, kissing Aomines nose and he had to stifle his laughter when the other fidgeted in his sleep.

"Aomine-cchi, time to wake up~!" He whispered into his ear before gently nuzzling his lover's cheek.

Aomine blinked tiredly, still slightly disoriented and Kise smiled at the adorable sight of his boyfriend.

The bluenette yawned lazily and stretched slightly, slowly waking up.

"...G'morning" he mumbled lowly and Kise responded with his own but more energetic greeting in return.

Kise sat up and rubbed his eyes and suppressed a yawn on his own.

"What do you want for breakfast, Aomi,-" but he was interrupted by the quite but serious sounding voice of the male beside him.

"Kise..." he trailed off and stared at the aforementioned boy. The other returned the look, albeit a bit worried.

"Kise, you're...back to normal." The blond blinked a few times before the meaning of his boyfriend's words finally hit him and his hands flew up to where until yesterday there had been breast, only to hit on a flat chest.
A moment of silence befell the before Kise got up and ran to the bathroom to make absolutely sure that he was back to normal, Aomine following closely behind.

One he saw his reflection he was relieved to see his short blond hair, no curvy but a well trained body without any...extra assets.
He turned around and threw himself at the unsuspecting male behind him who barely held his balance, all the while squealing about how he finally, finally turned back.

Aomine wrapped his arms around the other tightly and smiled at his slightly shorter lover before bending down to plant a soft kiss on those delicious lips.

"Finally, everything is back to normal!"


It was in the evening when both of them sat on the couch watching TV completely relaxed when Aomine asked a question that had been on his mind since he found out that Kise had switched gender.

"Say Kise, do you have any idea how any of this could have happened? I mean turning into women is nothing you do every day..." he trailed off unsurely. Kise stayed silent, deeply in thought before shaking his head.

"No, I've got no idea." he said honestly clueless.

"Well...did anything unusual happen to you the day before?" he asked the blond after a moments consideration.

Kise titled his head slightly to the side while trying to remember what he did the day before any of that happened.

"Um...I went to school, after that to basketball practice as always, where Kasamatsu-senpai kicked me" - he winced at the thought while Aomine snickered quietly - " after that I went to my shoot and went home...


Ah! Actually I met Momo-cchi on my way home. I stopped to talk to her because she seemed really depressed and she told me that you guys refused to eat the bento she made.
To cheer her up I offered" he trailed off, his eyes widened with each word and both he and Aomine rapidly turned paler.

A deathly silence fell over the two, only broken by Kises hesitant laughter.

"It...It couldn't be, right? Haha...ha...?"

Aomine chose not to respond to that.

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