When I saw the stars and stripes move in the wind from the bus window I knew I was home. After years of longing and wanting I had finally arrived at team USA's Olympic camp. The excitement allowed me to forget about how jet lagged I was from the long haul flight to Germany. Swimming had been my life ever since I could remember, my dad even knick named me water baby. I was scouted by the team USA coaches whilst swimming at Danby. The college I had always wanted to attend but when an opportunity to live my dream and possibly win Olympic gold came knocking I could never turn that down.

Whilst I was still in my thoughts, I felt somebody tap me on the shoulder. I jumped out of my skin forgetting that I wasn't alone. I pulled out my headphones and turned my music off. "Excuse me miss, the rest of the team have gone in for the initiation talk" the bus driver said with a chuckle. "Sorry I was daydreaming again" "You had better get inside, do you need a hand with your bags" "don't worry I'm stronger than I look" I said with a wink.

I headed into the reception area unsure of where to go. Why did I always have to have my head in the clouds? "You must be….Paige McCullers" a thin far too smiley blonde woman called out reading from her clip board "that's me" I held out my hand and she shook it softly. "I'm Zoe the assistant coach, I think we've met before. I scouted you from Danby" "so I should be thanking you for selecting me I guess" I said with a grin. "Do me proud then Paige! The other girls have gone to their rooms for a rest before dinner. Follow me". I did as she told me this place was huge and I haven't even seen the pool yet but I could smell the chlorine in the air.

After going round what felt like a maze we finally arrived at my room. "Here we are" Zoe said whilst holding the door open for me "Thanks" "Get settled in Paige and dinner is at 6pm in the cafeteria" Zoe gave me another smile and let herself out. Sharing a room sucked at Danby but at least here it would be another swimmer so we had something to talk about. I put my bags down on my bed and noticed the team USA goodie bag with sweats, swimming gear and robe "I came just for the freebies" a voice called out from the bed on the opposite side of the room. "Hey, I'm Allie and I guess we are roomies" "Paige McCullers, yeah I hope you don't snore" I said with a wink. Allie held her hands up in defeat "I can't be held responsible for what I do in my sleep!" "You look familiar do you swim for Danby?" "Yeah I do" I said inquisitively "You destroyed my team on your own. It brings up so many terrible memories that I can't be around you! Or it just gives me an excuse to take a shower" Allie headed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Silence fell over the room, I jumped on my bed and napped before dinner.

"McCullers!...Paige!" I stirred from my sleep to see Allie stood at the end of my bed looking down on me. "Wh what what, I'm awake" I croaked. "Its mandatory we eat dinner as a team so come on…and you might need this" she tossed a hairbrush to me "Don't you like my bed hair" I called out "bed hair resembles sex hair and I don't want people to start to talk" Aliie said with a wink. With that we headed to the cafeteria in comfortable silence I was thankful that she knew the way. I've always hated cafeteria's the notion of cliques at tables always made me uncomfortable but that shouldn't be the case here with jocks everywhere. That's what I thought before we pushed through the double doors. There were about 20 girls already sat down at tables and in unison they looked me up and down. "Allie we saved you a seat" a girl called out "See you later Paige" Allie said with a wave. I grabbed a bowl of chicken pasta and a bottle of water, and then I made my way to a table in the corner and ate dinner in my own company. I had never been popular in high school and college but I always had my best friend Pru by my side.

After eating dinner on my own without even glancing at my team mates we were ushered into a conference room and the head coach introduced himself. "Ladies I'm coach Carter and whilst you are at this camp you answer to me and abide by my rules" oh great I thought this is going to be fun. He went on and on about safety procedure, no boys in our rooms and no leaving the facility without permission but something else caught my eye. A beautiful bronzed goddess took a seat on the end of my row she had beautiful shimmering dark locks and deep dark brown eyes. She looked directly at me and gave me a smile. I was thankful that I was sat down as I felt sure my knees would buckle. Words cannot explain how beautiful this girl is. I couldn't help but blush with the eye contact. "Ah Emily Fields how nice of you to finally join us" "Sorry coach my flight was delayed" Emily said her angelic voice stunned me and the rest of the night was a blur. I was in dreamland and went to bed thinking about Emily Fields.