I knew that saying goodbye to Emily would be one of the hardest moments of my life. Over the last few weeks we had been getting closer and closer. We almost shared a kiss yesterday. Would my departure ruin what was blossoming here? I felt sure she had feelings for me but then she hadn't shared her Samara situation with me as far as I knew they were still together. I was walking back through the camp headquarters with these thoughts running through my head. I was scared that this shoulder would never heal and I would never see Emily again. What would Allie do without me here? Would everybody be turned against me?

I was outside my dorm room door in record time. I took a deep breath, unlocked the door and made my way into my room. Emily was doing some cleaning; she was not a particularly tidy person. Usually her clothes were all over the floor on her side of the room. She had moved our beds back to their usual positions.

"Wow Emily. Look you can actually see the carpet" I smirked.

"Oh shush you, I thought it would cheer up the patient" Emily quipped back.

"I should injure myself more often then," I said with a wink.

"So what's the consensus?" Emily said in a serious tone.

"Do you want the good or the bad news first?"

Emily rolled her eyes; I instantly bit down on my lip. "The good defiantly"

"It should be all healed in two weeks, all going well" this was good, it could be so much worse.

"That's great news….do I want to know the bad news?" she said with wide eyes.

"I'm going back to Danby," I said glumly looking down at my tattered black and pink Nike sneakers.

Emily took me by surprise before I looked up she was pulling me into a light hug. I could tell she was trying to be careful of my shoulder, which was now in a white sling.

"I will be back as soon as it heals Fields," I whispered into her ear.

"You'd better be. What will I do without my roomie and swimming competition?"

"I should have known it would be all about you" I joked.

"Remember you said you needed me? When I was bawling my eyes out over Samara?" She pulled out of the hug and her huge brown eyes were looking straight into mine.

How could I ever forget I thought to myself "Yeah" I answered quickly.

"Well I need you, so please come back" She planted a kiss on my cheek causing my insides to melt.

Emily then got back to her cleaning and I pulled out my black suitcase and made my way around the room collecting my belongings. I pulled out my underwear from the dresser and my clothes out of the wardrobe. I then cleared the bathroom of my towels, toiletries and hairbrush. I noticed Emily eyeing up my prized grey and red Danby sweatshirt.

"You can borrow it if you like?" she looked away and red filled her cheeks.

"It means, I have to see you again" I added.

"I will treasure it and it means the room will still smell like you" Emily said with a smile.

"Is that for me?" I looked down and noticed a white envelope in her hand.

"Yes but don't open it until you are on the plane, ok?" Emily pleaded.

"Sure, pinky promise?" we both held out our hands and let our little fingers become tangled. I never wanted to let her go.

I broke away to move my suitcase near to the door and put my red rucksack over my uninjured shoulder. I heard a knock at the door "Paige, 5 minutes" I could just about make out Zoe's muffled voice.

"I will skype you when I'm home. These few weeks will fly by. Just don't get too good without me Fields" I was trying to hide my emotions.

"I hate goodbyes Paige, If you don't come back I will drag you back here ok?" Emily demanded.

"You don't have to worry about that! This plane isn't going to wait bye Fields" I said. I had one last look at my beautiful roommate then pulled my suitcase out of the room behind me.

Zoe was waiting for me in the reception area and there was a taxi outside. Zoe took my bag from my shoulder and we headed out to the waiting car.

"Good luck page, keep me posted on your progress, here are your paper e-tickets. Don't push yourself too hard with the recovery" Zoe was giving me her best toothy smile.

"See you in two to three weeks"

"I almost forgot because we use the German facilities an injured German swimmer is going to Danby with you. I know they are the competition but be nice".

I nodded "I'm always nice" I added with a shocked tone.

The taxi driver put my bags in the trunk of his car and I opened the door to the back seat. It was surprisingly difficult to get in with the full use of only one arm. I wound down the window and waved at Zoe as the taxi pulled off.

I enjoyed the drive to the airport. I had only been on a trip once but I recognised the route already. I took out my ipod turned up the volume and pretended I was in a movie. After half an hour or so on the road the signs for the airport were everywhere. The taxi pulled up outside the departure area and I got out from the backseat.

The middle aged taxi driver took the ticket from my hand and pointed me in the direction I should head in.

"Danke" I said politely.

"Auf Wiedersehen" he called out before getting back into his car and driving off.

I made my way to the American airlines desk. They were already checking passengers onto the flight, I had 2 hours before take off. I eventually got to the front of the queue and handed over my flight details and passport. The lady at the desk had my suitcase and instructed me to head to gate 22 in an hours time. I looked out for the German swimmer expecting her to be in her distinctive swimming colours but she was no where to be seen. I went through security and headed to a café in the departure lounge. I was near the front of the queue and the panic was just setting in. I couldn't order in German, I was praying the barista would know English. In front of me I heard a familiar voice and I almost wiped by eyes in disbelief.

"Hallo, eins Kaffee und eine heiße Schokolade. Danke" the brunette said quickly.

"Whitney?" I gasped.

"We have to stop meeting like this American" She said with a smile. She handed me a coffee and I followed her to a brown leather sofa in the corner of the café that had a large window over looking the runway.

"This is too much of a coincidence Paige. Did you injure yourself just to see me again?" Whitney joked.

"So you are the German? My coach told me I had to be nice to you. That's going to be tough" I snapped back.

"Is your arm ok?" she asked sympathetically.

"Tendonitis…I should be fighting fit in a few weeks"

"Ouch, I've had knee problems for a while so I'm flying out for some rehab" Whitney explained.

Whitney scooted over closing the gap between us. "Paige I need to confess something to you"

"Really? What?" I questioned.

"Ever since I met you I've wanted to see you again. I've been thinking about you a hell of a lot"

"Really?" I couldn't stop the red rising in my cheeks. I thought the butterflies in my stomach were going to escape.

"I've wanted to do this again for a while" Whitney pushed my stray hairs behind my ears. She looked deeply into my eyes meanwhile I was staring at her pink full lips that would be placed on mine in a matter of seconds. She kissed me softly our lips were only brushing. The kiss was slow at first but after a few seconds it deepened. It was like Whitney needed to check it was ok and as I didn't push her away she got the answer she wanted.

She placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in further. The intense feelings from our previous kiss came rushing back. We were in the middle of a busy airport but it felt like Whitney and I were the only people in existence. I knew what was coming next and it felt incredible Whitney bit down on my bottom lip. I became breathless and she gained entry into my mouth.

Our tongues met and I fell against the arm of the sofa our kiss stopped momentarily. Whitney gestured for me to lie down and then she climbed on top of my hips and the kiss resumed. I had forgotten that we were in a public place. The kiss became passionate and my hands took on a life of their own and placed themselves on Whitney's pert bottom.

The kiss came to an end when we heard somebody clear their throat. When we pulled apart I opened my eyes and noticed a waiter reaching down for our empty coffee cups on the table. I had never been so embarrassed, Whitney found the whole situation to be very entertaining. Once she removed herself from on top of my hips I sat up on the sofa and ran my fingers through my messy hair.

"Did we really just do that?" I questioned and looked around at the almost full café.

"There is nothing like some p.d.a Paige" Whitney said with a smirk.

I looked at my watch I still had just over an hour. "I'm going to take a look in the shops" I said quickly, I could feel the eyes on me.

"Don't kiss and tell, I will see you on the plane" Whitney said with a pout. Did anything embarrass this girl? I thought to myself.

I went to the bathroom to access the damage to my hair. I took out a hairbrush and hair tie and put my auburn hair into a neat pony tail. Before I boarded the plane I looked in most of the airports shops and brought myself a swimming magazine to occupy myself on the long haul flight. I went to the gate as instructed and boarded the plane in no time. I sat in the window seat with Whitney next to me and an elderly woman sat on the end of our row. I got out my ipod, magazine and the envelope from Emily for the eight hour flight and then placed my carry on bag in the over head locker.

As the plane taxied to the runway I noticed Whitney tense up next to me. Her slender hands were gripping the armrests as if her life depended on it. I couldn't help but smile. Whitney seemed to be this really confident no fear woman, I liked that about her but I like to know people have a weakness. It makes them more human. This was her kryptonite.

When the plane hit the runway and the engines thundered into life I took her hand and placed it in mine. She squeezed and squeezed my hand until we were safely up in the air and the seatbelt sign had dimmed.

"I might need to get my hand checked out when we arrive" I joked.

"I'm sorry Paige" Whitney frowned.

"Don't sweat it, my hand belongs to you for the remainder of the flight" I said placing my hand on her thigh.

The next few hours passed slowly, this always seemed to be the case on any flight. I watched The dark knight rises on the inflight entertainment. It took me back to the night before when we watched it in bed. Every time the plane hit turbulence Whitney would grab my hand. I liked Whitney but I felt guilty, was I leading her on? Should I tell her about Emily?

Whitney asked to check out my swimming magazine, when I pulled it out from the back of the chair in front. The envelope from Emily fell to the ground, I had forgotten all abut the letter. I was nervous and excited to find out what it contained but whilst the toilet queue was short I squeezed out to the isle leaving the letter on my seat.

It was good to stretch my legs. I used the bathroom quickly, I had always been terrified of experiencing turbulence whilst nature took its course. I slowly went back to my seat making the most of the space I had. I sat back down in my seat carefully trying not to wake anyone up around me. I searched for the letter, feeling underneath where I was sat and looking in the seat storage in front of me. I looked down at Whitney's lap and I couldn't believe what was happening. She had my swimming magazine open in her lap but she also had my letter in her hand.

I snatched it back, if I was a cartoon character I felt sure smoke would be coming out of my ears. I had no idea what the letter contained but It was for me to read. Without any further hesitation on my part my eyes focused on the neat hand writing in front of me.

"Dear Paige,

I can't believe you are leaving. I wish you could turn that plane around and come back. I know that what we have isn't fragile and we will pull through. It is just going to be hard for me, we have a really special friendship. I can honestly say you are one of a kind; confident, funny, supportive, honest and as I have said before cute.

I don't want things to be weird between us after what happened last night. I tried to pass our nearly kiss off as a mistake but it wasn't. I have wanted to kiss you since I first laid eyes on you in the conference room. You were sat there looking terrified and all I wanted was to put my arms around you. When I saw you kissing Whitney I wanted that to be me.

I'm not sure I could tell you this if you were still here but I hoped the distance would prevent any weirdness. I need you to know if it wasn't for Samara I would have acted on my feelings.

You are the one I want, wherever you are I want to be. I'm falling for you Paige. I'm sorry if this came out of the blue and if you hate me I understand that too. I won't bring this up again because it is too embarrassing to be rejected.

I hope your recovery goes well and we can carry on where we left off as friends when you get home.



Wow I had so many things running through my head. Was this for real? The whole time I thought we were just friends she had feelings for me. How had I missed the signs? This was all wrong. I wanted to get back to camp and tell her how I feel about her. Oh crap Whitney. I looked over and her brown eyes were transfixed on the letter in my lap.

"Sorry" Whitney whispered.

"I'm sorry that you had to read that" I said.

"You know you are way too good for her Paige"

"You don't even know her Whitney. I thought I could trust you. Unless you have anything useful to say I don't want to hear it" I said angrily.

I couldn't stand to look at Whitney, she was making this about her. Maybe I had played her but she was aware of my feelings for Emily. I plugged myself into my ipod and drifted off to sleep. This was hard with my arm in a sling but I slept until it was breakfast time. Whitney and I ate in silence. When we were coming into land I kept my hand out of her reach.

As we left the plane and went through customs and finally baggage reclaim it occurred to me that I had no idea how I was getting back to Danby. A taxi seemed logical but I didn't have much cash with me. My parents would be in New York, they didn't even know I was back. We came out into arrivals and I was going to head outside to find a taxi I saw a familiar face.

"Ride for Paige McCullers and Whitney Merkel" called out an excited voice.

"PRU!" I shouted excitedly. This caused Whitney to take a step back as Pru came running in my direction.

"What are you doing here?" I exclaimed.

"Your coach Zoe called and I offered to pick you up. I've sorted it out with the land lord so we can stay in our new apartment whilst you recover" Pru explained.

"So you are willing to be at college with no classes, this is crazy talk" I joked.

"Matt's coming to keep me company" Pru said whilst winking.

I looked over to Whitney who was stood behind me with a terrified look on her face. "Pru, meet Whitney. Whitney meet Pru" Whitney went to shake Pru's hand but Pru went in for a hug taking Whitney by surprise.

"Is this?" Pru said whilst raising her eyebrows. I tried to make her stop by shaking my head.

"Whitney as in the girl you told me all about?"

"Yes" I mumbled trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Well Whitney I want all the dirt on dear Paige. Matt is meeting us in the taxi bay so lets go before they whinge at him" Pru pointed to a black 4 by 4 parked outside.

Whitney and I climbed into the back. If the plane was awkward this was going to be ten times worse.

Sorry that this took a while but I hope you liked this update :) x