I spent the night tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. I was far too excited for my planned meet up with Emily the following morning. Meeting in secret made it feel like she was forbidden fruit. I could just about make out Allie's shadow in the darkness, she was actually likeable at night…when she was asleep being quiet and harmless. I managed to drift back to sleep.

I jumped into the Olympic swimming pool and sliced through the water. Each stroke causing more burn than the next. I hit the wall looking over at my competitors whilst turning. I had a slim advantage but if I didn't focus I could still lose this. I was about to live my dream but I couldn't get too far ahead of myself. I kicked on hard knowing the opposition had no real chance in catching me. The wall was in sight all I have to do is stretch for it. I surface and find the next swimmer is only just touching the wall. This is it I've done it. I don't know whether to scream or cry, I raise my fist in the air. I'm 100m breaststroke Olympic champion. I pull myself out of the water and run over to my family and pull my dad into a hug "I am so proud of you kiddo" my dad says with a tear in his eye. I go back to the edge of the pool, I want my medal. I see the invigilators talking to the coaches, that's weird it doesn't usually happen. My eyes turn to the scoreboard in the arena…McCullers DQ…what?! I turn back to the coaches and notice Allie giving the same smile from when she tried to strangle me. It suddenly dawned on me that she was a coach and must have been the one to complain.

I wake up covered in sweat. That was the same dream I've had over and over again. This time it was different Allie had never been in it before. Not only was she provoking me in my conscious state but now she had gained a way to terrorise me in my sleep. I rolled over in bed to check the time it was 5 30am. Emily in t minus 30 minutes. I couldn't help but smile. We were friends, I may want to be more, but friends is a good starting point.

I pulled myself out of bed happily. Grab some joggers and my prized Danby hoody and I make my way to the bathroom to change. Allie waking up right now would ruin everything so I wasn't taking any chances. I quietly change, brush my teeth and tie my hair up into a ponytail. That was what I missed when I had short hair. I noticed the smile on my face in the mirror, I examine it. This is a Paige I've never seen before I thought to myself.

I was in a happy daze, so much so that I failed to notice Allie's empty bed. I made my way to the door but my eyes slowly fell to the sight in front of me. Allie was stood with her hands on her hips blocking my path. "Going somewhere Paige" Allie said with fire in her eyes.

"Yeah, out" I said under my breath hoping she wouldn't hear. "I heard that and I don't think you are" Allie added coldly.

"Allie I want to go work out, get out of my way" I shouted "I'm not stupid, no way are you going to meet Emily. Nobody likes you here".

"Right Allie, if people knew you behaved like this they wouldn't like you either" I took a few steps towards the door I was not going to let her have the better of me this morning "I own you!" She shouted whilst punching the wall.

"You done?" "I'm only just getting started" I was done taking crap from her. No way is she stopping me from seeing Emily. Allie ran at me like a raging bull and my instincts told me to put up my first. I did and Allie ran into my hand. I hit her square in the face. She screamed in pain whilst holding up her hands to spot I had hit her. She then fell to the floor in a dramatic way. That's what you get for invading my dreams I thought to myself. No way do I condone violence in any way but that felt good! I stepped over Allie and made my way to the gym to meet Emily.

I reached the gym and looked through the glass in the door before turning the handle. Emily was wearing a purple tank top and black tight fitted shorts. She was built like an athlete her biceps were a real turn on. I have to admit I looked elsewhere first the fact that the running machines were facing the same way as I was looking meant I could freely check out Emily's ass. I liked what I saw. Although I could perv on Emily all day it would be rather hard to explain if she turned around and noticed.

I entered the room and made my way to the treadmill next to Emily. She gave me a gorgeous toothy Emily smile that showed off her dimples. God I loved her dimples! I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach. "I was starting to wonder if you were going to show" Emily said breathlessly.

"I wouldn't miss it, I had some things to take care of" I said whist switching on the running machine and starting to jog.

"Jogging? Come on McCullers! I've been running for the last 15 minutes" she joked.

"Excuse me" I said in my pretend shocked voice "it's called warming up….and you call yourself an athlete!"

"Clearly I'm just in better shape than you are" I couldn't argue with that she looked hot.

"Paige….Paige hey" Emily said with concern in her voice.

"Yeah?" "Your eyes glazed over and you were staring at me, everything ok?"

"Sorry, I spaced" of course I had her tanned skin was glistening with sweat "I was just thinking about the dream I had earlier" I replied trying to change the subject.

"Ooh what it was about" Emily now sounded intrigued "I won the Olympic gold in breaststroke".

"Well done, but clearly I wasn't in your dream as I'd have kicked your ass!" she sounded so sexy when she was being competitive.

I moved the treadmill settings up to run and received a nod of encouragement from Emily. She turned her settings down which I guess was fair as she had been running for ages. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her towel. I had never wanted to a towel so much before.

"I feel like I don't really know you yet, do you fancy playing a game?" Emily asked.

"What do you fancy playing?" I was so bad at games I hate to lose.

"How about 2 truths 1 lie?" she said instantly. Was this her plan all along?

"OK is that where we say 3 facts about ourselves and 2 are true and 1 is a lie?"

"Yes that's it. I'll go first" she said with her thinking face. If I listened hard enough I could probably hear her brain working.

" OK….1. I drive a mini cooper, 2. One of my best friends dated our high school teacher 3. My dad is in the army" she said with a smile.

"Oh wow Em, it's too early for me to be using my brain…. OK I've made a decision…drum roll please number 2 is a lie" I squeezed my eyes together praying I was right I mean come on that can't have happened!

"Wrong! My friend Aria still dates Mr Fitz now" she said with a grin "its number 1 I drive a beautiful Toyota".

"Argh I'm so bad at this. OK mine are….1. I've always wanted to drive a motorcycle 2. My dad's a church pastor 3. I was in a 2 year relationship with a swimmer".

"Easy…you want a motorbike just to look hot driving it and I bet your swimmer boyfriend was so cute!" she said in a cocky way. Wrong Emily so wrong… She said I would look hot I'm so getting a motorcycle!

Before I could tell Emily that she was wrong I have never been in a real relationship let alone with a dude we were interrupted by a knock at the door. The door opened after two knocks "McCullers, my office 5 minutes" it was Coach Carter and he was pissed.

"OK, I'll just warm…" I stopped mid-sentence as he had already left.

"Paige, What's going on?!" Emily gasped.

"I may have accidently punched Allie in the face… well technically she ran into my fist" I know this isn't the time but I couldn't help but laugh.

Emily took a deep intake of air "wow that has been a long time coming" she grimaced clearly thinking of the impact.

"I need to go, see you around Em" I said whilst trying to hide my disappointment.

When I got to Coach Carters office the door was already open. Carter was sat behind his desk on a leather chair, Allie was sat the opposite side and Zoe was perched on a table in the corner.

Coach cleared his throat with a cough "McCullers thank you for joining us" coach said whilst gesturing I pull up a chair next to Allie. I look around to Zoe I notice her giving me a discreet thumbs up. She was always so professional.

"Allie here came to me this morning and shared the news that you had an altercation this morning and that she is the innocent party" Coach said with a yawn. Innocent I had to hold back my laughter.

"Did you punch her Paige?" he said after a long pause "She ran at me and I had to protect myself" that was what actually happened.

"That's a yes then… girls I don't have time to sort out childish fights. You are team-mates at swimming camp not boxing camp" boxing camp would be brilliant if I could punch Allie every day. Wrestling would be even better I thought to myself. Allie was giving me her death stare.

"Assistant coach Zoe gave me a suggestion on how to sort this out… Paige pack your bags, if you are going to punch Allie you can move room as a punishment. Zoe made me aware of an opening in Miss Fields room. Just don't hit her McCullers" I love Zoe she is amazing! I get to spend more time with Emily. I wish I had a camera the look on Allie's face was brilliant. Allie clearly thought telling coach would get me kicked out.

"Allie stay here whilst Paige packs her bags, Zoe can you go and let me know when Paige has left her old room" Zoe and I made our way out the door.

We then made our way to my room "Zoe how can I ever thank you" I said unable to contain my happiness. "Swim fast for me McCullers" she said.

"You did this yourself anyway by hitting her, which I can't believe you did. When Carter told me this morning I found it hard to keep a professional face on" Zoe said letting out a stifled laugh.

"I just want you away from her Paige, the fact coach mentioned me earlier makes me slightly anxious" if Allie went near Zoe I would not hesitate to hit her again even harder.

We made it back to my room and I packed everything up, trying my best not to leave anything. After all I didn't want to be coming back to this room with its inhabitant. Zoe then walked me to Emily's room and unlocked it with the master key. Emily came out of her bathroom to check out the commotion. Her face lit up when she saw me. I couldn't help but blush her dimpled smile sent me crazy.

"Hey roomie" I called out "Promise you won't hit me" Emily said whilst tilting her head.

"Paige settle in and I'll see you both in the pool later" Zoe said and then left us to it.

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