A week had passed surprisingly quickly in Germany. I had really enjoyed my time minus Allie but now she was more a less off my radar. I'm not entirely sure that it is a good thing, well of course I'm happy that she has got off my back but I can't help but feel something big is just around the corner.

The coach had put us up to two swimming sessions per day. One mid-morning and then one mid-afternoon. It had felt intense at first but when we played team building games it didn't feel like swimming at all.

My highlight had been getting to know Emily better. We would put a film on most nights and ended up not watching anything instead just talking and getting to know each other. The girl liked to share, I've found out all about her life in Rosewood. She describes it differently to my parents who said they couldn't wait to leave the pretentious people behind. Emily told me all about her close-knit friendship group with Spencer, Hanna and Aria; I wish I had people who would fight for me like they did. I found out all about her mother having a tough time finding out about Emily's sexuality but she has come around and they are closer than ever before. She also told me how hard it is having a dad in the army but when they were together it was like they were never apart. I must admit it has been slightly harder for me to talk about myself, I've never been good at that but she knows all about my strict parents pushing me sometimes too hard and my best friend Pru.

"Hey, Em. Are you going to get that?" I said in a groggy voice having been woken up by the persistent ringing.

"It's Samara…I don't know what to say" Emily said hesitantly she was sat up in bed with the phone in her hand.

"Hello usually works" I really enjoy my banter with Emily "I will go get dressed and leave you to it".

"Thanks Paige" I give her my best knowing look. She had to talk to her sometime.

I pull back the covers. Grimacing at the cold, it was one of those mornings when I really didn't want to get out of bed. I quickly pull on the clothes I had been wearing yesterday and make my way out of the room. I faintly hear the conversation starting between Emily and Samara. I looked a mess and felt grubby but it was early and I could go eat breakfast without anyone seeing me.

I wasn't so lucky "Paige, over here come sit" Zoe called out in her over enthusiastic morning tone. She was the happiest morning person I had ever come into contact with. I give her a wave of acknowledgement and picked up some breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast and a glass of orange juice, I then take a seat opposite Zoe.

"Good morning Paige, how are you today?" Zoe said enthusiastically giving me a huge grin.

"Morning and I'm OK" I grumbled back.

"Hmmm… that doesn't sound too convincing" Zoe said in-between sipping her coffee.

" I'm just not a morning person like you are Zoe" I joked back. As I was eating my eggs I looked to the table where my team-mates were sitting they were all giving me a strange look. I guess they thought I was getting too close to the assistant coach like Allie had to Coach Carter.

"Where's Fields? You two have been joined at the hip recently" Zoe said with a look of confusion.

"She's on the phone to her girlfriend" I groaned. Zoe felt like a big sister and I knew I could be honest around her.

"Paige, it is so obvious how you feel about her. The only person who seems to be unaware is Emily" she said with a sincere smile.

"How did you know?" I ask inquisitively.

"Come on Paige the way you look at her. Half the time you switch off to the outside world and it's like talking to a brick wall" Zoe said with a giggle.

"Oh, I hoped I was hiding it better" I said nervously.

"Paige don't worry, as long as it doesn't affect your swimming I'm cool with anything. Are you going to tell Emily how you feel?"

"If it's that obvious I'm going to have to tell her" I said with a wink "It all depends if Samara is out of the equation" I added in a hopeful tone.

"She's not in Germany, Paige I know from past experience that if you like somebody you shouldn't let them get away" Zoe was really good to talk to about anything.

"Thanks for the advice" I was just about to ask her if she thought Emily liked me back. Emily took a seat next to me and placed her breakfast down on the bench in front of us.

"Morning, Zoe and Paige" I had a lump in my throat if Emily was this happy she couldn't have broken up with Samara.

"I'm glad to see that I'm not the only morning person here" Zoe said with a chuckle.

"I am usually but today is a good day, I've made up with my girlfriend" Emily said whilst showing off her dimples. Today they didn't have the usual effect.

"Congratulations Emily" Zoe said cheerfully. I had nothing to say. Samara wanted to see other people and Emily has taken her back that's crazy. How did Emily know she would remain faithful thousands of miles away?

Zoe was giving me a sympathetic look but I couldn't deal with Emily being taken for a ride like this. She needs to be treated with the respect that I would give her. I stood up and placed my plate in the washing up tray. I then made my way out of the cafeteria I could feel Emily's eyes staring at the back of my head. I decided to go back to my room to grab my iPod and then back to the locker room. I changed into my swim gear ready for practise and went and sat with my feet dangling into the warm water. I turned up my iPod and pressed play on my swim meet playlist which included round and round by imagine dragons, genius by Jet and she wolf by David Guetta featuring Sia. They were all songs that got me pumped and in the mood to destroy any competition.

I got caught up in the music and I was probably singing a little too loudly because when I looked up the team were stood around me singing the chorus from Taylor Swifts we are never ever getting back together. I laughed it off trying not to show my true embarrassment, I only liked singing in front of people when it was karaoke. We soon got on with our two hour practise session, swimming lengths, practising turns and swim tag. Emily was it and of course she came after me, she was able to swim at some pace but I was equal to her speed. She ended up tagging Skyler instead. I'm not sure if you can win at tag but in the half an hour game I wasn't tagged once. When coach blew his whistle to let us know that morning practise was over, I got out of the pool and headed towards the locker room.

"McCullers and Fields" Zoe called after me.

"Ladies, as I have been drafted into to train you two, I wondered if you wanted to do an extra hour per day. We can do half an hour in the mornings and again after our session in the afternoon?" Zoe had never sounded so professional.

"Sure" I said gleefully. My dad always said if you don't put the work in you won't get anywhere in life.

"Sounds good "Emily added.

"OK then girls back into the water, I want you to have a little race just so you I know where you both are at" Zoe said.

Emily and I lined up at the end of the pool we were both up and on the starting blocks. Zoe gestured to start and we both sprang into action. We hit the water at the same time from the blocks and in the first length of the pool we were neck and neck. When we reached the wall to turn I was able to look over at my competition. With 20m to go Emily was half a stroke ahead of me. I pushed hard to try and catch her but she had distanced herself and finished five strokes ahead of me.

"Good race McCullers" Emily called out with a big smile on her face marking her victory. I had to calm myself I wasn't used to losing and my competitive nature always got the better of me on the rare occasions that I was beaten.

"You won't get the better of me next time Em"

"Well done Fields, you knocked 0.5 seconds off your pb. For that you can go shower early. Paige at a few stages you almost hit the lane barrier floats so let's work on swimming in a straight line" I found this kind of criticism hard to take but I complied and while Emily was enjoying a nice hot shower I was doing more lengths. By the time we were finished I was tired and that was only after our first session of the day. When I surfaced I noticed Allie sitting by the pool watching my extra session. I had no idea what she was doing there; I was trying my best to stay out of her way.

Instead of showering I changed and made my way back to my dorm room. Partly so I don't have a run in with Allie but also because I was about ready to collapse on my bed. I was greeted by Emily lying on her bed on the other side of the room.

"Sorry for beating you McCullers. I know you don't take defeat too lightly"

"You've already worked out that I don't like losing then" I said and I picked up my Danby dog mascot soft toy and tossed it in her direction.

"Hey don't hurt the dog, he comes alive at night and having a broken paw won't make that very easy" Emily said whilst laughing at her own joke. She does that a lot.

"Sorry Danby dog" I called out.

"I was telling Samara all about you and she really wants to meet you. I can't wait to get home and see her again" Emily's dimples reappeared. I want her to have dimples when she thinks of me.

"Sure, that sounds fun" I lied pigs would fly before I went anywhere near Samara.

"She said that she thought she wanted to see other people because she didn't want to be alone"

"That's nice for you guys, I hope she's coping on her own" I said trying to convey some interest. It was ridiculous if Samara wanted to see other people because she was lonely she would do it anyway. Talking to Em on the phone was never going to change that.

"Paige am I boring you? We could always talk about your love life?"

"No no there's nothing to tell you on that front. I'm just tired, carry on but if I fall asleep don't get mad" I said with a yawn. Well there is somebody Emily but I'm not sure you are ready for that bombshell just yet.

"I overheard you talking to Zoe, I know you have your eyes on somebody" Emily said.

I sat up in shock. Did she know how I felt about her? "Relax Paige, I don't know who he is! I bet he's cute though. You should tell him how you feel"

"Em, if somebody liked you would you want to know?" I questioned.

"Yeah I would, if you don't know about it then you can never act upon those feelings, if they are replicated of course"

That was the last thing I heard as my eyes felt heavy and I drifted off to sleep for a short time before hitting the pool again later in the day. I was not cut out for this athlete business. I had never been trained so hard before coming to camp. My dad must have a say in how this place is run.

Thank you to those who are still reading :)

I had a question about whether Allie was in fact Alison DiLaurentis and she is based on her but I had written her slightly differently. Allie is supposed to be a different character and in this universe Ali isn't part of this story. Apologies if I didn't clarify that well in the actual story.

Pailylover: I wanted to make it so Paige had not really been violent towards Allie, instead Allie ran into her fist haha. As for the other questions you are going to have to wait and see. Be patient for paily loveliness but it will come.

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