Emily storming out of the room because of me felt like a dagger going through my heart. I don't know what I was thinking telling her my true feelings about Samara. It didn't matter what I though Samara, Emily was right I don't even know her.

I knew I would be unable to sleep until Emily returned. If that ever happened. I was in a stupid situation chasing after Emily, perhaps we are better off as friends. Although I wasn't sure if that was still on the cards after our row. I needed advice, I found myself looking at my right hand. The hand that Whitney wrote on a few hours before.

That was another messy situation. She was hot, a great kisser and would make a perfect girlfriend but she wasn't Emily. I could call her and ask for advice but that would look desperate. I decided not to call Whitney but I added her phone number to my cell phone. There was only person that could help me out and give an honest opinion. I grabbed my computer and booted up Skype, I then sat with my back against the wall on my single bed. I checked the time at the top right hand corner on my mac it was 8pm that meant it was around 3 o'clock in New York city. I clicked on Pru's profile picture and waited for her image to appear.

"McCullers what an awesome surprise. Long time no see, how are you?" Pru was overflowing with happiness. It was so nice to see Pru she looked the same as ever. Pru Wang was the one person I could rely and was the one person that had always been there for me.

"I'm great thanks. How is my favourite person in New York?" as soon as I had finished my sentence Pru realised that I wanted something.

Pru raised her eyebrows "What's in it for me" she said cheekily.

"I will bring you back the best present ever?" I begged.

"OK, OK what's up coconut?" Pru questioned.

"It's such a long story, I will try and keep it as brief as possible. There is a girl I really really like Emily but she has a girlfriend. I revealed to Emily that I'm gay by kissing another girl to make her jealous. This kiss with Whitney was great but she's no Emily" I said quickly praying that I hadn't left out any details.

Pru wiped her eyes in disbelief "Who are you and what have you done with McCullers?".

"Very funny Pru… but that's not helping!" I teased.

"Is Emily hot?"

"Yes! I can't keep my eyes off her. I liked her from the very first moment I saw her. She is what I think about before I got to sleep at night and the first thing I think about in the morning. I even dream about her!" I said dreamily.

"Awwh Paige you just described true love to me" Pru said whilst pouting.

I couldn't help but blush "She has a girlfriend" I groaned.

"Then what about this Whitney girl?" this was beginning to feel like the game 20 questions.

"I only met her earlier" I said quietly waiting for Pru's dramatic response.

"WHAT! and you've already kissed her?" she screamed. Great now the whole of Manhattan knew.

"Well she kissed me….. outside a Starbucks" I said with a slight hesitation.

Pru gasped "OMG! How classy Paige!" she high-fived her camera.

"You can talk! You kissed a guy in Walmart" I quipped back.

"Go for Whitney then?" I am so glad she ignored my last comment.

"I've met her once, she lives far away and I think she only kissed me to make Emily jealous".

"Wait. What? Emily was there" Pru questioned with her eyes wide.

"She was across the street staring at me and Whitney then Whitney kissed me".

"Ouch….Option 1 continue to pursue Emily, Option 2 pursue Whitney, Option 3 be friends with them both or Option 4 tell Emily how you feel and see if she breaks up with her girlfriend" Pru said in her serious tone. I heard her doorbell ring.

"That's Matt, I have to go. He's planned a picnic for us in central park. Good look McCullers. We need to talk again soon I want to know how camp is going".

"OK Pru have fun. I miss and love you loads" I said with a smile.

"LOVE YOU" Pru shouted and then the screen went black.

Pru made it sound so easy. Just pick an option and go with it. I didn't even know Whitney, did she have a girlfriend? Was she actually flirting with my earlier? or why did she kiss me? I had even bigger questions regarding Emily but I don't even know If Emily likes me the way I like her. If she was with Samara the answer seemed obvious. I moved my laptop back to the floor I then lay on my stomach on my bed with my face buried in a pillow. "ARGH WHY ME!" I screamed. I was just so confused.

I must have fallen asleep after screaming many profanities into my pillow. I heard Emily come in and go to bed and soon after I heard her muffled sobs. I couldn't ignore her this was my fault.

"Emily?" I called out, she didn't respond. Her sobs grew louder.

I made a split second decision and got out of my bed and headed towards hers on the opposite side of the room. I pulled back her covers and got into bed with her.

"Shhh, Emily its ok I'm here" I said sympathetically. She was facing the wall as was I. This really wasn't the time to be spooning Emily.

"I'm sorry If I upset you" I called out into the darkness.

She rolled over and wrapped her arms around me then placed her head on my shoulder and continued to cry. Her warm breath on my shoulder was a real turn on, I tried to ignore how my body was reacting to being so close to her and did my best to comfort her.

"II...tts...not...you" Emily said between sobs.

"I..miss her" I should have known that Samara was the cause of all this.

"It's ok we only have 8 weeks left at camp" I whispered.

The crying had stopped but Emily was still clinging to my body. "She wants me back in America and I think I'm going to leave".

"What?!" I shouted unable to keep my voice down.

"I need her Paige"

"No Emily you need to be here with me" I hissed.

"I mean I need you, the team needs you, America needs you" I added not thinking how ridiculous I sounded.

"You need me?" She asked and looked into my eyes even in the darkness they were breathtaking.

"Yes, Who else is competition for me? Who else has my back?"

"I don't know what to do" she said whilst trying to hold back the tears but a few escaped.

"Sleep on it but please stay with me".

We woke up the following morning the same way we fell asleep. Our bodies were intertwined. She was already awake when I opened my eyes and she was looking right into my eyes. I want to wake up like this every morning I thought to myself.

"Morning, where you watching me sleep?" I croaked.

"Yep, I like you when you sleep we can't fight then" Emily teased.

"I thought you were going to say I'm cute" I said with a frown.

"Thank you for last night Paige"

"Anything for you Em" I had never meant something more.

"I suppose we should get dressed and head to breakfast" I added as much as I wanted to stay like this forever but my stomach was telling me otherwise.

We untangled our limbs and went in the bathroom together to wash, we then got dressed and headed out the door to the cafeteria. Zoe was nowhere to be seen but this morning Emily stayed with me and we ate together. When the team had finished eating we were all summoned into the conference room. This room was where my eyes first met with Emily's. We all took a seat and the room was filled with excited chatter trying to guess what the announcement would be. The room fell silent when coach carter headed to the front.

"Good morning ladies, I have a big announcement to make today. The head of Team USA Frank Busch will be paying us a visit in a few days. He wants a status update on his Olympic hopefuls. I want to put on a real show for him so I am organising a mini swim meet for everyone to race it out and show Frank what we can do. I have written down the line ups for the races and I will stick them onto the wall. See you all in the pool for practise in an hour" Coach stuck the line ups to the wall and made his way out of the room.

The girls crowded round the pages to see who they would be racing. I made my way through the small crowd and tried to spot my name. I didn't process the other names all I noticed was "breaststroke Emily Fields and Paige McCullers" I was really going to have to up my game to beatEmily but I really wanted to impress the head coach. Emily poked me in the ribs "bring it McCullers" she said competitively.

We went back to our room to relax until practise started and I quickly checked my phone no new messages, no missed calls no nothing. I composed a text to Whitney, what did I have to lose? "Hey how's it going? Emily wasn't too mad about our kiss x American".

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