Is it just me, or do I always have a new fic up after being away for a long time? Like the last KaguMoko story I wrote, I'm really gonna push myself to finish this one, and unlike the last one, I can get away with some pretty tragic turns and not subtract from the plot, since it isn't as blatantly lulzy as the other one.

I have pretty much the same portrayals for our favorite morons as I did before, but that's because I have a pretty solid image of them both in my head. By far, though, the gold, silver, and bronze medals for "most worked-out personality" go to Sanae, Kogasa, and Nue respectively.

Which means I could work out a pretty crazy love triangle…


*starts writing*

Tohohana, Japan. A small city, barely large enough to be called such and rather out of the way from the rushed pace and cramped spaces of Japan's bigger cities. It was also a little more Westernized than others, with lots of the establishments finding their roots in places other than Japan. That in itself made Tohohana strange, but at the very least, it was diverse. Lots of different kinds of folks made this bizarre little town their home, and this story focuses on two of them, sitting in a classroom at Tohohana High School. Two seniors, sitting three seats away from each other horizontally…

"Houraisan," the teacher called out, taking attendance for the day. "Kaguya Houraisan."

"Right over here, ma'am."

"Alright…Fujiwara. Fujiwara no Mokou."

"Present, Miss K." K stood for the teacher's two initials. Her full name was Keine Kamishirisawa, but some of the duller students stumbled over saying "Miss Kamishirisawa" and "Miss Keine" didn't feel right most of the time, so the students were told to just call her Miss K. There was one student who could call her Miss Keine without her minding, though. Mokou. Even then, Mokou was kind enough to not do so in class, only using the name when seeing her teacher outside of class. Mokou sat in the furthest seat in the back-left corner; the seat nearest to both the window and the door. Close to the door because Mokou wanted to get in and out of class quickly without having to deal with idle chatter with other students, and near the window because when she was done her assignments for the day, one of Mokou's favorite things to do was watch the birds outside the window.

Sitting three seats to her right was her bitter rival since before either of them could remember. Kaguya Houraisan. Nobody was really sure how the Kaguya/Mokou rivalry started, but it stood to reason that if the two were left to their own devices, the rivalry wouldn't end until one of them killed the other. Not unlike Mokou, Kaguya was one of the sharpest minds in her grade – senior year at Tohohana High – and had close ties to a staff member. However, very much unlike Mokou…

"Miss K," Kaguya said, raising her hand. "I don't feel like doing anything today. Can we just take one for the team today and call it a free day?" Unlike Mokou, Kaguya had no interest in doing schoolwork, and took almost any measures she deemed worthwhile to avoid doing her work. Because of this, despite her sharp mind, Kaguya's grades bordered on failing.

"No breaks," Keine sternly said. "This is your last year here Kaguya, and you only have about a month and a half left, so unless you seriously mess up, you're going to have to face the big bad world once the school year ends." As soon as Keine said that, she partially regretted it. Students like Kaguya, whose families never had so much as the slightest financial concerns for generations, probably wouldn't have to face the real world as much. It stood to reason that with the kind of money her family had, Kaguya could (and knowing her, probably would) easily buy her way into or out of any situation. Students like Mokou, on the other hand, whose families were underprivileged – to put it subtly – were the ones who would have to face the real world with little more than their own knowledge and selves. The two were complete opposites; Keine knew that much if anything. Mokou was hard-working, selfless, tough, cunning, and fought all her battles herself. Kaguya was a lazy, selfish airhead who let others do the fighting for her, and if Keine dared to say so, she was at least a little spoiled. Keine was a pretty tight friend with Eirin, the school nurse, and both herself and Eirin often hoped Mokou and Kaguya would simmer down before one of them got seriously hurt. Hopefully, today would be that day…

"Alright, class," Keine said, looking at her class of thirty-eight students who would hopefully be graduating this year. "I've got a project for the lot of you." The teacher pulled out a small black bag from under her desk, and shook it up before setting it down on the table. "There are thirty-eight little envelopes in this bag; one for each of you. Inside each envelope is a slip of paper with a subject, and I've written each subject twice. After you pick your envelope, read aloud what subject you got. You're going to partner up with whoever has the same subject as you, and I'll explain the rest after you're all partnered up, alright? We'll go in alphabetical order, using last names. First one up, come get your slip."

Students are now picking out little envelopes

"…alright, Fujiwara, you're up next."

"Sure thing, Miss K." Mokou stepped up to the teacher's desk, and put her hand in the little bag. Keine rarely handed out projects; this Mokou knew. She also knew that the few projects Keine did hand out were all major parts of a student's final grade for the year, so Mokou always made certain to give it her all. On a general basis, Keine handed out one project for each quarter in the year, so it made sense that this was the last project. The fact that only 30 school days remained on the calendar also helped that conclusion a bit. Mokou's grades thus far were outstanding, and she could probably skip the entire project if she wanted to, but that would be irresponsible of her, so she wouldn't do it. When Mokou's hand emerged from the bag, she opened up the envelope in the hand, and read the slip of paper aloud. "Japanese folklore." Despite being Japanese herself, that wasn't Mokou's strongest topic. She'd probably have to do some research. Trying to figure out exactly what she would have to do for the project, Mokou made her way back to her seat.

"Houraisan, you're up next," Keine said.

"Yes, ma'am." Kaguya stepped up to the desk. So far, nobody but Mokou had pulled the slips for Japanese folklore, and for every student who already pulled a slip, it seemed that much more likely that Kaguya would be forced to partner up with Mokou. If that happened, Kaguya would be sure to force all the work upon Mokou, and waste her time at home. She absolutely refused to work alongside Mokou, and would take all the measures she needed to prevent it. As her hand went into the bag, she pondered carefully over which envelope to pull out. After a few eternity-feeling seconds of this, her hand emerged with an envelope in hand, which she then opened. "…"

"Well? What subject is it?"

"…I don't want this one," Kaguya said as she tried to put it back in the bag.



"You get what you get, Kaguya. What is the subject?"

"…Japanese folklore," Kaguya muttered. Seemingly the instant she said it, Mokou shot up to her feet and glared daggers straight at the black-haired beauty at the teacher's desk. "I don't want this one. I'll give you 2,000 yen to let me switch out."

"You're not buying your way out of this one. Go sit down so that the rest of the students can get their subjects."


"It's not happening."

"100,000! 200,000!"

"She already said no," Mokou said just as Keine's mouth was opening. "Trust me, you're the last person in the world I'd want to be partnered up with, but Miss Keine said we're partners for this project, so let's just do it fast and get this over with."

"…Mokou…I'll give you 500,000 yen if you do all the work."


"No deal," Keine shouted. "I want to see signs of both of you working on this, both on the project itself and in class, otherwise you'll both get a zero for this project. And to up the stakes a little more…this project will be worth ten times the norm for you two."

"You're out of your mind!" shouted one surprised Kaguya.

"This way, if you two fail, both of you fail the year. You'll either have to suck it up and work together, or I'll see you two next school year."


"Kaguya," Mokou said. "Where do you wanna meet up?"

"You two discuss that later," Keine interrupted. "For now, get back to your seats. The rest of the students have to get their subjects, and I have to explain the project."

More students are now picking out little envelopes

"And that's the last of them," Keine happily said. "Now then, the project. From your assigned subject, you are to select three topics. For instance, if I had…say, natural disasters, as my subject, I could go with hurricanes, earthquakes, and eruptions. I want one different type of presentation for each topic; written essays, computer presentations, posters, or whatever you can smoothly present your topic with. For more fictional subjects, such as the Japanese folklore that is causing so much controversy among Houraisan and Fujiwara, you can create your own short fictional work as long as it displays what the topic is all about. Now then, would you all please move your desks around so that your desk is touching your partner's? There you go. Each team has until the end of the school year to finish their project."

"This is absolutely ridiculous," Kaguya said, moving her desk toward Mokou who seemed to have no intention of moving away from the window. "Having to work with you is just…stupid!"

"Oh, little Kaguya, you don't know the half of it," Mokou retorted as her newfound partner made herself as comfy as she possibly could while sitting within range of all four of Mokou's limbs. "I'd love to do this all on my own, but we have to work together or we'll both be held back. Pass or fail, as long as the school year is still in session, you and I share the same fate."

"We're doing the work at my home," Kaguya demanded. "I don't care what kind of place you live in, but I'm sure it's not a mansion like mine. I imagine you as more the kind of kid living in a trashy trailer park, or some part of town that might have been nice once upon a time but has degraded to a nasty slum since…which is it?"

"Trailer park."

"Yeah…we're doing the work at my place," Kaguya repeated. "I'm not going down to some trashy trailer park."

"Emphasis on trashy," Mokou agreed. "Only reason I can cope with it is that my father's the man in the park." Every trailer park – or any poor neighborhood for that matter – had one person who knew everything that was happening, and was sort of like a head of the neighborhood who had the trust and respect of everybody. If you messed with them, you messed with the entire neighborhood. In the case of Tohohana's trailer park, this man was also the father of Fujiwara no Mokou.

"The man, huh? What, is it an all-girls park or something?"

"Stupid." Before the utterance of that single word led to the newest in a countless series of fights between Kaguya and Mokou, the school bell rang. For today, school was done. It was only Monday, and Mokou would have to explain to her father why she was so late when she got home later today, not to mention that she was about to go to the mansion of her bitter enemy, but…

Could've been worse, right? This was worth passing the school year.

"Come on," Kaguya said hesitantly, practically dragging Mokou out of the classroom by her hand. "We have to get to my place and do some work. I don't like you – let me just put that there in advance like always – but I'm not about to throw away a year of freedom if it means spending another year with you here of all places." It wasn't that she wanted to pass. It was just that she didn't want to spend any more time in school than the month and a half remaining to do their work. If she passed, she would be out of school, and there was talk around the mansion that Mr. Houraisan had something very special planned for when Kaguya graduated.

"Can't say I like you either. I'm only doing this to graduate, got it?"


I just love this pairing to death. And KogaSana. And KogaNue. And KaguSaku crack-pairings I'm imagining up, and also YoshiNue crack-pairings like in my Myouren fic. Only, now I'm tempted to write a KaguSaku fic since I said it out loud ^_^

If at all possible, I'd like to actually finish this story (I actually do that?) before writing another crack-pairing. If it isn't already online, I'd like to say that I'm doing another "school story" for a KogaSana pairing that isn't all that different from the one in my other fics starring the same pairing. Well, minus the "youkai extermination" bit, so it's really just Sanae having the same life story and Kogasa having a slightly modified one to suit a human character instead of a moe umbrella youkai.