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This Fic is a crossover of Ranma ½ with Grandia and Sailor Moon there will also be elements of Grandia 2 and maybe a few other things please note that I own none of these, I'm just borrowing them, Thank you.

*Time line note*

Ranma ½ is set one month after Saffron's defeat, Sailor Moon is set a few months before Luna is found by Usagi.

*AU warning*

The Grandia universe is going to be an AU and is going to suffer from some cross contamination from Ranma entering it, some main characters will change that's what Ranma does to people and places.

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For The Want Of An Aspirin


Pride cometh before the Fall

* * *

Normally all was quiet around the Gates of Time.

For the simple reason that, very few people knew about its existence let alone visited. However, in this instance this statement was less then true. As at this moment the Gates of Time rang with curses and the clattering of small plastic bottles, as the Guardian of the Gates searched for the one thing she wanted more than anything else, including Crystal Tokyo... Well at this instant anyway.

"God damn it where the hell are they, come on there has got to be at least one left, damn."

The Senshi of time was pawing her way through bottle after empty bottle in a futile search. After a few minutes more she sighed in disgust then winced as what seemed to be a squad of drunken dwarves restarted their effort to mine through her head.

Now, most people would think that this was the after effect of a night of drunken debauchery and for most that would be true, but this was not so in the case for Setsuna Meiou.

This mind destroying pain was the sole fault of one person and that person was Ranma Saotome. Setsuna had been spending a fortune on painkillers for the last 17 years and all because of Ranma.

You might ask yourself why the Lady Pluto had not done something about Ranma sooner. Well there is a reason, and a very good reason at that. Put simply; without Ranma, Crystal Tokyo would never happen. Without him to distract Herb, the Amazons and to kill off Saffron. Setsuna would never have been able to pull it off, now these three groups alone might not seem like much and at the moment thanks to Ranma's aid they where not. However, if for example the Elder Ku Lon had stayed at her village.

There would not have been the three minor powers in a small out of the way area of China there was now, but rather a single powerful alliance of these three. Who would conclude that if they wanted to survive the next 40 years one of two things would have to happen. One they would each have to change their way of life or two the rest of the world would have to change.

As you can guess not one of these groups wanted to change how they lived so they would have set out to change the world... by ruling it with an iron fist, something Setsuna could not let transpire if she wanted to ever see Crystal Tokyo come to be a reality.

That is just one possibility there where many other possibilities revolving around the people Ranma had dealt with but none would become to large a threat to quickly for the princess to deal with now. All told it had taken almost 30 years to get worked out and that was before he was born and now wonder of wonders after seventeen years of agony it was finally over, He had sent Saffron to an early childhood not a month ago. Now that the dust had cleared, she could finally do something about him and stop these damned migraines.


It had been a normal day so far for Ranma. Having been woken by his "ever-loving father" by being thrown out the second story window of the Tendo home after which he was forced to spend the rest of the time before breakfast doing what could be laughingly called sparring with his father. After this, he defended his breakfast from his glutton of a father, next came being yelled at by Akane for some imagined slight and then being dragged by his pigtail to school.

At school, he was able to spend his time catching up on the sleep he had missed due to a combination of Kodachi chasing him through Nerima most of the night and his father waking him at the ungodly hour of 4:30 in the morning. Until he was told to stand in the hall for sleeping in class that is. The rest of the day proceeded a similar pace involving fights with Kuno, Mousse, Ryoga, then a beating from Akane for quote, "Picking on Ryoga." unquote. After dragging himself back to the Tendo's he was lectured by his father and Mr. Tendo for upsetting Akane and for not being a proper fiancé.

After another rousing session of food fencing with his gluttonous father, Ranma then removed himself to one of the few places he could go without much chance of being interrupted... Well as long as he brought the stepladder with him, so Akane wouldn't be able to get up.

That being the roof.

He often came here when life was getting him down, just to look up and watch the stars. Up until now, this day had been rather dull and normal... well as normal as a day in Nerima got anyway, but now things where about to get interesting.

Left on the roof weighted down by a stone was a letter, this was definitely not normal as any rival would not have bothered and any of the girls would have enjoyed giving him it personally, much more preferably in front of Akane. These two things pointed to this being something to be wary of, glancing around trying to spot whoever had left the note Ranma edged towards it and after prodding the rock over the side of the roof, thus causing a "Bwee" of pain from below, he carefully lifted and unfolded it. Ranma frowned and softly read the note aloud as if trying to be sure it said what he thought.

Dear Ranma

I hope that this letter finds you in good health for the problems of your life have just lately been brought to my attention.

As unlikely as this may sound, I have gone through trials much like your own and often wished that someone could offer me aid when it was required.

Please come to the address at the bottom of this note tommorrow at noon as I wish to speak with you in person.

However, I have a rather busy schedule and this is the only time I can spare for this matter.

If you need some proof of the truth of my claims attached to the letter is a small ring that should hold off the change you suffer thanks to Jusenkyo's touch.

Please note that this ring does have its limits though. It will only be able to keep you in your true form for a maximum of 6 hours before it must recharge its energies for a night.

This time will decrease when you are hit with cold water but said decrease will stop when you apply hot water.

Signed S. Meiou

Ranma blinked and glanced at the ring in his hand, Adorning the silver signet ring was a small blue gem that he had no idea how to identify and an indistinct pattern on its face.

Shrugging and placing the ring in one of his pockets, he sat back and pondered the letter. He had to admit that this seemed much to good to be true, but then considering how his life had been going it wasn't as if he had all that much more to loose was there. Sighing and padding over to the edge of the roof he glanced around, not seeing anyone looking for him Ranma jumped of the roof, landing lightly on the ground below.

Walking into the kitchen Ranma glanced around and smiled as he saw Kasumi working at clearing up after dinner, softly asking if anyone was using the bathroom, getting a no, he nodded his thanks and crept softly through the house hoping not to disturb anyone.

Gently closing the bathroom door behind him Ranma glanced around trying to find any clue to whether he was the only person here at the time. Spotting the occupied sign resting on the washing machine and noting no clothes anywhere he sighed with relief. Removing the ring from his pocket and quickly shedding his clothing he made his was to the bath. Figuring that now was as good a time to test the ring as any he placed it on his finger, the surface shimmered and the symbol of a white sword edged with black wings came into focus. Oblivious to this Ranma dumped a bucket of cold water over his head and was unable to stop himself from flinching at the contact. As the water touched him he felt a tingle from the ring bearing finger and almost laughed aloud as other then that there was not change, he quickly finished cleaning himself and stepped into the hot bath to soak, once again noticing the tingle coming from the ring.

* * *

The last 12 hours had been bliss for Setsuna, since Ranma had placed the ring she had left for him on his finger the scream that was his presence was muted to a dull throb, while still annoying at least now she could think. Not only was the ring giving her a much needed break but it also contained a compulsion that along with the one placed on the note would have Ranma at her door come noon today, which was almost what the time was.

* * *

Ranma looked down at the letter clutched in his hand and again verified the address that he was to go to, glancing up at the letter box in front of him he noted it held the same number he was searching for.

Ranma slowly edged his way through the gate looking to ether side of him lest this be some sort of ambush, set up by an enemy or rival. Spotting nothing out of the ordinary but still having his danger sense murmuring to him, not that this was a deadly threat but that something was still not as it seemed.

As he neared the door, he spotted a note much like the one in the roof last night, pinned to it written in the same hand as the first.

Dear Ranma

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I may be late in arriving. I have left another note on the table in the sitting room please wait for me there as I should only be a quarter of an hour late at the most. In addition, there are a few things on the table as well as the note, please leave them as they are for someone else who will also be coming here today.

Sincerely S. Meiou

Shrugging, Ranma pulled the note from the door not noticing a slight flash of watery blue energy come from the back of the paper as he did so and opened the door.

The house was richly furnished and he could not help but let a soft whistle of appreciation leave his mouth at it. Shacking himself slightly he walked softly to the sitting room that lay directly across the hallway from the main door.

With whisper tread he made his way to the table. Atop which he saw the other note that had been mentioned sure enough next to it was a crystal flower and an unusual sword these where obviously the items noted. Seating himself on the couch beside the table, he sighed and picked up the note to read.

Dear Ranma

I have to apologize now you see; I have brought you here under false pretense. I do not hold the power to cure you of your curse, and in fact intend to use it to my own gain.

You see your curse not only attracts water but also breaks down any resistance you might once have had against water-based magic and the like.

This weakness is what has allowed me to bring you here against your better judgment and will be what will allow me to send you from this timeline to another.

Before you think too ill of me, please understand that you pose a grave threat to those whom I am sworn to protect. I could very easily have simply killed you instead but because of the good you have done, I am instead taking this route.

Fondest wishes,

Setsuna Meiou

Sailor of Pluto and Guardian of the Gates of Time

Ranma blinked and blinked again as he tried to keep from face vaulting, as at the very end of the letter was at deep red lipstick kiss mark. Even so, a large bead of sweat rolled down the back of his head. He quickly gathered himself as he felt someone enter the room; slowly he lifted his eyes to meet the deep red pair of the green tressed women across the room from him. He looked her in the eye and said in a cool calm voice, "You realize I'm going to do everything I can to get back here and deal with you don't you?"

The women smiled, nodded and lifted her hand, blue white energy gathering in it before replying, "You may try but I highly doubt that you will find anyone on the world I'm sending you to that will have the power or the knowledge to do so." This said she dropped her hand and a circle of blue energy appeared on the floor surrounding the room she quickly moved out of the room and turned to watch.

 The circle on the floor pulsed and Ranma again tried to force his body to get up and leave the room, once again his body refused.

Grumbling he quickly started to delve deeply into himself trying to find what it was that was causing the problem.

He found two aberrations one was a glowing pulsating darkness in a shape that could only be described as an egg, the other was a shimmering sphere of ocean blue energy, not Ki but something else. The something else he could only guess to be magic. Ignoring the shadowy egg he brought the considerable might of his Ki to bare on the sphere but try as he might nothing seemed to happen.

Shelving this for the moment, he tried sending a Ki probe as he had done with the sphere at the black egg. As soon as his Ki neared the egg, it was sucked violently from his control and absorbed greedily by the egg. At first this was a rather major worry until he noticed that doing this provoked a rather startling reaction first the egg grew and secondly the sphere of magic seemed to weaken.

Opening his eyes Ranma saw the glow from the circle was reaching near blinding giving him a fair indication that he most likely had little time left.

Once more reaching into himself he quickly steeled his nerves, readied himself for the jarring feeling of it, and set about feeding as much Ki as he could spare into the egg. Little by little the egg grew and the sphere shrunk until finally the sphere was nothing more then a mote of energy and Ranma could almost sense his ability to move about to return.

Gathering himself, he sent forth one last burst of Ki to the egg and the sphere of energy winked out of existence right alongside Ranma's consciousness.


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