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Millenia speaking to Ranma

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Chapter 3

Darkness Awakens – Enter Selene, Chosen of Valmar

* * *

All eyes swiveled to Gadwin and his listing companion as they entered the inn,

though most turned back after seeing who it was, one or two continued to watch as

Gadwin and co. wove across the floor to the nearest free table, not paying attention

to which one it was.

Gadwin slowly eased Ranma onto a chair at the first free table he found. "Order

whatever you want Ranma don't worry too much about the cost, I'll cover it. You

just eat 'cause just between you and me, you look like you could use the meat on


Grunting, Ranma nodded his head slightly, just wishing that the room would stop

swaying and the voice in his head would shut her yap.

'Be quiet you. Can't you go bother someone else, anyone at all? My head hurts

enough without dealing with chicks right now.'

Chicks? CHICKS!?! Who are you calling a chick you irritating under brained-

over muscled little boy!?! Why when I get my hands on you... the remainder of

this thought was reduced to muttering and background noise as Ranma zoned her

out so he could deal with more important things, namely FOOD. Well that and

listening to whatever Gadwin was talking about.

"Did you hear what I was just saying Ranma? Well anyway, what I said was that

I'll be back shortly. I have some things to take care off, once I'm finished I'll come

back and we can talk." Gadwin turned and started for the door.

As Gadwin was making his way back to the door Ranma's voice rang out from

behind him. "Innkeeper, bring me three of everything on pages one to seven and

one of everything on the even pages, as well as pages nine, eleven and seventeen."

Gadwin winced, thinking that it was just his luck to come across someone with an

appetite that could put an army brigade to shame. Oh well, hopefully Ranma would

be able to give him a decent fight--he had better for the cost feeding him would be.

* * *

Darkness; broken by a single flickering candle set on a tome-covered desk.

Darkness; both cold and unforgiving, hiding faces familiar to many.

Darkness; filled with the soft sobs of a young girl, terror filled and losing hope.

* * *

Gadwin peered into the tent setup across town from the inn, trying to see if the

person he was looking for was in. Gadwin relaxed as his gaze settled on the petite

form of the Mogay merchant Gina, one of the few people willing to risk the

journey required to get to Dight Village from the other continent. She was a lifeline

to many, bringing medicines and equipment that were impossible to procure

through other channels.

Walking forward to greet the big man entering her tent, Gina wondered what

brought him here considering that most things she did he had no use for. Deciding

that there was no use trying to figure it out with so little information Gina set about

finding out in the quickest manner possible: she asked.

"Hiya Gadwin, What'sa you want?" Gina quirked a thin eyebrow on her angular

face and flicked one of her long ears out of her face as she stood in front of

Gadwin (1).

Gadwin smiled a broad easy smile as he looked down at the Mogay merchant who

was doing so much for the village. "Well, I was wondering if you might have

something that would suit one of the new arrivals in the village. He seems to be a

warrior, but I don't think any of the armor available here would suit him. He

doesn't seem the sort to be weighted down in battle, so the only other option was


Gina's dark eyes twinkled with interest, someone new in the village and a warrior

who didn't go for the human-mountain view on combat that seemed so common

around these parts? How... interesting. "Well, you'sa show me this'a one and I'll'a

have a look see, if'a I like, then maybe I have'a something that would suit'sa your


Gadwin was about to nod when an explosion rocked the village, looking startled

Gadwin turned. "That sounded like it came from the inn, I hope Ranma's not in

trouble." After saying this Gadwin set off towards the inn as fast has his legs could

take him.

Gina followed with a thoughtful look on her face.

* * *

Deep in a secret underground research station: a group of scientists, mages, and

various other researchers that had been gathered together to start work on a project

by Baal. This project was something he came up with after he found some new

information on the goings on in the time of Angelou. These writings told of a man

from the heavens that came to learn and create. His name was Valmar, and it was

he who the legends talked about when they spoke in hushed voices of the man who

tried to steal the Icarian wings, but who instead gained wings of darkness.

As Baal examined the writing, he began to form an idea. This book talked of Geia

and the great project that had been undertaken, and the similarities it had to that of


Valmar's efforts were to change humanity into something that could stand against

his enemies; where as the project surrounding Geia's creation was to gain the

power of the Icarian for those better suited to lead.

Thus, Baal set about having his researchers try to combine the two, not forsaking

the original research mind you merely adding a new facet to it. Thus was Project

Valkyrie born; the project that was just now as Baal watched on bearing its

poisoned fruit.

* * *

Platters heaped full of food made there way across the Inn to Ranma's table.

With joy filled gaze Ranma saw the meal seat before him and set into it with the

gusto only a Saotome unfed three days can manage. After several minutes of eating

and three pages on the menu a loutish voice broke the stunned silence of the other

patrons watching the natural disaster that was Ranma.

"Hey, whaddya think youse is doing at OUR table?"

A minute later and another menu page and the voice rang out again.

If one listened closely enough one could almost hear the brain cells being burned

out through sudden overuse.

"Hey, who do youse think youse is ignoring me like dat?

Who where they? He didn't care; they were as far from being more important than

food to a Saotome as Ranma was from quoting astrophysics. Ranma calmly

continued ignoring whoever was speaking and started to eat another bowl of


The only sound in the room--other than that of the death and destruction of many a

fine meal--was the sound of the last thread of a temper fraying and coming closer

and closer to snapping.

"Grrr, Listen to me damn it, don't ya know who I am?"

Ranma grumbled to himself, why was it he could never eat a meal without some

half-assed git interrupting him, if it wasn't Akane or his old man, it was Ryoga or

one of the various other problems in his life. Hell even in whatever world he had

been banished to by the PMS Queen Pluto, some bastard was trying to interrupt his

meal. Well he sighed to himself he'd have to do something soon or he'd just get

attacked and that would waste all this wonderful food and he couldn't have that.

So Ranma calmly set down the bowl and slowly turned his void black gaze to see

who dared come between him and food.

Standing in front of a dozen unshaven and armed men was someone who looked

more ape then man, long gangly arms reaching almost to his knees attached to

shoulders almost as wide as he was tall, and capped off with a face that not only a

mother couldn't love but that had gotten her husband beaten for as a result.

Ranma put all his years of training with his father to use as he opened his mouth

and in the most insulting voice possible said, "Listen, I don't know who you are

but you're starting to tick me off, leave now or I won't be held responsible for

what happens."

If Genma had been here he couldn't have been prouder of his son's ability to

enrage anyone, anywhere in two sentences or less. The face of the leader of the

motley turned purple, and then red, steam seemed to come from his ears.

"Listen youse little puke, who da hell do ya t'ink youse is to tell me, ME! The Boss

of the 'Really Mean Bandits' what ta do?"

After a mental laugh at someone admitting to calling their group something so

stupid he sighed. "Ok, fine. If that's the way you want to do this then I really have

only two words to say to you."

The goon snorted. "Yeah wha's that? Gunna start beggin' fer mercy now 'fore we

pound ya?"

Ranma just raised his head and replied, "No… this."

Swiftly bringing his arm level with the floor and his now open palm pointing at the

leader of the group Ranma barked out, "Shadow Lance!" Black energy coursed

down his arm and settled into his palm before erupting across the room and with a

roar blowing the leader off his feet and through the open door.

Millenia's voice echoed in Ranma's mind as the energy from the spell dispersed

Well done student, I give that an 8. Next time though try not to use so much

energy that's all the willed magic you'll be able to pull until we get to finish that


'Ha...' Ranma mentally sneered at his self-proclaimed teacher '... I'd like to see

you do better.'

Hmmm... Oh don't worry student you will tonight. A sinister grin seemed to

enshroud these words as they slowly faded from his mind.

Slowly getting to his feet Ranma turned to the innkeeper. "Mind keeping this warm

for me? It seems there's some trash to be dealt with." Seeing the innkeeper nod,

Ranma turned to the gap jawed idiots "Okay, lets take this outside, I doubt the

innkeeper would appreciate us wrecking his inn."

* * *

Baal watched silently as the vermin working on this project ran backwards and

forwards checking and triple-checking everything to make sure there were no

mistakes, after all they all understood what would happen should a mistake be


Finally, after waiting for almost an hour everything was ready, Dr. Vuton had just

come by to tell him that they would start the vitalization process shortly.

"Nine, eight, zeven, zix, five, four, t'ree, two, vun, zero, Vitalzzation prozezz

z'tarted." The weasely little man shouted with glee as Mana started to flow through

the conduits and wires, infusion the vessel with power and hopeful life.

As the power began to flow into the vessel a dull thrum could be heard, energy

began to arch across the surface of the pod, technicians flipped switches and turned

knobs, and Baal watched on in growing impatience as the culmination of years of

work finally came together.

"Everzing is ready my Lord. You have but to zay zee vord and ve vill zee if zee

technizionz vill zervive thiz project." Vuton reported tacking a sadistic joy in

pointing out to all just how fragile their grip on life truly was and just how much

they all had resting on this experiment.

"Very well," barked Baal, "commence." As the words left Baal's lips, one tech

pulled the final lever and inside the pod a sealed hole in the roof irised open and a

pale grey sludge started to fill the interior.

The thrumming rose in pitch and more and more power was poured into the

primordial soap within the pod, as well as terabyte after terabyte of information,

personality overlays, directives, hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes everything a person

should know, everything a person needed to know, or at least what Baal believed

they needed to know.

'Soon', Baal thought. 'Soon, all will be ready, and nothing will be able to stand

before me.'

* * *

She, just like all her friends had ignored the stories of strange things in Nerima:

stories of girls going missing in the middle of the day; stories of strange monsters

that lurked in the shadows. After all everyone knew that this was home to some of

the greatest martial artists in the world, who would be foolish enough to do something like that here?

And anyway everyone knew monsters where the stuff of fantasies. Pity it was the

very type of person she had been sure would keep danger away had in fact turned

out to be the danger she would face. Thus it was that Minako was in the situation

that she found herself.

"Please, please just, just let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone please just let me

go," sobbed the young girl tied to the evil looking altar.

"Sweet flower, do not cry. Alas I cannot let thee free, but rejoice that your sacrifice

will be for a most noble cause." The robe clad Kuno looked up from where he was

studying one of the many tomes on his cluttered desk. "Yes, for once I have found

the correct ritual you will help me gain the power to defeat the fiend Saotome and

his minions."

Minako just seemed to sob harder and Kuno shrugged and ignored her, going back

to looking for the ritual he required. Truly duty was a harsh mistress, but he knew

that should he find himself unable to do what needed to be done countless others

would suffer, and so he was caused to make hard decisions and to do that which

was for the greater good, after all what was the life of one person compared to the

chance to put a halt to the vile Saotome's reign of terror

One thought went through Minako's mind before she fell asleep, 'Why is it always

the cute ones?'

* * *

As Gadwin ducked and dived around people as quickly as he could, he cursed

under his breath. What was it with this kid that he couldn't go half an hour without

causing a problem or getting himself in trouble? Ducking around a cart that was

bring someone's produce into market Gadwin caught a glimpse of Gina's slight

form flowing around people as she headed off to see what the commotion was,

well at least she would be able to see who the gear was for before hand.

Gadwin skidded to a halt outside Dr Alma's Office and grabbed Ranma's sheathed

sword, 'Better get this to him, if he's in a fight he'll probably need it.'

Once again Gadwin set off as fast as his feet could carry him across the village

knocking over a few people on his way, once he got to the Inn he saw Ranma

unarmed and surrounded by thirteen bandits all armed an looking ready to kill.

Drawing back his arm Gadwin yelled, "Ranma, catch!" And heaved the sheathed

blade into the air, watching it fly he thought for a moment that he may have thrown

it to hard when just as it reached its apex Ranma leaped into the air and caught the


* * *

Ranma stopped just as he stepped out of the inn, inside there had only been twelve

bandits, not counting their leader, but now standing in two groups at both ends of

the street was no less the thirty and maybe a few more than that.

Ranma smirked 'Well, maybe this will be more of a work out than I thought, heh.

Maybe I should try the other trick Red taught me, see how she likes that.'

As Ranma made his way to the center of the street the bandits shifted nervously,

Most where wondering why this guy wasn't even looking concerned let alone

worried, a few others had seen what he had done inside the inn and knew that

wasn't any type of magic they had heard of, and something unknown was usually

something bad.

Feet planted firmly in the loose dirt of the street, arms at his side, Ranma cooked

his head to the side and he glared at the leader of this group.

"Ok, here we are. You want to start this dance or do I get to?"

With a growl of rage the slightly singed bandit leader roared, "Kill the little puke,

and make sure you do it slowly like."

As the last echoes of the command faded into nothing the group drew there various

weapons as one. Daggers and swords stood beside staves and clubs, one man even

had a rather powerful looking crossbow that creaked with the strain of the draw.

A moment of silence passed, and almost as one they surged forth hoping to

overwhelm Ranma with sheer numbers.

As the first man started to draw back his arm to strike Ranma's previously closed

eyes snapped open and a vicious grin split his face as he barked two words,

"Tainted Wind!" As the words left his mouth a shadowy force seemed to reach out

and pick the bandits up and hurl them away from Ranma who now stood with

wings unleashed and shrouded in power.

"Well that was less then satisfying. Hmmm, can't throw anything big in here so

let's try the other way."

Ranma seemed to concentrate for a moment, as if trying to remember something

long forgotten, suddenly as if a switch had been thrown Ranma straitened throwing

his shoulders back and brought his cupped hands before him and began to chant.

Darkness hear my shouted plea,

Lend your strength now unto me,

I call you past the Twilight Pall,

Your majesty I now unveil,


As the last shouted word left his lips he threw his hands forward as power flowed

across his arms and spewed down the street taking out the bandits there.

After seeing almost half his men taken down with one spell the leader turned to a

rail thin bandit dressed in ratty clothing and started screaming "Hurry up and put

up the anti-magic field you fool, or do you want to be the next one he gets with that

strange magic!"

The mage looked around nervously before he started to concentrate a pale light

seemed to illuminate him as he brought his hands forth and shouted the name of

the spell, "Shhhh!" A vortex of anti-magic whirled around Ranma cutting him off

from most of his magic, and all of the magic he could use at the moment due to

lack of energy.

As all looked on the wings of pitch black adorning Ranma's shoulders flickered

and faded from sight.

With a silent curse Ranma slipped into a loose stance and glared at the mage

promising to deal with him last, just so he would have the time to make it last.

Before anyone could blink Ranma had leapt to the side of where he was, catching

two well thrown knives and returning them to there senders, one through his

shoulder the other splitting the offenders kneecap, as Ranma landed a cry went up

from outside of the bandits. "Ranma, catch!" He looked up and saw the sword that

had made this trip with him soaring high above the ground, bracing himself he

leapt to meet it, catching it he threw a quick salute to Gadwin.

Sheathed blade in hand Ranma landed, once again surrounded by bandits though

less then the first time. "Heh," Ranma snorted after drawing the blade, "I doubt I'll

need this for the likes of you." So saying the blade was sent flying over his

shoulder to land firmly planted between the legs of a bandit who had silently been

edging away from where he had been blown by Ranma's spell. Seeing the sword

planted so close to all he held dear, the bandit did the only thing he could. Eyes

rolling up into his head he fainted and bid goodbye to the waking world.

Cracking his knuckles Ranma gave this group there first viewing of his infamous

smirk and set about proving why it was foolish to engage Ranma Saotome in close

combat, a sword strike was effortlessly blocked with the scabbard still clenched in

Ranma's left hand and redirected into the path of one of its fellows, the wielder

sent to an early repose with a swift blow behind the ear, the next was brought down

with a brutal kick to the knee bending it in reverse of its proper angel and pain

filled cry of that bandit was silenced by a kick to the temple, three where brought

down with a single round house kick and another with the back fist that followed.

The bandit leader watched on in disgust as his men where defeated one by one,

with a cry of rage he let loose a command "BRING IN DA BRUTE SQUAD!"

His men now scattered seemed to, as one heave a sigh of relief and a group of six

huge men dressed in a strange form of leather armor came rushing from the gates.

Ranma stilled and turned to take the measure of this new threat, seeing that with

the exception of one they all moved with the tread of brawlers, rather than martial

artist's, he relaxed slightly. The other who stayed behind the rest didn't move right,

he didn't flow like a martial artist or seem to barge his way through the air like a

brawler his movements where stilted, jerky and yet smother then they should have

been as well, he was a group of contradictions that all screamed one thing, that this

person was not to be underestimated and should be treated with caution.

Two of this new group split off from the other four and slowly advanced on

Ranma. One was armed with a huge hammer that looked as if someone had taken a

section from a giant tree and put a pole through it to use as a handle, the second

wielded a set of wicked looking clawed gauntlets each with three barbed blades

that constantly dripped strange venom.

As the two began to circle Ranma he looked them over, both seemed use to

working as a team so he doubted it would be easy to get them to tangle each other

up or get in each others way, it looked like that only sure way of taking them out

was a frontal assault on one that would take them down before the other could

react, strategy set Ranma flowed towards the clawed hulk as he was the closest


"Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken" he cried as his arms blurred and blows rained

down on the chest of his enemy the repulsive sound of ribs breaking followed by a

stunned silence the result.

Ranma swiftly moved away from his fallen foe and his compatriot. He was about

the start on the second when he noticed a mocking clapping coming from the

group's leader.

"Hahaha, very nicely done but you did seal your fate, you did. Now you will face

the terror that is the Mark Seven Basilisk armor--patent pending. Even as we speak

your hand is turning to stone, sure you may be able to defeat one or even two more

of my Brute Squad but by that time you'll be nothing but a statue that we will


Ranma looked down at his hands and sure enough the fingers where solid stone

and his hands where slowly transforming as well, as despair began to rise he felt

something shift and the transformation halted then reversed.

Baka, next time someone throws you your sword, USE IT!!!!

Three guesses who that was and no she wasn't happy.

 'Fine, fine, I'll use the sword then. Gee a guy can't catch a break, can he?'

You keep making screw ups like that last one and a break is exactly what you'll

get and a one-way trip to the next life. I'm not sure I could pull that trick of again,

even if I wanted to.

Ranma looked at the gloating Bandit leader then to his hand and back again, he

slowly lifted his hand so everyone could see it, and one by one flexed his fingers,

smirking as the bandit leader's face fell. He slowly walked to where his sword was

sticking out of the ground not an inch from the groin of some unfortunate bandit

and yanked it out of the ground. Turning to ease into a basic ready stance facing

the now furious hammer wielding brute, Ranma calmly tossed the scabbard he had

been holding over his shoulder, where it hit the waking bandit and sent him back to


"Right then, let see if you're as easy to take down as your claw happy buddy then."

Ranma Taunted the Brute who gave an incoherent roar and charged hammer

swung high.

Ranma slipped past him with ease and flicked the sword blade out as he was

passing leaving a shallow cut across the gut of the man.

The big man groaned as he got up from his knees and turned a baleful glare at

Ranma, who calmly cocked his eyebrow and made a 'come on then' motion with

his empty hand.

The big man scowled and griped his hammer tightly, he slowly edged his left foot

forward before quickly swinging his hammer over his shoulder and launching

himself at Ranma, as Ranma tried to do as he had last time he was caught

unprepared by the round house swing the hammer wielder performed that covered

almost half the street and proved to much for Ranma to dodge.

Ranma picked himself up from where he had hit the inn wall and grunted, eyeing

the now confounded hammer wielder with scorn he bit out "Hah, you call that a

hit? Weak little girls have hit me harder. Come on, put your back into it, are you a

man or what?"

The taunts once again had the desired effect and set off a blind charge from the

hammer wielder, this time Ranma brought the sword to his side and prepared to

strike, as the bellowing bull of a man started to complete his massive overhead

swing Ranma streaked forward and brought the blade around in a savage wide

arced slash. For a moment both combatants stood there Ranma in his finishing

stance sword held out beside him after finishing his slash and the big man with his

hammer still over his head, until finally the big man started to topple as his tunic

became sodden in his life blood.

Ranma calmly stood up and brought the sword once more to his side and glanced

at the four remaining members of the Brute Squad "Well, who's next?"

The Brute Leader gave a quick hand signal and the Brute standing behind the Gang

Leader raised his meaty fist and knocked out the fool before tossing him over his

shoulder as the others went to work gathering the wounded and dead, as the Silver

haired Brute watched before he turned towards Ranma.

"Well, That's enough of that, I've got better things to do but I'll tell you what,

show me what you've got, If you give a good enough showing, maybe I'll let you

live for a while longer, I need a workout anyway."

After saying this the Leader flicked a small buckler from his back into the air and

after drawing the Gladius at his side caught the falling shield in his off hand.

Just before he was about to begin he paused and smirked for a second "Oh, By the

way, the name is Stiel, remember it."

Ranma, Seeing the remaining bandits fade away one by one smirked as finally he

felt a tickle in the back of his mind telling him is magic was at his command again,

not that he would need it.

"Hah, I'll give you more then a work out, let's hope you can keep up with me,

wouldn't want to fall asleep mid-swing now would I."

Nodding once Stiel began to circle with his stance close and defensive for the


Ranma tucked his sword close to his side and flickered forward sure he would be

able to finish this soon enough that his waiting meal wouldn't even be cold.

As Ranma neared his enemy a glow sprang up around the Brute Leader and he

jumped back and let loss a cry "Quake Cutter" as the words left his lips the energy

surged from his blade and rocket across the ground, catching Ranma unprepared

and thus hitting him full on and throwing him from his feet.

'Damn, this guys not messing around, guess I'll have to stop playing around and

take this seriously. Damn what's the world coming to?'

As Ranma climbed to his feet he saw his opponent waiting calmly for him to rise.

* * *

"At last I have found it!" Tatewaki cried with glee as he held aloft a rune-covered


As he brought the book down again and began to read he felt a thrill of elation go

through him, soon, very soon he would have the power he required to bring down

the cursed Saotome.

* * *

Baal glared in impatience as the lab workers scurried around like rats doing their

work. He knew it would take time, but the longer required for completion the

longer it would be before he could deal with some... troubling problems that had

arisen--namely his son and the Icarian.

 Soon he would have much less need for them, but for now he must wait.

Professor Vuton came scampering over to him with glee written on his face.

"My Lord, ve are ready to begin ze nexzt ztage, all ve need iz your vord."

Baal looked down at the little man and slowly nodded his head, signaling to


"Ztart ze nexzt ztage" Vuton cried with glee, as buttons and levers where pull and

the magical energy being injected into the chamber in the center of the room

seemed to increase in potency and energy crackled around the frame holding the

chamber in place.

As the opening at in the roof of the chamber finally closed sealing the now full

chamber the breakers that had been keeping the energy away from the goop inside

where removed and pure magical energy flowed through the primordial ooze


As seconds ticked by nothing seemed to happen until finally a shockwave pulsed

out from the chamber throwing those closest off there feet, Dr Vuton crowed with

delight as he looked up from the reading he had been monitoring "My Lord, Ze

exzperiment, it iz a zuccezzez."

As Vuton spoke the words the chamber began to open, and all turned to see what

would steep forth.

* * *

As Leen reached the door to Herr Mullen's office she paused to compose herself,

as she well knew that only the worst news was handed out in this place, Mullen

enjoyed giving good news where all could hear it. TC \l1 "

After a few moments Leen opened the door and stepped inside, seeing Mullen at

his desk reading a report from one of his operatives with a palpable aura of despair

as she closed the door behind her Mullen's head quickly rose a look of worry on

his face that was instantly banished on seeing that it was Leen, Mullen motioned

for her to come closer and take a seat before putting down the report that he had

been going over.

 "It's good to see you are well Leen, unfortunately from the latest reports on my

father machinations this may not stay the same for long."

"It would seem that my father has finally gained a measure of success in his quest

to find a more 'controllable' substitute for the power of the Icarians in this project

'Valkyrie' of his."

"This means that you are much less valuable to him now, which means he may

very well try to have you 'removed' so someone else doesn't use your power

against him."

"This is why I'm going to ask you to do something for me, next time we cross

paths with Justine and his companions go with them, help protect the spirit stone

they have from my father and thus gain some protection for yourself."

Throughout Mullens speech Leen could only nod and think just how right her

premonition had been, bad new indeed.

* * *

Notes TC \l1 "

Yeah finally finished this chapter *mutters* sorry for this taken so damn long, I

was stuck on the fight scene as I'm not used to writing such a long scene it had to

get help from others, thanks Jared btw for all your help and suggestions and

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Thanks to My Pre-readers, Guyjin most of all, without whom, I'd still be

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(1) Yes the Mogay in this line are different from the game's version and Gina is

older and Guido is unlikely to show up anytime, why, that will be explained

latter on but it will be explained.