The Reveal

In the bedchambers of the Underworld rulers, Persephone sat at the foot of the huge bed that she shared with her husband. Her back was straight, her hands were placed on her lap and her amber eyes were staring blankly ahead at the fire that was burning in the hearth. Her position already made it known that she was feeling tensed and the look in her eyes was clear enough to show that something was bothering her.

Lately, she had been suffering from nausea for the past few weeks. It had started small at first, with slight dizzy spells and frequent fatigue. But it slowly got worse and worse with migraines that could last for up to half an hour without stopping and moments of vertigo that could make her feel as though she were about to faint.

Hades had been so worried about her health that he requested that she have good rest and took a break from her duties in the Underworld court. She refused at first, not wanting to fall behind in her duties as queen consort, but agreed to it eventually so as to not worry her husband.

When he could sneak moments away from his duties as king, Hades would become the caring husband that she knew he was and tend to her. When he could not stay by her side, he appointed Aretha, Persephone's personal handmaiden, to watch over her and answer to her every call.

Persephone did not know what the cause of her sickness was. Healers came frequently to give her medicine to soothe her during her moments of vertigo. But none of those medicines could truly cure her. It only helped to make the ill-feelings mild and bearable, but never truly cure it.

She did not know what was wrong with her and became so afraid that she might be suffering from something deadly. She knew very well that gods and goddesses do not suffer from illness, since their bodies were supernaturally immune to every disease in existence. So why was it that she was seemed to be under the effects of a disease?

In desperation to know of her condition, she went to Hecate – her minister, confidante, lady-in-waiting and good friend – for help. She was initially wary of using Hecate's arts of witchcraft to help her serious ailment, since the only healing magic that she was very comfortable with was that which came from the nurturing and healing hands of her mother and maybe even Apollo, the God of Medicine and her half-brother. But she had no other choice and she wanted to know of her condition instantly. Hecate was the only person in the Underworld who may know what was truly wrong with her.

However, the trip to Hecate's personal workrooms had confirmed that Persephone was not suffering from sickness.

And the true cause made Persephone completely ridden in shock.

Straight away after that, she returned to her chambers and dismissed Aretha, who had accompanied her to see Hecate, though she was not in the same room when the news was broke but instead had waited dutifully outside for her lady. When the handmaiden had gone away to oversee the small house of the queen's personal servants, Persephone sat at the foot of her bed and delved deep into various thought. She felt many emotions coursing through her; shock, confusion, concern, worry, relief, excitement and anxiety were some to name.

But in the middle of her mind that was crowded with many thoughts, only one question plagued her mind since after leaving Hecate's workrooms and was still bothering her until now.

How was she going to tell Hades?

The sound of the door opening broke Persephone from her thoughts and she turned her head to see her husband poking his head through the crack.

"Love?" he called her softly as he entered and shut the door quietly behind him. "Aretha had told me that you had asked her to leave you be. Is something wrong? What's the matter?"

Hades knelt in front of his wife and reached a hand out to tuck a lock of her wavy russet hair behind her ear in an gesture of soothing her. But Persephone looked away from him and down at her hands on her lap. Hades frowned in concern when he saw the nervousness that took over his wife's expression.

"Persephone? Please tell me what's wrong," he urged her gently and worriedly. "Is there some way I can help you?"

Persephone still did not lift her head to look at him as she said quietly, "I'm not sick."

That confused Hades greatly. She wasn't sick? If that truly was the case, then what was the true and actual cause of all the frequent migraines and fatigue she had been suffering from for the past few weeks?

"If you're not sick, then what has happened to you?" he questioned.

Persephone realized that now was the moment of truth. She could not hold back any longer.

Hades must know.

He needed to know.

Swallowing a lump in her throat quietly, she lifted her head to face him and gently grasped one of his hands in hers. Hades remained quiet, waiting for Persephone to answer.

With one deep breath, she revealed the truth.

"I'm pregnant."

Author's Note:

Hello there! Back to writing once again! And this time, it's another Hades & Persephone fanfiction, and it's going to focus on their children!

To be more specific, it will center on the moments where Persephone was pregnant with her three children; first child and oldest daughter Macaria, middle child and second daughter Melinoe, and last child and only son Zagreus. It will also focus on how Hades acted during her pregnancies and how he acted as a father.

This fanfiction will be into three parts; each part focusing on Persephone's pregnancy with one of the children. Right now, this is Part 1, which will focus on Persephone's first pregnancy with Macaria.

Anyway, I know this chapter seemed short. But to be very honest with you, I intend on making each chapters as short (or long) as this one, because I'm at that point where I can't spend a lot of time writing long chapters due to school and all. I'm a senior now, so majority of my time has to be dedicated to studying for my Finals. However, I don't have the heart to put my writing completely on hold. Besides, if I lack in quantity, I can make up in quality, right?

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