Missing Persephone

Hades was sitting at his desk in his private study, his eyes reading the words on the letter in his hands with his lips pulled into a mischievous smirk. He did not notice that somebody had entered until there was a voice right beside him.


Despite the outburst of the loud voice, Hades remained unfazed. Instead, he simply turned his head to the side to look at his visitor, who was standing next to his chair. His lips changed from the smirk into a smile.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed, my little princess?" he asked in a curious voice.

Beside him stood Macaria, who was grasping the armrest with her small hands, her chin resting atop the padding. As she gazed at her father with a cute smile, Hades could not help but admire how much she was beginning to look very much like her mother, only with darker features; orange eyes instead of amber and hair that was a brown darker than russet and fell to her shoulders in perfect pretty ringlets.

Squeezing through small space, Macaria made her way from the side of his chair to his front so that she could climb up his legs to seat herself on his lap. Hades simply laid back in his chair, allowing his daughter to do so.

"I'm not sleepy and I was bored, Father," she explained as she folded her arms and rested them on the table before resting her chin atop. "So I came here to see what you were doing."

With one hand, Hades stroked his daughter's head, feeling her silky smooth hair on the palm of his hand. "Well, I was about to go to bed myself," he began in a slow voice. "So I think that you…"

But suddenly, he was cut off when she exclaimed, "What's that in your hand? Is that a letter?"

Instantly, Hades remembered the letter that was in his hand and noticed that Macaria was starting to make a grab for it. Not wanting her to read the contents, due to reasons, Hades made it disappear into thin air before her fingertips could even reach it.

"Hey, why did you do that?!" she exclaimed in a disappointed childish voice. "You didn't even let me read it, Father! Was it a letter from Mother?"

Knowing that he couldn't lie to her about it, he replied, "Yes, it was a letter from Mother."

"It was? What did she say?" she asked eagerly and curiously.

With a smile, Hades lied to her in a sweet voice, "Mother says that she misses you and that she loves you so much. She says that she can't stop thinking about the both of us while she stays with your grandmother in the Aboveworld."

Leaning back to relax against her father's chest, Macaria replied with sadness, "I miss her too, Father. I don't understand why she keeps on having to go back to Grandmother for six months. I do like staying with Mother and Grandmother on the Aboveworld, because Grandmother likes to teach me gardening and I love gardening. But I like it even more if I could stay with both you and Mother all the time instead of sometimes."

Hearing the disappointment in his daughter's sweet voice, Hades heaved a heavy sigh and ran his fingers through her dark brown ringlets comfortingly. "In time, Mother and I shall tell you why things are how they are. Just not now," he told her in a solemn voice. "And don't worry; when your mother gets back, the three of us will be together here."

Feeling slightly better, Macaria gave her father a sweet understanding smile. As she continued to relax against his form, being wrapped comfortingly in his arms, Hades suddenly said, "But do you know what your mother would like you to do now?"

She lifted her head to look up at her father's pitch black eyes. "What?" she inquired curiously.

Suddenly, Hades lifted her in his arms and stood up from his chair. She felt very light to him, which was why he did not have much difficult in lifting and holding her at his height. Macaria jumped at the sudden change of movements, for one minute she was sitting down and the next minute she was being carried by her father. Instantly, she grabbed handfuls of his tunic, afraid that she might fall.

With a mischievous look on his face, he said, "She would want you to be in bed, since it's past your bedtime."

Hearing that, Macaria immediately began to protest. "Father! I'm not tired! I want to stay up with you!" she complained as she pounded her small fists on his hard chest. "Mother doesn't have to know I didn't go to sleep on time!"

As he carried her out of the study and made his way to her bedchambers, he made a soft disapproving noise. "Now, now, Macaria. You know your mother would want the best for you, and getting to bed on time is for your own good. And even if she's not here, you can still be a good girl and follow what your mother and I advise you to do, right?"

Immediately, Macaria became quiet and hung her head, her ringlets hiding her face. "You're right, Father," she said quietly. "I'm sorry."

They then entered her bedchambers. It was relatively small compared to Hades' bedchambers, but very spacious and big enough for a small child like Macaria. The room had a canopy bed that was right for her size, a wardrobe and a vanity dressing table. One side of the room was dedicated completely for activities, with toys scattered all around the floor, drawings and paintings strewn across a small table and a shelf full of knick-knacks and several scrolls with stories written in them.

Reaching the side of the bed, he gently laid Macaria down atop the downy soft mattress before pulling up the iridescent silk blanket – the gift from her aunt Hestia during the celebration of her birth – that was piled up at the foot of the bed.

"Will you promise to go to sleep this time?" he questioned her with a raised eyebrow. Lying on her side, Macaria nodded her head and obediently replied, "Yes, Father. I promise."

Hades smiled and leaned in to kiss the side of her head. After bidding her goodnight and sweet dreams, he left the room, quietly shutting the door in his wake.

However, he did not retreat to his own room or to his study.

Instead, he teleported himself up to the Aboveworld.

Author's Note:

Hello there, my beautiful readers! Welcome to PART 2!

So, this chapter fast-forwards in time a bit from the previous chapter. In this chapter, it has already been a few years (maybe a few decades?) and Macaria has grown into a child. In my opinion,she would look somewhere around five years old here.

Aww... Hades is such a sweet daddy! Macaria's a real lucky girl, don't you think? Having the big bad Underworld King as a sweet, loving and caring Father :) But what is this? Where is Hades going?

Tune in on Sunday to find out!

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