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Prologue: A trip back in time

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

It was dark, dark to the point where the four teenagers who were crouching in the hallway between the Whomping Willow and the Shrieking Shack had difficulties making out each other's position. There was no space to budge or even breath and the wind hollowed in the four teenager's ears in an unbearable way.

The only source of light came from a far away window, which was cleared from the usual boards that obstructed the view. Next to the window a tall, disfigured man was observing the ongoing war on the Hogwarts grounds and conversing with someone hiding in the shadow.

The four teenagers were trying their best to not be spotted by the world's most dreadful treat, the one who must not be named, Voldemort. They had come to look for Nagini, Voldemort's pet snake and one of the last Hocrux, but what happened there, made their blood run cold.

The Dark Lord was speaking to his most loyal follower, a former double spy for the light, who had betrayed them, Severus Snape. They were talking about the Dark Lord's power and the Elder Wand. Voldemort explained to Snape that the Elder Wand's rightful owner was actually the one who killed his former owner. Therefore, he assumed that Snape was the current owner of the Elder Wand because he was the one who killed Dumbledore the year before.

Once that was said, Voldemort stunned Snape and ordered Nagini, his pet snake, to attack Snape. The four hiding teenagers cringed when they heard their former Potion Master's painful cry.

Once You-know-who left without saying a word, the four teenagers came out of their hiding places. Harry Potter, the leader of the group, went up to one of Snape's side while one of the girls kneeled down on Snape's other side and pressed on his wound to try and stop the bleeding.

However, it was in vain.

Snape looked at Harry with glazed eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Potter…" he called with a rasping voice as a silvery blue substance gushed from his mouth, ears and eyes. "My memories…take my memories…"

Harry was at a loss. He didn't know what to do, but one of his friends who stayed in the back, Hermione, pressed a flask in his hand and told him to put the substance in there. He did as he was told.

"Potter…" Snape called once more. "Look…at…me…" He said with his strained voice. However, he didn't look up to Harry but to the girl who kneeled on his other side. "…the very same eyes…" was his last whisper as he closed his eyes.

None of the teenagers were able to look at him. Even though Harry actually hated him and never trusted him, he felt sorry for the man who had died in front of him.

As Harry stood up, a high and cold voice spoke to everyone who was still fighting. It was Voldemort. He praised those who were still living and fighting but threatened to kill them all if they kept on resisting.

Harry and his friends were going to head back to Hogwarts but halted. The girl who kneeled next to Snape didn't seem willing to budge. "Aren't you coming?" Harry approached her slowly as he noticed she was slightly trembling.

"I will take care of him." She answered in a low whisper without even looking at him.

Harry stayed silent for a while until he called for his other two friends. "Hermione, Ron, let's go." And all of them left the room leaving the girl and Snape alone.

The girl couldn't quite believe what had happened before her very own eyes. She looked down at the corpse of her former Potion Professor and tears rolled down her cheeks.

However, as she leaned one of her hands on his face and let it slide down on his neck, she noticed a faint pulse. He was still alive! The pulse was faint but still there. There was still hope!

The girl took bandages and her wand out and did some first aid on Snape's wound but she didn't have any antidote for the snake's poison and she could neither leave nor move the body. She became desperate again.

'If only I had brought some antidote with me.' She scolded herself on the verge of tears again. 'Crying won't help you.' She thought, but she was at a loss. She wasn't as courageous as Harry, neither as ingenious as Hermione. She didn't know what she should do until she felt her pendant growing warm.

Taking out her pendant from under her shirt, she observed it thoughtfully. The decision she was about to make was a heavy burden. She didn't know why Professor Dumbledore had entrusted her with this task but she believed that she didn't have anything to lose anymore.

She looked one last time at the unconscious and dying Potion Professor and opened the crystal shaped flask that hung on her pendant. She gulped down its whole content, grimacing at the awful taste and soon everything became a blurry mess around her.

As her eyes got used to her new surroundings, she blinked twice as she fell on someone. That someone groaned under her weight. "Get off!" As fast as she could, she did as she was told and looked amazed at the person who stood up and dusted himself. "What? Never seen someone dust himself?" The person growled.

In front of her stood the same Professor she had left a few seconds ago, though this one was a few decades younger. "Who are you anyway? Where did you fall from? Is it again one of Potter's idiotic pranks." He muttered more to himself than to her.

"My name is Hilary." She whispered slowly. "Hilary Tolipan."