YOYO! Inspired by the stupid Madohomu coz that piece of poop dont wanna write madohomu fics for me anymore and she tells me to write them myself and i hate her for life. Contains my beautiful Madohomu babies.

*Edit* Oh ya this is suppose to be a multi-chap heheh thanks to homukyute for reminding me to add this in! Oh and I kind of support homukyou too though its not that beautiful as madohomu omg my babies 4 life.

''Hey, wake up!''

''Are you gonna sleep all day or what?''

''Rise and shine Homura, my dear!''

Homura pulled the blanket up over her head, only to have it flung away from her.

''Kyouko…Go bother Mami instead, she got cakes and expensive tea and she's always alone. She will be more than happy to eat with you…'' Homura mumbled, with that, she raised one lazy arm and gestured towards the door.

''Oh and if you intrude one more time into my room without my consent, I will shoot you the next time I see you inside my house. I mean it. Now get out.''

''Stop being an ice queen, Hameru, you won't shoot me, I know that you care about me deep inside your heart.'' Kyouko laughed.

''Get out.''

''Are you those type of people that gets grumpy after waking up?''

''Get out.''

''Jeez, I get it already. I don't feel like eating sweet stuffs today anyway. Since you're at home why don't we go and eat at a restaurant or something.''

Homura was at the end of her patience. Kyouko was always getting on her nerves, but this time, her whole body seemed heated up and she felt really agitated. ''I'm not a loafer like you, I have school today too.''

''Well, when does your school start then?''

A faint crunching sound could be heard from the foot of the ebony's bed. Homura could only assume that Kyouko was sitting on her bed and eating pocky there. Letting all the crumbs fall without a care in the world onto her clean mattress. Homura swore to herself that one day she would strangle the redhead alive.

''8am. My internal clock will wake me up on time so I don't need your so called 'help' in waking me up.'' The ebony answered flatly.

''Anyway, the reason why I came to your house instead was coz I wanted to ransack your fridge. Mami banned me from her house coz I ate the cake that she baked for one of her distant relative's birthday. To be honest. I wasn't expecting you to be at home.''

''What do you mean?'' Homura asked wearily.

''What I mean, Hom Hom, is that it's a bit late if you want to go to school now, its 1pm so get your ass off your bed.'' Kyouko answered, rolling her eyes.


Homura pondered over whether Kyouko was joking again or not. But decided to just confirm the time herself. It was impossible for her to wake up so late afterall, she has always been a morning person.

Rubbing her eyes, Homura clumsily felt for her alarm clock and glanced at it wearily.


Homura woke up immediately with a jolt. ''What? How? Why is it so late?'' The ebony quickly stumbled out of bed. But her legs felt like lead and she was so dizzy, she had to hold onto her bed frame for support. She shook her head a few times and tried to walk towards the bathroom but the redhead held her back by the collar.

''I think you are sick.'' Kyouko snorted, grabbing onto Homura's collar tightly.

Irritated, Homura clicked her tongue and pulled away. ''I'm just exhausted from all that witch hunting last night, I will be better after washing up.''

''Yeah right, Hameru, your face is all red.''

''Don't call me Hameru.''

It was then that Homura felt like everything in her room was floating. Her head felt so heavy she wanted to just roll into a ball in her bed and sleep the whole day away. Homura felt so vulnerable, if a witch were to attack right now and Kyouko wasn't there to help, she would most definitely be killed.

The last thing Homura heard before going out like a light was Kyouko repeatedly asking her if she was still alive.