''Homura, I...''

Madoka never felt this way before. A strange, unfamiliar sensation coursed through her entire being as she stared deeply into the purple irises of that of the taller girl's. It was the first time she ever desired something so badly.

Madoka wanted Homura to be aware of her feelings, and to return them, hopefully, if Homura actually did feel that way towards her too. But what if Homura didn't think of her of anything more than just a friend? Their current friendship would probably take a drastic u-turn towards the awkward lane of no return and Madoka would most possibly spend days stuffing herself with ice-cream and sweets, crying her eyes out in bed and punching her collection of soft toys as a childish act of defiance over getting jilted. Apparently, just this thought alone scared the pinkette and she snapped her mouth shut. A silence ensued and Madoka became increasingly aware of her surroundings yet again. It was then that her shy nature kicked in and she blushed furiously, pulling away from Homura whilst every cell in her body cried in protest of her actions.

''You...?'' Homura cocks her head to one side, obviously puzzled as to what Madoka wanted to say. The pinkette's flustering reminded the ebony of how she was currently, literally, squashing the pinkette under her and she hurriedly got off. ''Sorry about that, are you hurt?'' Homura questioned, she then proceeded to help Madoka up to her feet.

''N-No! Its nothing! D-Dont worry, I'm not hurt!'' Madoka hopped back. Alright, now is not the time to think about these kinds of things! What's most important right now is that Homura's sick! Madoka shook her head slightly and lightly slapped her cheeks a few times before giving Homura a serious glare, one that she picked up from her mom whenever she broke out into a rant about her back-stabbing colleagues. ''Anyways, you should go back to bed! You are ill and you need rest!''

Before Homura could open her mouth, Madoka had Homura around the wrist and was already pulling her into the bedroom where fun things happen, jk. To Madoka's horror, once she entered the bedroom, she was greeted with the awful sight of piles and piles of dirty clothes lying all over the floor and on the bed.

Madoka narrowed her eyes and turned towards a sheepish Homura.

''I had no time to clear the laundry that's all.'' Homura retorted, looking away. A faint shade of pink coloured her cheeks and Madoka giggled at the sight. ''Oh well, I will spare you the lecture since you are sick, now get in bed!''


After the pinkette had tucked Homura into bed, she double-checked to see whether the ebony was comfortable before giving a nod of approval.

Madoka was actually rather experienced in these kinds of situations. Tatsuya, Madoka's kid brother, often caught colds during winter and Madoka would voluntarily take care of him whenever he fell ill. Her responsibilities would include cooking up hot food for him, making sure he takes his medicine on time and watching over him and attending to whatever of his needs and yada yada.

As soon as Homura's head hit the pillow, a wave of drowsiness hit her and sleep threatened to take over her right there and then. The ebony rubbed her eyes and looked up at Madoka. She really did not want to sleep now that Madoka was here with her but the body wants what the body wants.

''Why don't you rest for awhile and I prepare something for you to eat?'' Madoka smiled warmly down at the ebony. ''I promise it will be delicious!''

Homura smiles back softly in reply. It was really the only thing that she was able to do right now. Unaware of Homura's struggle in staying awake, Madoka continued, ''I could make you porridge, or if you want something else I can make it for you too! Well, As long as it's not something grand like a hotel feast or something.''

''No, porridge sounds nice...'' The ebony murmured and before long, soft breathing could be heard coming from the head of the bed.

''Good night, Homura.'' Madoka chuckles and tiptoes out of the bedroom hurriedly.

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