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Wiping his nose on the back of his gloved hand, he continues to walk on. White flakes of frozen water fall around him, coating the ground in a layer of fresh snow. His fingers are numb to the point that it's actually painful, nose red enough to rival that of Rudolph's. But he trudges on, determined to get to his destination.

Shivers erupt through the boy's lithe body as a blast of icy wind blows from behind. Using his free hand, he tugs down the woolly green hat that covers his mop of brown hair, making sure that his ears are tucked safely inside, away from the bitter cold.

The streets are empty as he walks, many people preferring to stay in the warm than to try to battle the mind numbing cold and powerful freezing winds that whip around the snow-covered paths.

Driving was definitely out the question. Even if his car is loaded to the brim with alien technology and hand-built, Ben wasn't going to try to navigate these treacherous icy roads. Fearless hero he may be, but even he wasn't that stupid.

So instead he wrapped up as warm as he could and headed out into the white wilderness. Sandra, being the worry-some mother she was, had practically forced the hat on his head, while wrapping the scarf round his neck tight enough to cut off his breathing, even through Ben's persistent whining that he was fine.

The hero is grateful for it now though. Even with the hoodie and jacket he wore, the cold still seems to cut through him. He can already feel the freezing water begin to seep through his converse, numbing his toes. Luckily, he isn't far from his destination and quickens his pace slightly.

Walking up the driveway, he grips the drinks holder tighter, hissing at the sharp pain that shot through his frozen fingers. The brunette can tell there is a high possibility of him getting ill after this little venture, but he knew it would be worth it. Or so he hoped…

Knocking on the door, he waits, body shivering from the cold. It doesn't take long before the door opens and the familiar face of his Japanese American beauty greets him.

A beaming smile lights up her features, her hazel eyes shining with joyful surprise at the sight of her boyfriend. A dopey grin spreads it way across the hero's flushed features as he holds out the blended drinks.

"Thought I'd bring you a little something."

The ebony steps forward, cupping his frozen face in her warm hands. A fire seems to spread through Ben's body at the contact, fighting off the chill that had seeped into his bones.

"You will never fail to surprise me, Ben Tennyson. Now come on, get in, you must be freezing"

Grinning, he shrugs "Nah, I'm a hero; I don't let little things like a bit of snow get me down"

Slapping him playfully on the shoulder, she grabs his hand and drags him off the front porch into the warmth.

And later, as he sits, cuddling his favourite girl and drinking his favourite drink, he can't help but think

"Yep. It was totally worth it."

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