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Summary: Edward thought he had suffered enough from his long and sinful life that he called existence, but alas! He had yet to meet her…

Edward's POV


It's been a hundred years since I have been born or changed in other words. It was the night in 1918. I had been walking back home from my father's business party. I hated those parties and the dramatics of its artificial guests. The fake Hellos, Thank you's and Welcomes. It irritated me to no end, all of them trying to be cordial when in reality they hated and detested one other to no end. It was all about status money and prestige. A bunch of show offs.

My father who was on the top of the ladder wanted me to follow in his footsteps and therefore, had forced me to attend the party when all I wanted was to just sit on my piano and compose some music–heartfelt music, because every note I played was always composed from the depth of my heart. My one and only escape from this life–well except my mother. She was the only good thing in my life after my music. She always encouraged me to play and told me how sweet and touching the notes of my music sounded to her heart, she was the only one I missed the most.

I had left early that night when I couldn't take it anymore. After sending a note to my mother of my leaving through a servant as I couldn't reach her without having to cross some of the most gossiping and touchy feely ladies who would never leave a chance of forcing me to a dance with them or a kiss on the cheek which felt too long for chaste or pulling my cheeks when it came the older ones–they just wanted a piece of me for either their daughters or themselves, it was a pain and beyond annoying.

I had just crossed the street close to my house and the road was covered with trees on both sides. I had loved escaping into them while growing up; I knew them from the back of my hand. I used to spend most of my time in those forests when I was not playing the piano or studying for school in the library. I had discovered I found real peace in their midst. They used to calm me down and make me feel relaxed especially after every confrontation with my father which used to happen quite often and even my mother's mouth watering cookies wouldn't help. I guess now I know why, it was just meant to be.

I remember I was humming to myself when I first heard the voice–it was low but firm as if it was a command and the weirdest thing was that it was a woman's voice and that was what had made me stop in my tracks.

A lady's voice coming from a forest in the middle of the night?

That meant only one thing–she had to be in trouble!

Then I heard it again "I said, leave me!"

Oh god, she was definitely in trouble and I had been raised to protect women and respect them.

I have to save her! Was my last thought as I moved inside the line of trees.

It was dark; there was no moon in the sky. It was difficult trying to find my way in. I stopped for a few seconds trying to hear the voice again, but it never came, instead came a blood-curdling scream from my right and I ran straight to it moving as fast as I could, praying to god and hoping I was not too late... but I had no idea how I late I was–that I was not running in there to save a woman in danger but actually signing my own death certificate.

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