Chapter Three at last!

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Chapter 3- Home Spooky Home

"I'm taking the top-left bedroom. The view is amazing from there." Alice said.

She had already seen that she was going to stay there.

"Of course you are." I replied in an exasperated tone. She always got what she wanted, and that particular thought had me on my nerves because right now she really wanted her visions to come true. It was not that I didn't hope for the same thing but when you have lived your whole life running like I have, you tend to be on a look out, always.

And these visions were, to put it mildly, so surreal. I didn't want us to get into more trouble then we already were. I couldn't trust these vampires. If something went wrong I didn't want us to get into a fight and put ourselves in danger or worst, Exposure.

This was the main reason why we never made contact with our kind and if we came across any of them, we would flee as soon as we could without gaining ourselves any unnecessary attraction.

The house we were standing in front of was an old Victorian which stood two storey's tall with faded off white color which had been ruined by the constant rain and winds looking pretty much hundred years old even if it wasn't. The house which once upon a time must have been very welcoming and beautiful; now looked worn out. The wrap-around front porch looked like it needed restoring. There were huge beautiful looking bay windows in each and every room but the glass was broken and some were hanging off their hinges.

"Tell me again, why we need a five bed-room house which looks like dead people living in it?" I asked Alice

"Because there are dead people living in it, at least according to the people in this town… Anyway, this seemed like our best option and will keep the townsfolk from coming this way because they are pretty much spooked out about this place. It's actually a pretty beautiful house. I'll remind you to look at it after I finish with it. It's completely obscured from the town hidden near the forest."

Hmmm… the trees must have out grown making it look like the part of the forest...She thought and had already started planning what she wanted to do with the front lawn and the porch restorations and paint along with inside furnishing and decorations.

We never stayed in the same place for longer than a year always constantly moving to already furnished houses or cabins near the forest or country side where the population was scarce and only moving into the city to hunt. Our most prized possessions or heirlooms were always kept in storage in my old home in Chicago. So this change here, restoring the house and everything was not lost on me. I knew what it meant. It was obvious she wanted to live here for longer than just a year and also in proximity to the vampires in her vision.

After everything we have been through I didn't want to hurt her or deny her this pleasure. And staying this close would also help us know more about them and what was in store for us. So I decided to humor her.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Well, you can take the room on the right. It's actually the biggest one, It must have been the master bedroom once. We'll do what we can for the rooms today and start with other parts of the house tomorrow." She replied.

This didn't sound bad and would keep us distracted for a while.

"Come on, let's see if the ghosts have any problem with us trying to share their space." I said walking toward the porch, she followed.

We put our bags down near the front door and looked around. It looked worse than the outside. This would take a lot of time even for a vampire.

"You do know that we need to buy almost everything required to make this place look habitable right? And by everything I mean everything."

She rolled her eyes which were shining with excitement at the prospect of shopping and replied, "of course we do silly. I always wanted to decorate a house from scratch and this just perfect." She sang and was almost jumping now.

"Okay, Alice, but please stop jumping. The house will come crashing down."

She narrowed her eyes but still could not contain her excitement of doing some shopping and decorating. I shook my head at her in exasperation.

"Stop shaking your head and start working. If we want to finish this within this week we better get started. There is no use of going out shopping now. The sun is out bright and shiny. We'll go buy what we can tonight but only after we have hunted, it's more than two weeks now and I'm parched. I have a feeling we'll be able to find some jackasses to drain."

With that we started to move what was left of the furniture from the house.

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